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Path of the PARASITES

Path of the

Devouring peaceful nations
for almost four centuries


This is precisely what is happening in the United States today, the same as what happened to all those other countries before the swindling of the Jews had turned all these distinctive nation states into near cadaver gray wraiths of corporate duplicity eager to sacrifice the Earth itself for their year-end bonuses.

By John Kaminski

This is the book that most succinctly tells the tale of the continuing disappearance of our individual rights, courtesy of a single group that has controlled our lives since long before we were born. 

The book condenses four hundred years of history into a syllabus of historical headlines that demolish traditional mainstream fables which were written by the victors. It chronicles the staying power and worldwide dominance of a soulless gang of ethnic arch criminals who continue to pillage the world today more efficiently than ever. 

The secret this book analyzes has been hidden from public scrutiny by the ever vigilant “authorities” who dominate information distribution around the world. Reality is painted over by these purveyors of plastic thought, one size fits all, our government is always good.

Especially this book should convince the most hardheaded skeptic that the Jews have ruled the world since that dark day in 1649 when Cromwell arranged to execute the king of England. This is the history text they should teach in school, and that American citizens sorely need to know, so that they may more readily realize the repetitive scams that constantly plague our health and recklessly waste the lives of our children.

Capt. Archibald Maule Ramsay’s The Nameless War tracks the path of the most lethal social parasite of all time, from the killing of the king and admission of the Jews to England in 1649, to the eve of World War II in 1940, when the Jews were arranging yet another passion play slaughter of millions. Even though Ramsay was a member of English parliament, when he revealed he knew the three-centuries-old story of the Jewish control of history, he was immediately thrown into prison and held incommunicado for the remainder of the war. 

To be locked in a media mindlock is to accept what you hear on television as accurate, objective and verifiable. So when you interface with an unadorned slab of real history that has escaped the syrupy bullshit veneer of what is poured over television news, you become incredulous and too often succumb to the “Everything on the Internet is fake!” escape clause. “This couldn’t possibly be true!” you exclaim.

It’s the same as looking a Jew in the eye and telling him his Holocaust is a hoax — he turns away, beseeching the god whose madness he worships that he will one day seek revenge for this challenge to his fabricated manhood.

Yes, much on the Internet has been twisted to suit the Jews and their lackeys, but heaping gobs of truth, such as Ramsay’s outpouring of unspun history, occasionally still slip through the Web of darkness that we must never forget is owned by Jews.

Seekers seek whatever best explains their lives, and you don’t have to spend very many years away from your parents to understand the world runs on sleight-of-hand, and the secret that runs the world is probably something you have never even heard of, unless you have been digging beyond the trendy tracts of apocalypticals and catastrophists and into the hardcore archives of that most taboo subject of all — how the Jews have cannibalized and are cannibalizing the world.

The single book I recommend to convince yourselves irrevocably that the world is haunted by these emotional cripples out to disfigure and destroy humanity is titled The Nameless War, an underground classic whose author was a British member of parliament slammed into jail for the duration of World War II for writing this brilliant exposé of Jewish perfidy. It is linked below.

The book details the egomaniacal plan of the tyrant Oliver Cromwell, who was funded by rich Jews, which began the entrapment of Western civilization into a Jew-driven government that continues to plunder the world with its diabolical schemes for swindling. 

Ramsay’s book pinpoints such unfairly forgotten arch-villains as John Calvin, architect of the opposition that would eventually kill the king and readmit the Jews into England, who in less than a century founded the Bank of England that still rules the world today from its fortress in the city of London. Other famous saboteurs of the time include Cromwell’s paymasters Portuguese Jew Fernandez Carvajal and Dutch financier Manassah ben Israel, as well as Solomon de Medina, who orchestrated the seizure of power from an enfeebled king (a practice the Jews were to use frequently on their path to world domination).

To see who controls us today requires seeing who has controlled us for the past 400 years, and understand they have woven a finely threaded shroud that tapers into a noose around the throat of civilization. The debt grows, the noose tightens. The debt can never be repaid. Do you think you have been swindled?

Ramsay’s The Nameless War offers the clearest, shortest, easiest way to perceive the uninterrupted stretch of Jewish control of Western civilization, the horror the profoundly harmful Jewish perfidy strewn across time has wreaked upon the world, ruined countries, murdered peasants all for not professing what the criminal ruling class ordered them to believe.

In analyzing Ramsay’s portrayal of subsequently successful sabotages of countries later on, one notices a connecting stream of foreign interference that serves as an ominous earmark in the stories of each of these world changing events. Different times and different places, but always the same fast money schemes wrecking the delusions of demagogues, and causing massive collateral damage. In each case, the presence of the clever foreign Jew, alien to every country in the world except his own stolen land, winds up collecting all the money at the conclusion of events.

This is precisely what is happening in the United States today, the same as what happened to all those other countries before the swindling of the Jews had turned all these distinctive native states into near cadaver gray wraiths of corporate duplicity eager to sacrifice the Earth itself for their year-end bonuses.

Same plan, different day

Cromwell finally died but the Jewish bankers who controlled him wrapped their claws around England and never let go. Central to the treason was the great grand uncle of a 20th century tyrant, who set the tone for a nation that could never be trusted, only feared.

The chief figure amongst those who deserted James II at that crucial juncture was John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough. It is interesting to read in the Jewish Encyclopedia that this Duke for many years received not less than 6,000 pounds a year from the Dutch Jew Solomon Medina.

The real objective of the "Glorious Revolution" was achieved a few years later in 1694, when the Royal consent was given for the setting up of the "Bank of England" and the institution of the National Debt. 

The grip of the moneylender was now complete throughout Britain. The danger was that the members of the new joint Parliament would sooner or later, in the spirit of their ancestors, challenge this state of affairs. 

To provide against this, therefore, the party system was now brought into being, frustrating true national reaction and enabling the wire-pullers to divide and rule; using their newly-established financial power to ensure that their own men and their own policies should secure the limelight, and sufficient support from their newspapers, pamphlets, and banking accounts to carry the day. 

It was most enjoyable to course through Ramsay’s timelines and note how accurately they correspond with the annals compiled by Eustace Mullins in his “The Curse of Canaan” and other works.

Ramsay called it “the conflict which has been waged from behind the political scene for centuries, which is still being waged and of which very few are aware.” These revolutions and the World War of 1939 are seen to be integral parts of one and the same master plan, Ramsay predicted. 

This charter handed over to an anonymous committee the Royal prerogative of minting money; converted the basis of wealth to gold; and enabled the international money lenders to secure their loans on the taxes of the country, instead of the doubtful undertaking of some ruler or potentate which was all the security they could previously obtain. 

From that time economic machinery was set in motion which ultimately reduced all wealth to the fictitious terms of gold which the Jews control; and drained away the life blood of the land, the real wealth which was the birthright of the British peoples. 

The disease quickly spread to France, and as Ramsay put it — “ . . . the revolution was not the work of Frenchmen to improve France. It was the work of aliens, whose object was to destroy everything which had been France. “

It was an Illuminati mindwipe, with segments of the population taking turns butchering each other. It’s happening again today, with praise for homosexuals and mysterious terror incidents inculcating a siege mentality among the U.S. populace, preparing them, most likely, for the racial and gender strife that is now being blatantly fomented by our false flag government.

All this is about to happen in the U.S. with knife-wielding blacks flapping their lips at shotgun wielding whites who are intent on not giving up their country to African tuberculosis carriers.

Debt, particularly international debt, is the first and over-mastering grip. Through it men in high places are suborned, and alien powers and influences are introduced into the body politic. When the debt grip has been firmly established, control of every form of publicity and political activity soon follows, together with a full grip on industrialists. 

The stage for the revolutionary blow is then set. The grip of the right hand of finance established the paralysis; while it is the revolutionary left that holds the dagger and deals the fatal blow. Moral corruption facilitates the whole process. 

The Jewish created bloodbath known as the French Revolution was no guarantee of egalité liberté fraternité. The only explanation for ten years of slaughter was revealed by the words of Robespierre the night before he was assassinated.

'I dare not name them at this moment and in this place. I cannot bring myself entirely to tear asunder the veil that covers this profound mystery of iniquity. But I can affirm most positively that among the authors of this plot are the agents of that system of corruption and extravagance, the most powerful of all the means invented by foreigners for the undoing of the Republic; I mean the impure apostles of atheism, and the immorality that is at its base'." 

For his candor, Robespierre, who for a brief moment in time had been the tyrannical leader of France, was shot in the jaw at 1 a.m. and beheaded the following morning. Ramsay commented:

Note: In a somewhat similar manner Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed by the Jew Booth on the evening of his pronouncement to his cabinet that he intended in future to finance U.S. loans on a debt free basis similar to the debt free money known as "Greenbacks," with which he had financed the Civil War. 

All of these facts pop out of Ramsay’s little book and rattle the foundation of the conventional history you have been taught in school.

An excursion through time

The Nameless War is a comfortable 90-odd page excursion through the non mainstream version of last 400 years of political history. Notable facts include a thoughtful recounting of the true value of Adolf Hitler.

Ramsay insists Hitler only wanted to regain the five parts of Germany that had been stolen from them in World War I. One jacket blurb for the book bemoaned:

It is a pity, indeed, that so few persons in this island have read this book for themselves; and it is a tragedy that they have instead swallowed wholesale, the unscrupulous distortions and untrue propaganda on the subject, served up to them by Jewish publicity machinery, operating through our press and radio. 

The same could be said of all peoples at all times, who base their lives on the easy lies and later pay the price of the hard truths.

Thus it was the failure of England to resist the financial allurements of the Jews that led to the creation and perfection of a Jewish money scheme that had captured the whole world, and now was busily working on population reduction to secure the whole world physically.

In most countries concerned a few voices were raised in an endeavour to expose the true nature of these evils. Only in one, however, did a political leader and group arise, who grasped to the full the significance of these happenings, and perceived behind the mobs of native hooligans the organisation and driving power of world Jewry. 

This leader was Adolf Hitler, and his group the National Socialist Party of Germany. 

Never before in history had any country not only repulsed organised revolution, but discerned Jewry behind it, and faced up to that fact. We need not wonder that the sewers of Jewish vituperation were flooded over these men and their leader; nor should we make the mistake of supposing that Jewry would stick at any lie to deter honest men everywhere from making a thorough investigation of the facts for themselves. 

Nevertheless, if any value liberty, and set out to seek truth and defend it, this duty of personal investigation is one which they cannot shirk. To accept unquestioningly the lies and misrepresentations of a Jew-controlled or influenced press, is to spurn truth by sheer idleness, if for no worse reason.

To act on such unverified a basis is to sin against the Light. 

Ramsay repeated what Hitler said had made him so hostile to the Jews.

“Firstly realisation and exposure of the Jewish scheme for world Marxism; and secondly, admiration of, and longing for friendship with Great Britain. Writing of the days before 1914, Hitler states: 

"I still saw Jewry as a religion ...

Of the existence of deliberate Jewish hostility I had no conception ... 

I gradually realised that the Social Democratic Press was preponderantly controlled by Jews ...

There was not a single paper with which Jews were connected which could be described as genuinely national ... 

I seized all the Social Democratic pamphlets I could get hold of, and looked up the names of their authors -- nothing but Jews." 

As he pursued the study of these questions, Hitler began to perceive the main outlines of the truth: 

"I made also a deep study of the relation between Judaism and Marxism . . . 

The Jewish State never had boundaries as far as space was concerned; it was unlimited as regards space, but bound down by its conception of itself as a race. That people, therefore, was always a State within a State . . . 

The Jewish doctrine of Marxism rejects the aristocratic principle in nature . . . denies the value of the individual among men, combats the importance of nationality and race, thereby depriving humanity of the whole meaning of existence." 

"Democracy in the west today is the forerunner of Marxism, which would be inconceivable without Democracy." 

"If the Jew, with the help of his Marxian creed, conquers the nations of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of the human race ..." 

He writes of the days of 1918: 

"Thus did I now believe that by defending myself against the Jews I am doing the Lord's work." 

Later he was to say:

"Human civilisation is but the outcome of the creative force of personality in the community as a whole, and especially among its leaders . . . the principle of the dignity of the majority is beginning to poison all life below it; and in fact to break it up." 

"We now see that Marxism is the enunciated form of the Jewish attempt to abolish the importance of personality in all departments of human life; and to set up the mass of numbers in its place . . . " 

No freedom of speech

Ramsay writes: “I myself was arrested under this Regulation on 23rd May, 1940, and thrown into Brixton Prison, where I remained in a cell until 26th September, 1944, without any charge being preferred against me, receiving merely a curt notification from the Home Office on the latter date that the order for my detention had been "revoked." 

“A paper of "Particulars" alleged as the reasons for my detention was supplied to me soon after my arrest. I replied to them during a day's interrogation by the so-called Advisory Committee, before which body I could call no witnesses, did not know who were my accusers, or the accusations they had made, and was not allowed the assistance of a lawyer.”

An appetizing epilogue to the book involves James Forrestal, Joe Kennedy, Neville Chamberlain, Franklin Roosevelt and why World War II never needed to happen. Kennedy believed Hitler could have fought Russia without ever confronting Britain or the U.S. British Prime Minister Chamberlain said Britain was forced into the war by Roosevelt.

Up to the time he was arrested Ramsay had made this assessment.

I recognised the forces behind Bolshevism not to be Russian, but international. 
In the autumn of 1938 I was made acquainted with the fact that the power behind World Revolution was not just a vague body of internationalists, but organized World Jewry. 

The first document so convincing me was actually a British Government White Paper, of whose existence I had not been previously aware. This quoted verbatim an extract from a report received by Mr. Balfour on September 19th, 1918, from Mr. Oudendyke, the Netherlands Minister in Petrograd, who was at that time in charge of British interests there, as follows: 

"The danger is now so great, that I feel it my duty to call the attention of the British Government and all other Governments to the fact that if an end is not put to Bolshevism at once the civilization of the whole world will be threatened. This is not an exaggeration, but a matter of fact . . . 

I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue before the world, not even excluding the war which is still raging, and unless as above stated Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately it is bound to spread over Europe and the whole world in one form or another, as it is organized and worked by Jews, who have no nationality and whose one object it is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things. 

Capt. Archibald Maule Ramsay
The nameless war

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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