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By: Devvy
April 28, 2008

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On April 24, 2008, The Arizona-Republic, published a hit piece on Sen. Karen Johnson, who currently serves in the Arizona State Legislature. This piece of drivel is titled, 'Drinking the 9/11 Kool-Aid.' As you can see by reading it, the author believes that no elected official should question any aspect of the Bush Administration's fairy tale of the events of September 11, 2001. This has been the prevailing attitude of the so-called mainstream media, including cable "news" networks since that day. Anyone questioning the hoax perpetrated on the American people is a Kool-Aid drinker or worse.

I've written many columns on OKC, WACO, TWA Flight 800 and 9/11, so I'm not going to rehash them here. I am proud to call Sen. Karen Johnson my friend. She is an extraordinary woman who has consistently and steadfastly stood up for the U.S. Constitution and we the people. Unlike these news editors all across this country, Sen. Johnson is not afraid to look at facts, evidence and use common sense when looking at an event such as 9/11 and concluding there are legitimate questions that need answers.

However, according to smarmy sycophants like Bill O'Reilly, Dan Abrams, Shallow Sean Hannity and hundreds of newspaper editors around this country, there is no way rogue elements within the Bush Administration would ever allow 3,000 Americans to be slaughtered. Why, it's simply preposterous! End of story. Shut up and go shopping. That might have worked for past events, but millions of Americans, with good reason, do not trust this government and do not believe their bald faced lies about 911.

As for prior knowledge, there is no question the FBI, under the Clinton Administration, knew and did NOT stop the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. The FBI was running the operation and allowed it to happen. There can be NO misunderstanding on that one:

"The New York Times later reports on Emad Salem, an undercover agent who will be the key government witness in the trial against Yousef. Salem testifies that the FBI knew about the attack beforehand and told him they would thwart it by substituting a harmless powder for the explosives. However, an FBI supervisor called off this plan, and the bombing was not stopped. [New York Times, 10/28/1993]

"Other suspects were ineptly investigated before the bombing as early as 1990. Several of the bombers were trained by the CIA to fight in the Afghan war, and the CIA later concludes, in internal documents, that it was “partly culpable” for this bombing (see January 24, 1994). [Independent, 11/1/1998] 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is an uncle of Yousef and also has a role in the WTC bombing (see March 20, 1993). [Independent, 6/6/2002; Los Angeles Times, 9/1/2002] One of the attackers even leaves a message which will later be found by investigators, stating, “Next time, it will be very precise.” [Associated Press, 9/30/2001]"

This factual accounting of Salem and the sting operation came out during trial and cannot be disputed. What shocked me is that for once, the truth actually appeared in the NY Times, which, unfortunately, has become nothing more than a propaganda rag over the years. At the time, millions of Americans should have demanded not only criminal indictments against the FBI personnel involved, but the removal of the Director of the FBI and the Attorney General for allowing this act of terrorism to happen. It didn't happen, either because Americans didn't know or didn't care.

I have covered every major tragedy in this country since Ruby Ridge, where a man and his family were terrorized by "our government." A son killed from being shot in the back, a mother shot through the head by a very large caliber bullet while holding her eight-month old baby - over a wrong court date. All accomplished under one of the most evil females walking this earth, Janet Reno. This incompetent lesbian also ran the murder of almost 100 Americans at WACO; 17 children were gassed and burned to death while America watched. The Ron Brown murder, TWA Flight 800, WACO and 911, you name it, I've watched them and the cover ups unfold in living color on the boob tube because I work at home.

Don't tell me the feds didn't know the Murrah Building was a target and when it was going to happen. This is an official FBI teletype; Patrick Briley exposed it in a recent column. Note the important words: "RE OKLAHOMA CITY TELETYPE TO DIRECTOR AND ALL FIELD OFFICES DATED APRIL 11, 1995." The process is underway to get the April 11, 1995, document. The feds knew. They knew this was a terrorist operation and have protected the guilty for 13 long years. Many of the players in Ruby Ridge, WACO and OKC were given promotions or went on to bigger and better jobs outside the FBI or ATF. They are accessories to murder and they draw pensions from the sweat of your labor. It is no different with 911 and only continued, massive pressure by we the people is going to force a real investigation and grand jury indictments.

Patrick Briley and other courageous journalists have been unraveling the pieces and there is NO doubt the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the OKC bombing and 911 are connected. The players are the same. The terrorists organizations are the same and other than the Internet, every major newspaper in this country - despite being given the hard facts, times, dates and places, continue to remain silent while known terrorists are operating in this country, protected by the Bush Administration.

Patrick has spent the last 13 years of his life on this and was finally able to secure a meeting with California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher scheduled about a month ago. Patrick lined up four of the top experts on the OKC bombing, one of them my dear friend, Brigadier General Ben Partin, U.S.A.F. (Ret.). (See videos 4 & 5 in the links section.) The meeting was canceled because Rohrabacher had more important things to do. BULL. I know the circumstances of this meeting, how it was canceled and the refusal by Rohrabacher to reschedule is because he is engaged in a cover up as well as others:

"An analysis of conduct by some of Oklahoma's US Senators, Congressmen and a former governor from OK, reveal that these men too were and continue to be accessories after the fact to the murder of the 169 people killed in the OKC bombing. They include Senator James Inhofe, Senator Tom Coburn, former Senator Don Nickles, Congressman Ernest Istook and former governor Frank Keating. They are accessories to murder “after the fact” because they learned about the criminality of the FBI and DOJ officials and their operation in the OKC bombing soon afterwards (before in the case of Istook and Keating) and intentionally have protected FBI and DOJ officials they knew were accessories to murder in OKC."

Since 911, every major newspaper in this country has poo-poo'd any questioning of the events of 911 and the attack on Sen. Johnson is just another example of so-called journalists and reporters who have been shaming their profession for years by not investigating the legitimate questions raised about 911. Instead, like lackeys who kiss the boot straps of their masters, they, as well as every single cable anchor on CNN. FAUX (FOX) and MSNBC, have ridiculed and mocked even the families of 911 who have legitimate questions.

Every major newspaper in this country, including cable networks have done nothing to substantiate any of the Bush Administration's claims about 911. They have swallowed it hook, line and sinker. They lie without hesitation or shame; the courts have said it's perfectly okay for the media to lie to you.:

"On February 14, a Florida Appeals court ruled there is absolutely nothing illegal about lying, concealing or distorting information by a major press organization. The court reversed the $425,000 jury verdict in favor of journalist Jane Akre who charged she was pressured by Fox Television management and lawyers to air what she knew and documented to be false information. The ruling basically declares it is technically not against any law, rule, or regulation to deliberately lie or distort the news on a television broadcast." (Full story in link at bottom.)"

Americans in huge numbers have been pounding on the media ("mainstream") and cable networks for years to ask the legitimate questions about TWA, OKC, WACO and 911. Impeccable researchers like Patrick Briley have brought forth 100% verifiable FACTS about the known terrorists operating in this country and the refusal by members of Congress to demand the FBI round these killers up before they execute another attack on unsuspecting Americans. People say where is the media? They are sitting on their backsides playing political games and partying with those they're supposed to be watching, while a clear threat to this country grows unchecked. Rags like the Arizona-Republic would rather attack a great American like Sen. Johnson than endanger their paychecks by actually looking into the facts about 911. Gutless cowards whose paychecks are earned by lies, deception and omission.


These newspapers and news networks are complicit in covering up the truth about these horrific events and they do NOT deserve your financial support. If you keep funding the enemy, they will continue lying and obfuscating the truth until more Americans die. I wouldn't vote for Dana Rohrabacher, Sen. Inhofe or Sen. Coburn for all the tea in China because I know that they KNOW the truth about OKC and have covered it up because they are cowards. They have lost their man hood because they treasure the power of their office over the truth and saving American lives. If this sounds harsh, walk in my shoes for the past 18 years of research and investigating. I don't spend my time fishing on the weekends, although I love fishing and used to go 40-50 times a year; it is now seven years since I used my fishing gear. I don't spend my time at the mall, ball games or in front of the stupid tube getting my head filled with trash. I read, I investigate, I do radio and all of this takes time. A lot of time. Investigative journalists do all this research, not just for people to read, but to act on to hold elected public servants accountable and to stop the complete annihilation of this country.

It's about time the American people started taking the issue of known terrorists in this country being protected by the Bush Administration very seriously. This is no game, no hyperbole and no conspiracy theory. NWVs, at great expense, has made printer friendly available for their columnists. Print out some of Patrick's columns and send them to your member of Congress and tell him/her that you WILL make these cover ups a major issue anywhere they speak between now and November. Congress as a body has passed major pieces of legislation since 911 gutting the Bill of Rights, nullifying posse comitatus and habeas corpus while allowing KNOWN terrorists to run free in this country and murder Americans. Get out there to these town hall meetings and political events and let your fellow Americans know the truth.

Get copies of some of some of Patrick's detailed columns to your sheriff with a polite note that you want to know why the feds are covering up the facts about known terrorist cells in this country? If they get enough of them, someone will start asking questions. Will you or your loved one be the next victim of a terrorist attack? Think it can't happen in your city or town? The Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush Administrations have allowed our borders to remain open, providing an easy entry for terrorists to enter this country and they aim to kill us.

Cancel your subscription to major newspapers in this country and state newspapers like the Daily Oklahoman and the Arizona-Republic and tell them why you will no longer give them your money. They are deliberately withholding the truth from the American people and attack anyone, including elected public officials like former State Rep. Charles Key [R-OK] and Sen. Karen Johnson [R-AZ], who have the duty and obligation to investigate murders in their state or actions by the federal government. These big city newspapers have the power to expose the lies and warn the American people, yet they remain silent. Why continue to reward them?

A handful of conglomerates now own all the media in America, electronic and print. The so-called "investigative" journalism coming out of these publications and "news" networks are politically driven, not truth driven. They are censoring the truth. I realize small town newspapers don't have the resources to hire investigative journalists, but they can pick up columns from the Internet which contain factual, credible research. Why don't they? I attribute it to laziness or if they're owned by one of the big conglomerates, they don't dare. Fine. They don't get my money and they shouldn't get yours. Is the sports page that important?

If the "right to know" media who crow so much about the First Amendment refuse to tell the American people the truth and report the HARD facts presented by researchers like Patrick Briley, they will be complicit in the next terrorist attacks. I monitor FAUX (FOX), CNN and MSNBC, but I do not purchase any products from their advertisers except the ASPCA; I'm an angel. Flesh peddler and porn channel king, Rupert Murdoch, is an enemy of this country. A globalist who cares nothing for our sovereign republic and look at how much control of information his conglomerate has; see here. Murdoch supported Bush's unconstitutional, illegal invasion of Iraq and had this to say: "Said Murdoch of the war, "The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil. That's bigger than any tax cut in any country" (Guardian, February 11, 2003)." Now he has thrown his support to the most accomplished liar running for president, Marxist Hillary Clinton.

Let me repeat myself: If you keep funding your enemy, you continue to give them the power to destroy you. I'm sorry about my fellow Americans who work for propaganda rags like the Denver Post, the Sacramento Bee, the NY Times, etc., but we cannot falter or waver in our quest for the truth because lives of Americans depend on forcing these mass mediums to either tell the truth or close their doors. It's as simple as that. If you cut your enemy slack, they will kill you.

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1 - Patrick Briley's Archives
2 - My 911 Archives
3 - OKC/TWA/WACO Archives
4 - Gen. Partin video: OKC
5 - Cover Up in OKC - video
6 - The lying conglomerate U.S.
Media - short video

UN denounces IMF and WTO food genocide

The UN Special Rapporteur on food has blown the cover on the crimes of the IMF and the WTO, for their intentional policy of inducing famine. This is exactly what LaRouche has warned, for years - it is now recognized at the highest international levels. Will the world act, and abolish the WTO, and create a new world monetary system based on production, rather than speculation and British imperial genocide?

Here is the report on Jean Zeigler' statements. Remember - LaRouche will speak on the global collapse, and the US elections, next Wednesday, May 7, at 1:00 PM, in DC, or webcast on Mike Billington

UN's Jean Zeigler: WTO, IMF and Biofuels Have Caused the

"Authentic Tragedy" of World Starvation

April 29 (LPAC)--Jean Zeigler, the UN's Special Rapporteur on the

Right to Food, used his April 28 press conference in Geneva to

denounce the World Trade Organization (WTO), biofuels, and the

"aberrant" policies of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), for

starving poor people around the world.

Zeigler was attending the meeting of several UN agencies in

Geneva, called to come up with emergency solutions to the world

food crisis. In what was his final press conference as Special

Rapporteur--his job ends on April 30--he minced no words. The

work of WTO director Pascal Lamy, he said, "is totally contrary

to the interests of people who are victims of starvation." Yet

the WTO is rushing to conclude the Doha Round for greater trade

liberalization, which will kill more people, he said. It is

protectionist payments that allow peasants and small farmers to

produce food, he continued, not trade liberalization!

The Swiss official charged that the IMF's "aberrant"

policies were tantamount to colonialism--encouraging poor nations

to produce non-food products for export, so they could pay off

their foreign debt, while leaving subsistance farmers to eke out

an existence on their own. Enough of such "colonial crops," he


Zeigler made an impassioned call for increased donations to

the UN's World Food Program, which is the only source of food for

75 million people. Over the past three months, he warned, the

purchasing power of the world's poor has dropped by 40%, due to

food price inflation. Unless aid is forthcoming, millions of

people, in such places as the Gaza Strip or Darfur, will die over

the coming months, and food riots and unrest will intensify. High

food prices "are destabilizing the world," Zeigler intoned, and

the "daily massacre of hunger" is worsening, while speculators

seek gains from the ups and downs of commodity prices on

international markets.

In this context, Zeigler slammed the biofuels mania, which

he charged was one of the main causes for rising food prices. If

people want to fight global warming, fine, Zeigler said, but they

should do it without killing people. Today, biofuels "are a crime

against a large portion of humanity, which is intolerable," he

warned. There must be "total moratoria" on biofuels production,

lasting a minimum of five years, he stated. [crr]

Who’s Trashing Our American Skies, And Why?

by Christopher Gussa, Natural News, 04/24/08
(see all articles by this author),

Who’s Trashing Our Great American Skies?

Finally! A large local TV Station (KSLA - Shreveport , LA ) had the courage to take on chemtrails! See story here . This attracted the attention of Los Angeles network affiliate, “KNBC” which aired a report entitled, "Toxic Sky?" See Video Here

The purpose of this website is to help cure disease with herbs. However with the severe strains of viral/lung conditions so rampant lately and the possibility of "Chemtrails" playing a major role in this, it can no longer be ignored!

Someone said (and I am sure they were right) “You can find just about anything you want on the internet” There are, of course, endless websites on the internet about chemtrails. I assume most of them are 75 -100% factual, however you can’t help but let some speculation be a part of this so hard to believe, so concealed in it’s facts, and yet so “right in your face” subject!

In 1993, Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, senior researcher at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology patented several virulent strains of mycoplasma. He stated in his own patents that they cause chronic fatigue syndrome. The Institute is currently reconstructing the 1918 Spanish Flu, inserting it into contemporary flu strains and enhancing its lethality. The Spanish Flu killed 675,000 Americans in the 1918-1919 interval. Many of the dead were vaccinated soldiers. Anyone born after 1918 has no immunity to the Spanish Flu.

According to one credible source, there is a subrosa project known as 'Cloverleaf' that uses domestic air carriers retrofitted with special tanks (See picture below) to spray civilian populations with a variety of chemicals. This retired government scientist goes on to say that reconstructed versions of the flu could be inserted into vaccines along with a more benign strain of the inoculum in order to slow the progression of its more deadly component. Chemicals in the "chemtrails" reported nationwide over the preceding decade, may assist the viral envelope to fuse with lung cells, guaranteeing ease of penetration and infection. People will pass along the flu to others and then start dropping like flies. This will cause a panic demand for more flu shots, thus accelerating the cycle. Persons not so inoculated will be blamed for spreading the disease.

Apologies! I was misled! (See original source here) I just found out (From a Natural News reader) this photo (Left) turns out to be only standard WATER balancing tanks use by Boeing when testing and certifying new commercial jumbo jets. I will remove it entirely soon but wanted to let you all know when something turns out to be a fake we will let you know!

Come on people! Chemtrails are a real problem so please don’t put stuff like this out that you aren’t sure of!

Some thoughts from the Herb Doc about Chemtrails and the “Conspiracy Theory”.

plant doctor.jpgI live “Just down the road” (about 50 miles) from the Pinal Air Park in Tucson/ Marana and I have seen these aircraft in action way to much to deny they are doing anything less than spraying away at us! I also have personally heard from our local MDs that their flu business is always up after a major spraying. Yes, It is very, very real and it does major harm to our health.

So why arn't the major news media networks having a hay day with this? (The short answer is, "Big Pharma is their sponsor“) Chemtrails need to be brought up on local TV news shows (Everyone is always willing to look at the evils of our government) and then finally forced onto the major media networks. (As KSLA in Shreveport did.) They need to quit being an “internet only” subject. The problem with the whole subject of Chemtrails as presented on many websites is that everyone looks at you like you are one of “Them” when you bring it up!….One of those “Paranoid Loonies”. If you look at the speculation of why this chemtrail thing is going on, it’s always reasons like….. “It’s 80% population decrease”….. “It’s the Illuminati with Henry Kissinger at the helm - Kill the usless eaters” …”They are secretly controlling our minds” Even if this is all true (Which it may be in part) you are not going to hold anyone’s attention except the choir’s.

Hmmmm….The Illuminati….If 80% population decrease is their motive, I can tell you the numbers just aren’t right. They aren’t killing anyone off fast enough but they are helping Big Pharma and the “Vaccine Vixens” out in a big way! I would think that war would be the best population control tool! It’s easy to start and you can always blame someone else!

Are you as sick of this as I am? Do you want this evil truth exposed? Then call your local TV news stations on a daily basis and demand this be looked into! Have different people call with different return phone numbers. Get away from your computer for a while! (as soon as you finish reading this)

Thank you all and best of health!

Some useful "Chemtrail" links:

Dr. Mercola had a great article on "Chemtrails" back in 2001 which can be seen here.

Chemtrails And Vaccines - What You Didn't Know About Vaccines And Human Animal Husbandry

An Introduction to Chemtrails: This site has almost endless links with up to date latest info

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"I sense you want to know the truth."


British investigator Chris Stoner's article (below) on Dr. Michael Wolf, of the U.S. National Security Council's Special Studies [UFO] Group, closely tracks the information I got from my friend Dr. Wolf during our years of conversations.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Chris Stoner Inteviews Dr Michael Wolf - Former NSA Consultant

Dr. Wolf says
"I sense you want to know the truth."
I'll never forget those opening words. The voice deep and gravelly -
the delivery slow and deliberate. I had just picked up my trilling
phone. Then a pause. "I am Dr Michael Wolf. My publisher sent me your

It was an October evening in 1998. A friend had told me of a book I
should read called `Catchers of Heaven' and a little about the
background of its author. My journalistic instincts had taken over. I
immediately contacted the American publisher Dorrance asking where I
could buy this specialist book and whether it was possible to speak
with the author. The deep voice gravelled once more. "What do you
want to know?" So began a two year phone relationship. Over 30 hours
of conversation; 10 audio tapes worth of recorded material; and a
telephone bill to match. Perhaps, some of the most exciting and
challenging months of my life. I remember after our first 90 minute
conversation, going to bed and being unable to sleep. I was too
excited. Intuitively I knew this man to be genuine. Like any
investigative journalist I'd dreamt of discovering my personal `deep
throat'. I sensed I had found him. I knew how Bernstein and Woodward
must have felt with their Watergate.

Trust and respect were the keys to developing our relationship. If he
said, "I can't talk about this area," I wouldn't push. If he
said, "Ask me the question again in a few months." I would leave it a
while. I warmed to the doctor and I felt he warmed to me. Simply put,
we got on well together. He had several annoying traits including a
strong tendency to repeat the same information over and over again.
Michael also suffered from a rambling verbal diarrhea which would
lurch back and forth between the environment, politics, an ET crash
retrieval and TV soaps all in one operatic marathon sentence.
Stopping him talking to ask the next question was often a feat in
itself. At first I phoned him twice a month - I didn't wish to
outstay my welcome - then each month and towards the end every three
months. I recorded each phone conversation however banal and then
typed the relevant information via a computer.

The UFO information he gave me was challenging, mind-blowing and at
times quite unbelievable. He forced me to expand my consciousness
ever wider. I knew all about the cover up, so I thought, but never
did I realise how deep and complex this deception went. At times I
refused to accept it. Not even a Hollywood hack could write such an
extreme conspiratorial film plot. Self doubt attacked me many times
until I was able to assimilate the knowledge. Fortunately, I had
other journalists who were also regularly speaking with Michael.
Primarily, an American, Dr Richard Boylan and an Italian lady called
Paola Harris. I could compare notes. I spoke with Paola various times
on the phone. She had visited Michael at his home in Hartford,
Connecticut on two occasions before ill-health had got the better of
him; taken many photographs of the doctor; and seen some visual
evidence including a photograph of him and Clinton standing together
along with a signed letter from the President thanking him for all
his work. While I never spoke to Dr Boylan I regularly frequented his
website where some of the information I had been told was also
written up.

The Canadian UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman, had attempted to
discredit Michael, which upset him greatly, but as the doctor
explained, "He wanted me to be the smoking gun but I refused." This
comment summed up Michael's attitude. He kept repeating, "I've signed
the oath of secrecy. I don't wish to commit treason. I can only say
so much." One sensed a man torn between the loyalty for his superiors
and country and the human desire to speak the truth. The frustration
must have been intense. For here was no tea-boy but a top manager
within the satellite government - probably the highest ranking member
to step forward to date. A man who held so much knowledge, so much
information about the ET reality and UFO cover up that what is
written in the feature is just the tip of a vast iceberg. UFO
researcher Linda Moulton-Howe once spoke to Michael about the 1964
Holloman Airforce base incident. He gave her such a detailed and
explicit answer that Howe's response was, "You're too good to be
true!" The doctor never heard from her again.

One day a real X-Files incident occurred. One which helped me
understand Michael's general reticence.

Being head of MJ12s Alphacom Team, a research group set up to
catalogue, study and evaluate the different ET races in the universe,
I was naturally curious to learn more. One day I asked him about the
race on Mars. Having read Courtney Brown's book on his remote viewing
experiences where these ETs are mentioned, I was interested to know
if they actually existed. The response was immediate - the tone one
of incredulity verging on anger. "I can't tell you about them!"

"Why?" I asked, slightly hurt - a knee-jerk reaction - all respect
briefly gone.

Then I discovered the reason.

Every phone conversation was monitored by his superiors. I was on
candid camera - being tested. If I asked a question which Michael was
not allowed to answer a red light would flash. No light and he could
proceed. Now I understood why he kept repeating himself. A smoke-
screen to stop me from asking too many awkward questions. Mars was a
definite no-no! Michael was a willing puppet for the satellite
government. Their mouth-piece to test the waters of the 'deceived'
world. The doctor explained that he and his superiors would regularly
chat about which information to leak and which was out of bounds.
Concerning the Monolith (see feature) he said with a tinge of
rebelliousness, "They chewed me out over that one. I wasn't supposed
to discuss it!"

One triumph came when he began talking about the Altaran race. Over a
period of four months I had gently, gradually, nudged him to offer me
details. He had hinted at these ETs in the early phone-call days.
During the conversation he suddenly said in an elated tone, "I'm
surprised I'm being allowed to tell you this information. " Perhaps,
the red light was stuck on green. Out poured the knowledge he and his
Alphacom Team had accumulated. There was a sense of relief almost joy
in his voice. Like a dog let loose from its lead. A tiny slither of
frustration released.

Another time I asked him about an ET crash/retrieval incident. "Hold
on I'll find out," he replied. He put the phone down. Some minutes
later the doctor returned. "I've just checked the list. No, it wasn't
that date. It occurred a year later." Michael explained that in his
safe was the official satellite government crash/retrieval list going
back to 1941.

His health was a constant factor.

Some times he would be too ill to talk. On one occasion he sounded
almost paranoid. "The Cabal - they're trying to kill me!" he groaned.
His GP had put him on a new drug and his body was abreacting to it.
On other occasions he sounded alert and well. Excited to be able to
discuss further revelations. Towards the end I was privy to his
personal life. I chatted to Michael's lovely fiancee and heard about
their future plans for marriage. Wonderful that a terminally ill man
was still planning ahead.

The last time I spoke to him was in late July 2000. He sounded
gravely ill and could only muster a few sentences. I sensed his time
was near. In August Michael was moved to a hospice. On September 18th
2000 he died.

The doctor was not afraid of death. The ETs he worked alongside in
underground bases like Area 51 and Dulce told him that our bodies are
merely containers for the soul. When people die their consciousness
simply passes into another dimension. The greatest lesson I learnt
from him was to always keep an open mind. However extreme or absurd
the information may sound. As Arthur C. Clarke once said, "The only
way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into
the impossible." I feel privileged to have known Dr Wolf. A unique,
courageous and extraordinary man. And I hope the seekers of truth
will honour him with the respect and gratitude he so richly deserves.


During Dr Wolf's final years he spent time talking to various
journalists about the UFO and ET cover up. His bosses at the National
Security Council (NSC) gave him permission to 'generate a controlled
leakage of secret information' . As Dr Wolf commented, "I look forward
to the day when the secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial contact ends
so that our race can move forward to the next phase of its history -
now cosmic in scale." As is standard practise these superiors have
erased almost all his records such as the universities he attended;
degrees gained; and his involvement with the CIA, NSA and NSC. Such
measures are common for people working in unacknowledged 'special
access programs' as their bosses must maintain plausible deniability
in case a sensitive unauthorised disclosure occurs. Dr Wolf said he
worked in laboratories at Area 51, S4, Wright-Patterson Airforce base
(Foreign Technology Division), Indian Springs and Dulce. Where for
five years, "I met with extraterrestrial beings every day in my work
and shared living quarters with them."

He served as a scientific consultant for the American President and
NSC on ET related matters. He was a member of MJ12 special studies
group and appointed head of its leading agency - the Alphacom Team -
which specialises in gathering information on the different ET races.
Dr Wolf said he had an MD in neurology; a Ph.D in theoretical
physics; a BS in biogenetics; a JD in international law; and a D.Sc.
in computer sciences. The UFO community were first alerted to Dr Wolf
by the publication of his highly original and unique book `Catchers
of Heaven' in July 1996. A book primarily about his experiences while
working for the satellite government. Prominent researchers like
James Courant, Michael Hesemann, Dr Steven Greer, Art Bell and Bruce
Burgess went knocking on his door. It took '15 years of persuasion'
before his bosses finally allowed him to publish. But their
conditions stated that this book must be fictionalised and to have
three different denials at the beginning concerning its authenticity.
They also reviewed Catchers of Heaven before publication. He
laughed, "I would like on my gravestone the words, 'He died of red
tape'." While some of Dr Wolf's claims may sound pure science
fiction, if genuine, then he is probably the highest ranking member
of the satellite government to come forward so far - offering us an
extraordinary insight - a tantalising glimpse - into the UFO cover up
and ET reality.


: The first US crash/retrieval of an ET craft occurred during 1941 in
the ocean west of San Diego. Retrieved by the navy, dead Zeta
Reticulans, alias the 'Greys', were found inside. Craft and bodies
were taken to the Foreign Technology Section at Wright-Patterson
Airforce base in Dayton, Ohio, and studied by the Retfours Special
Studies Group. After dismantling the craft parts were sent to S4 and
Indian Springs in Nevada. This craft crashed due to the recently
invented pulse radar being tested on the nearby Tinian island,
located three miles south/south west of Saipan. The US navy has held
a leadership position in UFO matters since.

: The Roswell Crash during July 1947 did happen and that the account
in Colonel Corso's book 'The Day after Roswell' is accurate. Dr Wolf
had, in his possession, the official satellite government ET
crash/retrieval list and while others occurred between 1941 and '47
he was not willing to offer examples.

: Two craft crashed at Roswell after colliding with each other during
an electrical storm. One contained 'Greys' the other 'Orange' ETs -
both named due to the colour of their skin. The 'Orange' types come
from the Andromeda star system. The Santilli autopsy film is genuine -
Dr Wolf had seen other similar footage - and is an autopsy of
an 'Orange' ET. There were two different autopsies being carried out
on two different ET beings during the same period - hence the

: The autopsy on the 'Orange' ET revealed that it had a very large
head; big dark eyes with no irises or whites; six digits on hands and
feet; the brain has four lobes; is more developed and connected with
no corpus callosum; different optic orbs and nerves; and a sponge
like digestive system. Dr Wolf said he'd met one alive.

: There are different types of 'Greys'. He worked alongside highly
evolved ones which had, contrary to present opinion, personalities
and even a sense of humour. Dr Wolf never met a 'Grey' whom he
disliked. To him they were family. These 'Greys' enjoyed hugging and
kissing humans. This upset some of his colleagues. One nicknamed
them 'kissey facey'. Their smooth and soft bodies feel like dolphin
skin to touch. He communicated with these ETs through telepathy. Dr
Wolf became especially friendly with one called Kolta. A picture of
this 'Grey' is on the front cover of his book - an actual photograph
taken by an admiral friend.

: There is active trading between the 'Greys' and 'Oranges'. Dr Wolf
said, "Trading has a different meaning for ETs. They share knowledge
like technology and philosophy and send their people to each other's
planet to learn the culture."

: He had conversed with human looking ETs from the Pleiades and
Altair star systems - nicknamed the Nordics and Semitics. Dr Wolf
explained they are very spiritual people and act more as galactic
counsellors. A photograph of a Pleiadian friend called Sa Ra adorns
the back cover of his book.

: On May 1st, 1975, a 'little misunderstanding' occurred between
the 'Greys' and humans at S4. During a demonstration of a small anti-
matter reactor the head ET asked the guards, Blue Beret soldiers, to
remove their rifles and bullets from the room. A safety precaution so
these weapons wouldn't accidentally discharge during the energy
emissions. The guards refused and in the ensuing commotion a Blue
Beret opened fire and killed a 'Grey'. Two scientists and 41 military
personnel were then terminated. One guard was allowed to live -
testifying that the 'Greys' used a form of directed mental energy at
them in self defense.

: A number of the scientists presently working for the satellite
government were abducted when children by the 'Greys' so their
intelligence and general brain capacity could be increased in
preparation for the work ahead. They are hybrids.

: His first major assignment was working alongside Carl Sagan and
other top scientists - their job to understand the intricacies of a
huge ET beacon dubbed The Monolith - first discovered floating out in
space by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and American Alan Shephard
during 1961. It was eventually brought back for investigation in
1972. Dr Wolf described it as 'postcards from the rim'. The Monolith
emits both light and tone signals along with a mathematical language.
On closing your eyes, while tuned into these signals, "You see in
your mind's eye a 3D film of the Galaxy. But you are actually there
as if part of this film. The images being seen today by the Hubble
telescope are the same ones I saw 25 years ago." Dr Wolf said there
are many Monoliths out in space and were devised by a group of ET

: Carl Sagan consistently denied the ET reality because his
superiors, "Threatened to cut off the funding to his department at
Cornell University if he said otherwise."

: He was involved in various genetic experiments - one being the
Sentinel Project. After perfecting cloning techniques on animals Dr
Wolf and his associates successfully created an artificially-
intelligent human named 'J-Type Omega' - their superiors wanted a
superbright, superpowerful soldier who would follow orders without
fear or question. But Dr Wolf surreptitiously programmed ethics into
its intelligence after realising that 'J Type' had a soul. When the
being refused to kill a harmless dog his superiors ordered its
termination. Instead, Dr Wolf set 'J Type Omega' free.
This 'intelligence' is presently living somewhere in America.

: MJ12 does exist and now has 36 members. He was reluctant to divulge
names although confirmed that former American Secretary of State,
Henry Kissinger and father of the hydrogen bomb, Edward Teller, are
present members. MJ12 regularly meet at various secret locations
including the Batelle Memorial Institute at Columbus, Ohio.

: The Sentinel Project involved a close association with the 'Greys'.
The ETs vast knowledge on genetics being essential for its
success. 'J Omega' was grown in a water tank from an embryo. Part of
the DNA used came from Dr Wolf. It took exactly one year before he
was ready to be 'awoken'. Dr Wolf said, "When taken from the tank he
looked around 20 years old."

: When 'J' awoke, "He was like a puppy dog - his mind a vacuum. He
asked question after question. He wanted to know everything." Dr Wolf
showed him film reels about Earth's past wars and conflicts. "He
cried when he saw these horrific images. In hindsight I showed him
too much." He learnt several different languages and could use 50% of
his brain - unlike the mere 10% harnessed by humans. "When his mental
abilites were tested his IQ shot off the map." Their relationship was
like father and son.

: Harvesting of animal tissue, through the so-called 'Cattle
Mutilations' , is to produce organelles - specialised parts of a cell
that resemble and function like an organ - which can be placed into
humans for filtering out pollutants from the air, water, food etc..
Present experimentation is being carried out on the hybrids - part
Zeta/part human - or 'In-Betweens' as Dr Wolf called them.

: These organelles can also be used to alter the body's hormones and
for changing precursors in the brain from being toxic to non-
toxic. "These cells are minute and a non-invasive procedure." Cattle
genetics are very similar to humans.

: When Dr Wolf's superiors ordered 'J Omega's' termination, with the
help of a general friend, he smuggled him out of Area 51. "To me it
felt like a sin to create a being with emotions and a soul and then
send him into battle." 'J' is safe and well. Several organelles were
placed in his body to keep him disease free. "He knows who he is and
how he was created. 'J' is almost identical to a human and would
easily pass a medical examination. " The Zetas were pleased with the
result. " 'J' told me he wished to become a teacher." Dr Wolf
believed this was a one-off project. "I told him never to contact me.
It's too dangerous."

: He briefed four different American presidents on the ET reality.
Jimmy Carter was keen to end the UFO cover up but when told of the
religious implications he backed down. "I attended this meeting.
Carter had strong Christian beliefs. When told that religion is man-
made and probably unique to this planet he broke down in tears."

: Both Ronald Reagan and George Bush are very knowledgeable on the ET
reality - especially Bush, being former head of the CIA. Bill Clinton
was the least aware. He knows of Area 51 but not S4. "Clinton
has 'Above Top Secret' and 'Need to Know' clearances but does not
have the 'Umbra Ultra Top Secret Clearance' which gives access to
upper level MJ12 secrets and 'Keystone Clearance' for information on
ET research."

: Many people in MI5, MI6 and the SAS are aware of the ET reality.
While reluctant to give names of those he briefed at Downing Street,
when staying in London he became good friends with former
Conservative cabinet and defence minister Sir Malcom
Rifkind. "Rifkind is very knowledgeable on the UFO subject -
especially the flying triangular craft. He believes the cover up is
correct. That people are not ready to be told yet."

: The Queen has been superficially told of the ET reality - Margaret
Thatcher was also briefed but knows just a small part of the story.

: We unofficially landed on the moon before 1969 although he wouldn't
give a date. "Our astronauts were observed then communicated with by
ETs while on the Moon. We were warned off the planet. That's why the
last Apollo mission was cancelled at the last second. The astronauts
are dying to tell the truth but know it could be interpreted as

: NASA has played an integral role in the UFO cover up. They have
been designated as one of the primary organisations to eventually
tell the world about the ET reality.

: Richard Hoagland is primarily correct concerning structures on Mars
and confirms that we have bases on both this planet and the Moon. The
recent Face on Mars photograph, which shows a very different image
from the previous one, has been doctored by NASA. "They believe
humanity is not ready for this knowledge."

: In a chamber at Giza and another located between the paws of the
Sphinx, skeletons of 7 ft tall beings with large eyes have been
discovered - their hands and legs chained together with silver. "For
some reason early ET visitors could not break through silver."

: A Stargate has been discovered in a Giza pyramid. Investigating
scientists believe it to be a lens which creates wormholes to any
part of the universe. It hasn't been activated yet. "We need to know
a lot more about this Galaxy and others before using it - where you
want to go and how to prepare yourself. It's about what you dial in.
Co-ordinates have to be established. The problem is there are no
traffic signs out in space." Dr Wolf felt this will be one of the
last projects we'll learn about through our association with the ETs.

: He personally pioneered a mental expansion process called The
Gateway treatment . An experiment to, "Open the brain up - a way to
stimulate the neurons allowing billions of synapses to form and
therefore use of a vastly increased mind." One off-shoot is an
ability to telepathically communicate with the ETs.

: This mental expansion developed into a series of mind control
experiments under the name MK ULTRA. Dr Wolf and colleagues learnt
how to extract as well as repress human memories. The latter is
called Mind Capping. "These techniques are not as effective as the ET
methods." This also lead to research on remote viewing and other
psychic phenomena. "The end result of all these experiments may be an
attempt by some at world mind control - a chilling thought."

: There is a group of impotent, xenophobic and paranoid generals,
charged with the protection of American skies, who fear and hate the
ETs and are waging war against them. Called the Cabal they use Star
Wars weaponry including a neutral particle beam to shoot down ET
craft and imprison survivors while attempting to extract information
by force. "The very technology the ETs gave us is now being used
against them." Despised by many within the satellite government this
Cabal also use aggressive methods against those who try to end the
UFO cover up. A concern being that this aggression will intensify as
the big announcement draws ever closer.

: Leading UFO researchers and members of the satellite government who
are presently helping to end the cover up may have been zapped by
psychotronic directed energy devices owned by the Cabal. People like
Dr Steven Greer and assistant Shari Adamiak (CSETI); Congressman
Steve Schiff; USAF Col. Steven Wilson (former head of crash/retrieval
unit Project Pounce); Dr Michael Wolf himself; his primary unnamed
CIA superior; plus others have either recently died or are suffering
from cancer related illness. Coincidence?

: Through his genetic experiments he found that some humans,
including himself, have ET gene markers. "Many people who are
actively involved in the UFO field will probably have these genes."

: Several different confederations of ETs are visiting us. They
include The Alliance consisting of human looking beings from the
Altair Aquila and Pleiades star systems; The Corporate made up of
various 'Grey' races from the Zeta Reticuli system; The Federation of
Worlds which include an unspecified number of different ET groups
from the universe; and the United Races of Orion which consist of
various beings from that star system. These confederations are also
inter-linked with each other.

: In a treaty, signed by The Corporate, there's an 'Above Top Secret'
United Nations ruling which states that no Zeta is allowed to walk
amongst the public and be seen by them. Unfortunately, Dr Wolf's
friend, Kolta, strayed into a 'no go zone' and was shot by a soldier.
He found the wounded 'Grey' hiding in his apartment. "I concealed
Kolta in my bedroom closet minutes before members of the CIA appeared
at my door. I managed to act innocent and sent them away." Dr Wolf
called a doctor friend who knew about these ETs. "We managed to save
Kolta's life. Lead is toxic to Zetas. So he would have died of lead
poisoning from the bullet rather than the actual wound."

: Proposals for the announcement have been postponed three times -
partly due to the S4 incident in 1975 which halted negotiations with
the 'Greys' and partly to the huge religious and world economy
implications. The recent Life on Mars admission is the foundation for
future revelations. Dr Wolf said that other disclosures will occur
between 2001 and 2005.

: The Vatican are especially worried over these forthcoming
announcements. They have asked the American government to hold back,
especially on the religious question, so there is more time for them
to prepare. Dr Wolf said the Pope has changed the Roman Catholic view
on God. "Their future line will be 'we are not in the image of God
but our souls are'."

: He had spoken at length to the ETs about God and death. "Our bodies
are merely containers for the soul. When people die their
consciousness simply moves into another dimension." On God Dr Wolf
said, "Some ETs call God The Forever - the creator behind everything
in the universe." On Jesus Christ , "He was of joint ET/human
heritage - sent to Earth as an attempt to end human violence."
Whether a Zeta, Pleiadian, Altaran, Human etc.. we share the same
God - we are all family.

: Dr Strecker's published research report, identifying HIV/AIDS as
caused by a man-made virus, is correct. The satellite government has
discovered that viruses are crystalline in structure and using the
correct frequency can destroy them.

: The US had in their possession a 'Grey', dubbed EBE
(Extraterrestrial Biological Entity), as a prisoner/guest from 1948
until its death in 1953. Scientists initially used pictographs as a
form of communication.

: Albert Einstein had met and worked alongside the 'Greys'.

: Some ETs occasionally eat vegetation, fruits or vegetables. Their
digestive systems are far more efficient than ours absorbing and
processing thoroughly. They mainly absorb energy from the air. Visits
to the toilet are not required!

: Earth is one of the few planets which doesn't control its weather.
One reason why ET ships crash during extremes of climate - especially
those using gravity propulsion. Dr Wolf says, "Their craft are no
different to boats in a violent storm - bobbing up and down on large
rolling gravity waves. To counteract these difficulties some ETs
surround their ships with plasma energy or fly inter-dimensionally
through a storm."

: A planet is a living entity with its own consciousness. ETs commune
with their planet to create a harmonious relationship. Dr Wolf
says, "Some planets grow buildings of pure silicon for the
inhabitants out of unconditional love. I have seen and held this
silicon. I have also witnessed Zetas communicate with Earth."

: ETs are astounded by how badly we treat Earth. They can't
understand why we wish to destroy it. How multi-nationals can
continually rape this planet through greed and avarice. One of the
Alphacom Team missions is to determine whether, "We can use the ETs
technology to restore Earth to its former pristine state of natural

: Technology gained from the ETs include LEDs, superconductivity,
computer chips, fibre optics, lasers, gene-splicing therapy, cloning,
night-vision equipment, Stealth technology, particle beam devices,
aerospace ceramics and gravity control flight.

: ETs like many things about humans. Dr Wolf explained, "They
especially love our great imagination and creativity along with the
ability to have profound dreams. But they would like to speed up our
spiritual evolution."

: Many ETs who visit Earth are actual tourists. While we take
holidays in other countries more advanced beings visit other
worlds. "Compared to most planets Earth is almost unique with its
vast diversity of nature, culture and inhabitants. As primitive
planets go we are a popular attraction."

: Some ETS prefer living underground as they can control the
environment to suit their needs. They also use electro-magnetic
shielding where the molecules are so dense that nothing can get
through. Dr Wolf hinted, "We still haven't explored the deep oceans
or the inner crusts of Earth."

: Alphacom Team discovered that many human looking ETs are presently
amongst us. He said, "They can breathe our air and on the street
would look exactly like us." Around 1,000 Nordic types are living in
Spain alone.

: A Nordic has a perfect and very sensitive looking face with few
lines; blue eyes; usually blond hair; around 6 ft tall; very clean;
no body odour; and mainly communicates telepathically. But while on
Earth uses a small implanted voice- box to converse with humans.

: Their internal organs are fairly similar to ours although the
digestive system is different. They don't need to eat every day.
Their cells don't die because the genetics are dissimilar.

: They have a base on a French Polynesian island and walk freely
amongst the inhabitants.

: Nordics have powerful minds. Dr Wolf said, "They can open a
dimensional portal just through a single thought and physically
disappear. I have seen this done. They live on a much higher plane
than us. Thoughts are an energy and Nordics use a device, either worn
or placed in a pocket, that amplifies this energy. They also harness
crystals for the same purpose."

: During one afternoon in 1990 an ET craft, escorted by F-16
fighters, landed on Puerto Rico, in a busy tourist area. The ETs
stepped out and walked amongst the populace. Dr Wolf said, "It was an
exercise to test the public reaction." The Mayor of this island wrote
a letter to Bush stating, 'At first we were amused by all of the
sightings but then people became distressed. What do I tell them?'
The President passed this communication onto Dr Wolf. "It was stamped
all over with the words T52-EXEMPT (E) which means this letter can
never be declassified. "

: While studying at MIT for his PhD in physics he discovered a new
theory of wave particle duality which later developed into a neutral
particle beam. Dr Wolf commented, "I had hoped and envisioned that
this technology would be used for treating cancer. Instead it was
used as a weapon as part of the SDI Programme (Star Wars)."

: The ETs told him, "All worlds in the Galaxy are connected. One
Hiroshima atomic bomb can affect every different culture." They also
explained, "Thought is energy. It can be received on other worlds.
There is no galactic barrier."

: Chris Carter, creator of the `X Files', had regular meetings with
members of the US Satellite Government. Some of the story-lines are
based on actual fact eg. `Project Sentinel'.

: The top secret space plane, The Aurora, runs on liquid methane and
has anti-gravity on board. It carries an electromagnetic pulse
weapons' system which can knock out tracking radar. This plane can
also travel to the moon.

: Some military pilots are experimenting with mind control to guide
advanced planes. Dr Wolf said, "Some ET craft are living conveyances
which are able to divide and reform. These craft are also responsive
to thought commands."

: The underground base at Area 51 is a sprawling city, the size of
Rhode Island, which continues to grow and has a sister base called
S4, some 12 miles away, and another named Indian Springs. It employs
hundreds of civilian and military and has at least 8 different on-
going black programmes along with an annual $2 billion budget.
There's intense security outside with martial law inside and is
patrolled by elite guards. Some scientists live at the base for 6
months at a time. While their bedrooms are basic the ETs live in
their own magnificently designed apartments. There are also shopping
malls, military style shops and leisure areas including swimming
pools, gymnasiums and basket ball courts. The food is excellent.

: Satellite government scientists have successfully created zero
point energy and cold fusion. "There needs to be a smooth transition
into these new sciences. Otherwise the world economy could be

Dr Michael Wolf's book has presently sold around 10,000 copies.
[Catchers of Heaven has sold out and is no longer available. - RB]

Thanks to: Richard J. Boylan ( James
Courant (audio tape 'In conversation with Dr Wolf'): Paola Harris (http://www.paolahar
and British Telecom (30 hours of transatlantic phone calls).

[This article had been read and approved by Dr Wolf before his death]


US rebuked Over Syria Nuclear Case

By Al Jazeera and agencies

25/04/08 "al Jazeera" -- - The head of the UN nuclear monitoring agency has criticised the US for withholding intelligence information that it says showed the construction of a nuclear reactor in Syria.

Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), on Friday also hit out at Israel for bombing the site before inspectors could investigate.
Washington alleged that the facility had a military purpose until Israel destroyed it in a bombing raid last September.

The watchdog was critical of both the US and Israel for their handling of the matter.

"In light of the above, the director-general views the unilateral military action by Israel as undermining the due process of verification that is at the heart of the non-proliferation regime," it added.

The agency said it was taking seriously the allegations that were passed on by the United States on Thursday and will investigate the findings.

"[We] will treat this information with the seriousness it deserves and will investigate the veracity of the information," it said.

"Syria has an obligation under its safeguards agreement with the IAEA to report the planning and construction of any nuclear facility."

'Come clean'

The White House said in a statement on Thursday that Syria "must come clean" over its alleged secret co-operation with North Korea on the reactor.

It also described the alleged assistance as a "dangerous manifestation'' of North Korea's nuclear proliferation activities, but said it would continue six-party talks to try to resolve the nuclear standoff with the isolated nation.

The claims follow a briefing of US congressional officials in Washington DC by intelligence chiefs, including William Hayden, the CIA director.

However, some US legislators earlier warned that the claims could wreck vital six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear programme.

Later on Thursday, Syria's ambassador to the US dismissed claim as a "ridiculous story".

Imad Moustapha told Al Jazeera that his government maintained there was no evidence of any alleged secret nuclear activity.

Timothy Savage, an analyst from the Nautilus Institute, told Al Jazeera that the US claims could be treated with a degree of sceptism.

"The Bush administration doesn't have a great track record with intelligence, so it's natural that people will approach this with some scepticism," he said.

'Nuclear facility'

The controversy began last September, when an Israeli air raid destroyed a target in Syrian territory which some reports later said was a nuclear facility being built with North Korean help.

Syria, a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has maintained in the past that the site was an unused military facility.

It later razed the site and built a larger building in its place.

The target of Israel's raid has been veiled in secrecy, with US intelligence and government officials refusing to confirm for months that such a raid even took place.

An open letter to family and friends - PLEASE READ

Worth it. Clarifies some things, too.

Arthur Evangelista, PhD

Public Health & Medical Fraud Research

North Carolina


This was sent to me by a close friend who owns a web design business here in Memphis. I thought it worth sharing with my family and friends as well.

Blessings to you each.

Michael Goza

Dear family and close friends,

Please take the time to read this. I don't mean to be overly dramatic, but your life, liberty and property may very well be dependent upon it.

I've started to send something like this to you all for several months, but I can no longer put it off in good conscience.

Americans by and large think that things will always be as they are. It's a comfort and defense mechanism. There may be economic upswings and downturns, we may soon have someone we disdain in the White House, but all in all things will continue as they always have. America is essentially invincible.

I'm here to flatly tell you that's a false reality. The evidence is everywhere, yet we ignore it and disconnect ourselves mentally and emotionally because the evidence points to something that is, for the moment, utterly inconceivable.

I believe the facade is going to be shattered, and sooner rather than later. If you think I overstate the situation, you do not know human nature, you do not know current events and you do not know history.

For purposes of this discussion, set aside what you know and think of parties and politics. The practical reality is that the old left/right, liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican dichotomies are meaningless anyway.

Let's just look at simple, non-partisan facts which you can (and should) research and study yourselves.

Widespread food rationing will soon be a reality. Yes, right here in America, a country previously known as the world's breadbasket. It's happening around the world already, and has hit some US cities this week. According to major news outlets, Costco, Sam’s and Wal-Mart are all limiting purchases of flour, rice and cooking oil in New York, other densely populated areas of New England, and major cities in California. Even in other parts of the country where food is presently abundant and available, the costs are increasing rapidly. Fuel costs are skyrocketing. Our fiat currency—issued by the Federal Reserve which is a private corporation, no more federal than Federal Express—is dropping in value daily.

We're sending our young men and women to secure Iraq's border while we have what would under any other circumstances rightfully be called a full scale invasion of illegals coming across our own southern border, and our collective response has been to sign petitions and write our representatives, only to receive form letter replies blaming someone else, somewhere else. We have a proposed North American Union whereby our national sovereignty will be swept under the rug of history. Google "Amero" and read about the accompanying new currency...

We recently had local law enforcement agencies here in the Memphis area cooperating with federal agencies to conduct what one sheriff described as "martial law training." The Memphis Police Department just announced the opening of the Orwellian Real Time Crime Center to provide for 24/7 video surveillance throughout the city. Thanks to FISA and the Patriot Act, your phones can now be tapped, emails read, mail opened, and homes searched—all without a proper search warrant. The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force now classifies those who ardently support and defend the Constitution as "domestic terrorists."

Your most fundamental right of habeas corpus, that principle derived from the Magna Carta in 1215 which prevents you from being swept up and locked away without ever having been charged or given a right to trial, has been dispensed with as a frivolous encumbrance to fighting the "war on terror." In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee just two days ago, FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledged that he was aware in 2002 that CIA agents were conducting interrogations in violation of the law as he understood it, and that Attorney General John Ashcroft and others within the Department of Justice also knew and in fact gave the "green light" to torture.

Since passage of the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, the US military can now be deployed on US soil as a law enforcement apparatus to establish and maintain control over civilians. They, of course, could be backed up by Blackwater, the well-equipped and highly trained mercenary army which answers to literally no one. Perhaps most frighteningly, President Bush has signed countless Executive Orders (EOs) and Presidential Directives (PDs) over the past seven years granting himself the power to declare a non-specific "national emergency" and put the US under martial law and effectively create a military dictatorship, all without even consulting Congress. Google "NSPD51" and "HSDP20" or read this.

No, you didn't see much of this on Fox or CNN, but that does not mean it isn't happening. It's not front page news—as it should be—but none of it is hidden.

Stop and ask yourself which terror you fear more: rag-headed brown people living in caves on the other side of the world, or uncontrolled and unaccountable dictatorial power right here at home ? Just like what happened in Nazi Germany 60 years ago.

We have a government which no longer recognizes the sovereignty of We The People, "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights." Instead, we have privileges granted to us by an all-powerful State entity, and those privileges can be revoked or limited at any time, for most any reason.

I firmly believe that the vast majority of those who swore an oath before Almighty God to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies—foreign and domestic—are in fact the very ones who are destroying it. At best, they stand by in silence.

As scary and as crazy as this sounds, I'm not making any of this up.

Again, please research it yourselves and prove me wrong. You may think I sound like a Michael Moore/Chicken Little hybrid, but I'm just looking around me, and I don't like what I see. If a few years from now we see that this was all a bad dream, you can rightfully call me crazy, but I'd much rather have that happen than have any of you be caught unaware and unprepared. Frankly, I think there's little excuse for not knowing what's going on with all that stares us in the face daily, but propaganda is powerful stuff and many of you simply don't have the time or inclination to read much. That needs to change, and I strongly recommend you start by getting a copy of The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot by Naomi Wolf, followed by A Nation of Sheep by Andrew Napolitano.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." — Thomas Jefferson

Trust in God but do what you can—while you can—to prepare to protect and feed yourselves and your families…and,

Get ready for the fight of your lives… its America, but just like any other country, its only as good

as its people. Wake up.

Biggest Scam In History

Just in case you didn't know the Federal Reserve is a private company of bankers with twelve branch banks that confiscate our money and they have been doing this for almost a hundred years,--- this time! They are not part of the United States Government. Yet today they collect hundreds of billions of dollars from American taxpayers every year.

Pay attention now, you're about to read about the biggest and most successful scam in History.

Mayer Amchel Rothchild (1743-1812)

"Let me issue and control a nation's money, and I care not who writes its laws" --- Meyer Rothschild

A Little History Lesson

Alexander Hamilton

It was Alexander Hamilton who lobbied for the first private Federal Bank, and in 1789 Congress chartered the bank.

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson was adamantly opposed to the idea of a privately owned federal bank and said " I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies".

In 1811, under President James Madison, Vice President George Clinton broke the tied vote in congress to cast the bankers out refusing to renew the charter for the bankers. Unfortunatly it was President Madison who proposed a second United States privately owned Central bank and it came into existence in 1816

Andrew Jackson

However, in 1836 President Jackson, overriding Congress, closed it commenting, "The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it." (we now have another one like it)

Andrew Jackson also said, when speaking to the bankers: "You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God I will rout you out."

Martin Van Buren

When speaking to his closest friend, Martin Van Buren, Jackson said, "The bank, is trying to kill me, but I will kill it!" (and he did)

The first two Federal Reserve Systems lasted about 20 years each and we are now almost a hundred years into the third one.

Woodrow Wilson

The year is now 1913, the year after Woodrow Wilson was elected president of the United States. Prior to his election he needed financial support to pay for his campaign, so he reluctantly agreed, that if elected, he would sign the Federal Reserve Act, in return for that financial support.

In December 1913 while many members of Congress were home for Christmas, the Federal Reserve Act was rammed through Congress and was later signed by President Wilson. At a later date, Wilson admitted with remorse, when referring to the Fed."I have unwittingly ruined my country".

Now Comes the Income Tax! !!!

We didn't have nor did we need an income tax until we got the bankers back. The income tax was only needed to pay interest to the bankers for our money that they loan to our government. Yes, you read that right, the Fed, mostly on paper and computer, creates money or pays the treasury a small printing fee for currency, and then loans this money to our government. Our taxes pay them interest on this loan that cost the FEDS virtually nothing to make, what a sweetheart of a deal they have going for them.

As of March 6, 2006, the national debt stands at 8.2 trillion dollars. The American taxpayers have paid the FED banking system $173,875,979,369.66 in interest on that debt in just five short months, from October, 2005, through February, 2006. No con artist or group of con artists in history has ever perpetrated a scam that even approaches the scope of this one.

According to the two volume work by Bill Benson and Red Beckman , "The Law That Never Was" the 16th amendment, which created the IRS, was never properly ratified, not even by one state! These gentlemen traveled the then 48 states to verify that fact. So in a very real sense the income tax isn't legal, as many have proclaimed, but try not paying it and see how far you get before the Feds come after you and confiscate everything you own.


Henry Ford once said "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning".

Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis,Minnesota

In the nearly 100 years of the existence of the Fed, it has NEVER been audited and they don't pay income tax on the billions of dollars they take from us.

According to Congressional record the U.S. Government can buy back the FED at any time for $450 million. That's about half the amount of money we pay them daily.

Do we have the most stupid and/or the most corrupt leaders in the world, or what? It seems their # 1 concern is getting re-elected, they seem to think nothing of shirking their responsibilities to the people who elected them to their powerful prestigous high paying jobs.

Congress likes the Fed because they can spend all they want with no restraints, they just put our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren into debt.

A Federal Reserve note is just what it looks like, it's just a piece of paper with no backing whatsoever. This is why Congress hates gold and silver backed money, it forces them to live within their means. Of course they also get other perks from the Fed. perks far too numerous to mention here.

Article 1, section 8, of the Constitution reads:
The Congress shall have the Power.....To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof,....
Nowhere in that document does it give Congress the authority to delegate this responsibility to anyone, much less a bunch of private bankers.

It may be that you were never a big fan of John F. Kennedy, but you may see him in a different light after you learn how he took on the FEDS. He had the foresight to see what a bad deal had been struck in the creation of the Federal Reserve. He also had the courage to do something about it.which unfortunately, may have cost him his life.

On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy signed a Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110. This order virtually stripped the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Government at interest. President Kennedy declared the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. This order gave the Treasury Department the authority to issue silver certificates against any silver in the treasury. This executive order still stands today. In less than five months after signing that executive order President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

Photo taken about 2 minutes before JFK was assassinated

The United States Notes (silver certificates) he had issued were taken out of circulation immediately. Federal Reserve Notes continued to serve as the legal currency of this nation. It is estimated that 99% of all U.S. paper currency circulating in 1999 are Federal Reserve Notes.

Lincoln also took on the bankers and that brave bold step may also have cost him his life.

During the Civil War (from 1861-1865), President Lincoln needed money to finance the War for the North. The Bankers were going to charge him 24% to 36% interest. Lincoln was horrified and greatly distressed, and he would not think of plunging his beloved country into a debt that the country would find impossible to pay back.

So Lincoln advised Congress to pass a law authorizing the printing of full legal tender Treasury notes to pay for the War effort. Lincoln recognized the great benefits of this issue. At one point he wrote: "... (we) gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they have ever had - their own paper money to pay their own debts..."

The Treasury notes were printed with green ink on the back, so the people called them "Greenbacks". Lincoln had printed 400 million dollars worth of Greenbacks (the exact amount being $449,338,902), money that he delegated to be created, a debt-free and interest-free money to finance the War. It served as legal tender for all debts, public and private. He printed it, paid it to the soldiers, to the U.S. Civil Service empoyees, and bought supplies for the war.

Lincoln was assassinated shortly after the war and Congress revoked the Greenback Law and enacted, in its place, the National Banking Act. The national banks were to be privately owned and the national bank notes they issued were to be interest-bearing. The Act also provided that the Greenbacks should be retired from circulation as soon as they came back to the Treasury in payment of taxes.

Follow The Money!!!

When you follow the money you find there was no-one in the world who had a better reason to kill these two Presidents than the bankers. It seems inconceivable that anyone could still think there was no conspiracy in the assassination of JFK, especially when you consider the many people that were murdered or had suspicious deaths and who were associated in some way with Kennedy's assassination.

Is this proof?


Is this strong circumstantial evidence?


Concern Without Action Is A Waste Of Time!! The Federal Reserve, United Nations, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers and other elites of the hidden government are leading us into The New World Order and they are leading us fast. You are not going to like it when we get all the way there, and we are over half way there now.

Only we can save this Republic!!!

This article was written by my friend Norman Chenoweth. He graciously consented to allow me to edit it down to a more appropriate size for making into a web page. He also allowed me to add a few words of my own throughout the article. I can only hope that everyone I send this web page to will read it and share it with others, the American people deserve to know these facts about the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.

Norman has written some other articles that I hope you will take the time to read as they are about things every American should know but sadly most don't. He also has a wonderful free gift for you, be sure to check to see what it is, you won't be sorry, believe me I know!

Page by Mary Jone


APRIL 25, (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche today denounced the recent
accusations against Syria and North Korea as another Dick Cheney
swindle, on behalf of London, aimed at throwing all of Eurasia
into permanent war and chaos. On April 23, members of the House
and Senate armed services committees received a closed-door video
briefing, alleging that a military facility in a remote area of
Syria, which was bombed and destroyed by an Israeli Air Force
attack in September 2007, was the site of a secret plutonium
reactor, and that Syria was months away from being able to build
a nuclear bomb. Within 24 hours of the testimony, the 12-minute
video was leaked to the media.

LaRouche cited high-level U.S. intelligence sources, who
denounced the video as a hoax, and who confirmed that there was
no evidence that there was any nuclear material at the site. At
the time of the Israeli bombing, qualified U.S. and Israeli
sources had reported that the target of the bombing raid was a
military storage facility, which had new, modern air defense
components. It was only a month later that rightwing Israeli
circles began circulating the claim that the site was a secret
nuclear reactor.

LaRouche further charged that Vice President Cheney, the
leader of the war party faction inside the Bush Administration,
is out to wreck the ongoing Six Party talks on North Korea,
despite the fact that the longstanding diplomatic effort is the
only foreign policy success that the Bush Administration can
claim after nearly eight years in office.

According to several current and retired U.S. intelligence
officials contacted by Executive Intelligence Review in the past
48 hours, CIA analysts are convinced that the video evidence,
including the alleged ``eyewitness photographs,'' are phony, and
that the question of the alleged Syrian-North Korean nuclear
weapons cooperation is ``a non-issue.'' As one source put it,
the site has been already destroyed by the Israelis, there was no
plutonium or uranium at the location of the bombing, and there is
no military option against North Korea. The question is: Will
George Bush cave in to Cheney and throw away the one single
accomplishment of his administration?

- 30 -

Friday, April 25, 2008

Who's Behind the Proxy Wars

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Iran is conducting a proxy war against the United States in Iraq,
declared Ambassador Ryan Crocker last week.

How? Gen. David Petraeus explained. The Quds Force of the Iranian
Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah are arming, training and
directing the Shia militia fighting U.S. and Iraqi forces in Basra
and firing rockets into the Green Zone. Said Petraeus, the Quds
Force is responsible for killing hundreds of American soldiers.

If true, these are acts of war from a privileged sanctuary. And
Bush would be as justified in attacking these Iranian base camps as
was Nixon in ordering U.S. forces to clean out the North Vietnamese
sanctuaries in Cambodia.

While there is no reason to question the truth of what Petraeus and
Crocker allege, this proxy war raises a question. What is Tehran's

Iran, after all, is the principal beneficiary of the U.S. invasion
that dethroned its enemy Saddam, ended the Sunni Baath Party's
monopoly of power and opened the door to Shia politicians with
strong ties to Tehran. The regime in the Green Zone is the same
regime that rolled out a red carpet for President Ahmadinejad.

Why, then, would Iran bloody it up? Why, when things are going
Iran's way in Iraq, would it risk war with the United States over

The April 16 Los Angeles Times offers an answer. Iran's proxy war
against us in Iraq may be Tehran's response to a U.S. proxy war
being waged against Iran. Ahmadinejad may be exacting blood for

According to Times' writer Borzou Daragahi, Iran believes the
United States is behind groups that are systematically killing
Iranians along the border.

One such group is the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan, or PEJAK,
which is linked to the PKK that has conducted a terrorist war in
Turkey and is considered by the United States a terrorist
organization. The founder of PEJAK is Osman Ocalan, brother of the
founder of the PKK, who is now serving a life sentence in a Turkish

As Turkey retaliates against the PKK with artillery fire and raids
into Kurdistan, Iranians are now doing the same.

A second group, regarded by both the United States and Iran as
terrorist, is the Mujahedin Khalq, a cult-like group, operating
inside Iraq on the Iranian border. Iranians also believe the United
States is behind attacks in the oil-rich and Arab Khuzestan region
of southwest Iran.

And, as Daragahi reports, "Baluch militants have killed dozens of
members of Iran's security forces, including 11 elite Revolutionary
Guard in a car bomb attack last year in Zahedan, a town near the
border with Pakistan and Afghanistan." Jundallah, or God's Party,
claimed responsibility for that attack.

Last year also, a Kurdish woman killed several Iranian officers and
soldiers in a suicide bombing. According to Daragahi, "Iraqi Kurds
say perceived U.S. support for PEJAK and other anti-Iranian groups
prompted Iranians to reactivate Ansar al Islam, a Sunni Muslim
group with ties to al-Qaida that has been launching attacks against
Kurdish officials."

The danger here is that these proxy wars could explode into U.S.
air attacks on the Quds Force, followed by Iranian retaliation
against U.S. troops, followed by U.S. strikes on Iran's nuclear
facilities and a third U.S. war in the Middle East, dropped into
the lap of an overstretched U.S. military and onto the desk of the
next president.

In his speech last week, Bush warned that the regime in Tehran "has
a choice to make," and if "Iran makes the wrong choice, America
will act to protect our interests, and our troops and our Iraqi
partners" -- i.e., this is Tehran's last warning.

Query: Where is the Congress of the United States? It alone has the
power to authorize or declare a war of the magnitude toward which
we may be headed because of proxy wars about which the American
people know next to nothing.

Up on Capitol Hill, GOP Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina is
seeking to rewrite the War Powers Act to ensure that -- if the
United States goes to war again -- it be the "collective judgment"
of both elected branches, as the Founding Fathers intended.

Needed now are congressional hearings to determine if President
Bush has authorized a proxy war against Iran -- by funding or
arming guerrillas to attack the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and if
that is what is behind the IRG-backed attacks on U.S. forces.

Even before such hearings, both Houses should pass a joint
resolution declaring that no appropriated funds may be used for any
pre-emptive U.S. air strikes on Iran -- unless and until Congress
has authorized such acts of war. If we are headed for war with
Iran, it should be the collective judgment of all the nation's
elected leadership, and not done on the whim of a lame-duck
president unsure about his place in history.


Load Up the Pantry

HOLLY NOTE: We have posted articles continuously for the past year detailing depletion of US and global grain reserves to record lows, grain thefts in Kansas, food shortages, rising food prices and resulting food riots, in hopes that you are getting this message: As tough as it might be right now, this is definitely the time to purchase significant food stocks. If you have missed any of these articles, please check the Food & Water ARKives for 2008 and 2007. This issue is too vital for you not to get the entire picture.

The Midwest is at the heart of our wheat and corn production. All it will take is one bad drought - which Iowa expects - and now possibly a global drought - and our food supplies will take a serious hit. Extreme flooding like the Midwest is experiencing can wipe out food crops in a single day. With escalating fuel costs, there will come a point when truckers are unable to make a living and simply have to shut down.

Daily news address rampant concerns over rice, wheat, corn and soybean shortages. And now food rationing and hoarding is creeping into reality...

It's not enough that a huge portion of our grains goes to biofuel, tenuous crops are further impacted by a higher global demand for wheat-based foods on dinner tables. If drought, as addressed above, hit's America's bread basket our remaining crops will be in deep weeds.

Stock up now - buy in bulk - and pack for long-term storage any grain products and foods you regularly consume. It's easy, it's great insurance and will save you loads of money in the long run. The longer you delay, prices are only going to escalate, your options will dwindle, along with selection. Please do this before your options close.

When reading news articles, it is our hope you'll read beyond the headlines and hear the unspoken message - a quiet urging to prepare.

Japan's Hunger Becomes a Dire Warning for Other Nations
Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World
UN Chief Warns World Must Urgently Increase Food Production
Already We Have Riots, Hoarding, Panic: the Sign of Things
A Global Need for Grain That Farms Can’t Fill
Surging costs of Groceries Hitting Home
Wheat Supplies, Already Tight, May Be Hurt by Global Drought
FAO Sees Record World Food Prices Staying
Forget Oil, the New Global Crisis is Food
Food Inflation and Food Shortages
Food ... and How It's Going to Change the World
Potential Drought Predicted for Iowa and What That Means for Food Supplies
Food Prices to Continue to Climb in 2008
Tight Supply May Hit Grain Stability
Fears Over Food Price Inflation
Australian Food Prices to Skyrocket
Saudi Food Prices Seen Up 30% in '08
US Farms Data Feed Cereal Price Hike Fears
Grains Likely to be More Volatile
‘Panic Buying’ in the Grain Markets

April 22, 2008
Wall Street Journal

I don't want to alarm anybody, but maybe it's time for Americans to start stockpiling food.

No, this is not a drill.

You've seen the TV footage of food riots in parts of the developing world. Yes, they're a long way away from the U.S. But most foodstuffs operate in a global market. When the cost of wheat soars in Asia, it will do the same here.

Reality: Food prices are already rising here much faster than the returns you are likely to get from keeping your money in a bank or money-market fund. And there are very good reasons to believe prices on the shelves are about to start rising a lot faster.

"Load up the pantry," says Manu Daftary, one of Wall Street's top investors and the manager of the Quaker Strategic Growth mutual fund. "I think prices are going higher. People are too complacent. They think it isn't going to happen here. But I don't know how the food companies can absorb higher costs." (Full disclosure: I am an investor in Quaker Strategic)

Stocking up on food may not replace your long-term investments, but it may make a sensible home for some of your shorter-term cash. Do the math. If you keep your standby cash in a money-market fund you'll be lucky to get a 2.5% interest rate. Even the best one-year certificate of deposit you can find is only going to pay you about 4.1%, according to And those yields are before tax.

Meanwhile the most recent government data shows food inflation for the average American household is now running at 4.5% a year.

And some prices are rising even more quickly. The latest data show cereal prices rising by more than 8% a year. Both flour and rice are up more than 13%. Milk, cheese, bananas and even peanut butter: They're all up by more than 10%. Eggs have rocketed up 30% in a year. Ground beef prices are up 4.8% and chicken by 5.4%.

These are trends that have been in place for some time.

And if you are hoping they will pass, here's the bad news: They may actually accelerate.

The reason? The prices of many underlying raw materials have risen much more quickly still. Wheat prices, for example, have roughly tripled in the past three years.

Sooner or later, the food companies are going to have to pass those costs on. Kraft saw its raw material costs soar by about $1.25 billion last year, squeezing profit margins. The company recently warned that higher prices are here to stay. Last month the chief executive of General Mills, Kendall Powell, made a similar point.

The main reason for rising prices, of course, is the surge in demand from China and India. Hundreds of millions of people are joining the middle class each year, and that means they want to eat more and better food.

A secondary reason has been the growing demand for ethanol as a fuel additive. That's soaking up some of the corn supply.

You can't easily stock up on perishables like eggs or milk. But other products will keep. Among them: Dried pasta, rice, cereals, and cans of everything from tuna fish to fruit and vegetables. The kicker: You should also save money by buying them in bulk.

If this seems a stretch, ponder this: The emerging bull market in agricultural products is following in the footsteps of oil. A few years ago, many Americans hoped $2 gas was a temporary spike. Now it's the rosy memory of a bygone age.

The good news is that it's easier to store Cap'n Crunch or cans of Starkist in your home than it is to store lots of gasoline. Safer, too.

Bush Replaced REX84 With New Martial Law EO

Once In Control - Martial Law Will Stay
By Ted Twietmeyer

In May 2007, Bush signed executive new orders NSDP51 and HSDP20 to replace REX84. The older order REX84 was an older directive to establish martial law in the event of a national emergency. Everything done in government is done for a reason, and these two new orders are no exception.
These new directives surprised and alarmed many real conservatives and true patriots at the time. These two orders established that the White House administration would take over all local governments under a national state of emergency, instead of Homeland Security.
In May 2007, The Washington Post apparently saw nothing wrong with it and placed the story back on page 13 (a fitting unlucky number for it), according to a CSPAN television interview with well known author and writer Jerome Corsi:
Page 13 of Washington Post from May 2007 reports that Bush claims he will
run the "Shadow Government"

Close-up of page 13

A contradiction appears to exist here. It cites a nuclear attack or a decapitating event in Washington as the reason for this, according to security analysts. If all the leaders and the administration in Washington are dead from a nuclear attack, who will be left to take over leading the nation under executive orders NSDP51 and HSPD20? Who would be left to sign the martial law orders? This implies that martial law must be activated BEFORE an attack takes place while the administration is out of town, which clearly implies a false-flag operation by traitors of the worst kind. The administration was in Florida on 9-11, too.
As of this writing in April 2008, we are coming up on a year since these two directives was written and signed. There have been many rumors of false-flag attacks being prepared for 2008. Are these repeated rumors designed to destroy the credibility of whistle blowers, so when the real event is announced by a whistle-blower no one will listen? This question doesn't appear to have been asked by anyone, but it must be. This many not be unlike the proverbial story of the boy who cried wolf. But in this case the wolf isn't coming - he's already inside. Now it's a question of when the wolf will make his move.
Hitler took power through completely legal means. Laws were previously established in plain view of the German people before he made his dictatorial power grab. We appear are witnessing the very same thing happening today some seventy years later. Apparently no one on Capitol Hill has learned a thing from history as it repeats itself. They also have clearly forgotten Bush's words in December 1999 - "This job would be a heck of a lot easier if this were a dictatorship...just so long as I'm the dictator." He meant what he said, he's acting exactly like one and it's happening right now.
America's case for a repeat of a Hitler type power grab is clearly underway. First there was the infamous 1200 page Patriot Act that appeared a few days after 9-11 but almost no one on Capitol Hill took time to read, but almost everyone signed off on it anyway. Some on Capitol Hill have said that soldiers with machine guns were in the hallways on Capitol Hill the night the Patriot Act was signed, and many felt intimidated they must sign it without reading it. If true, then it implies that martial law may have already been declared in secret. Soldiers in hallways have no place on Capitol Hill in civilian government. Again, another sign of a dictatorship IN ACTION.
Technically, Congress could nullify the Patriot Act overnight by claiming it was signed under duress.
There have been other draconian follow-on homeland security type acts which simply were given less intimidating names. All are good examples of political BS at work.
Are NSDP51 and HSPD20 the last of them all? Most likely they are not. We have no idea how many other orders have been signed in secret, such as the torture orders which were leaked to the media. When confronted about the torture order, Bush simply has shrugged his shoulders about in total disregard and boldly claimed he signed off on it.
Like paving stones, all the pieces have come together in plain sight to pave the highway to a completely legal totalitarian police state, with all of America to be controlled by the White House. But is this legal? Bush has abused his executive order powers countless times like previous presidents. Executive orders were originally created by Congress to establish relatively harmless laws without the need for Congressional approval, such as new legal holidays. Congress can revoke that privilege at any time ­ that is, up until the time when martial law is declared. Military troops will send Congress home making them powerless. At that point we shall have passed the point of no return. That is, if we haven't already.
A look at the history of numerous third world countries around the globe proves one common thread exists ­ once the military takes control of its home country, it usually doesn't return control to civilian authorities once a war or threat to security is over. And today America has been reduced to the status of a third world country as well. American manufacturing is now almost totally defense industry-driven, which makes the return of government to civlian hands after war ends even less likely in the foreseeable future.
With a 100 year war boldly proclaimed by the administration, civilian control will never be returned to Congress - for at least FIVE GENERATIONS.
Martial law will require the full support of US military personnel to enforce it. Foreign troops are called into enforce martial law will still require both direct and indirect support from US military personnel, or a military-military civil war could ensue. But in the end, that may be what's needed to end the madness.
Here is the REAL acid test - will military personnel voluntarily turn America into a police state virtually overnight? Will these same military personnel do nothing while they watch their friends and loved ones crushed under absolute law and absolute terror? Bread lines and soup kitchens will return, but most likely only within the confines of American POW camps on American soil. This will force people to voluntarily turn themselves in to eat. Perhaps a "guns-for-food" type program will be established to encourage the American people to disarm themselves, even though the door kickers will be sent out anyway.
In military history it's well known that if you control the food supply, you control the people. Few people know that a secure area inside Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville, AR has a sign declaring that secured area belongs to Homeland Security. Wal-Mart will become the food distributor for America under a rationing program. There is no other larger food store chain that can provide the required logistics that store can. In the 1990's, the military quietly did walk-throughs of all the major food store chains around the country taking notes. Somewhere there is a document detailing what the plans are. Certainly at the very least, it will entail securing ALL the grocery stores of any size. Small corner grocery stores will be cleaned out in a day or two, and would be of no interest to the military.
To believe such horrors could never happen in America, when it's now down on its knees already economically would be pure stupidity at the very least. Those in real estate swore for decades that real estate prices would always go up, too. Now these same people are panicking and on they are on their knees, too. So much for greed, as they have earned their reward. But what about innocent, hard working people that have always lived within their incomes? Do they deserve to suffer as well?
We live in a time when absolutely anything is possible. A military coup is now required to prevent declaration of martial law, kick the foreign troops out of America and restore true civilian government. Dangerous centralized dictatorship laws must also be nullified and this time, the lesson learned once and for all.
No civilian militia can restore American law at this point. They would only be labeled as terrorists and dealt with under new laws already in place. We have reached the point where restoration to civilian law and government checks/balances can only come from the inside.
But time is quickly running out.