Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A New Begining For World Politics

A New Begining For World Politics
By Frida Alim on Sep. 28, 2009

Figures on the global stage stepped up to the podium with incendiary speeches, passed controversial notes, and rode the escalator backwards. These are the world’s top diplomats at the world’s most centralized communication forum: the United Nations.

During the second Bush administration, the U.N. became a forum for the submission of incorrect facts and became a producer of meaningless and disregarded resolutions. While it became a mouthpiece for less influential countries, the U.N. also, courtesy of the Security Council’s vetoes, became the place to block meaningful action. In the United States, where a need for political independence has always driven American foreign policy, the Security Council, recently dubbed the “Terror Council” by Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, has become a perpetual stalemate rather than a center for action.

With five permanent members, arguably the strongest nations in the world, the Security Council is the recipient of the world’s most pressing issues via binding resolutions, including nuclear disarmament and the Israel-Palestine conflict, and is uniquely charged with the important task of authorizing military action. Not only have the constant blocks to progress via the veto, and stream of lies about the Iraq war led to an international disdain for American policies and politics, it has also conversely led to a general American opinion that the United Nations is an unproductive and rather pointless body.

Without pointing any fingers, it is worth noting that the debate on healthcare continues in Congress despite a democratic majority, while the decision to go to war in Iraq passed and is now widely regarded, both internationally and domestically, as a mistake. Perhaps the very concept of democracy works against consensus, and ultimately against timely action. What is common to Congress and the United Nations is that these issues draw much-needed dialogue—and this is a goal of democracy and integral to arriving at an educated solution. This past week’s U.N. happenings certainly solicited candid commentary from world leaders. In the General Assembly, Col. Qaddafi addressed delegates in a 96 minute speech.

Undoubtedly, the media will succeed in making his most memorable moments those in which he symbolically tore the UN Charter and threw it over the podium, when his interpreter collapsed in the middle of his speech, when he took one of four water breaks, or his unsuccessful search for territory in New York City on which to pitch his tent during his stay. Behind the pages of handwritten and multicolored text that was his speech, he did issue some factual information. He referred to the preamble of the U.N. charter, which states that all nations are equal regardless of their size and asserted “the veto is against the charter,” joining the a large group of nations that believe the Security Council should be reformed. While organization bashing took place in the General Assembly, another group assembled for unprecedented productivity.

On Friday, the Group of 20 nations gathered at the first plenary session in Pittsburg to discuss the global financial crisis that originated in the United States and caused a worldwide recession. The first striking change was the attendee list; rather than the original G-7, (the U.S., Britain, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, and Japan) another thirteen quickly growing developing nations have now been added to form the G-20. Perhaps more surprising than additions to the exclusive list was the amount of productivity. The agreements included greater regulation of financial institutions, financial instruments and executive pay as well as a reform of export dependence while emphasizing domestic consumption. While the agreements produced are non-binding, nations have submitted to a review of their policies by the International Monetary Fund—demonstrating an unprecedented level of transparency. While the nations agreed to the need for greater capital reserves in each nation to buffer losses or failing markets, an exact number for each country was not agreed upon due to the inherent differences in economies and economic philosophies. Similarly, although many nations agreed to the concept of a cap on executive bonuses, they disagreed on exactly how to calculate the cap. In another nod to the changing international community, the leaders agreed to certain Asian nations a heavier vote in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

This week in the international forum has shown us a renewed willingness for world cooperation. While international law is often dismissed due to a lack of authority, President Obama emphasized accountability during his own address to the General Assembly, saying, “The world must stand together to demonstrate that international law is not an empty promise, and that treaties will be enforced.”

In contrast to earlier administrations that igmored international law and instead managed to demonstrate a world order based on hegemony, the Obama administration’s new tone does something for the global community that communicates a new unity. It disarms radical opponents, such as Col. Qaddafi, with words and actions that close the chapter of a hostile unilateral administration and recognizes a growing community of nations that can contribute to, and not hamper, national and international interest.

Frida Alim is a third-year political science major. She can be reached at

FOX NEWS - Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself & Will Not Give It To His Kids!!

UN ‘Pandemic may result in anarchy unless western world pays for antiviral drugs and vaccines’ Republic Broadcasting Network


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UN: ‘Pandemic may result in anarchy unless western world pays for antiviral drugs and vaccines’


The swine flu pandemic could kill millions and cause anarchy in the world’s poorest nations unless £900m can be raised from rich countries to pay for vaccines and antiviral medicines, says a UN report leaked to the Observer.

The disclosure will provoke concerns that health officials will not be able to stem the growth of the worldwide H1N1 pandemic in developing countries. If the virus takes hold in the poorest nations, millions could die and the economies of fragile countries could be destroyed.

Health ministers around the globe were sent the warning on Thursday in a report on the costs of averting a humanitarian disaster in the next few months. It comes as officials inside the World Health Organisation, the UN’s public health body, said they feared they would not be able to raise half that amount because of the global downturn.

Gregory Hartl of WHO said the report required an urgent response from rich nations. “There needs to be recognition that the whole world is affected by this pandemic and the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We have seen how H1N1 has taken hold in richer nations and in the southern hemisphere. We have been given fair warning and must act soon,” he said.

The report was drawn up by UN officials over the last two months. It was commissioned in July after Ban ki-moon, the UN’s secretary general, expressed concern that the H1NI virus could have a severe impact on the world’s poorest countries.

It paints a disastrous picture for the world’s most vulnerable people unless there is immediate action. “There is a window in which it will be possible to help poor countries get as ready as they can for H1N1 and that window is closing rapidly,” it says.

“Countries where health services are overburdened by diseases, such as HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria, will have great difficulty managing the surge of cases. And if the electricity and water sectors are not able to maintain services, this will have serious implications for the ability of the health sector to function.

“If suppliers of fuel, food, telecommunications, finance or transport services have not developed plans as to how they would continue to deliver their services, the consequences could be significantly intensified,” it adds.

The 47-page report provides a detailed breakdown of the basic needs of 75 vulnerable countries with the weakest capacity to withstand an escalation of the virus. Six countries from Latin America, including Cuba and Bolivia, 21 countries from Asia and the Pacific such as North Korea and Bangladesh, and 40 countries from Africa such as Congo and Eritrea are included in the survey.

UN officials say in the report that £700m should be spent on antiviral drugs and vaccines to protect health care workers and other essential personnel as well as cover those suffering from severe illness. They have identified 85 countries that do not have the ability to access vaccines from any other source and intend to cover 5-10% of each population.

A further £147m should be put aside to organise vaccine campaigns, improve communications, monitor levels of illness and improve laboratory capacity in 61 countries, the report claims. The remainder should be used to pay for the WHO and other UN-related organisations to help in these countries as well as an emergency fund for additional antiviral medicines, it argues.

The UN’s efforts were boosted last week when nine countries, including Britain and the US, pledged to give the equivalent of a 10% share of their swine flu vaccine supply to help fight the deadly virus’s global spread. In Britain, Douglas Alexander, the development secretary, pledged to give £23m.

Some officials within WHO believe, however, that this will not be enough One said that richer countries were reluctant to pay out all of the money that was needed. “The downturn means that governments countries are reluctant to give,” he said.

Another said: “The money is a trickle, not a flood. It is going to be a struggle. If we are not careful, the virus could destroy a burgeoning economy or democracy.”

The UN’s request for the money comes as the virus begins to establish itself in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries. On Wednesday, health officials told one website that the African continent had recorded 8,187 confirmed cases of swine flu and 41 deaths.

Swine flu was declared a pandemic in June and has since been identified in 180 countries. Pandemic experts believe that the western world, including Britain, is facing a second wave of the virus.
September 20, 2009
15 Comments to "UN: ‘Pandemic may result in anarchy unless western world pays for antiviral drugs and vaccines’"

hondo Says:
September 20th, 2009 at 3:45 pm

May, could, possibly, we believe….blah blah blah.
Who from hell is the World Health Org.
to tell anyone what may, could be etc etc? We MUST act now they say.
Sounds like Bush is running thing over there! – LOL -
Scientists have been “fearing” for many decades now that “Maybe, possilbly”, a chance that some large meteorite “could”, “may”, “possibly” in the future collide with planet earth and devistation could be in the billions of lives as we know it. WOW!
Doesn’t that scare the life out of you everyone reading this? I mean we must be shuddering and shaking all over, and something must be done NOW to keep this from happening so let us donate our money ( through taxes of course ) so as to find a means to keep this terrible thing from possibly happening.
Bull Sh#t …..all of this crap is pure Bull Sh#t
Uphold our Constitution in every manner or get the hell out of our lives and out of our way!
We have had it with all of you!

mary from illinois Says:
September 20th, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Lord knows ‘they’ don’t want anarchy

Kathy Says:
September 20th, 2009 at 7:44 pm

yep, ….knew it had something to do with money….. mine and how they want it! Really the world’s elite are beginning to sound like really sleazy car salesmen, ( WE ARE IN A ———- EMERGENCY, WE MUST MAKE DECISIONS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, GIVE US YOUR MONEY FOR WE MUST DECIDE HOW IT WILL BE SPENT, TRUST US IT WILL BE FOR A GOOD CAUSE.) No, wait , they sound like those slimy false preachers who cook up a cause that they need for you to send them your money so they can fix it. Why are these people not hanging from the gallows? We know who they are.

Androgynus Says:
September 20th, 2009 at 7:51 pm

I seriously doubt that large populations that have managed to avoid mass vaccinations will experience dramatic mass kills or serious sickness spreads…

However if killer strains are secretly dispersed there would be massive pandemonium…

Likely also independent researchers would at least be able to identify the deadly strains, perhaps also deduce if the killer strains were “weaponized” or manmade. All this sould cause extreme reactions amongst vaccinated and unvaccinated alike (in rich or poor countries)…

So spreading the vaccinations worldwide is just a convenient way of setting up world-wide plausible deniability and outbreak alibis (imo).


C Reply:
September 21st, 2009 at 12:17 am

they have killed a lot of the key scientists who understand these structures, maybe why they did some think, they weren’t ‘on-board’


Androgynus Reply:
September 21st, 2009 at 12:31 pm

Quite right…

With the ingrained trust of authoritarian symbols, and “denial attitudes” of the general public (in all countries)–impeccable, credentialed “whistleblowers” would be necessary to quickly and effectively alarm the general public (imo).

Kathy Says:
September 20th, 2009 at 7:51 pm

P.S. ….. Someone needs to tell them that thanks to Bush, Ben Bernanke, Clinton, Obama, Rockefellers, Fords, Kelloggs, and all of the Godless, gutless devils in CONgress and the SINate that America is no longer a rich country. We now have the economy of Uruguay.


Kathy Reply:
September 20th, 2009 at 7:56 pm

Actually, Uruguayan’s are much better off, their government is not building concentration camps to imprison and kill their own citizens.

Mr. Blumpkin Says:
September 20th, 2009 at 8:09 pm

Anarchy is what these Governments will get if they think we are going to take their death vaccines.

“The greatest weapon of the fascist is the tolerance of the pacifist”

We will not be tolerant!

C Says:
September 20th, 2009 at 11:29 pm

Wow, what a load of crap, I see this reverse pycho going on a lot, people clamoring for maiming poisons? Practicing riot control to keep people from breaking intot avaccine distributionh centers (saw on Yoiutube)How hoodwinked are we as a planet?
Vaccines are nuts after even just a little research, And these NAZI CoDEX FREAKS buncha PILL PUSHIN and Vaccine makers stand to make billions. and billions more from the future illness from the toxic jabs.
Kinda like job security. Kinda like the war on drugs, they bring in much of the dope and then fill the prisons they built.

Marlboro Man Says:
September 21st, 2009 at 4:02 am

Is it me or is a lot of shit happening all at one time ever since Uncle Tom Obammy became the prez ? This thing on C-Span with Chertoff the other day wouldn,t give a honest answer about 9/11 and audit the Fed. to Acorn (which will lead back to Obammy ) And now the Flu Pandemic (which is bullshit ) to why are we in Afgan. Yes Anarchy is very possible now !!!!!!!!!

Johan Niklasson Says:
September 21st, 2009 at 7:50 am

Jane Burgermeister filed criminal charges against WHO and UN: check her site at

Reality Check Says:
September 23rd, 2009 at 11:43 am

I wonder if the UN-monarchs know how much 12 trillion dollars is? I know the American citizen cannot fathoms the idea or value of, but I have a suspicion that they know we just do not have any more credit–as a nation.

Toecutter Says:
September 23rd, 2009 at 2:05 pm

Anarchy and tribal living.

Be ready. We dont need government. We can govern ourselves without interference from some group of bureaucratic lying traitors. You are as free as you choose to be.

Our non cooperation is the first thing they shall feel.

Ang Says:
September 23rd, 2009 at 6:35 pm

If the UN & WHO are so concerned about the “poorer” countries, why don’t they give them the meds and vaccines for free?


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The New World Coin Introduced at G-8!

The New World Coin Introduced at G-8!

by Gary Stearman

We’ve all heard of the coming one-world government and single world currency. In fact, prophecy watchers have experienced these terms so often that there is a tendency to ignore any news that mentions them.
But now, there is a new twist to the story … from the Russians, no less! Russia’s leader, Dmitry Medvedev has predicted a coming global currency. As reported on July 10th by Bloomberg financial news, he called for a new form of money at the recent Italian meeting of the G-8:
"Russian President Dmitry Medvedev illustrated his call for a supranational currency to replace the dollar by pulling from his pocket a sample coin of a ‘united future world currency.’
"‘Here it is,’ Medvedev told reporters today in L’Aquila Italy, after a summit of the Group of Eight nations. ‘You can see it and touch it.’
"The coin, which bears the words ‘unity in diversity,’ was minted in Belgium and presented to the heads of G-8 delegations.
"The question of a supranational currency ‘concerns everyone now, even the mints,’ Medvedev said. The test coin ‘means they’re getting ready. I think it’s a good sign that we understand how interdependent we are.’
"Medvedev has repeatedly called for creating a mix of regional reserve currencies as part of the drive to address the global financial crisis, while questioning the U.S. dollar’s future as a global reserve currency. Russia’s proposals for the G-20 meeting in London in April included the creation of a supranational currency."
Medvedev, Russia’s third president, rose to power as a legal expert in Russia’s International Relations Committee (IRC). He gained fame in devising methods whereby the government could legally mingle its bureaus with corporate operations, real estate and land deals. He became Chairman of the Board at Gazprom, Russia’s huge energy company.
In 2005, he was appointed as First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government. In 2008, he became Russia’s President.
It is important to note his legal and financial background. As a corporate bureaucrat, by training and vocation for his entire adult life, he is an "insider" in monetary matters. Therefore, when he held up that coin for reporters to see, he was making a rock-solid prediction of what he and his peers expect to be the future … the near future.
The Coin
Little does he know that he was simply repeating a truth that Bible students have preached throughout the last century. He held up the coin as a visual aid to make his point.
Its obverse design features the words, "United Future World Currency," surrounding five different types of tree leaves sprouting from a single stem. Apparently, these symbolize different groups of nations. We are immediately reminded of a biblical prophecy uttered by our Lord to His disciples:
"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
"And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees;
"When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.
"So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand" (Lk. 21:28-31).
Here, the phrase "All the trees," is an expression for the rise of the Gentile nations surrounding Israel in the latter days.
On its reverse side, the coin has a large numeral "1," and the words "Unity in Diversity" and the year 2009. It is also marked "Test – Limited Issue."
It was delivered to the G-8 participants to send a message about the future of this world. Medvedev and others got the message loud and clear.
The Vision
The coin was minted in Brussels, Belgium by a group that calls itself, "United Future World Currency." It is open in its belief that only a global monetary system will finally bring together the world’s diverse societies.
Its public statement is unmistakable. It says:
"The world in a coin. This is our vision, our hope. It is a necessity and a challenge. What seems an impossible dream becomes an inevitable historic, economic and social process. It is an event, which is intertwined with the fate of human evolution.
"A single currency becomes the premise for an increasingly global planet. A virtual currency capable of speaking a single, comprehensive language to foster humankind’s innate desire to go farther, to surpass boundaries, and move towards true principles of peace, freedom, brotherhood and understanding beyond issues of race, political and religious beliefs and party interests.
"We are presenting the peoples of nations, governments, institutions, intellectuals, ordinary people, pragmatists and idealists, scholars and, above all, young people – the real protagonists of the future – with a simple, ingenuous yet determined long-run vision for building an ideal bridge with tomorrow and interpreting a dream to transform into reality.
"In this program, currency yet again assumes the principle goal, which it has had since its invention centuries ago: to facilitate and codify human commercial and social exchange. And become a form of ‘communication’ between different peoples – a communication of ideas, ideals, information and culture. This constitutes progress, development and well-being."
The group’s vision statement is based upon the idea of humanity’s upward evolution toward what they see as higher and higher forms of social expression. It is obvious that they regard independent nations with separate constitutions, as barriers to the advancement of society.
Their scope is utopian and socialist. Its central features are "progress" (liberal), "development" (wealth transfer) and "well-being" (environmental control). Clearly, they regard man, not God, as the measure of social well-being.
The Bible speaks of those in the latter days who wish to create a perfect secular society. Its opinion of them is dark, indeed.
The Manifesto
The group issuing the coin has published a ten-point manifesto. Article one reads as follows:
"‘Unity in diversity’ is the foundation that drives this initiative, which started up in 1996. Its aim is to bring people together and go beyond national stereotypes. Its historical importance is even greater than its economic one; it is a goal built on faith, common hope, and the unification of cultural and spiritual roots."
Here, we find a secular view of the world system and its future, built on faith, hope and unity. This is nothing less than religious belief, built on a secular base.
After another eight articles detailing the group’s action plan, Article ten concludes the manifesto:
"It will be the responsibility of the world’s future citizens and the governments they put in place to make our Project a reality. This project is driven by a firm belief in the unification and coexistence of different peoples. It aims to promote an increasingly equal distribution of the planet’s resources and human intellect."
And there we have it – redistribution of the planet’s wealth, so that all can have an equal share. Equality, idealized in the ancient hope of building a world ruled by wise men. Such plans have always failed; the Bible says that they always will.
Had not Dmitry Medvedev held the coin aloft, we would hardly have noticed this group and its world coin. But it caught his attention, and it is only a matter of time before the world follows suit. reported that while holding the coin, he said, "In all likelihood something similar could appear and it could be held in your hand and used as a means of payment. This is the international currency."
These days, no one is hiding the coming New World Order. u
Would you like to help support this ministry by giving a contribution to Prophecy in the News? Click here.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009



By: Devvy
September 28, 2009
© 2009 -

Back in 1992, less than a year after I began my journey of learning the truth about who really runs this country, who the traitors are and how deep the corruption runs, Bush, Sr. began promoting a new world order. As a matter of fact, he used that term 162 times while he was president. [1] Those of us who tried to explain the planned destruction of America were called the usual names: wackos, anti-government this or that. The same year, Joe Biden, traitor to this republic, openly on the senate floor outlined the 'Wilsonian Vision' for a new world order.

One world government. New World Order. Just code words for anti-government, "disenfranchised" kooks writing all those books because they hate President Clinton. No, make that Bush, Jr. No, make that Marxist Obama/Soetoro. Millions like me have given up precious time with our family, fun is a word of the past and forget any paychecks - just because we don't have have anything better to do! What I learned in the first year of my research scared the hell out of me and that took care of the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. There was a job to do and that was try and reach every American who would listen. Back then, there were few. Now, we are on the brink and the destroyers no longer hide their intentions:

Obama to Usher In New World Order at G-20 - FOX News

The usurper talks about uniform international monetary regulations. What Comrade Obama speaks of is a component of one world government: One world banking system. All but a fait accompli and it will destroy what's left of our economy and our sovereignty. It will end up reducing us, our children and grand children to poverty like third world countries. Watch Joan Veon's concise explanation on video. To defeat your enemy, you must understand them and always remember: He who controls the money and the gold controls everything.

One world government means one world religion and that's where the Rick Warren's of the world come into play. Warren's mission is "modern religion." His crusade is to build a "unified theology" which pushes "civility". I've watched him and he's very slick. There is a huge effort world wide to "blend" the world's religions, ending up with some wacky version the "New Age" baloney. The number one goal, of course, is to destroy Christianity in this country. It is essential in fostering communism because communism can only flourish in a Godless nation. Global domination under a brutal, communist, totalitarian force is the ultimate goal.

One world military. That would be all nations troops put under the control of the communist UN.

No more sovereign nations, no more borders. Regionalizing all the nations on the globe while sacking and looting the more prosperous ones, beating them into the ground while subsidizing "poor" countries and enriching brutal dictators around the world. (Obama to donate $400,000 to Charities run by Gadhafi's children - that's OUR money.) Get in the way of the destroyers and you will find yourself on the other end of a US missile or other ordnance full of depleted uranium. Brute force.

If it weren't for other dedicated Americans who also spent decades trying to reach people like me, I would never have found the truth. In the past, there were courageous members of Congress who tried to warn the American people who were not listening back then. It was sex, drugs, rock and roll and good times while the destroyers were hard at work:

Hon. Marjorie S. Holt of Maryland
In the House of Representatives
January 19, 1976, page 240

"Mrs. Holt. Mr. Speaker, many of us recently received a letter from the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, inviting Members of Congress to participate in a ceremonial signing of "A Declaration of Interdependence" on January 30 in Congress Hall, adjacent to Independence Hall in Philadelphia. A number of Members of Congress have been invited to sign this document, lending their prestige to its theme, but I want the record to show my strong opposition to this declaration.

"It calls for surrender of our national sovereignty to international organizations. It declares that our economy should be regulated by international authorities. It proposes that we enter a "new world order" that would redistribute the wealth created by the American people. Mr. Speaker, this is an obscenity that defiles our Declaration of Independence, signed 200 years ago in Philadelphia. We fought a great Revolution for independence and individual liberty, but now it proposed that we participate in a world socialist order.

"Are we a proud and free people, or are we a carcass to be picked by the jackals of the world, who want to destroy us? When one cuts through the high-flown rhetoric of this "Declaration of Interdependence," one finds key phrases that tell the story. For example, it states:

"The economy of all nations is a seamless web, and that no one nation can any longer effectively maintain its processes of production and monetary systems without recognizing the necessity for collaborative regulation by international authorities."

"How do you like the idea of "international authorities" controlling our production and monetary system, Mr. Speaker? How could any American dedicated to our national independence and freedom tolerate such an idea? The declaration goes on to urge a strengthening of the United Nations and a broadening of the jurisdiction of the World Court, "that these may preside over a reign of law that will not only end wars but end as well the mindless violence which terrorizes our society even in times of peace. Examine this closely. It suggests that world government will somehow cure the problems of crime and terrorism, not just the problem of war. Quite obviously, the sponsors of this declaration have lost all contact with reality.


"Mr. Speaker, we have lately witnessed the United Nations organization in full cry against America and her allies of the Free World. We have watched the UN become an instrument of the Soviet Union and its shabby following of despots, large and small. America should never subject her fate to decisions by such an assembly, unless we long for national suicide. Instead, we have independence and freedom."

Marxist Bill Clinton gave many rousing speeches in favor of "interdependence" with other nations and giving up our sovereignty. How about Alvin Toffler, who said, "We need to completely reconsider the structure of the Constitution." The vile, despicable, Newt Gingrich wrote the forward to Toffler's book. Newt was his boy and if you want to know the real Newt Gingrich, read this column. He is what's called the controlled opposition; just like Mitt Romney. Stop throwing money at Gingrich's organization and buying his books.

Gingrich never lifted a finger to get us out of the UN, abolish the privately owned Federal Reserve or get rid of the unnecessary income tax. He rode the rails to get the largest destroyer of jobs ever to hit this country passed: NAFTA - cheered on by Rush Limbaugh. His cohorts in destroying millions of good jobs and shipping them overseas: Dennis Hastert, Dick Armey, John Boehner, Ron Portman, Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi, Christopher Dodd, Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Juan McCain, Bob Dole and Mitch McConnell, just to name a few. These "leaders" then shoved the unconstitutional WTO down our throats. We now have 15 MILLION Americans unemployed, but all those fat cats have been well rewarded for their treachery in selling out the American worker.

In 1947, newspapers wrote about a secret new constitution to replace ours. Americans weren't paying attention. The war was over; our grand parents and parents were trying to put our country back on track and pursue the American dream. There was no Internet to get the truth to millions at the tap of a key.

1972. Richard Nixon met with Chou En-Lai in Shanghai to cement a new world order. America crawled into bed with the commies. The same communists who were holding our POW/MIAs from the Korean and Viet Nam "conflicts." Only God knows how many are still alive, but those butchers of Beijing had them at the same time Nixon was over there kissing En-Lai's backside and toasting champagne.

As awareness of the diabolical plans afoot began to circulate America, the destroyers wasted no time in implementing plans to force a police state upon us and cover their evil with supposedly "good" government organizations to "help the people". A prime example is the work of Oliver North, darling of the right and a disgrace to his uniform. Under the direction of Ronald Reagan, North drew up plans for martial law using FEMA, a little known agency, but a MAJOR player in the big plan.

North directly helped draft a plan in 1984 to impose martial law in the United States in the event of an emergency. This secret plan would suspend the U.S. Constitution and turn over control of the government to the little known agency at that time: FEMA. This plan would appoint military commanders to run state and local governments. Implementation of this plan would have been triggered by violent and wise spread internal dissent, disagreement with government policy or national opposition to any U.S. military invasion abroad. Essentially, it amounted to a complete and total suspension of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

In anger and shock that a lowly Lt. Col., was actually integral in setting up a shadow government, Attorney General William French Smith resigned. I know this type of information is very upsetting to people. They don't want to believe it because betrayal is a painful emotion. Unless and until you take the time to do the research and I don't mean just someone's opinion, I mean documented times, dates, places, players and agenda, it's easy to just blow all this off as blathering from conspiracy wing nuts. To do so will be fatal to our republic. Once you do see the big picture, then you will understand why all these monstrous pieces of legislation - cap and trade, "universal" heath care, the water heist bill, five "hate" crime bills on deck right now, gun control and more, are so important to those who control our government. The agenda is now in hyper drive because the cat is out of the bag and the American people are on the march. This will not be tolerated by the elite cabal.

I know many Americans believe that Barack Hussein Obama is just a nice, charismatic, Caucasian/Negro man who worked his way up from middle class to become the leader of the free world. They bought the big lie sold to them by the liars for hire in the so-called mainstream media and cable networks like MSNBC and CNN. Thankfully, many are beginning to see they bought a defective product. Comrade Obama was groomed from his early years by his communist mentors to be right where the cabal at the top wanted him for many reasons. Attack his policies, you're a racist. It's the old divide and conquer trap.

The usurper has tried to convince people he's a Christian who spent 20 years in a church which teaches Black Liberation Theology. Marxism wrapped up in a black Jesus. Obama/Soetoro spent a few years in Indonesia and is listed as Muslim for the purpose of school enrollment. That set people off into a tizzy. I've never believed Comrade Obama is a Muslim. He smokes, drinks alcohol, he's bi-sexual, supports killing unborn babies, fought hard to deny babies born alive during an abortion any medical care to keep them alive and champions sodomites and lesbians. All of those things are taboo for Muslims. Personally, I believe the usurper is an atheist just like his mother, Stanley. She was a hard core atheist by age 15 and in Obama's own words, the biggest influence in his life - until Frank Marshall, Jr., got ahold of him.

I know millions of Americans are waking up and becoming active. A little over a year ago, tens of millions of Americans got shocked out of their comfort zones when the manufactured banking crisis hit and the traitors in Congress, led by Pelosi and Reid, and signed off by another new world order lackey, George Bush, Jr, robbed the American people blind with the so called "bail out" legislation. Every single step taken since then has been carefully calculated and it spells even further financial disaster for our nation and people.

But, who is behind it? Who really controls Congress, the White House and the media? Who are "they"? The Bilderberg Group. The Council on Foreign Relations. The Tri-Lateral Commission. Let's start with those. The CFR and Tri-Lateral are the water carriers for the upper crust global elite and bankers, dubbed the Bilderbergers. The group poo-pooed by popular talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Their agenda IS to destroy this republic and bring America under global world domination. While some of the flunkies from academia and media might protest these two organizations are nothing more than bi-partisan think tanks, those of us who have done the hard, documented research know better.

Here is the most current chart of the CFR members they include the Tri-lateralists. Print it out and read the names of those who control everything in Washington, DC and the puppets who dance to their tune. For past membership lists, see here. 2008 is here.

There is a new book out that I put at the top of the list that every American simply must read: The True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin. I've listed a few more in the links section because they also should be read -- but read Daniel's book first. These are the traitors of the world who call themselves the elites. These are the ones who make sure there are endless wars for profit, ensure poor countries stay poor while demanding the fruits of our labor to continue supporting their evil agenda.

The individuals in Daniel's book set policy for our government. They play governments around the world like pieces on a chess board. The big game. These people are responsible for destroying our economy with their arrogance in attempting to create a one world financial system (Comrade Obama is working on the final details) that is now in shambles. Ah, but they have a solution! Get rid of our dollar and go to a global currency. This would only create another form of debt currency and drag America further into abject poverty. You must know who these people are, even though they don't want you to know their diabolical plans. They want you to stay distracted with the political bickering as their organizations and minions under them continue their work.

The True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin - Get it, read it and stop supporting these "world leaders, " cabinet members, Supreme Court Justices and members of Congress who are behind the planned destruction of America. Stop supporting the so-called mainstream media that has betrayed America. Stop supporting with your consumer dollars the corporations whose CEOs are part and parcel to this plan for one world government. Patrick Henry said:

"It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts...For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it."

For the sake of our nation, your life, your family and future generations, do not close your eyes to the painful truth.

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[1] Playing the American people with propaganda

Learning Links:

1 - 70 Years of dominance by traitors
2 - Gingrich, Toffler, and Gore: A peculiar trio
3 - Defeating the Totalitarian Lie
4 - Indoctrination of America's children
5 - Treasonous agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations
6 - Treasonous agenda of the Trilateral Commission

These books are also at the top of the list. I know money is tight for a lot of folks, so if you have family, friends or a group, pool a few $$ from everyone, buy a copy of all of them or a few and pass them around. We cannot defeat our enemies if you don't know who they are and continue to support their work or voting them back into office.

1 - Brotherhood of Darkness by Dr. Stan Monteith

2 - The Fearful Master: A Second Look at the United Nations
by G Edward Griffin - This is on line and you must read it.
You can also order from outlets like Amazon for a hard copy

The Story of the Committee of 300 (1992) by Dr. John Coleman
The Committee of 300 - Fourth Edition by Dr. John Coleman
See this web site for full information and free download of one of the books

None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Garry Allen - free download on the Internet or order through outlets like Amazon

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Note: the report "/Our Global Neighborhood/" is available from the Oxford press. I do not remember the cost. It is/was also available in PDF form.*



By Joan Veon
September 28, 2009

In 1994 when I covered my first global meeting, there was a press briefing by the Commission on Global Governance on their forthcoming report, /Our Global Neighborhood/. The man giving the briefing was one of the co-chairs, Sir Shridath Ramphal who was not only president of Guyana but also president of the (British) Commonwealth Association. As I read the glossy brochure, I thought he meant “global government” to which he replied “No, no, no we mean global governance.” When I asked about a global currency, he laughed and said, “No, not for a long time.”

The meeting recently held n Pittsburgh comprised the third meeting of the heads of state and finance ministers from the Group of Twenty nations: the developed countries led by the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Russia and Germany and the top developing countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, and Turkey, as well as the European Union. Together, they represent 85% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product-GDP and 80% of world trade.

The Group of Eight-G8 began meeting in 1973 when Richard Nixon called together the leaders of four countries to determine how the world would be run economically now that he had put the world currencies on a floating basis when he removed the last ties the dollar had to gold in 1971. A formal meeting was held in 1975 in France with five countries and soon it was seven countries known as the Group of Seven until 1998 when Russia was officially admitted. Since 1975, whatever decision these seven or eight countries came to was law and if the rest of the countries of the world knew what was good for them, they would follow suit. In short, the Group of Eight acted as a “Global Board of Directors” for the world. Over the years, they expanded their purview to include every facet of government: labor, education, transportation, trade, housing, finance and the environment.

Under their auspices, the floating exchange between countries was perfected to the point where it was easy to raid any countries currency which did not do what they were suppose to do as mandated by the strong countries, there was the oil crises of the 1970s, and the fall of the shah of Iran who was the peacekeeper of the Middle East. The final pieces were added to the international infrastructure: the World Trade Organization, the regional groups like the European Union and the Free Trade Areas of the Americas, the International Criminal Court, and the tearing down of economic barriers between the countries of the world by calling on the U.S. to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999.

In 1998, the Group of Eight decided to become more integrated as they deviated from just economic concerns to the daily concerns that each country faces: health, education, growth, trade, etc. Tony Blair talked about the need to work together on all these issues so that each country could help each other and they could learn from one another. This is called integration, not advice. The final CommuniquĂ© which the G8 issued (then the G5) in 1975 was just a few pages to over one thousand pages in some years. Indeed they became a venue of “global governance.”

As a result of the 2007-2009 Credit Crisis < >, it was former President George Bush who called together the leaders of the developing countries to meet with the leaders of the developed countries last November. They instantaneously became their own powerhouse. At the second meeting in London this past April, they empowered the International Monetary Fund with $1.1T including a new offering of Special Drawing Rights-SDRs and they changed the Financial Stability Forum to the Financial Stability Board and greatly empowered its structure by giving them a plenary structure and several Steering Committees. The Financial Stability Board is part of the growing architectural pieces at the Bank for International Settlement in Basel, Switzerland.

In an interview with Professor John Kirton of the University of Toronto who heads up the unofficial secretariat of the Group of Eight and Twenty, he said of global governance, “It has come to mean, steering, shaping the global order through processes. Not only government of nation-states assisted by intergovernmental organizations, but a broad array of actors that have an important and legitimate place.” When I asked about how they and their roles had changed, he responded that the G20 had “institutionalized itself in an integrated way with the G8 so that next year in Canada, there would be a coming together of the two global governance institutions.” It was announced in Pittsburgh, that next year the G20 would meet at the same time that the G8 meets on economic issues. The G8 will continue their oversight of all other issues they currently govern. This is no small feat. Does anyone really understand the magnitude of what is happening?

When I asked Professor Kirton about the evolution of definitions of global governance since 1994 when we first met, he said, “Yes, there are many definitions for a global community [to be] attracted to a global concept. [You have the] command hierarchy in sovereign nation-states, [then there is] a middle range ­ a guiding steering process when more formal institutions are necessary but a broad array of actors from civil society have an important place.” In other words, the global level is to be guided by civil society which includes non-governmental organizations, “celebrity diplomacy” created by the rock star, Bono, and others.

In fact, Professor Kirton was adamant that the United Nations has seen its day since they have been unable to respond to a changing world. He pointed to the UN Security Council which has the same five permanent members in today’s world and that it does not even include Japan (G8 member) or China and any of the other developing countries.

The truth of the matter is that the coming together of the major developing countries with the G8 is a turning point in world history. If Bush is copying Nixon who created the G8, the truth of the matter is that we have continued to have serious economic crises. But it also points to a stronger power over the nation-states: the presidents and prime ministers who will ask their governments to implement what they have agreed to. It does point to a world governmental structure in which the laws of the nation-states have and are being changed to conform to what is agreed to on the global level. It leaves out the poor countries of the world which have no voice in this newly empowered governance structure.


It also points to a shift in world power. As you study the economics of the G20, they have a total GDP of $47T and public debt of $29T or 63%. Now we can talk all we want about global governance, interdependence, etc. but the truth of the matter is that there is more than one way to conquer a country. In the old days, it was a physical invasion, brute force, end of story. But in today’s electronic society, it is through banking, the stock exchange, the bond exchange, and the derivatives market. Basically, there has been no physical invasion, no black helicopters and no physical carnage. Today, it is debt. What difference does it make if the house has no or little equity versus the finances of a country? The Group of Twenty is indebted to the central bankers of the world. The agenda of the United Nations, the G8 or the G20 is basically a front for the real powers that run the world: the central banks which are private corporations that lend money to governments by printing it.

< .>

The bottom line: the United Nations and the G8 have not brought or kept world peace, they have not prevented war and neither have they improved the finances of any country. Furthermore, they have not improved the state of the world either. The only thing they have done is set up an infrastructure that reduces the power and sovereignty of the nation-state. In essence they have de-stabilized the world. Who really runs the country and the world? He who has the gold makes the rules and it is not governments!

© 2009 Joan Veon - All Rights Reserved

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/Joan Veon is a businesswoman and international reporter, who has covered over 100 Global meetings around the world since 1994. Please visit her website: <>. To get a copy of her WTO report, send $10.00 to The Women's International Media Group, Inc. P. O. Box 77, Middletown, MD 21769. For an information packet, please call 301-371-0541/

GeoEye spots Iranian nuclear site

By Stephen Shankland CNET News
Posted on ZDNet News: Sep 28, 2009 5:59:32 AM
Satellite imagery company GeoEye has released a photo of what it says is the controversial and underground Iranian uranium enrichment site that came to light last week.

The photo, taken Saturday, shows the facility at a military site about 20 miles north-northeast of Qum and 100 miles southwest of Tehran, GeoEye said. An analysis of the photo by IHS Jane's, a defense intelligence consulting firm, said the facility has a primary and several auxiliary entrances, ventilation shafts, a surface-to-air missile site, and quarry and construction equipment.

See the shots below for a view of what the companies say are the main and auxiliary entrances, the ventilation shafts, and an overall view.

The overall view of the Iranian site. The mountain under which the site is built is to the lower right of the image. Click to enlarge. (Credit: GeoEye satellite image/IHS Jane's analysis)

This view shows what IHS Jane's says are ventilation shafts and a possible auxiliary exit from the nuclear site. (Credit: GeoEye satellite image/IHS Jane's analysis)

The International Atomic Energy Agency said it received a letter Monday disclosing the facility, and on Friday Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said it was for uranium enrichment and was 18 months away from being operational.

Centrifuges can separate different isotopes of uranium to produced "enriched" uranium needed to make nuclear weapons; Iran said it's only enriching uranium for purposes of generating electricity. U.S. intelligence agencies said the newly revealed facility is designed to house 3,000 centrifuges, according to the New York Times and others.

The GeoEye-1 satellite took the photo while traveling north 423 miles above the Earth at 4 miles per second relative to the surface of the Earth. The satellite also supplies imagery for Google Maps and Google Earth.

At lower left in this shot is the main entrance to the facility; near it and to the upper right are two auxiliary access areas, according to an interpretation of the photo by IHS Jane's. Click to enlarge. (Credit: GeoEye satellite image/IHS Jane's analysis)

This article was originally posted on CNET News.

Supermarkets' Bloody Vaccination Campaign: Boycott Safeway



Release: No. 201-H1N1-21
Date Mailed: Sept. 26, 2009
For Immediate Release
Contact: Rob Potter 949-444-8837;

Supermarkets' Bloody Vaccination Campaign Advances Health Care Reform by Lethal Injections

By Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane

Wondering why food stores and pharmacies have replaced doctors offices and clinics as vaccination stations? Ask Steve Burd, the wizard behind Obama's Health Care Reform plan.

Burd, the Chairman of Safeway Supermarkets (VONS, Pavilions, and more) is also the founder of the Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform (CAHR) in the US., and Burd has his fingers in more pies than healthcare. His partners genocidal operations are evidenced in shocking documents delivered by these authors to the FBI last week proving Safeway's vaccinations and health care promotions are dangerously impure and unsafe.

Burd's ties to the worlds most powerful vaccine lobby and biotech trust, Partnership for New York City (PNYC), best explain why Safeway is heralding and administering shots, including the new H1N1 flu vaccines, like never before.

Safeway and Burd's conflicting interests are alarming. Partners in the PNYC includes Safeway owner Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) that acquired the chain in 1986. Burd and Lloyd C. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs are the two highest paid CEOs in America, both are high profile corporate members of the most powerful Business Council in the world, and both maintain tight connections to the drug-ring implicated in creating and circulating the 2009 pandemic.

The directed America's transition out of the Great Depression advising Congress to advance the Security and Exchange Act, the Banking Act, and the Social Security Act of 1935.

Experts believe that foul play is obviously behind the current pandemic as evidenced by the virus's genetics. The feared flu is a laboratory-recombinant of swine from Mexico, avian (bird) from Asia, and a human corpse contaminated with flu genes from the 1918 Spanish pandemic unearthed despite protests from scientists worldwide. The official explanation alleges an impossible, natural mating of genes from some Asian chicken, Mexican pig, and a dead-corpse buried for nearly a century.

Common sense and chilling documents sent to the FBI by these authors discredit official explanations for this pandemic, and this is not the first time this kind of accident has happened. The laboratory sourced 1977 outbreak of H1N1, a virus that went extinct for 20 years was recently acknowledged in the esteemed New England Journal of Medicine.

Boycott Safeway Now!
In many Safeway stores, persuasion begins at the door. A teen, knowing nothing about vaccines, hands you a flier encouraging you to visit the pharmacy for your "impulse flu shot." He excuses himself for his ignorance using the Nuremberg defense, "I'm just doing my job."

Safeway customers never learn their pharmacists know little about the H1N1 vaccine.Proprietary ingredients in these vaccines are purposely undisclosed by Burd's partners, the vaccine makers, including Novartis, CSL, Baxter, and Glaxo-SmithKlein. Thus, the inoculations contraindications are missing from Safeway's pharmacists brains.

When on a recent visit to Safeway, Ms. Kane asked the pharmacist if he would take the shot. He replied, I am not going to lie, no, I won't take the vaccine. Five minutes later the man pleasantly provided the flu shot to a customer conned by the promotion to save 10% on her next grocery bill; so the impulse inoculation would cost her less than $20. This recession savvy promotion at check-out got her to take the shot.

Discounted injections are most profitable as they secure people's dependency on the store's pharmacy. Common vaccine and drug side effects last for years, and prescribed medicines generate greater toxicity causing additional diseases. Experts shudder to think vaccine ingredients include toxic oils, heavy metals, poisonous chemicals, anti-HIV spermicides, and (in the UK) a cancer virus believed liked to the origin of AIDS called SV40.

Incredibly, the live genetically-engineered H1N1flu viruses in Safeway's vaccines are expected to mutate rapidly with other circulating viruses including flu strains, common cancer viruses like Epstein Barr, and even HIV, potentially yielding new more deadly pandemics rivaling AIDS and the 1918 Spanish Flu.

As far as medical doctors are concerned, Safeway stores are considered competitors or travel medicine providers (TMPs), according to the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). You get what you pay for, one official told us wishing to remain anonymous. Safeway is hiring these untrained and unqualified TMPs to administer these risky vaccines.

One of Safeway's former pharmacists explained that their best druggists are fired whenever they raise reasonable objections to vaccinations. Thus, Safeway's tenured pharmacists tend to remain lame.

For all the above reasons, an immediate lasting boycott of Safeway is indicated.

Deadly Vaccine Additives Not Disclosed
Safeway is heralding the new H1N1 flu vaccines for pregnant women despite the spermicides in these vaccines being linked by scientists to birth defects and spontaneous abortions. A main ingredient in the European injections is MF59TM with nonoxynol-9 spermicide. According to science, the MF59 with squalene alone might harm or even kill 59-out-of-60 people who buy into the stores propaganda.

Safeway's propagandists are none other than David Rockefeller's partnered media moguls: Rupert Murdock, Mortimor Zuckerman, and Thomas Glocer--the worlds premiere mind-setters. Their companies, include Time Warner, FOX and Reuters are serving psychological operations for global depopulation. They all subscribe to the Population Council of the City of New York founded and still funded by Rockefeller entities. Their newswires neglect these deadly ties to Rockefeller cronies that include The Business Council, The Population Council, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), and the Partnership for New York City (PNYC) that was chartered by the British Royal family. These partners promote deadly vaccines, allegedly for humanities salvation, creating immunological destruction for widespread depopulation.

Especially implicated in this conspiracy tying mainstream media to mass murder in medicine is the vaccine oil adjuvant made by the Chiron Company. Hideously toxic and unlicensed for use in the U.S, the rest of the brainwashed world is opting for poisoning by Chiron's MF59, among 2693 different chemicals produced by this company for the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel. Chiron was criminally investigated in 2004 when millions of doses of its flu vaccines were contaminated with bacteria. The company then hired Enron's attorney, Washington defense lawyer Robert S. Bennett, to defend its position.

More recently, Chiron was acquired by Novartis, another drug giant joining Merck, Pfizer, Glaxo-SmithKlein, CSL, and other PNYC and Business Council members advancing American Health Care Reform ala Safeway's Burd.

Tainted Blood Benefits Advanced by Health Care Reformers
Have you ever wondered who tests the world's blood supplies for deadly contaminations? Who will test your blood following forthcoming H1N1 vaccinations? The answer is Chiron.

The blood banking industry has been run, historically, by the Rockefeller family. First, the Rockefellers assembled a group of doctors they called the The New York City Blood Council. This became the New York City Blood Bank. This bank evolved into the American Red Cross. The Red Cross, Baxter Corp., and Bayer A.G., were sued for spreading a host of viruses using contaminated blood supplies and blood products. These pathogens included HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, C, and D, and herpes viruses, including cancer triggers HPV and Epstein Barr. Industrial blood-letting during the 1970s and 80s required Chiron's patented nucleic-acid testing system. now used to screen blood donations. (PR Newswire. UK.)

David Rockefeller, the Founding Chairman of PNYC, partnered with the trust's Co-chairman, Rupert Murdoch, whose Australian family tests Chiron's adjuvants. Murdoch's grand matriarch, Elisabeth, runs the country's main hospital. Rupert's daughter-in-law, Sarah, oversees the Murdock Children's Research Institute (MCRI) and its Development Board. The MCRI was established to serve Queen Elizabeth of England, in 1986, the year Safeway was acquired by Burd's employer, KKR; and the same year hepatitis C was allegedly identified by Chiron's blood analysts.

The source of that virus reveals how infiltrated the US military is by the drug industry. The hepatitis viruses were developed along with vaccines at the New York University Medical Center's bioweapons labs under Army contracts funding research conducted by Dr. Saul Krugman collaborating with the NYC Blood Bank. Dr. Krugman and federal investigators used hepatitis viruses, injected into mentally-retarded children at Willowbrook State School during the late 60s and early 70s. Today's hepatitis B and C pandemics are attributable to these experiments and blood supply contaminations according to government documents reprinted by Dr. Horowitz in his national bestselling tomb, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron, 1998; 1-888-508-4787).

The American Baxter Corporation, serving Europe exclusively, doesn't cite Chiron's MF59 in its patented vaccine manufacturing process, only oil in water meaning squalene.

Baxter does, however, cite their use of VERO monkey kidney cells to culture their H1N1 viruses that are routinely infected with the SV40 virus scientists have linked to pandemic cancers and even AIDS. Dr. Maurice Hilleman, the world's leading vaccine developer for Merck & Co., testified that America got AIDS from SV40 vaccine contaminations sourcing from the same species of African green monkeys used by Chiron.

Bureau of Biologics federal investigator, Dr. Bernice Eddy, warned Congress in 1972 that Merck's SV40-contaminated polio vaccines would curse the world with pandemic cancers by 1992.

Additional science published by Dr. Horowitz revealed Merck's hepatitis B vaccine was produced using African chimpanzees contaminated by the same American monkey supplier, Litton Bionetics, the Army's sixth leading biological weapons contractor at that time. In these trials, gay men in NYC were inoculated simultaneously with African villagers transmitting chimpanzee SIV, the closest match to human HIV in the world.

Perhaps sterilizations, spontaneous abortions, and widespread birth defects best explain the injection of H1N1 vaccine adjuvants containing nonoxynol-9 into pregnant women. The spermicidal HIV killer, and specious immune stimulator Interleukin-2 (IL-2), is less known as vaccine additives. IL-2 was co-patented by America's AIDS czar, Dr. Anthony Fauci--the federal government's principle promoter of the new H1N1 vaccines. Fauci was previously charged with conflicting interest related to his IL-2 license to Chiron. In recent studies, his IL-2 produced zero benefits for AIDS patients consuming the risky drug derived from white blood cell extracts.

More Partners Poisoning the Public
Safeway is not the only billion-dollar company partnered with Steve Burd in this sinister flu scam and agenda for Health Care Reform. Costco is also offering flu vaccine specials this Fall. For your convenience, Costco hypes coffin sales adjacent vaccination appeals in their member registration area providing one-stop-shopping for euthanasia.

This makes a great package deal, because if you can't resist the flu shot, you may need the coffin, Ms. Kane told Costco's membership manager, just as a customer was inquiring about getting the flu shot.

People generally accept the idea that drug companies spread propaganda, side-effects, and widespread illnesses for profit. Most people, however, have a problem relating to depopulation as the overriding goal of poisoning
people, since fewer live-bodies means less customers and lower profits.

It's like the end of a monopoly game, Dr. Horowitz concludes. This ilks wealth and power corrupts absolutely, and David Rockefeller can't put planet earth away in his closet. The PNYC winners are simply rearranging the board and getting rid of the players they no longer want around.

-end -

NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane are advancing Healthy World Organization (HWO), a natural alternative to the UN's World Health Organization. Information about HWO is available at: For more information about the dangers of flu vaccinations, see Dr. Horowitz's comprehensive website Dr. Horowitz endorses natural alternatives to vaccines including the new silver hydrosols, vitamin C, and vitamin D. See his FLU & TO Dos and

217 Cedar St., Suite #326, Sandpoint, ID 83864 208-265-8065 (E-mail)

Obama's Move: Iran and Afghanistan

Obama's Move: Iran and Afghanistan
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September 28, 2009 | 1849 GMT

Graphic for Geopolitical Intelligence Report

By George Friedman
Related Special Topic Page

* The Iranian Nuclear Game

During the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, now-U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said that like all U.S. presidents, Barack Obama would face a foreign policy test early in his presidency if elected. That test is now here.

His test comprises two apparently distinct challenges, one in Afghanistan and one in Iran. While different problems, they have three elements in common. First, they involve the question of his administration’s overarching strategy in the Islamic world. Second, the problems are approaching decision points (and making no decision represents a decision here). And third, they are playing out very differently than Obama expected during the 2008 campaign.

During the campaign, Obama portrayed the Iraq war as a massive mistake diverting the United States from Afghanistan, the true center of the “war on terror.” He accordingly promised to shift the focus away from Iraq and back to Afghanistan. Obama’s views on Iran were more amorphous. He supported the doctrine that Iran should not be permitted to obtain nuclear weapons, while at the same time asserted that engaging Iran was both possible and desirable. Embedded in the famous argument over whether offering talks without preconditions was appropriate (something now-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attacked him for during the Democratic primary) was the idea that the problem with Iran stemmed from Washington’s refusal to engage in talks with Tehran.

We are never impressed with campaign positions, or with the failure of the victorious candidate to live up to them. That’s the way American politics work. But in this case, these promises have created a dual crisis that Obama must make decisions about now.

Back in April, in the midst of the financial crisis, Obama reached an agreement at the G-8 meeting that the Iranians would have until Sept. 24 and the G-20 meeting to engage in meaningful talks with the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany (P-5+1) or face intensely increased sanctions. His administration was quite new at the time, so the amount of thought behind this remains unclear. On one level, the financial crisis was so intense and September so far away that Obama and his team probably saw this as a means to delay a secondary matter while more important fires were flaring up.

But there was more operating than that. Obama intended to try to bridge the gap between the Islamic world and the United States between April and September. In his speech to the Islamic world from Cairo, he planned to show a desire not only to find common ground, but also to acknowledge shortcomings in U.S. policy in the region. With the appointment of special envoys George Mitchell (for Israel and the Palestinian territories) and Richard Holbrooke (for Pakistan and Afghanistan), Obama sought to build on his opening to the Islamic world with intense diplomatic activity designed to reshape regional relationships.

It can be argued that the Islamic masses responded positively to Obama’s opening — it has been asserted to be so and we will accept this — but the diplomatic mission did not solve the core problem. Mitchell could not get the Israelis to move on the settlement issue, and while Holbrooke appears to have made some headway on increasing Pakistan’s aggressiveness toward the Taliban, no fundamental shift has occurred in the Afghan war.

Most important, no major shift has occurred in Iran’s attitude toward the United States and the P-5+1 negotiating group. In spite of Obama’s Persian New Year address to Iran, the Iranians did not change their attitude toward the United States. The unrest following Iran’s contested June presidential election actually hardened the Iranian position. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad remained president with the support of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, while the so-called moderates seemed powerless to influence their position. Perceptions that the West supported the demonstrations have strengthened Ahmadinejad’s hand further, allowing him to paint his critics as pro-Western and himself as an Iranian nationalist.

But with September drawing to a close, talks have still not begun. Instead, they will begin Oct. 1. And last week, the Iranians chose to announce that not only will they continue work on their nuclear program (which they claim is not for military purposes), they have a second, hardened uranium enrichment facility near Qom. After that announcement, Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy held a press conference saying they have known about the tunnel for several months, and warned of stern consequences.

This, of course, raises the question of what consequences. Obama has three choices in this regard.

First, he can impose crippling sanctions against Iran. But that is possible only if the Russians cooperate. Moscow has the rolling stock and reserves to supply all of Iran’s fuel needs if it so chooses, and Beijing can also remedy any Iranian fuel shortages. Both Russia and China have said they don’t want sanctions; without them on board, sanctions are meaningless.

Second, Obama can take military action against Iran, something easier politically and diplomatically for the United States to do itself rather than rely on Israel. By itself, Israel cannot achieve air superiority, suppress air defenses, attack the necessary number of sites and attempt to neutralize Iranian mine-laying and anti-ship capability all along the Persian Gulf. Moreover, if Israel struck on its own and Iran responded by mining the Strait of Hormuz, the United States would be drawn into at least a naval war with Iran — and probably would have to complete the Israeli airstrikes, too.

And third, Obama could choose to do nothing (or engage in sanctions that would be the equivalent of doing nothing). Washington could see future Iranian nuclear weapons as an acceptable risk. But the Israelis don’t, meaning they would likely trigger the second scenario. It is possible that the United States could try to compel Israel not to strike — though it’s not clear whether Israel would comply — something that would leave Obama publicly accepting Iran’s nuclear program.

And this, of course, would jeopardize Obama’s credibility. It is possible for the French or Germans to waffle on this issue; no one is looking to them for leadership. But for Obama simply to acquiesce to Iranian nuclear weapons, especially at this point, would have significant diplomatic and domestic political ramifications. Simply put, Obama would look weak — and that, of course, is why the Iranians announced the second nuclear site. They read Obama as weak, and they want to demonstrate their own resolve. That way, if the Russians were thinking of cooperating with the United States on sanctions, Moscow would be seen as backing the weak player against the strong one. The third option, doing nothing, therefore actually represents a significant action.

In a way, the same issue is at stake in Afghanistan. Having labeled Afghanistan as critical — indeed, having campaigned on the platform that the Bush administration was fighting the wrong war — it would be difficult for Obama to back down in Afghanistan. At the same time, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, has reported that without a new strategy and a substantial increase in troop numbers, failure in Afghanistan is likely.

The number of troops being discussed, 30,000-40,000, would bring total U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan to just above the number of troops the Soviet Union deployed there in its war (just under 120,000) — a war that ended in failure. The new strategy being advocated would be one in which the focus would not be on the defeat of the Taliban by force of arms, but the creation of havens for the Afghan people and protecting those havens from the Taliban.

A move to the defensive when time is on your side is not an unreasonable strategy. But it is not clear that time is on Western forces’ side. Increased offensives are not weakening the Taliban. But halting attacks and assuming that the Taliban will oblige the West by moving to the offensive, thereby opening itself to air and artillery strikes, probably is not going to happen. And while assuming that the country will effectively rise against the Taliban out of the protected zones the United States has created is interesting, it does not strike us as likely. The Taliban is fighting the long war because it has nowhere else to go. Its ability to maintain military and political cohesion following the 2001 invasion has been remarkable. And betting that the Pakistanis will be effective enough to break the Taliban’s supply lines is hardly the most prudent bet.

In short, Obama’s commander on the ground has told him the current Afghan strategy is failing. He has said that unless that strategy changes, more troops won’t help, and that a change of strategy will require substantially more troops. But when we look at the proposed strategy and the force levels, it is far from obvious that even that level of commitment will stand a chance of achieving meaningful results quickly enough before the forces of Washington’s NATO allies begin to withdraw and U.S. domestic resolve erodes further.

Obama has three choices in Afghanistan. He can continue to current strategy and force level, hoping to prolong failure long enough for some undefined force to intervene. He can follow McChrystal’s advice and bet on the new strategy. Or he can withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan. Once again, doing nothing — the first option — is doing something quite significant.
The Two Challenges Come Together

The two crises intermingle in this way: Every president is tested in foreign policy, sometimes by design and sometimes by circumstance. Frequently, this happens at the beginning of his term as a result of some problem left by his predecessor, a strategy adopted in the campaign or a deliberate action by an antagonist. How this happens isn’t important. What is important is that Obama’s test is here. Obama at least publicly approached the presidency as if many of the problems the United States faced were due to misunderstandings about or the thoughtlessness of the United States. Whether this was correct is less important than that it left Obama appearing eager to accommodate his adversaries rather than confront them.

No one has a clear idea of Obama’s threshold for action.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban takes the view that the British and Russians left, and that the Americans will leave, too. We strongly doubt that the force level proposed by McChrystal will be enough to change their minds. Moreover, U.S. forces are limited, with many still engaged in Iraq. In any case, it isn’t clear what force level would suffice to force the Taliban to negotiate or capitulate — and we strongly doubt that there is a level practical to contemplate.

In Iran, Ahmadinejad clearly perceives that challenging Obama is low-risk and high reward. If he can finally demonstrate that the United States is unwilling to take military action regardless of provocations, his own domestic situation improves dramatically, his relationship with the Russians deepens, and most important, his regional influence — and menace — surges. If Obama accepts Iranian nukes without serious sanctions or military actions, the American position in the Islamic world will decline dramatically. The Arab states in the region rely on the United States to protect them from Iran, so U.S. acquiescence in the face of Iranian nuclear weapons would reshape U.S. relations in the region far more than a hundred Cairo speeches.

There are four permutations Obama might choose in response to the dual crisis. He could attack Iran and increase forces in Afghanistan, but he might well wind up stuck in a long-term war in Afghanistan. He could avoid that long-term war by withdrawing from Afghanistan and also ignore Iran’s program, but that would leave many regimes reliant on the United States for defense against Iran in the lurch. He could increase forces in Afghanistan and ignore Iran — probably yielding the worst of all possible outcomes, namely, a long-term Afghan war and an Iran with a nuclear program if not nuclear weapons.

On pure logic, history or politics aside, the best course is to strike Iran and withdraw from Afghanistan. That would demonstrate will in the face of a significant challenge while perhaps reshaping Iran and certainly avoiding a drawn-out war in Afghanistan. Of course, it is easy for those who lack power and responsibility — and the need to govern — to provide logical choices. But the forces closing in on Obama are substantial, and there are many competing considerations in play.

Presidents eventually arrive at the point where something must be done, and where doing nothing is very much doing something. At this point, decisions can no longer be postponed, and each choice involves significant risk. Obama has reached that point, and significantly, in his case, he faces a double choice. And any decision he makes will reverberate.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Forced Vaccine Prevention

Qaddafi says Israeli Mossad was behind JFK assassination - Wayne Madsen Report

September 24, 2009 -- Qaddafi says Israeli Mossad was behind JFK assassination
publication date: Sep 23, 2009
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September 24, 2009 -- Qaddafi says Israeli Mossad was behind JFK assassination

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, in his extemporaneous remarks before the General Assembly on September 23 said that Lee Harvey Oswald assassin Jack Ruby (aka Jacob Rubinstein) was an Israeli intelligence agent who was involved on the behalf of Israel to assassinate President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Qaddafi claimed that Kennedy was prepared to expose Israel's nuclear weapons development facility at Dimona in the Negev Desert and Israel ordered Kennedy's assassination.

Qaddafi's remarks in a one and a half our-long speech are the talk of the hallways, cafeterias, and smoking areas at UN headquarters. Qaddafi's speech has outweighed President Obama's maiden speech on the delegates' interest meters.

Those who were hoping for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to engage in polemics over "Holocaust denial" were sorely disappointed. In his remarks, punctuated with Islamic religious references, Ahmadinejad had a message for the United States and its allies vis a vis the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan: "It is no longer possible to bring a country under military occupation in the name of fight against terrorism and drug trafficking while the production of illicit drugs has multiplied, terrorism has widened its dimensions and has tightened its grips, thousands of innocent people have been killed, injured or displaced, infrastructures have been destroyed and regional security has been seriously jeopardized; and those who have created the current disastrous situation continue to blame others. How you can talk about friendship and solidarity with other nations while you expand your military bases in different parts of the world including in Latin America. This situation cannot continue. It is all the more impossible to advance expansionistic and inhuman policies on the basis of militaristic logic."

Ahmadinejad added, "By the grace of God, Marxism is gone. It is now history. The expansionist Capitalism will certainly have the same fate." Ahmadinejad's remarks came just before the G20 industrial countries' leaders meet in Pittsburgh.

To repeat rom UN headquarters, while Obama's speech was received well by most of the delegates and media, it is Qaddafi who is the star of this show. As one Iraqi reporter told this editor, "it's the first time the UN heard a speech from a leader who didn't feed them bullshit but the unvarnished truth."

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New Deadly Dollar Carry Trade

New Deadly Dollar Carry Trade

A powerful hidden engine existed for close to 20 years called the Yen Carry Trade. The engine produced tainted trillion$ for its priviliged participants, whose access to cheap money was assured and whose control of government policy was tight. The engine served two important purposes. It kept the Japanese Yen currency exchange rate low, sufficient for maintaining the export juggernaut that sent products around global supply routes with names like Toyota, Honda, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Nikon, Toshiba, and Fuji for a string of years. It also supplied a torrent of funds to feed both the Japanese and Western (think US, UK, Europe) financial markets its most important channel in existence. The Yen Carry Trade was that important. The Bank of Japan and a host of Tokyo-based financial firms relied upon this carry trade for basically free money. This important money making machine required Japanese interest rates and currency to remain low, and USTreasury Bond yields and US$ currency to remain high. Those halcyon days are largely done, since the Yen is on a rising uptrend and the US$ is on the falling downtrend, even as US long-term rates are stuck below a defended steel bar. Nowadays, the insider firms are struggling to avoid a wrestling match with a grim destiny.

In the last two to three years, a significant portion of this carry trade has been unwound. In fact, when the US stock market went from Dow 14000 to Dow 7000, it was widely believed that the unwind of the Yen Carry Trade coincided with the decline, thus ending an era. Not to be denied, foreigners tapped into the easy money game during the longstanding era. Wall Street, London, and several European finance centers exploited the opportunity also. When the US$ exchange rate topped in year 2001, and when the US stock market topped in year 2007, the exits became crowded with Japanese and Westerners alike, as they dismantled their leveraged machinery designed to capture the easiest money in modern history. If these firms entered the mortgage bond torture chambers, they had to contend with floors that vanished, as well as swinging axes. Survival is a grand challenge when removing leveraged machinery.

The Yen Carry Trade worked like this in rough terms. The large financial firms borrowed Japanese money at the near 0% rate, a lot of money, and managed a Yen currency risk. They could either borrow cash from Japanese banks or integrate short Yen positions into contracts with equivalent risk exposure. They had liberty to invest in whatever instrument they wished, but the favorite in the last two decades had been the USTreasury long bond. They earned 4% to 5% vig on the difference, but required a rising USDollar and falling Japanese Yen. The ruinous bursted bubble from Japan around 1990 and the seemingly endless years of 0% Japanese money enabled the Yen Carry Trade against a backdrop of a chronic insolvent Japanese bank system. A critical characteristic of that carry trade was that is applied leveraged enormous pressure in a way so as to maintain the low Yen currency and the high US$ currency. The typical leverage acted like a crowbar (jimmybar) to apply 10x to 20x more force, deploying futures contracts. The leveraged gains were thus between 50% and 100% per year, dotted with some currency risk. Be sure to know that other objects of this leveraged game involved the purchase of US stocks, like in an S&P bundle, and UKGilt Bonds and even German Bunds. Speaking of German, the entire Yen Carry Trade concept was totally unknown to the venerable Kurt Richebächer, admitted in our conversations in August 2003. May he rest in peace.

The objective asset had to meet requirements. They required only strong currencies and hefty bond yields, an easy task to identify object assets to invest in. Since 2001 when the Gold price hit bottom, another object for investment had been the Gold asset. The Gold price has risen in part from the Yen Carry Trade. In fact, the unwind of the Yen Carry Trade might be a key factor to explain the Gold price consolidation since January 2008, nearly a two-year period. My belief is that the long consolidation has created a very strong foundation for a rise to $2000, not a ceiling to limit the Gold price as the clownish pundits claim who litter the compromised landscape. Since year 2003, when the USFed hit the floor with low interest rates, funds to power Gold investment have largely been drawn from the USDollar fountain. Since mid-2007 when the USFed took the official rate even lower, matching the 0% from Japan, against all promises to do so, the Gold investment has been powered clearly by funds in US$ denomination. That movement will surely accelerate.

The Yen Carry Trade decline and wind-down has been reported for the last few years. It has been attributed to the US stock downdrafts. It would be impossible to wind it down in a year or two, even three years. It was that big. Its size is estimated to be perhaps $2 trillion in magnitude. The unwind has a nasty blowback effect to be felt by Japan. The Yen currency rebounded in the last couple years, thus creating a foundation for a strong recovery. In the process, the Japanese export trade is threatened by a rising Yen, rendering its exported products more expensive. Japan must therefore manage a transition to a new major trade partner in China, which has actually eclipsed the US in recent months. During this transition process, Japan will gradually loosen high level corporate ties and important political ties with the Untied States. If the Yen rises faster than the Chinese Yuan, then the transition can be managed to mutual benefits between Japan and China. The only problem is that Japan might find itself becoming subservient to the Chinese in much the same way have been to the Americans for 50 years. The new Japanese prime minister elect Hatoyama has publicly stated his intention to strive for more balance.

Welcome a new carry trade to town! Here in the present, the new carry trade has begun to take root with the USDollar as its basis. The opening act was the Gold Carry Trade, executed in the 1990 decade, with 1% leased USTreasury gold sold into the market and USTreasury Bonds bought in return. That locomotive powered the Decade of Stolen Prosperity under the Clinton Admin. Since 2001, that wave is finished. The new carry trade has requirements simply stated. It needs a crippled bank system that offers a reliable 0% interest rate, a crippled currency that offers little risk of a rise in exchange rate, and plenty of targeted opportunities to invest in rising asset groups in competition. The gold asset is one such object asset. One is hard pressed to identify a sovereign bond security pitched by a government with any credibility. Their deficits, boatloads of bond issuance, and public statements in desire of weaker currencies tend to rule them out. So Govt Bonds are not a viable object. They are too busy ruining their currencies in the midst of the Competing Currency War.

Why just two weeks ago, the Swiss Govt announced their frustration at a rising currency, despite all efforts to undermine their Franc currency. They will be forced to redouble their destructive efforts. The Europeans did NOT want to reduce interest rates a year ago, but they did, a correct Jackass forecast that went directly against some banker contacts. That shows the power of the Competing Currency War, since the Euro currency had risen to 160, sufficient to render considerable harm to the European Union Economy in its export trade. With numerous currencies ‘frozen’ from programmed destruction, the time is ripe for the USDollar Carry Trade to be launched. It has been launched. THIS CARRY TRADE WILL PUNISH THE USDOLLAR BADLY AS ITS POLICYMAKERS SUFFER THE SHAME OF BEING CORNERED AND STUCK!

The ruinous bursted bubble from Japan around 1990 and the seemingly endless years of 0% Japanese money enabled the Yen Carry Trade against a backdrop of a chronically insolvent Japanese bank system. A critical characteristic of that carry trade was that heavy leverage applied enormous pressure in a way so as to maintain the low Yen currency and the high US$ currency. In the summer 2008 when the USFed took the official interest down to 0.25% and stuck it there, the USDollar Carry Trade was assured of a vigorous run through the financial factories. Here is what is so important about its upcoming entrenchment. The US$ exchange rates will be heavily subdued, with any rebounds totally smothered, resulting in a relentless Gold rise with gusto. The shorting of the US$ is key for the supply of funds. It comes as borrowed US$ funds used outside the US Sphere, thus net bearish. It comes as leveraged instruments designed to capitalize on a continued US$ decline integrated into securities like with short DX contracts.

The coordinated and systematic ruin of major currencies, through monetizations, through vast federal deficits, through sustained near 0% official rates, and through chronically insolvent national bank systems, will assure that the Gold asset will be a favorite for the USDollar Carry Trade for at least a couple years, maybe more. Furthermore, installation of the USDollar Carry Trade will assure that No Exit Strategy will be available to the USFed also. Wall Street firms will participate in this free lunch carry trade, just like all others. Wall Street will not permit a USFed rate hike to firm the US$ exchange rate. Talk about a strong perverse factor behind the USDollar. This is every bit as powerful as the ‘Beijing Gold Put’ analyzed in the Hat Trick Letter issued in September.

Continued forces will be at work in a variety of ways to continue the thrust and duration of this new USDollar Carry Trade, sure to keep it badly subdued. The risk is so great that a USTreasury Bond default could even become the last stop on its pathogenesis pathway. Just today, the compromised erudite spokesman Lawrence Meyers actually said the USFed will probably remain on hold for its near 0% interest rate until the end of 2011. That is NOT a misprint!!! The USFed will justify its decision not to hike rates, not to halt money creation, all the while discussing theoretically an Exit Strategy. Try not to laugh too hard! Also, the US$ Swap Facilities are scheduled to end in October 2009. Their extension should be very harmful for the USDollar, from the bad publicity and the understood urgent implicit desperate need. The next wave of US bank losses will arrive to coincide with the falling of the leaves in autumn, an apt parallel. The inability of the USFed to conduct and execute any Exit Strategy at all is powerful impetus behind the development of the USDollar Carry Trade, and the powerful lift it gives the Gold price. They cannot raise interest rates. The Stimulus Bill has run its measly course. The monetary stimulus must remain in place. The Uncle Sam patient is imprisoned in the Intensive Care Ward.

The Japanese Yen bottom occurred in summer 2007, just about the time of the US stock peak. That is not a coincidence, since Yen Carry Trade funds propelled the US financial markets in a general sense. The continued breakout in the Yen beyond the January 112 highs will amplify the USDollar bear market, and push the US$ DX index to multi-decade lows. A panic comes, coordinated with a rise in the Euro, Yen, and other currencies.

The USDollar DX index will probably head below the critical support at 70 sometime early next year, or late this year. Its movements are increasingly volatile, in a bad way. A global revolt against the US$ is underway with full speed. The only US$ support comes from monetization and deception, as the Printing Pre$$ is active. The nation is insolvent in most every respect. No return to normalcy will come, despite the hopes and dreams of US leaders, unfortunately trapped inside the USDome, where perceptions are flawed. The US financial structure is permanently broken. In reaction to today’s FOMC decision to leave interest rates alone, the USDollar has resumed its decline. It will soon amplify its downward direction. While they spoke with optimistic words, the truth is that they are stuck without an Exit Strategy, which will become painfully clear over the passage of time.

Two weeks ago, a rather comprehensive list of reasons was provided for the Gold price breakout. Many factors were given to explain how and why the Gold price would march toward the $2000 level. THE ARRIVAL OF THE USDOLLAR CARRY TRADE IS A PRIMARY REASON FOR THE MARCH TO $2000 GOLD. Prepare for it, as the pundits will be made to squirm and eat crow! Almost all pronouncements, propaganda, and prattle must be ignored that come from the Pagan Paper Palaces that have wrought the current destruction and wreckage. The only factor they comprehend is the excessive printing of money and largesse from government budgets to aid the rescue and stimulate the moribund as well as to nationalize both the dead financial firms and their grotesque fraud laced with counterfeit.


The phenomenon will be much like a flesh eating bacteria. What is eaten during unbridled USFed money creation and USGovt debt issuance is the USEconomic capital, both industial capital and household capital. The most misunderstood aspect of the profound accommodation with near 0% rate of interest (ZIRP) and enormous mountains of printed money (QE) is the destruction of USEconomic capital. Not only is new capital formation NOT possible, but capital is liquidated and banks are hesitant to lend even to good customers. Zero Interest Rate Policy and Quantitative Easing serve as the most severe and formidable Weapons of Mass Destruction to capital that the modern world has ever seen. See small business sector, see the car industry & supply lines, see construction sector, and much more. Both the ZIRP and QE are fuel and lubricant both to power gold to the $2000 level, serving as vivid battle cries!

The latest shameful disgraces for the USFed are three. 1) The USFed monetizes USTreasurys during auctions by using the primary dealers as temporary holders before permanent open market operations, and by using foreign central bank sales of USAgency Mortgage Bonds in addition to the USDollar Swap Facility. 2) The USFed just admitted publicly that it had consistently been hiding its Gold Swap Agreements, thus rendering Greenspan a perjury perpetrator and the institution in violation of its contract. 3) New York Fed president Jan Hatzius (another GSax plant) expects the USFed balance sheet to expand by over $1 trillion more. The transgressions of the USFed ensure gold will hit $2000.


Jim Willie CB
Editor of the "HAT TRICK LETTER"
Hat Trick Letter


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 24 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at . For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at