Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to spot a crazed gunman

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Jeff Cantor
Mass shootings are becoming all too common.
The recent shooting in Dallas only goes to show how violence can strike anytime, anywhere.
Sadly, most people live complacent lives. Their senses and instincts are dulled by daily patterns. They don't recognize danger until it's too late.
Not YOU. That's why today I want to give you 3 potential ways to spot someone with a gun. This should become part of your daily awareness practices.
  1. Criminals carrying guns often check repeatedly to make sure the gun is there. They do this to make sure the weapon is not in view or slipping, so moving their hand to the location of the weapon on their body is a potential tell. If we assume the statistics are correct and 8 out of 10 people are right handed, they will more likely be checking with their right hand.
  2. Look for something that "prints" in clothing. One of the common terms we use in the tactical world and in law enforcement is "printing". If the gun "prints" it is somehow sticking out to the point that it is visible to those aware. Criminals normally do not employ holsters for their gun, instead they carry the weapon in the front or rear waistband of their pants or in a jacket pocket.
  3. They are wearing clothing or carrying something that seems unusual. It could be an article of clothing that's out of place for the environment, location or time of year. For example, a long coat in a warm climate or a backpack (especially these days) in a movie theater. 
When it comes to protecting yourself against violence, preparation is the key.
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Until next time, stay alert, check your six, put your back against the wall and stay safe!
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