Saturday, February 11, 2017

What will America look like after 4 years under Donald Trump?

Steve Grocott
Steve Grocott, Political insider /investor / businessman

America will be amazing after 4 years of the best job-creating president God gave America!
Imagine 0% unemployment, every American employed working in the fields like those Mexicans used to, working in those beautiful Chinese-style factories 11 hours a day, 6 days a week just like them Chinese folk, making American iPhones for $25 a day. It will be amazing!
No more need for welfare (except corporate welfare like Carrier deal). No more imported goods, no more Walmart. Goods will cost more but that’s OK; just work harder in the factory or field of your choice. No more bad relationships with Russia. Russian businesses and banks will open and flourish. We may even get our own oligarchs for once!
Trump will start a war on Twitter because Matt Damon called him sad, so tariffs will be placed on movies. Women's healthcare -from cervical smears to breast exams- will be pages in the history books since Congress closed Planned Parenthood. People will go for holidays to the Rio Grande to see the amazing wall they just bought.
People will adore the new Trumpcare health system: it will be shiny and gold… otherwise useless. Police will be allowed to do their jobs again: no more pesky questions when minorities are shot in the back. It'll be amazing! A golden era in this republic. Let the good times roll!
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