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May 7, 2012
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MAIL DATE: April 27, 2012 AmericanFreePress
By James P. Tucker Jr.
The Trilateral Commission (TC) held its annualmeeting
April 21-22 at the Hotel Okura
in the heart of the business district in downtown
Tokyo. Some 400 were in attendance.
Over the course of the weekend gathering, the globalist
group sought to advance its goal of world government,
in spite of righteous populist anger directed
at international banking elites for bringing about the
collapse of economies around the world.
Founded in 1974, the TC was set up by international
banker David Rockefeller to foster closer economic
ties between Japan, Europe and North
America. Since that time, many TC figures have
served in high posts in American presidential administrations,
both Democrat and Republican alike.
Although Ronald Reagan effectively condemned
the internationalist worldview of the TC in his 1980
campaign for president, he actually welcomed the
group to theWhite House during his presidency, perhaps
no surprise since Reagan’s vice president,
George H.W. Bush, was a founding TC member.
TC is essentially a junior affiliate of Bilderberg, the
most exclusive and secretive club in the world,
which was largely established under the auspices of
the European-based Rothschild banking dynasty.
Waggish students of the two groups say while TC
membership includes university professors, bankers
and business executives, to be invited to the annual
Bilderberg meetings on a regular basis, you have to
own a multinational bank, a multinational corporation
or a country.
While not widely publicized, Trilateral gatherings
are generally more open, in contrast to Bilderberg,
whichmeets in secret at luxurious resorts every year
behind armed guards. This year U.S. Ambassador to
Japan John V. Roos hosted a welcome reception for
attendees at the U.S. Embassy Residence in Tokyo.
Among other things, this year’s series of talks focused
on the upcoming presidential elections, upheavals
in the Middle East and, of course, the
ongoing global economic crisis. China’s growing
power and influence in the region also figured prominently
at the confab, as did the continuing controversy
surrounding North Korea’s military ambitions.
Joseph S. Nye Jr.—longtime associate of the John
F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and
former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International
Security Affairs—serves as chairman of
what is called the “North American Group” inside the
Trilateral Commission.
Since 1975 AFP editor emeritus James P. Tucker Jr. has won widespread recognition
for his reports on the intrigues of global power blocs such as the Bilderberg
Group. Tucker is the author of Bilderberg Diary. Containing 272 pages, loaded with
photos, the book recounts Tucker’s experiences over the last quarter century at
Bilderberg meetings. $25 from AFP plus FREE S&H inside the U.S.
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The Inside Scoop for this issue of AMERICAN FREE PRESS

Special Note from Tucker
About Bilderberg Meeting
• Meetings in Tokyo, Chicago, Virginia part of NWO battle plan
AFP’s Jim Tucker:
aka “The Bilderberg Hound.”
Dear AFP Reader:
My investigations thus far indicate that
Bilderberg will be meeting in Virginia in
late May somewhere near Dulles Airport
as it has every so often. Of course Bilderberg
always likes to throw out a few red
herrings, so if anything changes, I will of
course let you know right away.
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From the Editor
In mid-April, the Trilateral Commission
(TC) held its annual gathering of
some 400 international bankers and industrialists,
university professors and
power brokers from North America, Europe
and Asia. This year the globalist
confab took place at a luxury hotel in
Tokyo. On the scene covering the event
was journalist Grace Oyama, a Japanese
nationalist who has worked closely
with AFP’s Jim Tucker over the years.
Readers will find Grace’s report on
page 4 alongside an important article
by AFP’s Mark Anderson on the upcoming
NATO summit in Chicago.
Jim’s article on the front page includes
a special note updating everyone
on his search for this year’s meeting of
the even more secretive Bilderberg
group (which has an overlapping and
similarly minded membership with
TC). Jim tells us he’s nearly certain
Bilderberg will conduct its conclave
sometime in late May near Dulles Airport
in Virginia, just outside Washington,
D.C., where it held its 2008 confab.
Unlike Bilderberg, TC announces
the location of its gatherings and publishes
a list of its membership. It allows
journalists into its meetings so they can
report on panel sessions, which usually
consist of pro-globalization academicians
and policy wonks selling global
economic integration.
But don’t be fooled by TC’s apparent
openness. Just because TC may be in
the public’s view, that doesn’t mean its
agenda is any less nefarious than Bilderberg’s.
Both organizations peddle a
“one world” mindset, work to undermine
individual sovereignty and representative
government and seek to set in
place an all-powerful world government
unaccountable to the man in the street.
Of course, Bilderberg poses a unique
challenge, because its annual meeting
is always conducted behind heavily
guarded doors where these elitists decide
the conduct of public affairs on a
global basis amidst a news blackout.
Regular readers of AMERICAN FREE
PRESS know well the challenges we’ve
faced uncovering and reporting Bilderberg’s
shadowy gatherings. We’ve had
reporters and photographers arrested
and thrown in jail. One year Tucker
even found an electronic monitoring
device in his hotel room.
All of these stories are detailed in
Jim’s book, Bilderberg Diary, which
documents three decades of chasing
Bilderberg. The book is available from
AFP for $25 (free S&H in U.S.). If you
haven’t gotten a copy yet, I highly recommend
you pick one up.
Executive Editor
Iceland is setting the new paradigm of
resistance to the international bankers. A
year ago, Iceland was the first country to
defy the global debt prison and default on
its debt despite scare stories from the mass
media about what would happen if they did.
Iceland has been a shining example of how
repudiation of debt is real liberty. Over a
year later, not only is Iceland surviving, its
citizens are doing much better than most
countries. In fact they are now striking the
first major blow against the world banking
cartel by forgiving all mortgage debt in Iceland.
Themainstreammedia is not writing a
word about this, however, as the bankers are
deathly afraid that this will trigger the collapse
of their money racket. Iceland is calling
their bluff and showing the world that
debt (money manufactured out of nothing)
is the biggest con game of all time.

Kiss $118.5 Billion Goodbye
Contrary to President Barack Obama’s
claims, bailouts of Wall Street and the auto
industries have not turned a profit for taxpayers,
according to a new 327-page report
issued by the Special Inspector General for
the Troubled Asset Relief Program, TARP. “It
is a widely held misconception that TARP
will make a profit,” writes Christy Romero,
who heads up the agency. “The most recent
cost estimate for TARP is a loss of $60 billion.
Taxpayers are still owed $118.5 billion
(including $14 billion written off or otherwise

Bounty on Obama, Bush
Lord Nazir Ahmed, a member of the
British House of Lords who originally hails
from Pakistani Kashmir, announced he was
putting up a bounty of $20 million for the
capture of President Barack Obama and former
President George W. Bush. Ahmed reportedly
made the statement while visiting
Pakistan. He said this was because the U.S.
had offered a $10million reward for the capture
of Hafiz Saeed, an alleged terrorist in
Pakistan. The UK press reported that the
portly parliamentarian was promptly suspended
by the British Labour Party.

Holy Land Abductions
German news website reports
that, since the beginning of 2012, the
apartheid regime of Israel has abducted
over 1,200 Palestinian citizens, according to
reports by the human rights organization
“International Solidarity.” Ten to 15 citizens
are arrested daily by heavily armed soldiers.
Among the detainees are the president and
legislators from the democratically elected
Parliament of the Palestinian Authority.
Press reports note that the Israelis commit
crimes against humanity on Palestinians on
a near daily basis. Efforts by a European
human rights group to visit the area and assess
conditions have been rebuffed by “the
Middle East’s only democracy.” The International
Red Cross has also lodged complaints
against Israel.

Cure for Healthcare Insanity?
Two patients were hospitalized for one
day, hadminimally invasive surgery and had
similar numbers of procedures and tests on
their bills. However, one patient was billed
$1,500—while the other was charged
$180,000. This was but one example cited
in a recent California study that found huge
disparities in patients’ bills. Many cases involved
charges well over $100,000 and
under $2,000—with an average of $33,000.
“There’s no method to the madness,” said
lead author Dr. Renee Hsia, an emergency
room physician and researcher at the University
of California, San Francisco.

Mucho Dinero for Bribes
Walmart’s stock plummeted following allegations
that the company engaged in systematic
bribery in Mexico for many years
and then covered it up. The Foreign Corrupt
Practices Act makes it illegal to bribe officials
in countries in which American companies
do business. The bribes involved
internal accounting fraud. At least $24 million
in bribes was paid so Walmart could
open new stores more quickly than would
have been legal under Mexican laws.
Walmex (Walmart de Mexico) is the largest
employer in Mexico. One out of five of Walmart’s
stores worldwide are in Mexico. In
Mexico, a newly hired Walmart cashier gets
about $1.50 an hour.
IcelandWipes Out Mortgage Debt
Drone Technology
AFP has reported multiple times
on the army of remote-controlled aircraft
known as “drones” that the U.S.
military and CIA have been using to
carry out assassinations and spy on
foreign fighters and Arab revolutionaries.
Recently, drone technology has
made tremendous advancements. Last
year, California weaponsmaker AeroVironment
rolled out a tiny cameraequipped
drone known simply as a
“Nano Hummingbird.” With a wingspan
of 6.5 inches and weighing only
two-thirds of an ounce, the Hummingbird
is able to quietly fly up alleyways
and into buildings on reconnaissance
By Keith Johnson
As if invasive, groping patdowns and humiliating
full-body “porno” scanners weren’t
bad enough, the Department of Homeland
Security (DHS) isworking on a project that
may make your experience at the airport even more
unpleasant. Since 2007, DHS officials have been developing
the Future Attribute Screening Technologies
(FAST) program that they say will be able to
quietly track and monitor citizens at airports and in
other public places in order to check for suspicious
or shifty people.
According to the DHS, the program is being established
“to determine whether technology can enable
the identification and interpretation of a
screened subject’s physiological and behavioral cues
or signatures,”which, in turn, “will allowfor security
personnel to remotely (and therefore, more safely)
identify diagnostic cues of malintent.”
If this sounds like something out of a science fictionmovie,
you’re not far off. In the 2002 neo-noir scifi
film Minority Report, police detectives use
mutated human psychics assigned to a special “precrime”
unit to predict future crimes andmake arrests
before an allegedwould-be perpetrator has a chance
to carry them out.
In real life, theDHS plans to utilize a variety of sensors
placed in key positions to capture such things as
video images and audio recordings, as well as cardiovascular
signals, pheromones, perspiration, changes
in the electrical properties of the skin in response to
stress or anxiety and respiratory measurements.
Unlike a polygraph examination, however, none
of the sensors comes in contactwith a person’s body,
making it possible for the government to remotely
make assessments without first obtaining consent.
In other words, the technology will be constantly
spying on travelers to see who’s breathing hard,
sweating toomuch or seems nervous. This has raised
significant privacy concerns.
“We think you have an inherent privacy right to
your bodily metabolic functions,” Jay Stanley, director
of the ACLU’s Technology and Liberty program
told AlterNet in a 2009 interview. “Just because somebody
can build some high-tech piece of equipment
that can detect your pulse and perspiration and
breathing and heart rate, that doesn’t mean that it
should be open season to detect that on anybody
without suspicion.”
There is also the concern about just how reliable
these systems are at spotting actual potential terrorists.
So far, DHS has conducted experiments with
voluntary test subjects and can only claim70 percent
Having performed thousands of polygraph examinations,
this AFP writer finds the FAST program
nothing less than absurd.While certain physiological
indices can be indicative of malicious intent, they
cannot be evaluated without certain control measures
performed inside a formal testing environment.
In the absence of that, there is no way to determine
if a subject’s general nervous tension is related to
normal jitters or something nefarious.
Keith Johnson is an independent journalist and the editor of “Revolt of the
Plebs,” an alternative news website that can be found at Keith
is a licensed private detective.
NewDHS SecurityTechnologyWill ‘Read’YourBody
• Serious privacy concerns raised by latest Homeland Security scheme to ‘prevent terrorism’
DHS’s new FAST program—now
allegedly under development—
looks like something out of science
fiction, but it’s all too real.
By Grace Oyama
TOKYO—Japanese hosts of the Trilateral
Commission expressed strong
support for the Bilderberg goal of
partitioning the world into continental
trading blocs, establishing for example an
“Asian-Pacific Union” similar to the current
European Union.
Bilderberg alsowants an “American Union”
so theworld is lumped into three great regions
for the administrative convenience of a world
government under the United Nations.
“The Asian-Pacific Union will open up
trade and improve our economy immensely,”
said Hiroaki Fujii, chairman of the Mori Arts
Center in Tokyo, former ambassador to the
United States and advisor to the Japan Foundation,
who hosted this year’s meeting. His words
were vigorously applauded.
The focus of the talks this year largely revolved
around catch phrases like “multipolarity,” “intertransparency”
and “eco-connectedness”—words that
imply global economic intertwining, which has long
been the goal of globalist groups like the Trilateralists
and Bilderberg. At the same time, concepts of state
nationalism, individual sovereignty and protectionism
were roundly eschewed by speakers.
There was a distinct lack of direction and
leadership due to the fact that David Rockefeller
is getting up in years. In addition, attendance
was noticeably down. One can hope this is
related to the negative publicity internationalist
groups have been receiving thanks to exposure from
independent newspapers like AMERICAN FREE PRESS
and journalists like Jim Tucker.
Grace Oyama is a revisionist writer and translator. She is fluent in Japanese,
English and Italian.
By Mark Anderson
As AFP recently reported, former U.S. ambassador
to NATO Nicholas Burns told a
Chicago gathering on March 28 that the
28-member, traditionally defensive military
alliance is fast becoming “the first responder”
of the world and seeks a bold eastward expansion
to possibly absorb Japan, Australia, India and New
Zealand, among others.
Burns’s revealing remarks before nearly 400 people,
sponsored by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs
(CCGA), officially kicked off a brisk series of
meetings and programs, public and private, leading
to theWindy City’s first-ever hosting of a summit of
NATO ministers, to happen at McCormick Place
May 20-21. AFP will be there.
Yet, another little-known CCGA speech two days
later by longtime Australian official Kim Edward
Beazley revealed more about NATO’s plans, as the
alliance, created in 1949 to counter Soviet expansionism,
morphs into a hair-trigger “top cop” for
those constructing a world union under the broad
planning of the Bilderberg group, in league with a
host of world government consensus-builders, including
the CCGA and similar World Affairs Councils
that reach down to the grassroots.
The Bilderberg group is a Rothschild- and Rockefeller-
oriented annual, by-invitation-only meeting
of 120 to 140 very rich guests, who gather to plan
how to make bigger profits from world events.
Dozens of like-minded think tanks and academics
round out this coterie in pursuit of such a world
union, comprised mainly of the troubled European
Union, a planned American Union, an African Union
and a Pacific Union. Whether these building blocks
for world rule stand or fall depends a great deal on
what moves the globalists make at this juncture,
and how quickly counteractions happen amongst an
informed populace.
Beazley suggested that the Trans-Pacific Partnership,
or TPP, a “super-NAFTA” free-trade scam
that these one-worlders want to foist on the Far
East to bolster the pending Pacific Union, is a critical
goal for global governance. Given the context in
which he announced the perceived need for a TPP,
it’s highly likely the TPP will be a specific topic, as
part of NATO’s eastward expansionism, at the
NATO summit itself.
The TPP is pending in Congress. The watchdog
group Economy in Crisis of Dublin, Ohio and other
pro-middle class groups are monitoring it. They describe
it as a dragon that must be slain to avoid a
total economic calamity here and abroad.
Meanwhile, various devotees of global governance
are carrying outmyriad tasks. ChicagoMayor
Rahm Emanuel, who’s been exceedingly busy
preparing for the NATO summit, just spoke inWashington
at the Export-Import Bank, amid the spring
meetings of the Bilderberg-connected World Bank
and International Monetary Fund (IMF). The G-20
met just before the World Bank and IMF did, even
as the G-8 willmeet at Camp David,Md. inmid-May,
having been moved out of Chicago where it was
going to coincide with the NATO summit.
Mark Anderson is a longtime newsman now working as the roving editor for
AFP. He and his wife Angie provide photographs and video of the events they cover
for AFP. Listen to Mark’s radio show at re
In Tokyo, Trilaterals Push Global Partitioning
• Top movers and shakers of Asia, America, Europe plan to intertwine economies
Globalists Push Massive Far East Free Trade Zone
Left, AFP Asian Bureau reporter Grace Oyama
was able to snap this photograph of the events
frominside themeeting. Her general impression
of themeeting was that it was sparsely attended
and that the Trilateral Commission itself is faltering
from lack of leadership.
Above, thismessage board in the lobby of the hotel and
conference center in which the Trilateral Commission
held its 2012 annual meeting in Tokyo lists several important
events including executive meetings of the Pacific
Asia Committee, the North American Committee
and the European Committee.
By Fred Lingel
If Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) decides to bolt the Republican
Party and challenge Barack Obama
andMitt Romney in the general election, hemay
have some tough going, based on the results of
a recent poll conducted by AMERICAN FREE PRESS
among its readers.
AFP asked its readers to vote onwhat course Paul
should take in the months ahead, offering readers
two distinctly differing perspectives,
one presented by AFP correspondentMichael
Collins Piper and
an alternative offered by Piper’s
colleague Pete Papaherakles, AFP’s
outreach director.
Piper suggested Paul should
abandon his campaign for the GOP
presidential nomination and begin
immediately laying the groundwork
for a “third-party” campaign in the fall. In contrast,
Papaherakles said Paul should continue to seek the
GOP nomination all the way up to the GOP convention
and work to influence the GOP from within.
Only 33 percent of those responding agreed with
Piper. Slightlymore than 50 percent voted in favor of
the stand taken by Papaherakles. The remaining 17
percent responding took no standwhatsoever,many
suggesting, as one reader wrote, that “whatever Ron
Paul decides to do is fine with me.”
One thing consistent among those who voted
against Paul going third party was the view that a
third-party challenge by Paul would split the opposition
to Obama and allow Obama to retain the White
House. As one reader put it: “A split in the opposition
will allow that foreign-born socialist to stay in the
White House four more years—and that’s the last
thing America needs.”
An AFP reader, who is a retired former longtime
Republican congressman widely respected for his
firm conservative views, said:
“Obama has one dream—that Ron
Paul will run as an independent.”
The former congressman, quite critical
of liberal tendencies in the GOP,
added, “It’s sobering for me to tell
Ron to keep his effort in the Republican
Party and live with the consequences.”
One well-known white separatist
leader added his own viewthat: “Third-party bids for
the presidency are an exercise in futility.We are better
off all of us calling ourselves Republicans and
bending the GOP to our will.”
In fact, many AFP readers were outraged Piper
would even suggest the entry of any third-party candidate
in the general election. One reader even called
AFP and threatened to cancel her subscription because
AFP has encouraged efforts by third-party organizers
in the Libertarian Party, the Constitution
Party, the Green Party and others.
Most AFP readers, however, congratulated AFP
for its long-standing support for Paul and hiswork in
Congress. They “voted for AFP” and urged our populist
weekly to continue to speak out as it has from
the beginning.
Ironically, many who said Paul should remain in
the GOP race also said they felt Paul should bolt the
GOP after the convention and then run as a thirdparty
candidate. So there is still some trepidation
about Romney, the likely Republican nominee,
amongmany AFP readerswho still hope Paulwill, in
fact, run as a third-party challenger.
Many responding to the poll suggested they believe
that the current extensively computerized andmediacontrolled
national voting system is so corrupt that
the actual votes recorded in Paul’s favor in the GOP
primaries have been manipulated; that is, that thousands
of Paul votes have been stolen. These readers
say there is noway any true populist candidate—third
party or otherwise—has a chance to wreck the twopartymonopoly,
or “duopoly,” propped up and dominated
by the controlled mainstream media.
The conundrum presented for Paul and his supporters
is that many Americans are essentially now
bound, by their fervent opposition to a second term
for Obama, to supporting Romney,who is, as one Republican
pollster, Michael McKenna, commented,
“without a doubt the lineal descendant of the Bush
As AFP pointed out in the April 23 & 30 edition,
Romney has not only surrounded himselfwith a host
of internationalist warmongers as foreign policy advisors,
but he has also maintained an intimate 36-
year-long personal and political relationship with
Israel’s contentious prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu,
which alone is a sound reason for American
nationalists to oppose Romney.
In addition, one of Obama’s most fervent critics,
Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, of the international
banking dynasty, has said she now sees Romney
as a viable alternative to Obama, despite the fact
she previously and energetically joined a host of fellowCouncil
on Foreign Relationsmembers andWall
Street financiers in endorsing a “centrist” third party
as ameans to remove Obama fromtheWhite House.
Unless things change, it seems possible that an unlikely
coalition of “moderate” and hard-core Republicans,
white separatists, hard-line Zionists—and
even many patriots—may join together to support
Romney over Obama and stand in the way of any
populist or nationalist third party that may arise in
the general election, whether led by Paul or not.
RonPaul’s Conundrum
• AFP readers want Obama out, GOP to win 2012 election
‘Anybody but Obama’
seemed to be the
consistent refrain
sung by readers.
Though not overwhelmingly
enamored with
Mitt Romney, the majority
of AFP readers prefer
the former governor
over President Obama.
By Frank Whalen
During a time of uncertainty in America regarding
the legislative future of healthcare,
countries around the world are
experiencing their own healthcare modifications,
many for the benefit of their citizens. In
the case of Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse,
the healthcare system not only works, but
also is more efficient, covers everyone and is far
cheaper than the equivalent system in the U.S.
According to a recent report on National Public
Radio, the majority of Germany’s healthcare costs
are covered by premiums paid by workers and their
employers. The amount an employee has to pay
varies depending on his salary, meaning that those
who make more income pay more money into the
system. The compulsory arrangement costs each individual
about 8 percent of his gross income, with
employers matching that amount.
All German citizens receive the same level of coverage
unless they choose to purchase a private insurance
plan that offers more perks, such as private
hospital rooms and nowaiting. Also, there are no deductibles
within the German healthcare system, and
no one gets dropped due to “pre-existing conditions.”
“Nearly every German has ready access to doctors,
cheap drugs, high-tech medicine, dental care,
nursing homes and home care,” reports National
Public Radio (NPR). “All this—and Germany spends
about half what the United States does per person.”
NPR reported that “administrative costs are almost
50 percent lower” in Germany due to the equality
of benefits among their citizens but that “the
biggest reason German health costs are so much
lower, experts say, is that doctors are paid less.” German
doctors make about a third less income than
their American counterparts and have towork under
a strict budget.
The annual budget is agreed upon, and each region
has the total amount divided into quarterly
available funding. This was designed to keep doctors
from ordering unnecessary tests and procedures,
which, in America, keeps the insurance
companies paying. In Germany, the budgets are set
by the collective sickness funds that each citizen
pays into, so doctors have an incentive to be frugal;
once the quarterly expenditures have been exceeded,
doctors do not get paid again until the next
quarter begins. This has resulted in doctors taking
vacations at the end of each quarter as well as doctors
going on strike to protest.
With the strain placed on German physicians and
an aging population that requires more time, care
andmedication, therewere stirrings of change in the
German healthcare system. In 2010, Chancellor Angela
Merkel was forced to make healthcare reform
an issue. According to The Washington Times, in a
deeply unpopularmove, Parliament passed changes
to the system to “raise premiums and cut into the
profits of doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmaceutical
FrankWhalen has been a radio talk show host for the past 17 years, and worked
as a consultant for Maxim magazine. For more news and views from Frank, see
Or listen to a toll-free
recording at 1-800-433-9553
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Any doubts? Watch a video of the 82-year-old inventor at:
America should take a look at
Germany for a healthcare plan
that looks like it’s working for
the people, not the fat cats.
House Republicans, with a large cleaver in
hand, are eyeing food stamps, child tax
credits and other safety-net programs for
Main Street Americans. This stark reality
surfaced as House Republicans recently considered
domestic budget cuts—evenwhilemilitary spending
is kept off the cutting table.
Amid House budget-bill debates,
major food-stamp cuts were advanced
in mid-April by the House
Agriculture Committee. Even conservative
Democrat and frequent
aisle crosser Rep. Collin Peterson
(Minn.) rebelled: “Taking a meat ax
to nutrition programs that feedmillions
of hardworking families in an
effort to avoid defense cuts is not a serious way to
achieve deficit reduction.”
Republicans would have us believe that the U.S.
taking care of its own citizens equals the warfare
state in terms of fostering financial decline and serfdom.
But we have learned that the warfare state is
far worse, wasting blood as well as treasure, and
begetting more war.
Most House Republicans assume that boundless
military adventurism and its incalculable total costs
can be kept afloat without bringing the nation down
financially. Yet neither good highways nor sustainable
welfare systems, nor much of anything
else of value, can survive this
state of affairs—especially since the
wealthiest corporate entities skirt
their taxes that could offset such
enormousmilitary expenditures and
keep the social safety net in place.
“At one level, the pro-Pentagon,
anti-tax stance fits traditional Republican
doctrine. And the whole
goal is to come up with enough savings to forestall
automatic spending cuts that will fall most heavily
on the Defense Department in January,” observed
David Rogers in the Washington, D.C. daily Politico.
He was referring to proposed defense cuts, although
it’s unclear if such cuts will actually happen during
the endless “war on terror.”
Rogers added, “What’s also driving the latest cuts
is a newer narrative, voiced by House Budget Committee
Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), that the social
safety net is at risk of becoming a ‘hammock.’ And
even as the unemployment rate has begun to fall [officially,
anyway] conservatives are alarmed that the
level of income-related government benefits continues
to rise.”
Food stamps, formally called the SNAP (Supplemental
Nutrition Assistance Program),may be cut by
about $33.2 billion over 10 years. An average family
of four reportedly could face an 11 percent cut in
monthly benefits after Sept. 1, 2012, and proposals
for tighter welfare requirements may mean that
households must exhaust most of their liquid assets
before qualifying for aid.
“This hits hardest among the long-term unemployed,
who would be forced off the rolls until they
have spent down their savings to less than $2,000 in
many cases,” Rogers noted.
SNAP enrollment and related costs have exploded
since the financial collapse four years ago, making
SNAP a big target for Republicans who gladly loosened
the public purse strings for financial heavyweights
during that same collapse. Nationally, SNAP
enrollment reached 46.4 million people as of January
2012, a nearly two-thirds increase from the average
monthly participation in 2008. Annual costs than doubled
in the same period, now exceeding $80 billion.
All this eerily resembles the austerity measures
forced upon Greece, Ireland and other nations by the
European Union, which decreed that these nations
spent too much on their citizens and had too many
civil servants to suit the palates of the financial dictatorship
that createsmoney privately and loans it to
governments at interest—an arrangement that must
end if lasting peace and true prosperity are the goals.
Let’s remember that the military is warfare and
welfare wrapped into one, with tax-supported housing,
medical care, pensions and other large outlays
for soldiers and officers, which non-military people
pay for—even while risking their own social assistance,
or, ironically, joining the military as good jobs
decline. Let’s stop policing theworld, impose solid import
tariffs and pursue monetary reform toward interest-
free currency issuance, instead of conventional
tax-hike, spending-cut debates that go in circles.
HouseWarmongers Target
Food Programs for Poor
Cut military, not food. Warfare, not welfare.
Should we use money
to help feed lower
class Americans or
kill more foreigners?
On April 19, the House, in a 235-173 vote
largely along party lines, approved the
Small Business Tax Cut Act (H.R. 9),
which amends the Internal Revenue Code
to allow businesses with fewer than 500 employees
to deduct up to 20 percent of their profits, various accounts
say. This temporary (one-year) $46 billion bill
may not survive the Democratic-controlled Senate,
“Under the bill’s definition of income,many of the
‘small businesses’ that would receive the largest tax
breaks are law partners, consultants and other
wealthy individuals and corporations with the
biggest profits. The proposal is a giveaway that will
cost $46 billion [estimated, in lost revenue] and
could, in fact, lead to delays and reductions in investment
and hiring,” the skeptical Obama administration
argues. Obama is vowing to veto the bill.
Many Democrats feel the bill would provide tax
breaks whether companies hire additional employees
or not.
“As the U.S. Small Business Administration Office
of Advocacy shows, small businesses represent 99.9
percent of the 27.5million businesses in America and
employ about half of all private sector employees.
Yet, small businesses can be subject to tax rates that
siphon away one-third ormore of their income. [This
bill allows] small businesses to take a tax deduction
equal to 20 percent of their active business income.
This will immediately free up funds . . . to retain and
hire newemployees,” Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) states
in a report on his website.
Given the House’s current talks to slash food
stamps, measures to ease job creation are sorely
needed, but it boils down to whether the Cantor bill
is the real deal, or yet another GOP boon for the rich
masquerading as a “regular-guy” reform.
Tax Cuts for Small Businesses
House Republicans pass bill designed to free up hiring funds
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and other House Republicans
announce the Small Business Tax Cut Act.
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By Paul Craig Roberts
The U.S. government pretends to live under
the rule of law, to respect human rights and
to provide freedom and democracy to citizens.
Washington’s pretense and the stark
reality are diametrically opposed.
U.S. government officials routinely criticize other
governments for being undemocratic and for violating
human rights. Yet, no other country except Israel
sends bombs, missiles and drones into sovereign
countries tomurder civilian populations. The torture
prisons of Abu Gahraib, Guantanamo and CIA secret
rendition sites are the contributions of the Bush-
Obama regimes to human rights.
Washington violates the human rights of its own
citizens.Washington has suspended the civil liberties
guaranteed in the Constitution and declared its intention
to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without
due process of law. President Obama has announced
that he, at his discretion, can murder U.S. citizens
whom he regards as a threat to the U.S.
Congress did not respond to these extraordinary
announcements with impeachment proceedings.
There was no uproar from the federal courts, law
schools, or bar associations. Homeland Security harasses
journalists who refuse to be presstitutes, and
we have seen videos of the police oppression of
peaceful “Occupy Wall Street” protesters.
Now Washington is forcing as much of the world
as it can to overthrow international treaties and real
international law.Washington has issued a ukase that
its word alone is “international law.” Any country, except
those that receive Washington’s dispensation,
that engages in trade with Iran or purchases Iran’s oil
will be sanctioned by the U.S. These countries will be
cut off from U.S. markets, and their banking systems
will not be able to use banks that process international
payments. In other words, D.C.’s “sanctions against
Iran” apply not to Iran but to countries that defy D.C.
and meet their energy needs with Iranian oil.
If India and China, two of Iran’s biggest oil buyers,
give the bird toWashington,what canWashington do?
Nothing. What if Washington, drowning in its own
hubris, announced sanctions against India and China?
Walmart’s shelves would be empty, and America’s
largest retailer would be at theWhite House gate.
Apple Computer and innumerable powerful U.S.
corporations, which have offshored their production
for the Americanmarket to Asia,would see their profits
evaporate. Together with their Wall Street allies,
these powerful corporationswould assault the fool in
theWhite House with more force than the Red Army.
The Chinese trade surplus would cease to flow into
U.S. Treasury debt. The offshored-to-Asia back office
operations of banks, credit card companies, and customer
service departments in the U.S. would cease to
In America, chaos would reign. Such are the rewards
to the empire of globalism.
Paul Craig Roberts is a former assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury and
former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.
America a Pariah Among Nations
By Victor Thorn
With gasoline prices hovering around the
$4-per-gallonmark—and even higher in
metropolitan areas—a
popular author, documentary
filmmaker, broadcaster
and speaker disclosed some information
AFP readers won’t see on
the nightly newscasts. During an
April 11 interview, “Power of Prophecy”
founder Texe Marrs asked
this writer, “Did you know that last
year the U.S. exported more oil to
foreign nations than it imported?”
Yes, you read that correctly. And with energy
costs higher than they’ve ever been in this nation’s
history. Marrs calls this peculiar situation “the ultimate
betrayal of America.”
In his latest video,Marrs chronicles howelite financier
George Soros is leading a rapid shift in the
global order wherein China will replace the United
States as the primary economic driver. Wealthy
elites, such as former Treasury Secretary and Goldman
Sachs CEO Henry Paulson who has visited
China 74 times, are helping to facilitate
this new hegemonic order.
“In the past decade,” Marrs
began, “China has built 25 new oil
refineries. America hasn’t constructed
a newrefinery [in the continental
U.S.] since 1976. It’s all
about distribution, and the globalists
have selected China as the
world’s refinery.”
It’sworse than that, though. In the past fewyears,
major oil companies have actually been closing
their U.S. refining facilities.
Sunoco is in the process of closing its two Pennsylvania
refineries, and ConocoPhillips will follow
suit by shutting down its own refineries in Pennsylvania
and New Jersey. The Hess Corp. is permanently
ending business at the country’s third-largest
refinery, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
By Victor Thorn
Small, independent energy companies argue
that liquid natural gas (LNG) obtained
through a process known as “fracking” (hydraulic
fracturing) will not only lower fuel
costs and decrease U.S. reliance on foreign oil, but
will also allowour nation to compete once again on
the global stage. But critics see a far more ominous
scenario, citing new research linking the controversial
gas-drilling practice to pollution and a spate
of earthquakes, which hit the Midwest.
Fracking is the process of drilling and then injecting
chemicals and water into the ground at high
pressure in order to fracture shale rocks so that natural
gas can be collected. [See AFP issue 48, Nov.
28, 2011—Ed.] For years critics have argued that
fracking fluid, which contains sulfuric acid, lead,
benzene and hydrochloric acid among other things,
has contaminated wells and has led to gas seeping
into aquifers that supply drinking water.
On April 4, journalist Susan Phillips, who produced
an award-winning series called “The Shale
Game,” penned a column with this bold headline:
“U.S. Geological Survey Links Man-Made Earthquakes
to Gas Drilling.”
Phillips began her article by writing, “Underground
injection of frack wastewater ‘almost certainly’
caused awave of earthquakes fromAlabama
to Colorado, according to a new report soon to be
released by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).”
She continued, “The report says the use of deep
injection wells to dispose of the wastewater is the
likely source of the increase in seismic
To bolster her argument, Phillips
cited the Environmental Working
Group, which commented on the
USGS study.
“USGS authors said they do not
know why oil and gas activity
might cause an increase in earthquakes,
but a possible explanation
is an increase in the number ofwells drilled over the
past decade and the increase in fluid used in the hydraulic
fracturing in each well,” she wrote.
In this context, the Environmental Working
Group surmised that the injection of enormous
amounts of wastewater into the wells “can induce
seismicity by changing pressure and adding lubrication
along faults.”
Scott Detrow, a Phillips colleague, agreed with
her line of reasoning. He purported that fracking
operations in Pennsylvania have been the source
of at least a dozen earthquakes in nearby Girard,
Ohio. Detrow described the phenomenon in an
April 4 column.
“The cause of these quakes, according to a preliminary
report from Ohio’s Department of Natural
Resources: a deep injectionwellwhere brine, fracking
fluid and other drilling wastes
are deposited deep underground,”
he wrote. “It turns out the drillers
were likely injecting the waste directly
onto a previously unknown
fault line.”
Although the USGS does not
know precisely why this dramatic
upsurge in regional earthquakes is
occurring, Detrow contends that
“the amount of Pennsylvania drillingwaste going to
injection wells increased 389 percent in the last six
months of 2011.”
Prior to changes recently enacted by Pennsylvania,
drillers were disposing of their brine and fracking
fluids by taking them to water treatment
facilities that processed themand then poured them
into local rivers. The result, not surprisingly,was an
upswing in bromide levels that killed fish and endangered
drinking water safety.
Study Cites Seismic Dangers of ‘Fracking’
• China soon to be world’s top petroleum refiner
Did you know that
last year the U.S.
exported more oil
to foreign nations
than it imported?
Fracking, experts say,
may also be linked to
an increase in earthquake
China Petroleum & Chemical Corp and Kuwait Petroleum
Corp. started building a joint refining and petrochemical
complex in southern China in late 2011. China
is being very aggressive about building new oil refineries
and making deals with OPEC nations to claim China
a spot as a top global oil refiner.
Red Star, Black Gold in Iraq To put thismatter into perspective,Marrs said:
“10 years ago, therewasn’t a single Chinese company
in the top 100. Today, two Chinese oil companies
are in the top five, and soon they’ll surpass
Exxon-Mobil as No. 1.”
To ensure that hismeaning isn’tmisconstrued,
Marrs stressed: “Red China will become the
world’s great colossus.”
What should especially enrage Americanswho
can’t afford to fill their gas tanks orwhowill face
astronomical heating bills this winter is the fact
that numerous U.S. refineries are actually shutting
“The NWO elite have essentially said: America
will no longer refine oil,” saidMarrs. “That’s why
companies such as Conoco and Sunoco are closing
their refineries. Tomakemattersworse, these
huge U.S. corporations are refusing to refine oil
and gas that is being drilled by smaller independent
companies. So, what these wildcatters
are forced to do is ship their fuel overseas so it
can be refined.”
In a March 14 article for the news outlet The
Business Insider, Keith Schafer wrote, “America
has more than enough cheap domestic oil.”
In an April 16 article entitled “Mass Exodus of
U.S. Oil Refineries,” former oil industry executive
Robert Arnett left no room for doubt.
“In 2010, therewere 149 operable U.S. refineries
. . . [but] something odd started happening in
late 2010-early 2011,” he said. “The U.S. oil refinery
industry quietly announced the closure of numerous
U.S. oil refineries. Many are completely
unaware the U.S. ships oil overseas to be processed.
We do so as we do not have enough refineries
to process the vast amounts here, andwe
are barred from building any more refineries.”
The final sentence of Arnett’s reporting piggybacks
on what Marrs discussed with this writer.
“The only purpose for the Department of Energy
[DOE] is to keep the price of energy high in
the U.S.,” said Marrs. “They place so many regulations
and red tape on these smaller energy
companieswhowant to construct refineries that,
ultimately, they’re prevented from doing so.”
There looks like there may be some interesting
news coming, though, as far as domestic energy
is concerned.
An April 17 headline by Pennsylvania reporter
Scott Detrow noted, “An odd problem for the
United States: Too much natural gas.” With this
glut of cheap and abundant energy, the abandonment
of U.S. refining capacity is more than a little
Despite opposition from environmentalists,
the DOE and congressmen such as Rep. Ed
Markey (D-Mass.), Houston energy company
Cheniere has customers from Japan and Europe
lining up at their door to purchase low-cost natural
Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author ofmany
books on 9-11 and the New World Order. These include 9-11 Evil: The Israeli
Role in 9-11 and Phantom Flight 93 and Other Sept. 11 Mysteries Explored.
He was the co-founder of the WING TV Network
By Victor Thorn
In his video Die America, Die,* Texe Marrs
refers to “Operation Shekhinah” in which the
nation of Israel receives huge financial benefits
by laundering oil across its borders. In particular,
oil pipelines originating in Iraq run through Israel
and Lebanon to their final destination at the
Port of Haifa. There, oil is loaded onto tankers—
many of them owned by British Petroleum (BP)—
and transported to China,which processes it in one
of the country’s 25 new oil refineries.
Researchers such as Joe Vialls go even further by
claiming that the entire motive behind Operation
Iraqi Freedom was to accommodate Israel’s Operation
Shekhinah. Ironically, it has been claimed that
the original codename for the United States’ 2003
invasion of Iraq was Operation Iraqi Liberation, or
OIL, though the veracity of this has been disputed.
Nonetheless, it was U.S. blood and treasure that
seized control of the Iraqi oilfields from Saddam
Hussein, only now to have American-paid troops
and mercenaries guard the bounty that flows
through Israel right to China.
“There is a red star over Iraq” that constitutes a
significant part of the Rothschild family’s black gold
empire, said Marrs. “American troops are in Iraq to
protect Chinese companies and build them up into
the next great superpower. We’re doing the same
thing in Afghanistan,where U.S. servicemen protect
Chinese workers who are mining a trillion dollars
worth of copper, tin and aluminum reserves.”
Helping China’s refining and mining operations
are U.S. companies like GE—that assists the Chinese
in constructing their pipelines—and Caterpillar,
which sells the Chinese earth-moving equipment
in Afghanistan.
Marrs names three Democratic senators—Chuck
Schumer (N.Y.), Claire McCaskill (Mo.) and John
Kerry (Mass.)—as being responsible for the Chinese-
Iraqi oil deal legislation. Due to theirmeddling
and political gamesmanship, two companies—BP
and the China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC)—
landed a huge drilling contract where they’re only
paying $2 per barrel to the Iraqi government.
It’s a slap in every American’s face. To date, the
U.S. has spent a trillion dollars on the Iraqwar,with
nearly 4,500 casualties and tens of thousands
wounded. Yet,while Americans pay $4 per gallon at
the pump, BP and CNPC get every barrel of oil for
a mere $2.
Antonia Juhasz, author of the book The Tyranny
of Oil, toldMideast news agency al Jazeera, “BP and
CNPC finalized the first new oil contract issued by
Baghdad for the largest oil field in the country, the
17 billion-barrel supergiant Rumaila field.”
To confirmthe price paid by this consortium, analyst
AlexMunton told The Observer’s TerryMacalister
on July 30, 2011, “Baghdad secured the services
of BP and CNPC for $2 a barrel plus a $500
million signing bonus.” The Rumaila territory already
accounts for 40 percent of all Iraqi oil, with
BP-CNPC planning to triple this output.
China plans on controlling the world’s energy
markets. On March 25 it was announced that the
Chinese and Saudi Arabia had inked a deal to construct
amonstrous newoil refinery by 2014 near the
Red Sea port town of Yanbu.
China already imports more oil from Saudi Arabia
than does America, and now the deal between
Saudi-owned Aramco and China’s Sinopec ups the
ante even further. With the ability to refine 400,000
barrels of oil a day at this gigantic facility, America’s
move away fromprocessing oil becomes evenmore
significant. To illustrate Chinese dominance over
the U.S., the Chinese are also building refineries in
conjunction with Egypt and Nigeria.
On March 19, petroleum analyst Gregg Laskoski
summarized how subservient and dependent the
U.S.will be on a country that already finances a trillion
dollars worth of U.S. national debt.
“China’s investment in oil infrastructure and refining
capacity is unparalleled,” he said. “More importantly,
it executes a consistent strategy of
developing world-class refining facilities in partnership
with OPEC suppliers. Such relationships
mean economic leverage that could soon subordinate
U.S. relations with the same countries.”
With China firmly establishing itself in the driver’s
seat in terms of drilling and refining oil, one
can only question how long it will be before amove
is made to strip the U.S. of its vaunted position of
holding the world’s global trading currency, the
petrodollar, in favor of the petroyuan.
* Die America, Die (DVD, 90minutes, $25 plus $4 for S&H)
is available from First Amendment Books, 645 Pennsylvania
Ave. SE, Ste. 100, Washington, D.C. 20003. To order by credit
card, call us toll free at 1-888-699-NEWS.
How Israel, China are cleaning up in the oil game
Texe Marrs says three Democratic senators—Chuck
Schumer, Claire McCaskill and John Kerry (left to
right above)—are most to blame for the fact Americans
paid dearly for the war in Iraq, but in no way
benefit from the oil deals being made there today.
By Pete Papaherakles
As events continue to unfold in the European
economic crisis, it is becoming clear
a much bigger game is being played when
it comes to Greece. The real game there is
about who controls themassive oil and gas reserves
located just off the Hellenic coast.
Carefully kept under wraps for
decades has been knowledge of the
existence of a huge oil and natural
gas field in the eastern Mediterranean,
in the area between the islands
of Crete, Cyprus and Rhodes.
Some people contend that an invasion
by the Turks and the partitioning
of Cyprus in 1974 were
directly related to these oilfields and their future exploitation.
It is estimated that they can supply energy
to Europe for 50 years and are valued in the
neighborhood of $9 to $12 trillion.
Russia has shown much interest in a partnership
with Greece to drill for these resources, as have Norway
and other countries. Currently, Israel hasmoved
in and seems to be the most likely candidate to be
Greece’s partner in the endeavor.
Could these vital oil reserves and the way in
which Israel is vying for control of them be the real
reason why Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin
was denied a visa when he tried to visitMount Athos
in Greece during the holy week of Orthodox Easter?
The Kremlin expressed its strong dissatisfaction
with the Greek government’s decision, for this visit
would have been Putin’s first to a foreign country
since winning the presidency. Greece gave the excuse
that the country would be on holiday at that
time and it could not provide security for Putin.
Mount Athos is an autonomous
region with 22 Orthodox monasteries,
including Romanian, Serbian
and Russian holy sites. Putin was to
visit Abbot Ephraim, who was recently
released froma controversial
prison detainment. Abbot Ephraim
and Putin seem to share a spiritual
relationship, as Putin is known to
be a devout Orthodox Christian.
Orthodoxy, in fact, ismaking a huge comeback in
Russia after 70 years of Communist atheism. Putin
has been active in re-establishing the religious, cultural
and economic relations that bind Eastern Europe
together. He has made many attempts to
develop closer ties with Greece.
On March 26 an advertising campaign by the
Russian government was launched across the country
urging Russians to buymore Greek products and
vacation in Greece.With a population of 143 million
in Russia, compared to only 9 million Greeks, this
could have a crucial impact on Greece’s economy.
Russia also offered to bail out Greece as the country
was falling into the clutches of the Western
banks. Putin offered to lend Greece at least $25 billion
at 1 percent interest. However, the Papandreou
government opted for $148 billion fromthe IMF and
the European banks at a whopping 5.2 percent and
the austerity measures that came with the deal.
Russia has also been kept away in other oil partnerships
with Greece. Since 1994 a deal had been in
the works for Russia to build the Burgas-Alexandroupolis
pipeline bringing Russian oil from the
Black Sea through Bulgaria and into the port of
Alexandroupolis in northern Greece. That deal was
finalized in 2008 during the government of Kostas
Karamanlis, and work was to commence shortly afterward.
An attempt to assassinate himwasmade in
2008. In the fall of 2009, Karamanlis was forced to
call for early elections,where he lost to the pro-Zionist
George Papandreou. Shortly thereafter, the
pipeline project was terminated.
Many are wondering why Greece did not accept
the bailout offered by Putin or another by China,
which would have enabled the Greeks to maintain
their sovereignty and avoid the pain, humiliation and
loss of assets the debt crisis has brought them.
Is Greek Debt Crisis a Ruse
to Steal Hellenic Oil Field?
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It now looks like
Israel might be the
nation that profits
most from Greek oil.
An oilrig off the coast of Cyprus pumps crude. Could
this vast oilfield, part of which Greece holds a claim
upon, be the prize for the Western bankers to whom
Greece now owes a king’s ransom?
By Richard Walker
India’s successful test launch of an intercontinental
ballisticmissile on April 19means itwill soon
havemajor cities as far away as China potentially
in its nuclear sights.While leaders inWashington
have been pleased with this development, they have
remained strangely silent on the issue.
The Chinese Communist Party has not been so
quiet. In an editorial in its publication, Global Times,
it claimed China was much more powerful militarily,
and India could be “sorely mistaken” if it stoked up
“further hostility.”
The Chinese military will have taken careful note
of the test launch because it showed the Indian-designed
ICBMhad a range of 3,500miles. For the past
six years, India has moved ahead swiftly with major
developments in its overall nuclear capabilities from
planes that can deliver nukes to short-rangemissiles
like Israel’s Popeye Turbo and larger missiles supplied
by Russia.
India has also become one of the biggest buyers
on the global armsmarket and has greatly expanded
its navy and air force. President Barack Obama has
followed the policy of his predecessor, George W.
Bush, in facilitating India’s arms buildup and its disregard
for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Successive U.S. presidents have played fast and
loose with nuclear technology. They have consistently
ignored Israel’s nuclear buildup, which in recent
times has included submarines armed with
cruisemissiles capable of carrying nuclearwarheads.
The most absurd aspect of U.S. policy has been the
deliberate effort to pretend Israel is not a nuclear
power even though it has as many warheads as
France—some say 400 in number.
Over several decades, Washington also ignored
Pakistan while it amassed an arsenal of as many as
100 nuclear weapons. In fact, a large percentage of
the billions of dollars Washington gave Pakistan in
aid were diverted to pay for the country’s nuclear
weapons expansion.
Russia has also encouraged India’s military expansion.
In 2010 the two countries agreed to build
hundreds of a new generation of costly, high-tech
stealth jet fighters.While some have argued that Russia’s
goal has been tomakemoney fromarms sales to
India, the reality is the two nations have been close
allies for decades. Russia supported the U.S. lifting
of sanctions against India, allowing for the export to
India of American dual technology items India
needed for its space and rocket programs.
Overall, there is little doubt there is going to be a
greater militarization of the Indian and Pacific
oceans region, with the real possibility a misstep by
one of themajor players will result in all-out nuclear
Richard Walker is the pen name of a former N.Y. news producer.
IndiaMissile Testing Ires China
The Oil Card
Global EconomicWarfare in the 21st Century
Challenging the conventional wisdom surrounding high oil prices, author James
R. Norman makes a compelling argument and sheds an entirely new light on
free-market industry fundamentals. By deciphering past, present, and future
geopolitical events, he makes the case that oil pricing and availability have a
long history of being employed as economic weapons by the United States. Far
from conspiracy theory, the book notes how the U.S. has previously used the
major oil players, the Saudis, and market intervention to move markets—and
shows how this is happening again. Softcover, 244 pages, $14 plus $4 S&H
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In This Age of Plenty:
A New Conception of Economics—Social Credit
This book presents a new conception of finance and of
the money system that could free society from purely
financial problems. Its author, Louis Even, sets out the
outlines of the Social Credit financial proposals, conceived
by the Scottish engineer CliffordHughDouglas.
Softcover, 409 pages, $15 plus S&H.
From Debt to Prosperity
By J. Crate Larkin. After reading this booklet in 1934,
Louis Even, the founder of the Pilgrims of St.Michael,
explained: “This is a light onmy path.” This good news,
filled with hope, brought himto commit his life to share
this news with all the poor. He did so until his last
breath at the age of 89. His work continues and has
spread. Softcover, 111 pages, $13 plus S&H.
Social Credit Explained
The Social Credit Proposals Explained in 10 Lessons
Here’s economics viewed in the light of the social doctrine
of the church. A study prepared by Alain Pilote. In
God’s family, no one ought to go without the necessities
of life. The aim of a just social order is to guarantee
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Timely book from AFP & FAB
A surface-to-surface Agni V missile is launched from an
island off eastern India in April. India’s successful testfiring
puts the Asian power into an elite club of nations
with long-range nuclear weapons capabilities.
By Willis A. Carto
President Obama apparently feels as if he
needs more Jewish support so he is all of a
sudden playing the Holocaust card, trying to
clamber aboard the broken-down calliope
of that imaginary historical event.
This is the fish story that the Nazis dispatched 6
million, more or less, pathetic Jews during WWII.
Although Jewish organizations
have made billions of dollars—not
to mention a gift of extremely valuable
real estate in Palestine—from
waving the tattered banner of “The
Holocaust,” the tale is a flat-out lie.
Fact is, the Germans weremuch
too busy trying to hold off the Soviet
communists in the east and the
democrats headed by Winston
Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt in the west to take
the time to gas, drown, electrocute, starve, shoot or
otherwise kill 6 million Jews, especially as many
Jews were serving in the German army.
Many scholars, historians and researchers have
tried to get to the bottom of the “Holocaust” tale.
Here are a number of trustworthy books on the subject,
all available from the revisionist magazine, THE
BARNES REVIEW, P.O. Box 15877, Washington, D.C.
20003. A full catalog of wares is FREE for all who are
truly interested in honest history.
The Gas Vans, Santiago Alvarez and PierreMarais
(exposes the hoax ofmobile gassing chambers), 390
pp, $25; Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour,
by Carolyn Yeager (reveals what the official tour
guides won’t tell you about Auschwitz-Birkenau), 47
pp., $10; The Holocaust Industry, Norman Finkelstein,
(shows the shameless greed of the Holocaustians),
150 pp., $16; Jewish Emigration
from the Third Reich, Ingrid
Weckert (discusses howJewish emigration
was welcomed by the German
government), 72 pp., $8; Belzec
in Propaganda, Testimonies,
Archeological Research & History,
by CarloMattogno (forensic studies
explode the legends about this
camp), 138 pp., $15; Sobibor: Holocaust
Propaganda and Reality, by Juergen Graf and
others (another death camp legend gets efficiently
and scientifically debunked), 445 pp., $25;Holocaust
Revisionism: The Arguments, by Juergen Graf and
Bruno Montoriol (presents the arguments of Holocaust
revisionist scholars), 237 pp., $18; Auschwitz:
The Case for Sanity, by Carlo Mattogno (this is a
two-volume historical and technical study laying to
waste once and for all the legends of Auschwitz), totaling
756 pp, $45; The Hoax of the Twentieth Century,
by Dr. Arthur Butz (a revisionist classic, the first
book to treat the Holocaust complex froma precise,
scientific viewpoint), 506 pp., $30; Dissecting the
Holocaust, by Germar Rudolf (the definitivemagnum
opus, 8.5 x 11 size), 616 pp., lavishly illustrated, #219,
$30; and too many more to mention here.
Obama’s motive for his sudden interest in history
is clear enough. He believes that this ploy is an opportunity
to take the attention of voters away from
his innumerable failed policies and at the same time
strengthen his appeal to Jewish and Israel-firsters
who control the Americanmedia and want above all
an American attack on Iran.
Honest History Needed
• Obama plays the ‘Holocaust card’ to bolster Jewish support
How You Can Inspire
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a few FREE gifts!
Above, a photo of an alleged Nazi gas van supposedly
used to kill prisoners. Find out what this truck really
was used for in TBR’s The Gas Vans: A Critical Investigation
by Santiago Alvarez and Pierre Marais.
By Pat Shannan
Rock star, hunter, talk-show host and outspoken
freedom advocate Ted Nugent has
never been one to hold back his opinion. At
a recent NRA convention in St. Louis, Nugent
remarked that if Obama is re-elected, “I’ll be
dead or in jail in a year.” According to reports, Nugent’s
comments prompted a full investigation by the
Secret Service. But if such indirect remarks can be
determined to be even a veiled threat against the sitting
president and serious enough to warrant a federal
probe, then why was nothing done to pursue
Andrew Adler, the publisher of The Atlanta Jewish
Times, after he editorialized for the actual assassination
of Obama?
In a speech filled with firebrand remarks reminiscent
of founders Sam Adams and Patrick Henry, Nugent
lit another fuse to be perceived as a threatwhen
he compared Obama and the Democrats to a coyote
that “oughta be shot.”
Nugent, a popular conservative talk show guest
and NRA boardmember since 1995, has transformed
himself from a longhaired, screaming hippy rock
singer to a calm but emphatic, hardcore constitutionalist
and staunch defender of the Second Amendment.
His on-stage attire has gone from flamboyant
and outrageous rock suits to neatly pressed jeans,
camo hat and cowboy boots.
He told his audience of proud gun owners that if
they failed to “clean house in this vile, evil, Americahating
administration, I don’t even knowwhat you’re
made out of.”
During his incendiary NRA speech, Nugent named
names. He cited Attorney General Eric Holder for the
“Fast and Furious” gunrunning program to Mexican
drug smugglers and other offenses and railed against
Obama for his engineered dismantling of the oncestrong
economy. He reminded everyone of how
Hillary Clinton sides with the “criminals of the UN”
instead of her own great nation and faulted the “good
Americans” for allowing “our enemies to sneak into
the White House and take corruption to a horrible
new level.”
A few days later, Nugent met with two Secret
Service agents in Oklahoma and downplayed the
whole investigation. He described them as fine, professional
agents and said that the meeting could not
have gone better, concluding that he had not made
threats of violence against anyone.
“We shook hands and went about our business,”
he said. “God bless the good federal agents.”
Contrast this with Adler, whose article in January
described the urgency of protecting the Israeli people,
naming three optionswith the third being the assassination
of Obama “in order to preserve Israel’s
existence.” AFP called the Secret Service to askwhy
there was no official and public investigation of
Adler. A press spokesman said he could not provide
any official comment on that.
It still remains in doubt whether federal agents
ever confronted Adler. JTA, a global Jewish news
agency, interviewed Adler a week after his Jan. 13
column. As of that date, Adler told JTA that he had
not been approached by the Secret Service.
In addition, the New Black Panthers have advertised
a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman—
the shooter of black youth Trayvon Martin—in
Florida with no legal repercussion.
Pat Shannan is a contributing editor of American Free Press. He is also the author
of several videos and books including One in aMillion: An IRS Travesty, I Rode
With Tupper and Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie. All are available from
FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS . Call 1-888-699-NEWS toll free to charge.
Popular Freedom Activist Harassed
• Speech before National Rifle Association earns Ted Nugent visit from Secret Service
The AutismPuzzle
Connecting the Dots Between Environmental
Toxins and Rising Autism Rates
The alarming spike in autism in recent years has sent
doctors and parents on a search for answers. But today
we are not any closer to a definitive explanation. Moving
beyond the vaccine debate, The Autism Puzzle is
the first book to address the compelling evidence that it
is the pairing of environmental exposures with genetic
susceptibilities that may be impacting the brain development
of children. Journalist Brita Belli interprets compelling
evidence for readers that environmental
toxins—including common exposures from chemicals in our everyday lives—
may be sparking this disorder in vulnerable children. Hardback, 213 pages,
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From the Volcano to the Gorge:
Getting the Job Done on Iwo Jima
No moment in American military history is more
deeply stamped into our national memory than the
flag-raising that marked the capture of Mount Suribachi
on the Pacific island of Iwo Jima in 1945. The
famous photograph of that moment has for 67
years stood as the quintessential symbol
of Marine valor. That moment, which took
place on the fourth day after the landing,
was far from the end of the battle. It would
take another month of fierce fighting, covering
5,000 rocky acres and claiming the lives of 6,000
more Marines before victory was achieved. This
book combines narratives by two Marines who
landed on the beaches on the first day of the invasion and took part in the
grinding combat to the end. These two men lived through the most intense
weeks of their lives within a mile of each other, but never knew of each otherʼs
existence until this book took shape. Softcover, 330 pages, $20 plus $4 S&H.
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Freedom activist and musician Ted Nugent.
Alternative Energy
OFFICE OR CABIN. New Off-Grid Technology. Fast Professional
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THE ETERNAL JEW—DVD, banned in Europe. Ghetto
life, Rothschildsʼ world-wide tentacles, debase entertainment,
etc, PART II, “Eva Braunʼs Home Films.” Hitler and
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THE TRUTH ABOUT 2012? Maya Cosmogenesis 2012:
The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date. By
John Major Jenkins. While researching the 2012 enddate
of the Maya calendar, John Major Jenkins decoded
the Mayaʼs galactic cosmology. The Maya discovered
that the periodic alignment of the Sun with the center of
the Milky Way is a formative influence on human evolution.
These alignments also define a series of world ages.
The fourth age ends on Dec. 21, 2012, when a chapter in
human history ends. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 reveals
the Maya insight into the cyclic nature of time and prepares
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THE OCCIDENTAL QUARTERLY is a great magazine
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STRAIGHT TALK from Rep. Ron Paul
Earlier this year, strong public opposition
led by several prominent websites forced
congressional leaders to cancel votes on
two bills known inWashington
as “SOPA” and “PIPA.” Both
of these bills threatened websites
with possible shutdowns if the Justice
Department deemed them insufficiently
cooperative with our phony
“war on terror,” or if they were merely
accused of copyright infringement. Fortunately
the American public flooded
Capitol Hill with phone calls and congressional
leaders dropped both bills.
But we should never underestimate
the federal government’s insatiable desire
to control the Internet. Statists of all parties, persuasions
and nationalities hate the free, unbridled
flow of information, ideas and goods via the Internet.
They resent the notion that ordinary people can
communicate and trade across the world without
government filters or approvals. So they continually
seek to impose controls, always under the guise of
fighting terrorism or protecting “intellectual property”
The latest assault on Internet freedom is called
the “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act,”
or “CISPA,” which may be considered by Congress
this week. CISPA is essentially an Internet
monitoring bill that permits the federal government
and private companies to viewyour
private online communications with no judicial
oversight—provided, of course, that
they do so in the name of “cybersecurity.”
The bill is very broadly written, and allows
the Department of Homeland
Security to obtain
large swaths of personal
information contained in
your emails or other online
communication. It also
allows emails and private information
found online to be used for purposes far beyond
any reasonable definition of fighting cyberterrorism.
CISPA represents an alarming form of corporatism,
as it further intertwines government with
companies like Google and Facebook. It permits
them to hand over your private communications to
government officials without a warrant, circumventing
well-established federal laws like the Wiretap
Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy
Act. It also grants them broad immunity from lawsuits
for doing so, leaving you without recourse for
invasions of privacy.
CISPA is Big Brother writ large, putting the resources
of private industry towork for the nefarious
purpose of spying on the American people.
I urge you to call your federal senators and representatives
and urge them to oppose CISPA and
similar bills that attack Internet freedom.
Their Insatiable Desire to Control the Internet
Is ‘History’ Today Just a Series of ‘PC’ Lies?
Come on. Let’s get real. If you believe what many historians are publishing
today is real history, you donʼt understand the business. Way too many academics
get their salaries for writing history the way their employersʼ want it to
end, not how it actually happened. And those who know better are most times
too scared to write the truth for fear of professional retribution. There are all
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TOUGH TALK from Jim Traficant
Ihad the occasion to notice an article in one of
America’s national newspapers. The articlewas
reprinted froma story appearing in amajor city
paper on the East Coast. It made me sick.
The woman reporter was detailing her feelings
regarding themassacre of innocent Afghan citizens
by Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. Here are her words:
I am ashamed to admit that my heart aches for
Staff Sgt. Bales, and I feel almost nothing for the
families of the Afghan men, women and children
he is accused of killing. . . . I feel a wave of sadness
for Bales, hiswife and two children but can find no
pity for the people he is said to have methodically
gunned down. . . . Bales, they say, took his weapon
into the tiny village in themiddle of nowhere, under
cover of darkness and started kicking in doors and
shooting the sleeping people inside.
Read, distill and digest her words very carefully.
She feels nothing for the Afghan families. Is she
human? The truth is, folks, this is a classic example
of hate.
The writer attempts to sanitize her own words by
blaming the incident on war. Bales was subject to
his fourth tour into a combat zone, thus, she
claimed, Bales was the product of post traumatic
stress syndrome (PTSS). She claims that we “can’t
possibly be surprised when one soldier starts shooting.
It’s even more surprising that it isn’t 100 soldiers.”
She then surmises that “Bales may not even
be convicted and certainly not executed.”
She closes by saying, “if Bales is not executed, the
Afghans will be furious, but I do not care about their
innocent dead, sowhy should I care about their righteous
anger?” She defends her statement by saying:
“War hardens your hearts; war makes you crazy.”
This is a column distributed nationally, and no
one even raised an eyebrow. This lack of outrage
demonstrates the fact that many, many Americans
really don’t care anything about the victims of the
wars America wages, especially ones in the Islamic
world. The lives of those people aren’t even worthy
of our concern and consideration.
Thus we have war—andmore of it. After all, who
cares about those people?
Shewas not justmaking a point about the tragedy
of war—she was demonstrating why war occurs.
War occurs when individuals such as she promote
hate and callousness. Hate and callousness make
war ever so easier for the military-politicalindustrial-
media-banking complex to sell to the
American people.
Politicians do not pursue conflicts unless elements
are reflected in the attitudes of their constituents.
American politicians seem comfortable
with making war on the “Arab world.” I said it as a
member of Congress, and I say it now: America’s
one-sided policy in the Middle East will import violence
from that region to our shores.
It is attitudes such as these promoted by a socalled
respectable American columnist that have
made millions of enemies for our country.
Soldiers like Bales are not just the products of
war stress. They also come about thanks to the attitudes
of people like her who can write such an article
that depicts her inward hatred of those people.
Don’t blame war, lady. Youmight find the real answer
by looking in the mirror. Evidently, her newspaper
is not concerned that she felt absolutely
nothing for those people who just happened to be
innocent Afghan civilians. After all, they were only
Muslims—collateral damage—right?
Shame on her, and shame on the mainstream
media for helping to harden the hearts of Americans
toward the suffering of the victims of the wars that
this nation is endlessly waging.
Get back at me.
James A. (Jim) Traficant, Jr. was born in Youngstown, Ohio on May 8, 1941.
He received BS and MS degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. He also received
anMS fromYoungstown State University in 1976. From1981-1985 he served as sheriff
of Mahoning County, prior to his election to the U.S. Congress in 1984. He was reelected
by overwhelming margins every year up until 2002 when, following his
conviction on trumped up corruption charges, he was expelled from the House of
Representatives. Donations of support may be sent to Mrs. Tish Traficant, 429 Main
Street, Poland, OH 44514.
Media Helps Harden Hearts of Americans
THE RYAN REPORT from Vince Ryan
In the Jan. 30 edition of AFP I brought attention
to how dysfunctional the federal government is
today. Howcan it be otherwisewhen it allows 2
million of its employees to spend most of their
time counting the days until they can retire and collect
handsome pensions?
I also asked readers to consider all the wars we
are currently fighting. Many Americans appear to
lovewar. They believe the propaganda put out by the
military-industrial-banking complex through its vast
multi-media resources. What they don’t understand
is the dysfunctional nature of this.
The Iraq War lasted 10 years, cost billions of dollars,
destroyed thousands of lives, and accomplished
nothing. The war in Afghanistan has lasted over 12
years, costs $300 million a day, has destroyed thousands
of lives and is accomplishing nothing.
Recently, thiswas brought home tome again by a
column written by Oregon commentator Jeff Alworth.
Here’swhat governmental dysfunction looks
like. Says Alworth, “The Republican Party identifies
a procedural issue that, if messed with will debilitate
the U.S. economy. There are a lot of these things
in government. Part of governing means routinely
managing fiscal issues—it’s a basic feature of competent
governance, and one of the things that separates
the U.S. from, say, Liberia.”
He adds, “The GOP finds this issue with a debt
ceiling, a stupid law that allows politicians to decry
profligate spending—but which no Congress has
ever seriously considered not adjusting.”
And he goes on to say, “Since 1962, they’ve [raised
the debt ceiling] some 74 times. This time the Republicans
say, nope, we’re taking a hostage. If you
don’t pay the ransom, the economy gets it.What ransom
do they seek? One of two: 1) using the hostage
to extract a massive payout in the form of growthcrippling
cuts from Obama that will seriously damage
the economy and his re-election hopes, or
2) nuking the economy for the same purpose.”
In conclusion, Alworth says, “As the subsequent
events demonstrate, the on-the-record ‘reasons’ are
pure. GOP House Speaker John Boehner and Senate
GOP Leader Mitch McConnell claim that debt is
the problem—never mind that these debts are already
owed. Obama agrees, offers insane cuts, including
to Social Security and Medicare, which will
weaken his base. . . . Senate Democratic Majority
Leader Harry Reid offers a 100 percent cut proposal.
No dice. A few Republicans admit publicly that this
is an opportunity to damage the Democrats in an important
election year.”
Remember, a functional government works to
solve problems, not to create them. ButWashington
is so dysfunctional that Republicans and Democrats
can’t get anything done because they’re too busy
playing politics.
Write your representative and senators and tell
them that you have had enough. It’s time to get serious
about cutting spending and ending these wars
that are crippling us.
Remind them that the November elections are
only seven months away, and if they can’t put politics
aside and work together, we’ll find people who
can do the job.
Vince Ryan is the chairman of the AFP READERSHIP COUNCIL, a group of about
2,200 patriots. Send your request for information on the AFPRC to 645 Pennsylvania
Avenue SE, Suite 100,Washington, D.C. 20003 or call 202-544-5977 and talk to a representative.
Annual dues are $76 and you get many bonuses.
A New Standard in Federal Dysfunctionality
In the April 9 edition, editor Christopher
J. Petherickwrote in his “Personal fromthe
Editor” that AFP is interested in hearing
what we have to say about healthcare in
the U.S. Well, I couldn’t have written it better
than Paul Craig Roberts in your April 23
& 30 issue. I am no believer in socialism. I
think that small government is best. But I
amno fan of the U.S. healthcare system, either,
which works great so long as you’re
rich and you don’t get sick. Roberts made
me pausewhen hewrote; “Among theWestern
Civilized Nations, only the richest, the
U.S., has no universal healthcare.” If the Europeans
can afford great healthcare for
their citizens, why can’t we here in the richest
country in the world? It is time to get
Wall Street out of medicine just like we’re
trying to do in politics.
AFP readers know the difference between
our republic and a democracy. They
should also know that relief care is not
healthcare. It is not healthy to feel good
and be under the influence of drugs. Treating
effects does not produce a normal
nervous systemthat is necessary for the return
of functional ease and the maintenance
of wellness and health. Healthcare,
self-delivered, doesn’t cost a cent. We
rarely need doctors. But never confuse
“relief” care with “health” care.
New York
Mao Zedong was one of the most ruthless
dictators in the world. It is said that he
organized the murder of 40 million to 60
million of his own countrymen. It is indeed
strange that somehow the so-called “liberal”
press ignores the atrocities perpetrated
by thismonster, just as it ignores the
20 million Russians and 9 million Ukrainians
murdered by Stalin. But then maybe
their silence is not somysterious when one
considers that both were communists, and
communism is where the secret loyalties
of America’s liberal press really lie.
It is equally suspicious at the lack of vetting
given to Barack Obama in 2008. His
suspicious birth certificate was ignored.
His college records were suspiciously
sealed without an outcry. His associations
withWeather Underground terrorists were
overlooked. His fascination with the communist
teaching of Saul Alinsky was excused.
Maybe it’s not Obama that needs
vetting, but the liberal media and entertainment
industries. It is interesting to note
that Obama chose to name one of his
daughters Malia Ann Obama, whose initials
just so happen to be M.A.O. Coincidence?
New York
With all due respect to Mr. Fenner
Goldsborough’s letter to the editor of April
2, he is sadlymistaken in his statement that
the Ahmadinejad government of Iran is
committed to destroy Israel. I amsure that
this is a result of our Zionist-controlled
media twisting Ahmadinejad’s statement
that Israel will self-destruct like the USSR.
I respectfully suggest he obtain a copy
of Michael Collins Piper’s book Confessions
of an Anti-Semite and 9-11: What
Really Happened from AFP, which should
clear up his impression about Iran.
It is important to note that Iran has
signed a nuclear non-proliferation treaty
along with other nations, and Israel, which
has approximately 300 nuclear weapons,
has not. Mordecai Vannunu, a courageous
Israeli nuclear technician, exposed Israel’s
nuclear policy, resulting in his being imprisoned
for 18 years, 11 of themin solitary
I would be happy to discuss this with
Mr. Goldsborough personally, if he would
contact me through AFP, as I am reasonably
sure he is the same Fenner Goldsborough
I knew years ago in Baltimore.
(Confessions of an Anti-Semite,
$28, and 9-11 What Really Happened,
$10, are both available from FIRST
AMENDMENT BOOKS, 645 Pennsylvania
Avenue SE, #100, Washington, D.C.
20003. To order by credit card, call us
toll free at 1-888-699-NEWS.—Ed.)
Your thoughtful letters and comments are welcome.
Write: Letters Editor, AMERICAN FREE PRESS,
645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 100, Washington,
D.C. 20003. Please send your email and letters
GetWall StreetOut ofMedicine
A large jet plane crashed on a farm in the middle of nowhere U.S.A.
Panic stricken, the local sheriff descended on the farm in force. By the
time they got there, the aircraft was totally destroyed with only a burned
hull left smoldering. The sheriff and his men entered the wreckage, but
could find no human remains. They spotted the farmer plowing his field
not too far away as if nothing had happened. They hurried to the man.
“Hank,” the sheriff sputtered, out of breath. “Did you see what happened?”
“Yep. Sure did,” the farmermumbled, cutting off the tractor’s engine. “Do
you realize that 200 members of the United States Congress were on that
plane?” the sheriff asked. “Yep,” replied the farmer. “Were there any survivors?”
the sheriff demanded. “Nope. They’s all kilt straight out,” the
farmer said. “I done buried themallmyself. Tookmemost of themorning.”
“You mean every single one of those congressmen was dead?” the sheriff
asked. “Well,” the farmer grumbled, restarting his tractor, “a few kept
a-saying they weren’t, but you know how those D.C. politicians lie.”
What Lying Gets You . . .