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The Savage ISIS Murderers are US and Israeli Agents

The Savage ISIS Murderers are US and Israeli Agents
Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 20 August 2014

The murders committed by the so-called Islamic State, also known as ISIS, rather than Islamic are Zionist in source. That’s because Islamic State (that is ISIS) is a creation of the arch-Zionist cabal. Even so, Islaam prohibits the actions and deeds of the ISIS terror agents. They are the enemies of Islaam, let there be no doubt about it. Using a variety of agents, including common criminals and deranged Muslim extremists, pro-Israeli elements have achieved the spillage of vast human blood.

Journalist James Foley is a prominent example. If Mr. Foley was murdered in Iraq, which seems to now be confirmed, then, it is strictly the Zionists who are responsible regardless of the nature of the henchmen involved. Clearly and categorically, as stated by Rand Paul and others, ISIS is a creation of the US espionage system, most notably the Mossad.

Both the CIA and DHS are extensions of Mossad elements. The Mossad itself, along with the Shin Bet, is curiously known under the umbrella of Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – or ISIS. There is also an ISIS entity in the United States. This entity consists of private military contractors, who work on behalf of the arch-Zionist cabal.


Regarding Mr. Foley, he was involved in supporting the same terrorist elements which are funded and armed by the Zionists and their American collaborators. This included the NATO-supported Libyan militants and most recently the pro-Israeli agents responsible for the aggression against the people of Syria.

James Foley

If Foley was murdered, as acclaimed, this is not a result of mere Islaamic fundamentalism. In fact, it is the opposite of this. It is the consequence of US and Israeli adventurism in regard to their constant plot to corrupt and control the lands of Islaam. The launching of the ISIS barbaric video is a Zionist plot, not an Islaamic one since, regardless, ISIS is a Zionist creation.

The Middle East is ‘strategic’ to the Zionists because of its oil and gas wealth. ISIS is a creation to gain and maintain that control. Thus, the mechanism behind such ISIS-related murders is strictly Zionist in origin.

The claim is that Islamic State committed the brutal killing of the journalist, among countless others. Then, if it isn’t a truly Islaamic entity what is Islamic State, and who is behind it? It is now clear what is the source of the savagery. It is the Zionist entity and all its agents.


ISIS and/or ISIL, along with the FSA, seeks treatment in the Zionist strip for all its wounded militants from the battlefield. The brutal, hedonistic Zionist Jews are the creators of ISIS, in part through their agent, Iraqi Jew Ibrahim al-Baghdadi:


Arch-Zionist mole and terminal liar Ken King speaks of his cohort al-Baghdadi, as if he is the man to be most feared in the whole world. The vile Zionist even proclaims that his fellow Jew has targeted New York for his next realm of destruction. If the leader of the entity is a Jew, then, who else could be responsible for ISIS other than Zionist Jewry?


Who believes this dirty Zionist with his phony quote of the fake Islamic bogeyman al-Baghdadi? It is a set-up, just like 9-11. It is as if King is preparing Americans for the next vile pysops operation, the next false flag or perhaps hoax, which would be blamed on Muslims. Apparently, the hierarchy of ISIS finds the Zionist entity to be its key ally:

Will ISIS, then, if it has the capacity, attack the Palestinians instead of the Israelis? This type of treachery has been its trend thus far.
ISIS is all black, as that is the color of terror as well as horror. Curiously, the Prophet Muhammad instructed his followers not to wear black; its energetics are to the detriment of people.


So, what happened to Mr. Foley? How did a man who was an agent of NATO and the US-Israeli axis become its victim?  His closest relatives do not appear to be in shock in the least considering the degree of the brutality. Even so, it is all a distraction from the real purpose of ISIS, which is to create internecine war within the Islaamic people. It is all according to the platform designed by the Zionists, particularly the arch-Rothschild cabal.

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