Thursday, July 7, 2016

CIA Director warns: ISIS attack imminent

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Jeff Cantor
CIA Director John Brennan just issued a dire warning:
An attack by ISIS on American soil is imminent.
In response to a recent suicide attack at a Turkish airport that left 41 dead, he said — "I am worried ... I'd be surprised if [ISIS] is not trying to carry out that kind of attack in the United States."
When the man who holds one of the highest offices in the intelligence community is sweating bullets over a potential terror attack, it's time for YOU to start thinking of ways to stay safe!
Because an attack can strike anytime, anywhere. Terrorists prefer recruiting people who ALREADY live in the U.S., and carry out their agenda as lone wolves or in small packs.
This makes it harder — and sometimes impossible —  to predict when and where an attack will take place.
Here's the sad truth:
We're fighting a WAR on the Home front. And "collectively," we have the power to make a difference.
But it all starts with YOU.
John Bunnell & Jeff Cantor
That's why I created FREEDOM FROM FEAR with Sherriff John Bunnell of America's Wildest Police Videos.
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Until next time, stay alert, check your six, put your back against the wall and stay safe!
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