Monday, February 20, 2017

The new Fifth Column

Serve America or go home

The new Fifth Column

The fallout from Obama policies and hirings, which only expanded the growing liberalism under previous administrations, is at the center of mounting assaults against the American people that the federal government was created to defend.
The worst of it? The attacks stem from inside our borders rather than outside, but they began as an unimpeded invasion of anti-American sentiment delivered on the backs of the discontented: pie-in-the-sky progressives, refugees and illegal immigrants, who despise the very system they bilk for their own benefit. Ironically, the more they dismantle our system the less they will receive because someone has to pay for their government paychecks and freeloading.
Underlying all of this dysfunction are the decades of stacking government bureaucracies with leftist ideologues that ignore the will of the People. Why should they be attentive to the swing in political futures? As far as they’re concerned, it doesn’t affect them‚Ķ they have job security no matter which way the political winds blow. At least, they did until now.
With the offal hitting the fan as a result of the underhanded leak from inside the bowels of bureaucratic Washington that displaced General Michael Flynn, it finally became clear that a “shadow” government was in place. Not that this is breaking news, it’s simply that this is the first time the sabotage of agency lifers rising up from the bowels of D.C. made such an overt move to undermine the Presidency. This is just a portion of the dogged leakage that began on day one of Donald Trump’s moving into the Oval office.
It began with cut and paste tidbits of calls to Mexico and Australia and the sabotage is continuing with mainstream media picking up filtered and invented versions of “news,” from the CIA withholding information from the president to a fabricated report that the administration was ready to implement 100,000 National Guard troops to round-up illegals. Showing their true colors, the media, despite all their squealing, has exchanged the title of fourth estate for that of fifth column.
For once, however, via the Flynn situation their abhorrence for a sitting president may finally be their undoing.
By showing their hand in a sloppy attempt to disgrace and displace a properly elected president and his administration, the deeply embedded self-servants have opened the door to their ouster. When longtime liberal democrats like Dennis Kucinich expose the leaks as a dire threat to national security then the game’s over. It doesn’t matter how much democrats still occupying Washington office howl about a made-up account of Russians influencing the election, the administration has the power to clean house, and a thorough sweep of every executive agency is now absolutely warranted.
The first round of removals began at the State Department when Secretary Rex Tillerson served pink slips to higher echelon appointees. Clearing out the dust bunnies of entrenched employees whose only interest is self-interest (maintaining the old guard for job security) must include mopping under every desk from top management to gofer. No one is beyond scrutiny. You’re either on the team for America or you’re not, in which case they should be shown the door, no matter how many temper tantrums the press and democrats throw. And where security has been breached, handcuffs are in order.
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Expel liberal operatives and big government loyalists by sending a flurry of pink slips flying through Washington D.C. and agency outposts. The message? Serve America or go home

Should anyone believe that government can’t be effective unless lifetime employees continue in their jobs, let’s be clear—no one is irreplaceable. In fact, a regular turnover in public employee rolls is a necessity to keep government in check. Budgets wouldn’t continue to grow out of hand if there were regular changes in office holders and winnowing duplicative offices and tasks.
What should come under consideration is the overreach of unions representing government employees. Government was never meant to be a lifetime career. Government was never meant to be the provider of education, arts, welfare or “preserving” land for posterity. It has grown out-of-hand and unions such as the SEIU, AFGE and NFFE, National Education Association and others have no appropriate place influencing government solely to benefit “public service” employees. They are a contradiction in terms. This is the open door the likes of George Soros and community organizers use to waltz in and manipulate the scope and size of government agencies as well as sponsoring agitators.
President Trump is the first commander-in-chief in decades who understands how to lean out an operation and, now, government in urgent need of downsizing. The administration must expel the liberal operatives and big government loyalists by sending a flurry of pink slips flying through Washington D.C. and agency outposts. The message? Serve America or go home.

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Since 2007, Kristenev has authored four fact-filled political suspense novels, the Baron Series, and two non-fiction books, all available on Amazon.

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