Thursday, July 7, 2016

Yesterday FBI guaranteed Obama’s 3rd Term

Yesterday FBI guaranteed Obama’s 3rd Term

The only way out of the hell where Alinsky Twins Barry Soetoro and Hillary Clinton have abandoned America starts with Americans breaking out of the state of denial in which they’ve been living.
There was never even a sliver of a chance that the law-breaking Hillary Clinton would be indicted for her flagrant email felonies.
Once Obama stepped up to openly stump for her, Hillary Clinton would never be brought to justice.  That should have been everyone’s first clue.

Clinton not only skated free but is is now campaigning for presidency courtesy of American tax dollars

The soap opera theories that FBI Director James Comey was in reality laying all of Clinton’s criminality out there so that he could come along and change his mind some time in future is so much wishful-thinking and bunk.
The FBI is not the same FBI lionized in the plots of so many television series but Barack Obama’s FBI, now part of the force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded—that Obama had nearly 8 long years to build.
Debilitating and depressing as it may be to face, it was not the felonies of Hillary Clinton that Comey yesterday laid bare, but the harrowing state in which the American citizenry has been left.
Obama and Clinton want everyday Americans to know that they are owned and controlled outright by the circumstances that were studiously planned for them over the last eight years; that they can make a run for it but there’s no place to hide.
Bold as brass and unabashed, absolute proof of their intentions for America’s future comes in Obama and Clinton campaigning on Air Force One on the very same day Comey made his announcement.  In other words,  Clinton not only skated free but is is now campaigning for presidency courtesy of American tax dollars.

#NeverTrump cabal are still focusing their energy on trying to stop Trump and not Clinton

The hopelessly gullible had been guzzling the Kool-Aid that Clinton would be behind bars for months on end, but not everybody was taken by surprise.
The more gullible among us had been led down the garden path by some talk show radio hosts, even those suggesting that Clinton could be indicted post election.
Incredible and even surrealistic that it was Bernie Sanders’ surrogates and not conservatives who charged that “the system is rigged” in the aftermath of yesterday’s FBI announcement.
And incredible how even now after Clinton skated away the #NeverTrump cabal are still focusing their energy on trying to stop Trump and not Clinton.
How can these supposedly ‘conservative’ hypocrites and pseudo intellects   save the Constitution when they outright ignore criminality?
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Add to the sabotage of the NeverTrump cabal the staggering propaganda of the 20,000 TV ad spots the Clinton campaign has aired since June 8, the day after she became the Democrat Party’s presumptive nominee.
No, Director Comey did not lay bare Clinton’s gargantuan lies in the hopes of bringing Clinton to justice at some future date.
As CFP commenter Joe Hatfield points out, “It’s very likely that Bill and Hillary have massive amounts of career-ruining dirt on many, many high-level, prominent people and would not hesitate to bring everyone down with her if an indictment came through. This is probably what Bill told Loretta in their “secret” meeting on the tarmac. And in exchange, Loretta will be rewarded in some way. Methinks there was a collective sigh of relief going through the govt and congressional chambers yesterday. HOWEVER….. that being said, whether he realizes it or not, Comey just massively expanded that black cloud of unlikeability, doubt and corruption over her head. She may have beat this rap, but she is not going to win in the court of public opinion.”
Meanwhile, there were not one but two riders on the wild-eyed mare that bolted out of the FBI barn yesterday, and the one that will never wear an orange jumpsuit , now galloping full-speed toward the White House,  is Barack Obama’s third term.

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