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Blair, Bush, Cheney, Obama exposed as war criminals

Subject: Blair, Bush, Cheney, Obama exposed as war criminals

The release of the Chilcot report in the UK and the release of the 28 pages in the US spell the doom of Blair, Bush, Cheney and Obama, as war criminals, even while their crimes have put the world on the brink of global war. Now is the time to move with LaRouche to bring the collapsing western system into line with the New Silk Road and the World Land-Bridge. (see )  
                 This is the lead editorial to today's EIR Daily Alert  ---------Mike Billington


Their Day Has Come,— And Gone!

July 21 (EIRNS)—That is the meaning of the two releases this month, the one of Britain’s long-delayed Chilcot report into Tony Blair’s criminal responsibility for the illegal Iraq war, and the other of the long-suppressed 28 pages of the report of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, documenting the Saudi hand behind that butchery. It means that time is up at last for those blood-drooling dinosaurs Tony Blair, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Barack Obama, after 15 years of wars based on lies. They have destroyed the Middle East, drowned Europe in desperate refugees, and caused blood to be spilled on the streets across Europe and the U.S.,—all based on lies.
And don’t believe that Tony Blair was merely the “poodle” of the non-functional George W. Bush. In fact, he instigated Bush on behalf of the British Queen who was really giving the orders. For example, the documentation Chilcot released included a note from Blair to Bush on Sept. 12, 2001, urging him to act immediately on “weapons of mass destruction.” Although he did not yet single out Iraq in particular, Blair wrote, “Some of this will require action that some will balk at. But we are better to act now and explain and justify our actions than let the day be put off until some further, perhaps even worse catastrophe occurs. And I believe this is a real possibility.” (Emphasis in original.)
And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had not run 9/11 on their own; they did so as an adjunct of the British Empire, which is what the Saudi Kingdom has been ever since the British created it less than a century ago. The immediate roots of 9/11 go back to the long-running British-Saudi “Al Yamamah” arms deal, which created a multibillion-dollar slush fund administered, in part, by 9/11 kingpin Prince Bandar bin Sultan, then Saudi Ambassador to Washington. (And it was Prime Minister Tony Blair who in 2010 personally ordered Britain’s Attorney General to close down the investigation of Al Yamamah.)
Their 15 years of wars based on lies, their 15 years of terrorism, have been a Dark Age of civilization. It is time to discard all of this; it is time to institute a human direction of human affairs, even if there are only a few people who actually know what it is to be human, and actually conceive themselves as human beings rather than as smart talking animals.
At this moment, at the time of the threatened breakout of an uncontrollable financial collapse, perhaps beginning with Germany’s Deutsche Bank, Lyndon LaRouche has put forward an emergency initiative to forestall that collapse by fostering the productivity of labor, which is human creative discovery, or true humanity. He has proposed an emergency rescue of Deutsche Bank, on condition that it immediately and drastically alter its policy back to that of its late Chairman Alfred Herrhausen, who was murdered by still-unidentified killers on Nov. 30, 1989.
At that moment, Herrhausen was one of those, like Lyndon LaRouche and his wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who were moving to insure that the then-ongoing fall of the Communist system, lead to high-technology, high-productivity joint development of the countries which had been on both sides of the so-called “Iron Curtain.”
In October 1988, Lyndon LaRouche already knew that the Berlin Wall would fall, and Germany could be reunified, before virtually anyone else did. At that time, he spoke publicly in Berlin to urge that Germany assist in the agro-industrial development of Poland, to launch such a unified East-West process of development. Within three months, LaRouche was framed and thrown in prison by George H.W. Bush.
One year later, Herrhausen, in his turn, was assassinated five days before he was scheduled to give a speech to precisely the same effect, calling for the establishment of a development bank for Poland, modelled on Germany’s postwar reconstruction bank, itself modelled on Franklin Roosevelt’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation.
This whole subject is far deeper than can be indicated here, and its implications far broader. But the dinosaurs have had their day. Make way for the human beings.

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