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August 27 2013.
A One Issue Issue - Faking The News
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It has been said that in politics, nothing happens that has not been planned to
Today, as the United States must weigh what to do about the issues in the Middle East, where Egypt is
in turmoil, a peaceful settlement between Israel and Palestine remains as far away as it ever has for the
last half century, where Iran is purportedly hell-bent on creating nuclear weapons, we find the latest
front page news to be what's happening in Syria.
The reports of a chemical weapons attack on his own citizens by President Bashar Assad has seen the
Internet swamped with discussions, arguments, and videos of shrouded bodies and apparently dead
children and adults by the hundreds.
As an independent publication, Future Times/Future Trends has no political or ideological agenda.
But we do have a deep concern for humanity, and decades of personal experience in seeing the world
appear to devolve into what might best be described as "warring states" akin to what applied in ancient
It is as though factions on all sides are determined to resort to the ultimate weapon - nuclear weapons -
to not only wipe out their chosen enemies, but to do so regardless of the cost to the rest of humanity,
and the very planet itself.
These are issues that we cover - and we are well aware that right now, the disaster that is unfolding at
the Fukushima-Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Japan may well be the worst of its kind in history; some say it
has already reached that state.
But in this issue, we stick to one issue:- The news that Syria's president Assad has used chemical
weapons, supposedly the poison Sarin gas, on his own people. Therefore, we offer an exclusive world
first - an investigation that uncovers some truly disturbing facts - and fictions - which, if not widely
promulgated, could see us once again involved in a World War - unless those involved pull back from
the brink.
Faking The News - Syria For Starters
by Michael Knight
Editor - Future Times and Trends
It's unusual, and a little uncomfortable, but I'm going to write this article in
the first person, starting with some background to establish my credentials.
The reason for that is to have you understand why I am qualified to rip apart
the charade and falsehoods that today pass for "news" and "reality" when in
fact they are to a large extent lies, half truths and propaganda.
Though I have done many other things since starting my career in journalism
in 1960, it is relevant to say, before we dig deep into this explicit article
about how the news is faked - and war follows - that faking the news has
become an art form.
My experience includes work in newspapers, radio, television and magazines in New Zealand,
Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States.
I have made many documentaries, and have personally owned and operated still and movie cameras as
a photo-journalist and news cameraman. Plus, I have spent countless hours at the editing bench, from
the days of the three-turret Bolex to 16mm film (single- and double-system) to the modern Final Cut
Pro and Sony Vegas editing software.
Having filmed and reported many demonstrations and protest marches as well as covering disasters and
accidents and drownings, I know what dead people look like.
In addition, as technology evolved over the past five decades, I have made a point of learning how
these advances can be used - and misused.
You should know all that only because today, we're discussing misuse, and how the news is faked, big
time, and I have the expertise and resources on the Internet to show you how and why it is being done.
In saying that, and with the following evidence, you should appreciate that while I am expressing an
opinion, it is an informed opinion, backed by all those years of professional experience.
Propaganda comes in many forms.
Delivery styles may vary, but it
started with speeches, and
pamphlets, and cartoons, and
newspaper editorials, opinion
pieces, radio rants, television
appearances by various leaders,
and over time gradually morphed
into today's use of all media,
complicit journalists, phony
"experts" and "consultants" and modern technology as used in the film industry.
All of it is designed and used to manipulate public opinion.
The concept is a very simple one - whatever you do, make sure it achieves the goal of creating a
favorable perception of what you really intend to do - mainly, go to war.
Propaganda has been used throughout history, and used very effectively to whip people into a
lather of emotion and national fervor, determined to kill the appointed enemy, who was never an
enemy until appointed.
Now here's the really shocking part. At least, it was to me.
Today's mainstream media sometimes uses actors to create the visuals for documentary events!
They also now use supplied videos, and while they sometimes admit that authenticity cannot be
verified, they use them anyway.
It's as if the US Mainstream Media sees its main function as one of promoting whatever agenda the
government has in mind, so over time they condition the majority of their viewers and listeners to the
required point of view, and then the government can act while claiming it has popular support.
But back to the more shocking part - the use of technology that till recently was the forte of the movie
and television advertising industries.
We're talking about computer generated imagery - also known as CGI - which you'd be familiar with if
you've watched any of those animated films made by Disney and others. However, it is far more
sophisticated than that.
You could even say that CGI has taken virtual reality into the realm of being indistinguishable from
reality itself.
And that's where it comes into play, along with staged events and willing actors, when it comes to
So we're going to take an in-depth look at how we're being conned and fooled into believing everything
we hear about how bad things are in Egypt and Syria.
The Art Of Fake Using CGI
"Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is the
application of computer graphics to create or contribute
to images in art, printed media, video games, films,
television programs, commercials, and simulators. The
visual scenes may be dynamic or static, and may be twodimensional
(2D), though the term "CGI" is most
commonly used to refer to 3D computer graphics used
for creating scenes or special effects in films and
In plain English - CGI creates images that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing,
hence the term "virtual reality."
Now let's pick a few screen shots from the above "Drudge Report" that illustrate what CGI can do.
The author of the video, Markus Allen, a CGI expert, starts by using the Drudge Report image, but
asks, "did it really happen?"
Exposing actors and Computer Generated
Imagery - Start Here.
(An honest answer would have to be "I don't know for
sure. I was not there in person.")
He then introduces video footage (right) of
"demonstrators" who are clearly actors instructed to
freeze in certain poses. This footage was shot in Egypt.
At right, you can see shadows of still photographers, and
even a microphone on a boom - which I have personally
used when covering demonstrations in the past. But
never a staged one. I just refused to film them.
Now we come to CGI 101 - the eyeopener
about how fake people are
made and passed off as real people.
The attractive lady at left can be
stripped to reveal her true self, as at
right, where we see what's really on
the inside of this image. Makes you
wonder, man or woman, don't you
wish you could do that in real life
with real people? See what's inside?
But I digress. By the time I'd finished this video I was feeling a lot older, and a lot wiser. But also a
LOT more skeptical about what I see on the news these days, especially when it comes to coverage of
events in Egypt, and now Syria.
I have the feeling that today's politicians and reporters are totally conning us.
The Green Screen Boondoggle.
Markus included yet another example of a CGI "human."
The still image here doesn't really do it justice.
You have to see it animated for the full effect, and as he says, he could
show it to 100 people and they'd all think it was real.
But it's not. And for our purposes, just take note of the chin because
we'll be coming back to that later, in a suspicious sort of way.
Meantime, let's go to the movies and see what can be done with
greenscreen technology.
As you can see, in
a matter of a few
frames, the actor at
left walking past a
erected in some
large filming lot
suddenly appears
to be walking on
the riverside in a
magnificent city.
The brain sees
this as real.
Chemical Weapons In Syria
Journalists seldom write in the first person these days, but in this case, it's important, because these are
very personal observations, their foundation being those many years of experience in all sorts of media
and all sorts of assignments, both as a reporter, and as a cameraman and director, not to mention
literally thousands of hours in an editing booth.
Despite that experience, there may be some holes in my analysis of these videos, and even some
incorrect assumptions.
But some of what I've seen and analyzed - and what you should also see and analyze by following these
video links and forming your own conclusions - leads to the realization that some of the videos
showing dozens of dead children after the reported chemical weapons attack in Syria, are totally staged.
Totally fake.
Totally intended as propaganda to get us emotional enough to demand intervention by the US in Syria.
And so we come to one of several videos that found their way onto YouTube within mere minutes
(literally) of what they claim to be the use of rockets and chemicals such as Sarin gas by Assad's regime
to target his own people.
Isn't that a clue right there that we are being conned? Or are we
supposed to be so stupid that we expect Assad to kill his own
We are expected to believe that Assad did this, knowing full well that
killing his own people (for what reason, pray tell?) would be crossing
that red line that Obama drew - and the US would come down on
Syria like a ton of bricks, along with France and the UK as well.
Granted, President Obama seems reluctant at present to take any
unilateral action. Perhaps he's waiting for Congress to come back
from vacation. Or maybe he's reluctant to move because current polls
show most of the US is against the idea of yet another imperialistic adventure. [Reuters:- "About 60
percent of Americans surveyed said the United States should not intervene in Syria's civil war, while just 9 percent
thought President Barack Obama should act." ]
(This is the YouTube Introduction): Published on Aug 21, 2013
"Save the Syrian children! They have the right to play, study and live normal life just like any other
child. Save them from the criminal Bashar Al-Assad.
At around 3:00 a.m. in the morning, Assad regime's forces fired rockets with chemical heads on
Zamallaka and on Al Zainia area in Ein Turma. (Damascus Suburbs)
Then after around 2 more hours, the regime targeted Mua'dameyet Al Sham with rockets containing
chemical warheads, leading to the fall of more casualties as the rockets hit civilian districts.
Hundreds of Civilians fallen due to shelling with poisonous gases by Assad Regime.
اااااا اا ااا اانقااذاواا .أ.. طفال سوريا انقذوهم من
The video is here.
It is one of several I reviewed.
What you can't hear in this form is the overlaid music.
On this one a childrens choir is singing IN ENGLISH a
sad song, with sub-titles, as the camera pans around
numerous bodies of young children, all apparently
dead and laid out as if thrown head to toe by their
attendants. Nowhere to be seen are distressed parents.
First question - Given that the attacks happened at 3.00 am and 5.00 a.m., why were almost all these
dozens of children sleeping in their clothes?
Studied dispassionately by anyone with expertise in film production, this video out of Syria is obviously a
scripted and acted production, complete with text and music overlay - all in a matter of hours after the
claimed chemical weapons attack. The children should be crying, coughing, vomiting - and none do.
And did you know you can take a still shot of children lying down, then use a movie camera to pan
over it thus avoiding capturing any inadvertent movement - or the blinking of a "dead" man's eyes, as
we'll see shortly.
Admittedly, in one of the videos reviewed, one child, naked, is held up for the camera, apparently dead.
Another is seen to have an oxygen mask and what
looks like an air or oxygen flask attached to it placed
over his face. As it is squeezed you see chest
movement - and then the oxygen equipment is
removed and another attendant pours liquid from a
plastic bottle into the child's open mouth and over his
Liquid into an unconscious child!!!
With breathing difficulties???
Another giveaway as to this being both staged and
acted is seeing the procedure repeated, exactly, and
frame for frame, by the same two people - clearly repeating it for the camera.
My questioning mind suddenly finds itself asking "are these mannequins or children? Why do they all
look so similar, their hair so much the same? Are some of them CGI creations?"
Frankly, at this point I found myself wondering whether this was one of those
medical mannequins that are used to teach students how to deal with various
emergencies. So I did a Google search for mannequins, and came up with this image
at left. Obviously it has no place in this article, except as light relief perhaps.
Despite further searching, I found no images of lifelike child mannequins.
Back to the (fake) videos and more questions.
As for the "dead" children, why do the attendants not
lay them out more carefully - in fact, why in this
version of the instantaneous coverage of this "attack"
are all the adults we are now seeing also fully
clothed? Do they too sleep in their day clothes?
Within minutes, hours and days, there are many
videos of this so-called attack up on YouTube. Some
have had as many as 100,000 views at time of
If you are diligent and persistent about studying
them, and you get over the initial emotional shock, you start to see that those who are working with the
"dead" are utterly inept in their first aid - or they're all coached to do similar things.
Same setting as other videos, but different editing
and scripting and music. Why pour liquid over an
unconscious child's face?
"Dead" adults - most fully clothed. Many with
similarly raised shirts. Why?
What stands out is that tourniquets are tied to the left arm, and an injection then appears to be
administered. Or water is poured over a person. An oxygen mask is used. Crude attempts at CPR or
resuscitation are made - tapping on the chest, pumping the ribs for a couple of seconds, or dragging
obviously "dead" (we're supposed to believe) bodies, flopping them down then starting some variation
of the above treatments.
In all this, there is no sign of any "victim" vomiting, having a hard time breathing, watering from the
eyes, or gasping for air. And yet those are the very symptoms one should expect after a sarin attack -
according to this information on the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website.
I also find myself asking "Why are there moments in which the camera moves from place to place, like
in a well-rehearsed studio shoot, and it's only when he's framed up that the action begins in some
"Is this real or fake, fake or real..fake..fake...FAKE????"
Further, the camera constantly pans around but never comes above waist or shoulder height on the
attendants and (one supposes) medical personnel dealing with this crisis. All we hear is a constant
hubbub of voices and activity - like an overlaid soundtrack. But that can't be verified.
We also see an outside situation where the "dead" are being wrapped in shrouds, but always, their heads
are left uncovered. I ask myself, "Is this for identification purposes, or to make it more impactful on the
viewer, or is it to allow them to breathe?
One final shot (at right) shows
childrens' bodies with two
adults lying in a room, one of
the adults looking as if he
just just fell over and died in
the corner.
The word "POSED" comes to
mind immediately.
In another video, they literally
haul a man into the
emergency room dragging
him by his hands. He's naked
except for underwear.
Someone then carries in a
child and places him on a
conveniently vacant bed
where attendants roughly pump his chest so his body shakes (just as the camera gets there by the way) .
There's a moment where an attendant obviously waits for the camera to be in position, takes a cue and
begins working on a "patient" - and so it goes on. Cinema verite we used to call it - filming real life as
it happened; except in this case, there are obvious set-ups as the actors wait for the camera before they
do their work. Check out the video links and see for yourself.
Dead Man Blinking
Now we come to what for me was the absolute proof that these are faked rehearsed acted set-up
propaganda videos designed to turn us into sympathizers for the (western-backed) rebels in their
(western-backed) quest to overthrow the Syrian government.
It is in this video.
At the 11.50 mark they bring in a legless guy and lay him on the floor where he goes into the fetal
position, then we see some children who are sprayed with water just as the camera gets there....
- and then at the 15.00 - 15.01 mark, as the
cameraman passes by, filming "dead men" laid out
on the ground, a "dead man" opens and closes his
eyes - in a split second.
It's one of those things that you'd have to see it to
believe it. Countless hours behind a Steinbeck editing
bench rolling film back and forth frame by frame to
make a fine cut would also help. But you can verify
this for yourself using the start/stop icons on YouTube,
just in case these screen captures with the time code
included don't do it for you.
In my case, it was a total surprise, and then,
"Suspicions confirmed." But the drama does not end
there, and unless this fakery is seen for what it is,
unless politicians and mainstream journalists take this
one by the horns and get honest in their questioning,
the US public is destined to be sucked into a pointless
war yet again.
And that could involve confrontations with Russia and
perhaps even China. For no good purpose at all.
Russian Doubts
Soon after reports of this claimed chemical attack reached the West, there was some controversy over
when the first video was uploaded to YouTube. This New York Times blog report says a Russian
foreign ministry spokesman, "Alexander Lukashevich, ... suggested in a video statement that some of
the distressing images of dead and wounded civilians had been uploaded to YouTube one day before
the so-called attack.”
By way of refuting that claim, the report goes on to say there is a time difference between Syria and
California (where such videos are received) and that a "study of the YouTube metadata indicated that
the first video said to show attack victims was uploaded to YouTube very early on Wednesday in Syria,
when it was still Tuesday in California."
BUT THEN we learn from the upload site that "The first video we
have seen relating to the massacre was uploaded at 2:50:47am on
August 21 local time in Syria. This is approximately 20 minutes after
the attacks are reported by eyewitnesses to have happened. The video
was uploaded by a YouTube account active in the Erbin area, an
uploader Storyful is familiar with and whose videos have been
verified in the past. Very quickly, other videos and photos
documenting similar scenes were uploaded to YouTube and other social media sites."
Analyze that statement, and you have to wonder how any video at all could have been uploaded to
YouTube within 20 minutes of the so-called "attack." And what were the other videos that were "very
quickly" uploaded to YouTube and other social media sites?
There is something very suspicious here. Suspicious, because the video in question only shows a young
man being given oxygen (one presumes) - with no sign of actually being in distress after inhaling sarin
gas just a few minutes prior. How on earth is it possible for a cameraman to be on the scene, filming
first responders (or their equivalent) treating a boy on a stretcher and get it uploaded, all within 20
minutes from the time the attack occurred?
Perhaps the Russian could have more accurately stated that the uploaded videos were likely filmed in
advance of the "attack"? At least, that seems like the most logical conclusion, given the statement by
those who received the upload.
Further, having filmed crises and disasters in the past, and having made numerous documentaries
myself, and having created one or two videos for YouTube as well, I can say unequivocally that it is
totally impossible to get on location, film first aid personnel doing their job (how did they get there so
fast anyway?) then transfer, edit and render the footage to the necessary YouTube format, then upload
it, all in a matter of 20 minutes.
Why then did the New York Times blog not even question any of this? And why is the only comment
following the story one that is purportedly by a "j von hettlingen" from Switzerland who says "Good
for the Syrian opposition! The rebels hadn't fabricated the story. A chemical attack had taken place and
the footage is authentic. Now it's time to hold the perpetrators responsible for serious crimes against
The answer is that we are being subjected to an orchestrated propaganda scenario, aided and abetted by
the New York Times and whoever "j von hettlingen" is working for. And being paid by.
But it's not just the New York Times once again helping the propaganda process.
Other mainstream media, including ABC News, are also on it.
"Terrifying Images" - ABC News
Can you believe this introduction to this ABC News report?
"Now we head overseas because there are new images posing a challenge to America's leadership
around the world." (propaganda statement)
Watch (it's not too long) and see them say they're searching for the truth. Personally, I don't believe they
know what truth is, let alone search for it in any meaningful manner. On the other hand, they do know
how to twist it, bend it, pretend it - all the while manipulating their viewers to accept that once again,
America the Beautiful must go to the aid of innocent "mothers fathers children. The images are
impossible to verify for certain and the Assad regime denies the attacks."
The reporter rightly states that the images being seen have been supplied by the rebels, but goes on to
say the attacks left people "foaming at the mouth, suffocating" - with absolutely no footage to back up
that claim, except a shot of a child being administered oxygen. (No weeping eyes, no vomit, no
foaming mouth).
And then they use the usual ploy of bringing in an "expert" (Hamish de Bretton Gordon) who says,
over footage of a young man apparently gasping for air that "the only explanation I can see is this guy's
nerves are potentially being destroyed by something like sarin."
Another explanation would be that the guy is an actor pretending to have been gassed. After all,
he's not vomiting either.
ABC has someone else with no name chip in with the statement "I'd be very surprised if it turned out to
be a fake."
The last shot is of thousands of Syrians fleeing the country - we're told 10,000 a day are on their way
out of there. The subliminal inference is that it's time to help them - by whatever means necessary.
Honestly, I have no clue whether those thousands are fleeing the country, or fleeing from rebel-held
areas to safer places within Syria itself. But I do have a clue when it comes to perceiving a spin or a
twist on a report, and that's what today's journalists do all the time.
Bottom line, either the ABC has been conned - or is a willing agent - and is using this supplied
footage and its own "experts" to further the propaganda motif.
Today I showed some of the above
videos and screen shots to a Vietnam
veteran friend of mine. The images of the
dead man blinking - the strange shadows
on one child's face, making it look eerily
similar to what we'd seen to be a
completely lifelike adult CGI male head,
and the general feeling that this is all a
set-up, got us to talking.
As a young reporter, having missed the draft by a day, I volunteered to
go to Vietnam as a correspondent for the New Zealand Press
Association. The assignment was canceled at the last minute when the
NZPA decided to get its coverage from Reuters to save money, and perhaps my life in doing so. An
honest reporter really does search for truth.
Speaking of chemical weapons, it was my contention that we had been lied to in the propaganda that
led to the invasion of Iraq. We were told Saddam Hussein had such weapons and had to be dethroned.
My friend's observation was that those weapons had been scurried out to Syria.
Either way, we discussed those events which have
preceded America’s entry into various wars; the
sinking of the passenger vessel Lusitania prior to
World War One; the attack on Pearl Harbor that got
the US into WWII, the Gulf of Tonkin incident prior
to the US going all out into Vietnam, the 9/11 tragedy
and then the invasion of Afghanistan followed by
Iraq, all of which have been proven to be set-ups to
convince the public that war is essential.
To my mind, the fact that these videos from Syria
have obviously been pre-recorded indicates that
we are once again being subjected to a
propaganda operation. No doubt they have also been uploaded to services in France and Britain,
fully intended to tug at the heartstrings of a gullible public.
Nevertheless, some nagging questions remain. What combination of reality and acted drama is involved
here? And above all, WHY is the United States talking about getting involved in yet another war?
Why? Why? Why?
Frankly, I think every Senator and every Congressman - and every man woman and child in America -
should be made aware that these propaganda videos are out there; that they are falsehoods intended to
embroil the US once again in an unwinnable and escalating war; that once again we will see sincere
young men and women, and their proud parents, conned into believing they are serving a just cause -
and they will die, or come home crippled for the rest of their lives.
We will call them heroes when in fact they have been pawns.
By now, probably a quarter of a million people have watched these videos from Syria. Now what if a
quarter million or even a million people were to learn that they are faked?
Would we be on the road to peace at last? To that end, consider and feel free to pass this on ...and
on....and on. Starting perhaps with your local, state, and national representatives, and your family, and
every brave soul in the armed forces, for we owe them a debt of gratitude - and the truth above all.
Update Tues August 27:- It is now clear that the rebels themselves used chemical
weapons and killed many civilians, including children, then released their pre-planned
videos to garner public support for an attack on Syria by the US and its allies.
This follows the same pattern as the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, with
Syria now being used as the next target in order to then go after Iran, regardless of the
fact that this will lead to war with Russia and China and potentially a nuclear
We Do Not Need Another WAR!!
It is critical that you watch this latest video from "stormcloudsgathering."
We Do Not Need Another War Overseas - But We Must Be Aware That DHS Has A
Billion Bullets - Which Means They Are Aware Of A Possible Revolution Here.
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