Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Active Shooter at the Mall

Where are your kids right now? Where’s your spouse?
Do you hide? Do you run or fight?
Your life and the lives of those you love hang on what you do in the next ten seconds.
If you want to LIVE, you need to do something that will utterly ASTONISH everyone who knows you.
It takes only seconds, and I’ll show you how in this letter.

But it’s essential to anyone who wants to keep themselves, and the ones they love SAFE in an increasingly dangerous world.

John Bunnell, former Sheriff of Multnomah County in Oregon. He has appeared on COPS, American Detective and was the host of the hit series World’s Wildest Police Videos. He is America’s foremost advocate for personal safety and awareness.
Dear Traumatized American
I’m John Bunnell, formerly the Sheriff of Multnomah County in Oregon. You know me from the Police shows COPS, American Detective, and the World’s Wildest Police Videos.
But this is NO TV show. I’m here to tell you about a real and growing danger to you, your family, and your friends. When I was Sheriff in the mid-90s, active shooter or terrorist events were rare. But not anymore. Now, active shooters are everywhere …

According to Gunviolencearchive.org, there were
49,957 shooting incidents last year alone.
That’s right, nearly 50,000.

And that’s NOT just a number. These are tragedies that strike families. Mothers. Fathers. And yes, children.
In 2015, nearly 3,400 children were killed or injured by a shooter.
Why haven’t you heard about these statistics?
Because politicians and police departments don’t want these numbers to be made public. Remember the shootings at Fort Hood? That wasn’t terrorism ... it was “workplace violence” according to our politicians.
Tell that to the families of the 13 people who died. Yes, the risk is real. And it’s growing.
Think about it. You put smoke detectors in your home. You put stickers on your child’s window so the fire department can find them in an emergency. You perform fire drills in schools and offices everywhere.
You do everything you possibly can to protect the ones you love from a fire, yet …

Your risk of being killed by a shooter is almost

It’s true. And I’m just getting started. You see, these statistics do NOT include terrorism. OK, I know what you’re thinking. Terror attacks are just isolated events, right?
Not exactly. Since 9/11, there have been 28,093 deadly terror attacks worldwide. In 2014, the BBC conducted a thorough review of terror attacks and chronicled 664 attacks and 5,042 deaths in ONE month alone.
But that’s NOT here in the United States, right? Wrong. In a recent report from The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, there were ...

3,264 Americans were killed in terror attacks
since 1995 on American soil.

It’s time for all Americans to wake up to the NEW reality. You need to know how to defend yourself, and the ones you love. But what about the police? It’s their job to keep you safe, right? Look, no one has more respect for the police than I do. The police officers I served with and commanded were the finest, bravest professionals you’d ever want to know.


“Even a few minutes of training can save your life.”

According to Black Ops trainer, and personal security expert Dr. Jeff Cantor. Training matters. And the right training can help save your life — even when faced with a raging madman with a semi-automatic weapon. In his own words ...
“If an Active Shooter enters a public place, it will be unlike anything you have experienced before. In those first pulse-pounding minutes, it will engulf you, other family members, friends, and fellow citizens in a sense of disbelief and paralysis.”
“In my experience, there is a huge difference in those people that have had training to face life-threatening stressful situations versus those that have had no training. This is why we developed the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM so you can take responsibility at a moment’s notice of your own life, your family, and/or the people around you by having a survival mindset and knowing what to do. It is NOT hopeless. It’s in fact likely possible you can survive, if you know exactly what to do.

The TRUTH is that the police can NOT protect you. Most shooting incidents are over before the police arrive.

 You’re on your own.

According to FBI statistics, nearly 70 percent of the shooting incidents studied ended in five minutes or less. With a total average of 12.5 minutes. The average response time for law enforcement is around 15 minutes.
... Bottom line: You’re on your own.

Now, I’m not here today to scare you.

I simply want you to know the truth. And I want you to understand how to save your life, your spouse’s life, your children’s lives, and even the lives of those around you.

As a former police chief, I have talked to dozens of men and women who were lucky enough to survive an active shooter incident. And you know what they told me?
They told me that all they could think about was getting BACK to their families. They wanted to hug their children and embrace their wives or husbands. It’s a powerful motivator.
That’s why, in the next few minutes, I’m going to demonstrate how you could save your life, or the lives of those you love — even if you’re caught in the cross-hairs of a raging mad man with a semi-automatic weapon.

I want to show you the secrets that keep Special Ops soldiers alive in the worst possible conditions. They can help keep YOU alive too.

But don’t worry. You don’t need to be Special Ops to use these tactics. There’s ZERO physical training needed.
In fact, it doesn’t matter if you feel like you have two left feet, or think you couldn’t punch your way out of a wet, paper bag. It doesn’t even matter if you have a cane.
What’s more, you don’t always need a gun, or a deadly weapon of any kind. In some cases ...

All you need is a little, yellow sticky note
to save your life.

I’ll tell you more about this in a minute.
First let me introduce you to a remarkable man ... a patriot ... and one of finest close-quarter combat and personal defense trainer in the world today.

The REAL “Liam Neeson” from the movie “TAKEN”.

His name is Dr. Jeffrey Cantor is known as a BLACK OPS leader. In a recent seminar he conducted with a police department, he was introduced as the REAL “Liam Neeson: From the movie ‘Taken’.”
Jeff is the man who leads special units into the most dangerous places on Earth to recover kidnap victims and return them to their families. Jeff trains government agencies, corporations, and high-profile individuals in the science and art of surviving an active shooter or terror incident.
When you’re in trouble, and I mean REAL trouble, there is no man you’d rather have on your side than Dr. Cantor.
In government jargon, Jeff is called an S.M.E. or ‘Subject Matter Expert’. His particular area of expertise is close-quarter combat and extreme close-quarter integrated combat.
His stunning record and abilities have earned him “tier 1” status (the highest you can earn) in the eyes of elite military units for close combat and survival tactics. He is frequently called to the highest government levels to consult on domestic terrorism issues and prevention.

Jeff is also a kidnap and ransom response consultant.

That’s important because it makes him the ideal instructor for personal security training. He’s one of the world’s highest paid “shadow” consultants — meaning it’s his job to keep people alive no matter what the circumstances.

His recommendations reach all of the way up
to the White House. Just look ...

That’s High praise indeed.
Now you know why organizations that are at high-risk for security and safety issues gladly pay Jeff and his associates upwards of $20,000 a day or more. If it’s a kidnap and ransom scenario, or requires personal, one-on-one training, the fees are much higher.

Jeff is the man who trains the trainers for
close-quarter combat and personal security.

What’s really exciting, is that Jeff has decided to share many of his most valuable personal-defense secrets with us in this letter to help you keep your family safe wherever you go.
They’re not going to cost you $20,000. Right now, they’re free.
And they’re NOT at all what you might think.
For example: Here’s one, all-too-common scenario that’s happening more and more these days.

The DUMBEST Way to Die at the Mall


Take a baseline snapshot of the location.

The first thing to do when you arrive at the location is create a “baseline” of the environment. The “baseline” is what is normal for that place. If you see something out of the ordinary that clearly represents a change in status, an alarm bell should go off in your head. Important: Look around before you exit your car. In THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM, you’ll learn exactly where and how to park your car. Your survival could depend on it.
You’re shopping at the mall with your family ... and suddenly you hear shots firing. The crowds naturally panic and run. And you follow along.
Sounds logical, but this is actually one of the worst things you can do. These people are making a very common, and possibly deadly mistake.
According to Jeff, “If you look at the people running, you would naturally assume they are all running away from the shooter. The moment they heard the shots, they just panicked and ran for the exits”.
“It’s a natural reaction,” Dr. Cantor explained, “but it can often get you killed. You see, what most people don’t know is that gunfire in a mall or enclosed space like a store, ECHOES back and forth off the walls. Quite often, the shots seem to be coming from an entirely different direction. So people run the wrong way and head straight for the shooter.”
So how can you be sure which direction the shots are coming from?


Do THIS first when entering the building.

Look for potential areas of cover versus concealment, immediately. Remember, cover offers you some level of ballistic protection, while concealment simply affords you the ability to “hide” behind or under something. Make a mental map of the location. Look at entry and exit points, aisles, seating configurations, types of seats, walls, the floor, and lighting. In THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM, you’ll discover which types of cover will (or will NOT) stop a bullet. Plus, you’ll discover the best ways to reach cover safely in worst case scenarios.

The Life-Saving Secret of the Tactical Pause

Jeff continued, “The answer is something that many military forces and elite law enforcement units are often taught. It’s called the TACTICAL PAUSE. It’s just a few seconds where you take BACK control of the situation, assess the danger, and come up with a coherent plan for hiding in place ... or escaping with your life, and the lives of those you love.”
“And it’s not always running for the nearest exit. These days, active shooters often could have a secondary attacker or even an explosive device waiting at exit points. The San Bernardino shooters had secondary attacks planned. The FBI isn’t sure whether they planned to detonate a bomb upon entry — or near the exits to ambush police and medical personnel. Fortunately, they were never used.”
“So that’s why a tactical pause is so important. It can easily save your life, your family, and those around you. Best of all, anyone can master this skill in a matter of minutes.”

So how do you make all of these decisions in the midst of chaos?

How do you develop the calm and control required to survive a situation that threatens your life? The training you need, plus so much more, can be found in ...

The revolutionary, new, learn-at-your-own-pace program called

What is THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM: Active Shooter?
It’s a complete system of online and mobile video, instructional content, challenge simulations and interactive program modules taught by Dr. Jeffry Cantor. It includes a completely interactive mobile app that you can get on Apple AppStore or Google Play so you will always have the advice you need at your fingertips right on your phone or tablet!

Works on ALL Your Digital Devices for Learning ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

You can learn, and train anywhere... anytime.

It works on ALL popular devices including iPhone, Android, tablets, Macs and PC desktops.
It is a truly “mobile anywhere” experience that’s designed to give you and the ones you love the knowledge and skills needed to survive an active shooter, or a life- threatening crisis.

Others have paid up to $20,000 for our training.
It’s THAT good. But for YOU it's FREE.

The information we provide to you today is so essential that individuals, corporations, military units, and high-risk individuals have paid up to $20,000 a day or more for our elite, and undeniably effective training. Now, for the first time ever, we have prepared a high-level, life-saving program that is available to the general public. Naturally that includes YOU, and your family.
And it won’t cost $20,000. It won’t cost $1,000, $500, or even $300. How does FREE sound?
That’s right. In the next few minutes, Jeff will give you actual excerpts from this program. You can use these free excerpts today to protect yourself and your family.

You, and those you love, will be 100 TIMES safer.

It’s true, by the time you finish this letter, I believe you will be ONE HUNDRED TIMES better prepared to face the threat of violence in our crazy world.
That’s right. 100 TIMES.
Once you’ve reviewed this advice, you’ll also discover how to claim up to ten, life-saving free gifts worth over $250.
I’ll tell you all about these remarkable free gifts in just a moment. First, there’s something very special you need to know about the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM. It’s something that I believe makes our THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM more valuable than any other personal-defense program ever created.
Let me be perfectly clear.


And believe it or not, it has NOTHING to do with guns or violence. It has to do with how you approach every minute of every day in your life, your career, and your relationships.
You might call it complete SELF-CONFIDENCE. But it’s really much more than that.
You see, once you complete the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM, you feel a surge of confidence and calmness you have never experienced before. Your natural leadership skills will be multiplied a dozen times over.
Here’s why: The SAME mental skills you develop in THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM to deal with the stress and chaos of a violent encounter are stunningly effective in daily life.
Whether it’s chaos at work, or a high-stress family problem, your newly developed ability to FOCUS, REMAIN CALM, CONSIDER OPTIONS, and then ACT appropriately will serve you well.
And everyone will notice.
They will see it in your eyes, and your presence.
You’ll have a certain brightness that exudes leadership, intellect, and calm. Even more remarkable, it has nothing to do with being built like a linebacker or looking like a Special Ops soldier. This is about strengthening your inner, mental CORE.

That’s why the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM works for everyone.
Men. Women. Young. Old. Large and small.

How is this possible? Here’s just one example ...
“One of the first things you’ll learn in THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM,” Dr. Cantor says, “is how to view and actually ABSORB your everyday environment. It’s like taking a mental “snapshot” everywhere you go.
“Why? Because this helps you instantly identify a threat ... LONG BEFORE it becomes a threat. As soon as something is OUT of place, your subconscious mind sends you an ALERT and says ‘something is WRONG with this picture!’
Your brain will then automatically direct your eyes where they need to be. That means you have more time to react and move to safety. While others go on with their lives oblivious to the potential threats around them.
We will help activate your natural, sixth-sense for staying out of trouble ... and protecting those you care for. You won’t be paranoid or stressed.
In fact, you will be just the REVERSE. You’ll be calm. In control and relaxed. That’s a GREAT feeling. And it will be with you for the rest of your life.
So you see, THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM is not just an active shooter and personal defense program. It’s a profoundly effective awareness and self-improvement program.

EVERYONE will notice your leadership, and decision-making skills. You will positively GLOW  with new confidence.

“I’ve had students and clients tell me they’ve applied my concepts of personal security and leadership for career advancement. The leadership, team building and decision making skills learned under pressure really become obvious to their employers and clients,” says Dr. Cantor.
Interested? Intrigued? Good. Let’s a take a closer look at the program and how it works.
Perhaps the most brilliant part of the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM is its pure simplicity. There are THREE main pillars to the program. And once I tell you them ... you will memorize them instantly. All you do is remember the color RED.
“R” is for how you REACT to a situation.
“E” is for how you ESCAPE safely.
“D” is for how you DEFEND yourself and survive.


Everything you need to know fits neatly into one of these pillars and it is designed to protect you every minute of every day and can be applied to just about any situation. Whether you’re shopping at the mall ... picking your kids up from school ... playing in the park ... watching a movie or baseball game ... or taking the family out to dinner.
You NEED to be prepared. The alternative is unthinkable ...
Security photo from a Paris restaurant moments before a terrorist opens fire
Just look: These people thought they were enjoying a lovely dinner in a Paris restaurant.
 But then the terrorists arrived and started shooting. The windows were blown out, and lives were at risk.
Now suppose YOU and your family were dining in this restaurant. What should you do FIRST? How should you REACT?
Everything you need to know is in the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM.
The shooter opens fire and the patrons flee for cover. Our program reveals how to avoid and survive situations like this
Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover ...
THE MILLION-YEAR-OLD MIRACLE THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. It’s an ancient, human instinct that’s inside everyone. It’s not your will to survive (we assume you’ve got that in the spades). What I’m talking about is a whisper-quiet warning system that’s nothing less than miraculous. If you talk to any special forces military personnel, they’ll tell you this ten-second secret is more important than any physical training. You can do this even if you have two left feet or are 85 years old. We tell you how.
VISIBLE INDICATORS THAT SOMEONE IS A SERIOUS THREAT. These physical and behavioral symptoms are taught to every law enforcement officer in America today. Don’t you deserve to know these secrets too — especially when they can save your life? They take three minutes to learn ... for a lifetime of extra security.
THE WORST THING TO DO WHEN WALKING TO YOUR CAR IN A PARKING LOT. You might as well hang a sign around your neck saying “please attack me.” Some people think this dumb habit keeps you safer ... that’s completely wrong.
THE MENTAL SWITCH that instantly transforms you, and the ones you love from potential victims to savvy, resourceful survivors. You don’t even have to “flip” the switch, we demonstrate how to keep it on “automatic” for the rest of your life. NO additional training is required, once you know this secret.
HOW TO SAVE YOUR LIFE, OR THE LIVES OF THOSE YOU LOVE WITH A “STICKY NOTE.” This works even if you have two left feet, no physical training, and are completely unarmed. In fact, in many cases, this secret can keep you safer than being armed.
I know what you’re thinking: “You gotta be kidding. A sticky note? Am I supposed to use the sticky note as a bulletproof vest?”
Not exactly. According to Dr. Cantor: “The sticky note is a simple mental prompt to maintain what we call “yellow” alert. That’s what the military call relaxed but vigilant.”
“The secret is to place a yellow sticky note on your car dashboard ... in your wallet ... on your office computer or anywhere you need to be more vigilant. When you add this to the secrets we show you on spotting trouble early, it makes a highly effective personal security system.”

“You need to be gently reminded to stay vigilant or
it just doesn’t happen. That’s when trouble strikes.”

And it’s so simple. Now let’s go even deeper in to the program. Here are some more examples of what you’ll discover:
Daily routines can lower your natural suspicions so danger catches you off guard.
THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM helps you instantly assess the situation and choose the right tactics to survive.
You’ll discover THE HIDDEN DANGER OF YOUR “DAILY ROUTINE.” This is where you switch OFF your alertness ...
even though you can be more vulnerable in these situations. If the office workers at the San Bernardino shooting knew this ... more people might have survived.
THE TWO WORST THINGS TO DO when confronted in a life-threatening situation. They almost guarantee you get hurt. In fact, you could easily put yourself and your loved ones in the crosshairs if you make these deadly errors.
WHY BEING RELAXED IS SO ESSENTIAL TO STAYING ALIVE. No one can spend all day and all night in a constant state of high alert. That’s exhausting. We demonstrate how to develop a relaxed, but ready mindset that may be one of the most critical, life-saving skills you will ever develop.
HOW TO INSTANTLY ADAPT TO ANY LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION. . It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the mall, in a restaurant, sitting in church, or playing in the park with your kids, you’ll discover how to calmly react, and take almost instant, life-saving action even if ...

Even if you don’t have a gun, or a knife.

You’ll learn how to unchain the greatest life-saving weapon known to every Special Ops soldier, and personal security expert on Earth: Your brain.


Dance or drink on the RIGHT side of a nightclub.

Should you dance or drink on the right or left? Consider this: About 8 out of 10 people are right-handed. This means that a potential shooter will likely be right-handed, and attempting to shoot to the right takes slightly more time to get on target than the left. Even better. Dance on the right, far from the entrance BUT near an exit you already know is accessible. Even more critical: In THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM,you’ll discover how to recognize a threat like a shooter and react.
There’s still much more in the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM, of course.
What I want you to understand right now, is that these life-saving tactics are incredibly EASY to learn, master and REMEMBER. That’s another very important difference between THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM and all other personal-defense programs. We don’t just keep it simple.

We keep it very simple.

That makes it much easier to ACT when you have to. You have a simple process and decision making model to know “what to do first.” Now let’s take a look at the second pillar of our R.E.D. system ... ESCAPE.
ESCAPE sounds kind of obvious doesn’t it?
You run for your life, as fast as you can, right? WRONG. In many cases, this common mistake could get you killed.
When you experience the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM, your eyes will be opened like never before. For instance, you’ll discover ...
HOW TO HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT — SO YOU BECOME LESS VISIBLE. The human brain, and the visual cortex is genetically programmed to identify human shapes and movement. That’s great news. We demonstrate how to alter your “shape” according to the environment so you can become less visible to the shooter. You could be close to him and you just might go unseen.
FIVE “DEAD” GIVEAWAYS WHEN TRYING TO HIDE. You might find the best “safe” spot ... then one of these silly mistakes puts you in instant danger. In fact, it’s like shining a LIGHT on your location.


Reduce your Gross Target Anatomy

Most shooters are not professionals, and they generally have poor aim. You can significantly reduce your risk of being shot by lowering your center of gravity quickly. That can make you harder to hit. That means you run low and fast. In THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM, you’ll discover how to adjust the angle of your run to make it more difficult to hit you. You’ll also see how to create an improvised “flak jacket,” that can potentially help you stop a bullet. Plus much more.
THE LEAPFROG SECRET TO ESCAPING ALIVE. Last time I checked, most people can’t outrun a bullet. But you can sometimes outsmart a shooter — no matter how fierce or determined. We show you how you can leapfrog from cover to cover to help get away from danger.
HOW TO TURN A PURSE, BRIEFCASE, OR BACKPACK INTO A “FLAK PACK.” The secret is to stuff it with any of these ordinary items available almost anywhere that can help protect your body.
THE DECISION TO MOVE ... YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST ... OR ELSE. This is the moment you could save, or lose your life. It’s also the moment when those you love need you most. We demonstrate how and when to do this right.
YOU’RE HIDING WITH FAMILY OR CO-WORKERS ... WHAT DO YOU DO FIRST? This needs to happen even before you start barricading doors or moving furniture. In fact, none of this will matter if you don’t take this action first.
WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE PEOPLE WITH YOU ARE “LOSING IT?” You know they can put you, and your whole group in jeopardy. You must instantly “reconnect” them with reality — so they can FOCUS and help keep the group alive. We tell you how to do this in seconds. And NO ... you don’t “slap” them like they do in the movies!
THE #1 SECRET YOU CAN USE TO REMOVE SOME OF THE ANXIETY AND FEAR THAT COMES WITH AN ACTIVE SHOOTER THREAT. Almost no one does this, but everyone should. Our secrets help you stay mobile, flexible, and ready to respond no matter what happens.
THE LIFE-SAVING MIRACLE OF “THE 10th MAN” STRATEGY. This is a brilliant, military tactic that guarantees you always have another option for surviving ... and escaping. It can cut your response and action time as much as two thirds. In essence, you are outnumbering the shooter simply with the power of your mind.
Here’s how Jeff explains it ...

“The Lifesaving Miracle of the The 10th Man.”

“I use this strategy all the time when I’m devising a plan with a group,” Dr. Cantor says. “For example, if nine team members agree with the plan of action based on our observations and intelligence gathering, then the tenth team member will take a completely different approach to expose any flaws in the plan.”
“In THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM, this is a trade secret you can use when you’re in hiding with family, friends or even strangers in the event the active shooter breaches your space.”
Now you might think that the strategy is to rush the attacker all at once, right?
“While that is certainly a possible defense as a last resort,” Dr. Cantor explained, “the 10th man strategy helps you come up with the best possible plan for the circumstances that minimizes the risk. Let’s say you’re in a group, and the shooter is elsewhere in the building.”
First, you take control of the group by giving each member a specific task to do. Like finding escape routes, places to hide or lockdown, searching for improvised weapons, deciding where to position yourselves and calling 911.”
“But that’s still not enough. To survive, you often need ‘out of the box’ thinking. “That’s the task you give to the 10th (or last) person in the group.”
“You ask them to come up with a specific, alternative back-up plan in the event locking down doesn’t work. It could be a defense plan to swarm the shooter ... or an alternate escape route that’s not so obvious. Trust me, in the heat of an incident; it’s often that 10th man or woman that will save your life. After all, you can’t do it all yourself.”
Jeff continued to explain that the assigned tasks also help keep the group focused and calm. There’s less time to panic because there’s work to do. Positive work that can save lives.
Now we come to the third pillar of the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM ...
THIS is the moment when confrontation is inevitable. Naturally, we’ve been working like heck to avoid this. But sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, violence is unavoidable.
If it comes to that, the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM prepares you to WIN — no matter what it takes.
You don’t need to be a karate champion or an Olympic athlete. You DO need to adopt the right MINDSET. That’s why we teach you ...
THE SECRET OF THE WINNING MINDSET. This trick can help turn the tables on any attacker, and can help turn any group into an efficient, fighting force. It’s like a 60-second “Boot Camp” that turns out instant warriors.
WHY THERE’S REALLY NO SUCH THING AS “personal security” WHEN YOU’RE TRAPPED. If someone is planning violence for you, only extreme violence can save you. We help you flip that mental “switch” so you can survive to see your loved ones again. There may be NO more important skill we will teach you in this program.
HOW NOT TO GET KILLED BY POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Sounds silly, I know. But society has conditioned us to be sensitive and cautious. In a confrontation, however, this attitude can get you killed. We reveal how to give yourself social and even legal permission to save your life, and the lives of those you love.
THE RAPID-RESPONSE DECISION TRICK USED BY THE MILITARY AND POLICE. It’s called the OODA Loop, and it can help you act fast in any situation to save your life. You memorize it in ten seconds and it helps protect you for the rest of your life.
“BUT WHAT DO I DO IF MY FAMILY IS WITH ME?” We get asked that question a lot, and the bottom line is that your spouse, and children (at the appropriate age) need to understand in advance exactly what you will do if your family is threatened. That way, you can focus on how to defend against the threat ... and not explaining what to do to your loved ones.
WHAT IF YOU’RE SEPARATED FROM YOUR FAMILY WHEN A SHOOTER ATTACKS? This is actually a likely scenario, and we explain how to reunite fast — even in midst of a panicked crowd.
THE “SABER SECRET” THAT LETS YOU WALK THROUGH A PANICKED CROWD LIKE MOSES PARTING THE RED SEA. If you ignore this trick, you can get flattened fast, and never find your family, or make it to the best exit. It is absolutely stunning how well this works.
THE 10-SECOND SECRET THAT BLINDS AND BATTERS AN ATTACKER INSTANTLY. You’ll be using an improvised weapon that’s likely available everywhere. In fact, it’s the law for this item to be always handy — if you know where to look.
THE SIX MOST VULNERABLE BODY SPOTS FOR ANY ATTACKER. You need to target these violently (following our instructions) to help you be able to incapacitate the shooter fast.
YOUR SECRET “INVISIBLE ARSENAL,” LIKE A PAPER CLIP, A MAGAZINE, A CREDIT CARD, OR EVEN DENTAL FLOSS. There are literally dozens of “innocent” objects in every environment that can be used with deadly, targeted force. If you waste time looking for a knife, or a gun ... you could be dead. We’ll open your eyes, to the invisible arsenal that’s at your disposal.
But suppose you have a license to carry a gun ... and you happen to have it with you when a shooter is present?

... That way, you don’t need to think under pressure, you’ll AUTOMATICALLY know what to do.

That’s why the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM also includes special, interactive challenges that put you in simulated situations and asks you “What should you do now?”
Your right and wrong answers will be instantly and expertly coached so you can master the secrets completely and for life.
Whether you’re at work, in the park, in an auditorium, stadium, or theatre, the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM delivers an interactive experience that helps you absorb the information easily.

It’s a safe, fun way to build the skills you need.

By now, you should understand what a profound, positive difference this program can make in your daily life.
So I’d like to invite you to sample the entire program without risking a single penny. That’s right. Not ONE penny. With your permission ...

I’d like to send you TEN VALUABLE FREE GIFTS worth nearly $250.00.

You can access them online, or download the PDFs to build your library. They are ALL our free gifts to you, just for taking a look at the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM.
Your FREE gifts include ...
  1. HOW TO BECOME A FIVE-SECOND, UNSTOPPABLE FORCE: Secrets to Saving Your Life in Five-Seconds or Less. Most people think you have to be a physical specimen to disable an attacker, but that’s completely wrong. Your FREE report demonstrates, step-by-step, how to target an attacker’s vulnerable zones to help you render him harmless in seconds. That gives you time to escape. It’s a $24.95 value that’s yours FREE.
  2. HOME SAFE HOME: How to Make Your Home Virtually Invulnerable to Home Invasions and Crime. According to a recent article in USA Today, home invasions in some areas are skyrocketing. This will demonstrate how to turn your home into an impenetrable fortress that protects the ones you love. You’ll also discover what to do if your home is being breached. At $24.95, this gift is an incredible value ... but for you, it’s free.
  3. SEXUAL ASSAULT PREVENTION 101: The Woman’s Guide to Staying Safe and Escaping an Attack. This is the critical lesson that all women must watch. The simple truth is that any woman (with the right training) can escape safely. We demonstrate what you need to do. Regularly $24.95 ... it’s yours FREE.
  4. THE UNTOUCHABLE TRAVELER: 10 Simple Secrets That Keep You and Your Family SAFE When Traveling in a Dangerous New World. The simple truth is that Americans are now targets worldwide — even in destinations usually considered safe. The foreign police can’t help you ... the consulate can’t help you. You’re on your own. And this free guide (a $24.95 value, yours FREE) tilts the odds back in your favor.
  5. THE CITY SURVIVAL BIBLE: How to Be a Survivor, NOT a Statistic. FIVE Secrets Anyone Can Master in 60-Seconds or Less. Many urban centers are rising hotspots for violence these days. If you’re un-prepared, and don’t know what to look for, you’re a sitting duck. This guide delivers the uncensored truth about what you need to protect yourself, or someone you love. Usually, it’s $24.95. Now ... it’s FREE!
  6. MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD: How to Disable ANY Attacker in Five Seconds With a Pen. ... A PEN. Incredible as it may sound, a pen is one of the hands-down best tools for personal security. This report demonstrates exactly what you need to do. This secret can work even if someone has a lock-hold on your neck! It’s another $24.95 value that’s yours FREE.
  7. GRAMBO: Senior’s Guide to Staying Safe and Escaping an Attacker in 10 Seconds or Less. Who says you can’t defend yourself when you’re over 65 years old? These secrets help you harness your wisdom and brainpower to become a hard target and escape an attack. Regularly $24.95 ... now yours FREE.
  8. Plus, you also get three more FREE gifts valued at $24.95 each, including ...
  9. SECRETS OF LEGAL personal security: The Most Appropriate Way to Speak to a 911 Operator and What to Say to Police When They Arrive. The RIGHT WORDS can mean the difference between going home ... or going to jail in a personal security situation (This happens more than you might think.)
  10. SECRETS of EXTREME personal security: What to Do When You Have NO Other Choice.Threat Survival System is designed to help you avoid a conflict, but sometimes that 's not possible. Here's what to do.
  11. KID COMMANDO - How Your Kids Can Recognize and Avoid Danger and if Necessary, Evade a Threatening Situation. Learn the correct security protocols to teach your children in case of an emergency.

That makes TEN FREE GIFTS in all.
It’s a total value of nearly $250 if you respond today.

But why are we giving you all of these free gifts?
It’s our way of introducing you and your family to the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM. You see, along with your free gifts, you’ll also be entitled to home-test the full program without risking a single penny.

SAVE $270 until July 27!

The regular, full cost for the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM is $498. But right now — until July 27 — you can try the full program for the heavily discounted rate of just $227.
Individuals and companies have paid up to $20,000 for the information we provide. Now you can try it completely RISK-FREE!
Individuals and companies have paid up to $20,000 for the information we provide. Now you can try it completely RISK-FREE!
And remember, the life-saving information we provide is based on the exact same training that individuals and corporations have paid up to $20,000 for a single day of time from Dr. Jeff Cantor and his associates.
Let’s look at exactly what you get ...

of personal security training DIRECT from Dr. Cantor.

Wherever you are at risk, our THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM has got you covered. And it delivers easy to remember tactics you can learn in minutes ... and then be protected for life.
But there’s still SO much more.
The regular, full cost for the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM is $498. But right now — until July 27 — you can try the full program for the heavily discounted rate of just $227.
  • You can absorb the THREAT SURVIVAL lessons one at a time, at your own pace. It’s entirely up to you. You can replay them again and again to refresh yourself, or share with the ones you love. Your access is unlimited.
  • You can practice your personal-defense skills using our interactive simulations where you’re put in an actual situation, and then asked, “what should you do now?”
  • You get COMPLETE access to the full, THREAT SURVIVAL program on all of your devices including iPhone, Android, tablet, Mac and PC desktops.
  • You can also download the Threat Survival System course handbook to ensure that you have mastered your training.
  • You also get complete access to our highly interactive THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM mobile app. You can review lessons, and work through the program anywhere, anytime. It’s the next best thing to getting personal, one-on-one instruction from Dr. Cantor himself.

This is truly revolutionary: No matter where you are, no matter where you go in the world, THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM goes with you...

... On your smartphone ... on your tablet ... on your laptop ... or even on a desktop computer: It’s always ready to help you sharpen your survival skills.
BOTTOM LINE: Threat Survival System: Active Shooter is the ultimate personal defense program. It is utterly unprecedented. It could save your life.
*Plus, you get ten FREE gifts worth nearly $250 alone, including ...
  1. HOW TO BECOME A FIVE-SECOND, UNSTOPPABLE FORCE: Secrets to Saving Your Life in Five-Seconds or Less
  2. HOME SAFE HOME: How to Make Your Home Virtually Invulnerable to Home Invasions and Crime.
  3. SEXUAL ASSSAULT PREVENTION 101: The Woman’s Guide to Staying Safe and Escaping an Attack.
  4. THE UNTOUCHABLE TRAVELER: 10 Simple Secrets That Keep You and Your Family SAFE When Traveling in a Dangerous New World
  5. THE CITY SURVIVAL BIBLE: How to Be a Survivor, NOT a Statistic. FIVE Secrets Anyone Can Master in 60 Seconds or Less.
  6. MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD: How to Disable ANY Attacker in Five Seconds With a Pen.
  7. GRAMBO: Senior’s Guide to Staying Safe and Escaping an Attacker in 10 Seconds or Less
  8. SECRETS OF LEGAL personal security: The Most Appropriate Way to Speak to a 911 Operator and What to Say to Police When They Arrive
  9. SECRETS of EXTREME personal security: What to Do When You Have NO Other Choice.
  10. KID COMMANDO: How Your Kids Can Recognize and Avoid Danger and if Necessary Evade a Threatening Situation
Each of these TEN FREE gifts is a $24.95 value and you can view or download them as a PDF at any time. Add it all up, and your free gifts are worth nearly $250. And they’re our gifts to you, just for trying THREAT SURVIVAL without risking a penny.

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If you’re not convinced that THREAT SURVIVAL doesn’t deliver life-saving information for you and your family, you pay nothing. Just send back your course handbook within 30 days (a whole month), and we’ll send you a prompt and full refund for every penny you paid.
How’s that for old-fashioned fairness? That leaves us with just ONE important question. And we’re asking you to answer as honestly as you can.

Do you really know how to save yourself, or protect the ones you love from unexpected danger?

When it comes to a violent act or active shooter, I’m guessing the honest answer is NO ... YOU’RE NOT PREPARED.
And when you consider that your risk of being killed by a shooter is almost FOUR TIMES GREATER than a fire, it just doesn’t make sense to be unprepared. This is your chance to BE prepared. To be that ONE person who stays calm and in control.
Consider this ...
Suppose, for an unthinkable moment at the mall, you find yourself huddling in fear, sheltering your loved ones, as you listen to the sound of gunshots. At first they’re distant. But then they get louder ... and closer.
What do you do now? Where do you go? Or should you stay in place? Remember ... at BEST, the police are probably 15 minutes away. Not in time for you.
Imagine looking in the faces of your family and knowing that you could have just clicked the box below ... and you’d know exactly what to do.
It’s such a simple thing ...

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Remember ... it’s NOT a matter of money because you don’t risk a penny when you try the THREAT SURVIVAL SYSTEM program. And you get ten FREE GIFTS that are yours to keep just for clicking the box below.
So ... what are you waiting for?
By accessing any Defense Coach University (DCU) and/or Weiss Research originated Materials, Recipient assumes any and all known or unknown risks in using or detrimentally relying on the Materials and forever releases DCU, its video production company, publishing company and/or distribution company, their principals and agents involved in producing and distributing any of such materials from any know or unknown liability of any kind whatsoever. Furthermore, Defense Coach University (DCU) and/or Weiss Research disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose in connection with the Buyer’s purchase or acquisition of any Product.

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