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Dirty Dossiers coming from Barack Obama’s Blackmail Bait?

But Obama’s place in history is unprecedented because America has never before had a president who defiantly refused to go away when his time was up.

Dirty Dossiers coming from Barack Obama’s Blackmail Bait?

The howls of the hounds can be heard running the latest fox to ground in Washington, D.C.
The vociferous, blood-smelling hounds out on the loose are not Russian.  They hunker down under the cover of anonymity right inside the White House, lying in wait for the next fox hunt ordered by the Barack Obama Shadow Government, still up and running three months after the election.
Somewhere incognito since Donald Trump Inauguration Day, Barack Obama clings onto the kind of control that comes from his stores of ‘Blackmail Bait’.
Review the last eight years of Republicans in office for proof of how Blackmail Bait really works.
How many go through each day hearing inside their heads that “Barack Obama’s got a dirty dossier on me and can feed it to the mainstream media any time he wants”?
The never media-mentioned Blackmail Bait worked like a charm for Obama while he was in office, and will now be used to keep Donald Trump from succeeding as president.
Bye-bye National Security Adviser Michael Flynn!  Hello next Fox X who will soon be hound-run to ground.
Yesterday it was Flynn.  Who knows who it will be tomorrow?
Tune in to Saturday Night Live to see the lineup.
Shouldn’t someone in the mainstream media be asking if the dirty dossier released on President Trump came directly from Obama’s dossier trove?

Media too busy comparing Trump to Hitler

Or are they mostly too busy comparing Trump to Hitler and demanding that the suppression of “minor media” getting in their questions at the White House Press Corps. continues?
Folks, we’ve been here before and not all that long ago either.
“A former British ambassador to Russia has today admitted he told John McCain about the contents of the ‘dirty’ Trump dossier - but denied handing it to the President-elect’s sworn enemy. (Daily Mail,Jan. 12, 2017)
“Sir Andrew Wood, 77, believes its author Christopher Steele, 52, a former MI6 agent he knows from Moscow, is right to have vanished amid claims he fears for his life. 
“The diplomat says the salacious file ‘was pretty much public’ last Autumn and spoke to Senator McCain about its contents at a Canada security conference at the time of the US election.
“Donald Trump has again lashed out over the affair, calling Steele a ‘failed spy’ employed by ‘sleazebag political operatives’ and suggesting he wants to sue the ex-MI6 agent if he ever comes out of hiding.
“He tweeted: ‘It now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued’.
“The row has plunged Britain and Russia into a fresh outbreak of Cold War hostilities with Russia claiming Steele has never left MI6 and security sources say he spoke to UK Government officials before handing the dossier to the FBI.”
Continued below...

Vulnerability to blackmail

And surely this reference of Trump’s “vulnerability to blackmail”  tells a familiar tale:
“Sir Andrew and McCain discussed Trump’s vulnerability to blackmail amid allegations contained in the discredited dossier. (Daily Mail)
“He said: ‘We spoke about how Mr Trump may find himself in a position where there could be an attempt to blackmail him with Kompromat (a Russian term for compromising material) and claims that there were audio and video tapes in existence.
‘There were stories about his treatment of women and we know that the FSB and KGB do regularly use honeytraps’.
“He added: ‘I don’t think I have done anything wrong at all in what I have done’.
“The document, which has opened up a deep diplomatic crisis, was delivered to FBI chief James Comey by Republican John McCain, but Sir Andrew insists it was not from him.”
In today’s bloodsport called politics, sleepless nights must come from never knowing which of your colleagues is a Brutus or a Judas.
Being a cleaning out the swamp laborer must be akin to wondering if that is a crocodile waiting around the bend or just another log.
Meanwhile, the progressive left in partnership with the mainstream media work hard to keep the chattering classes demoralized.
Negativity and anxiety have become the order of the day.
“Trump entered office on Jan. 20 as the first elected president in the Gallup poll’s history to see an initial job approval rating below a majority, with just 45 percent of Americans approving of the way he was handling the job.
It’s only dropped since. The new president’s approval rating was just 41 percent as of Tuesday, according to the poll. By comparison, Obama’s rating was 64 percent around the same point in his presidency, Gallup says.” (Bloomberg, Feb. 16, 2017)
But it was that the mainstream media never vetted Obama that played a large part in his popularity.
Some experts seem to be not just expecting but even hoping for Trump’s supporters to abandon him.
“They’re not breaking from him yet,” Julian Zelizek, a presidential historian at Princeton University said. “But we don’t know how long that will last.”
But Obama’s place in history is unprecedented because America has never before had a president who defiantly refused to go away when his time was up.
Can we count on Citizen Barack Obama continuing to rid society of all enemies by the kind of Blackmail Bait threatening to out them with dirty dossiers?
Shouldn’t someone be looking for the way to relieve the ex-president of this political strategy?

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 55% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-five percent (45%) disapprove.
The latest figures include 38% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 36% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of +2. (see trends).

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