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September 2014 — P.1
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“According to a senior health fellow at the Council on
Foreign Relations, the world has no strategic plan to
contain the worst Ebola outbreak in history while scientists
are saying an outbreak on US soil would require
sweeping measures. Total quarantine of cities or sections
of infected cities and restrictions on air travel could be
expected.” – Leo Hohmann, WND, August 7, 2014
“A modern outbreak, caused by a previously unknown
virus, could travel at jet-speed around the world, spreading
across the continents in just a few days, causing illness,
panic, and death…. Emerging infections such as influenza
or Sars or the next pandemic would create a shock
with the potential not only to overburden health systems
but to shut down travel networks, close down work.” –
Alok Jha, The Observer, 9 November 2013
One of the world’s worst natural disasters wasn’t a
tsunami, a hurricane, or an earthquake. It was the great
influenza pandemic of 1918. Most estimates say the outbreak
infected nearly 500 million people and killed 50-
100 million people – about 3-5% of the world’s population
at the time. If a pandemic wiped out 5% of today’s
world population, it would kill 350 million people. Considering
that the H1N1 influenza bug of 1918 is still very
much alive, and the world has many other types of pestilence
actively infecting people around the globe, many
medical experts believe this type of pandemic is overdue.
They believe an outbreak could happen at any time.
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IV. PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS ··················································· PG. 14
Donald S. McAlvany
September 2014 — P.2
We may be seeing the beginnings of this type of
pandemic in Africa. The Ebola hemorrhagic fever has
killed over 1,350 people in Africa. When two American
missionaries contracted the illness, the Centers for Disease
Control flew them to Atlanta’s Emory Hospital for
treatment and evaluation. Emory is one of four hospitals
in the US that are set up to handle highly contagious diseases.
But the uproar over the move has caught the medical
community off guard. Americans are concerned that
bringing the illness to our shores could result in the
spread of the disease.
Until the US brought these Americans to Atlanta, the
Ebola problem was isolated to four countries in West Africa:
Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, and Nigeria. Most of
the leaders from other African nations don’t even want to
talk about the outbreak. They consider it a non-issue. But
is it? The World Health Organization emergency committee
unanimously agreed that this outbreak is “an extraordinary
event.” They even went on to say that this
event meets all the conditions for a public health emergency,
and on Aug 8 WHO declared an “international
health emergency.”
The CDC says the risk of outbreak in the US is extremely
low. They say that our medical system is far
more advanced than Africa’s and that we can contain the
virus. But if we can’t, the results could be devastating to
our country.
The WHO isn’t as certain as the CDC of our ability
to stop the virus. In a statement (released after it issued
an international health emergency), the WHO said,
“The possible consequences of further international
spread are particularly serious in view of the virulence
of the virus, the intensive community and health facility
transmission patterns, and the weak health systems in
the currently affected and most at-risk countries. A coordinated
international response is deemed essential to
stop and reverse the international spread of Ebola.” This
is the third international health emergency the WHO has
declared since 2009, when the swine flu pandemic was
making headlines. The second was declared in May 2014
for a polio outbreak.
The outbreak of polio is a particular concern, as it
was supposedly an eradicated disease. Now, people in
countries where the vaccine has been used extensively
are contracting the disease. Today, several months later,
the WHO emergency declaration has proved ineffective
at controlling it. So have vaccines. Ebola will likely
have the same response to the WHO, which is financially
bankrupt (“drowning in debt,” says Laurie Garrett from
the Council on Foreign Relations) and has very little
power to control these pandemics.
Experts estimate that Ebola is fatal in 45% to 90%
of cases. Over 1,600 people in West Africa have contracted
the disease. It has killed 1,350 of them, and that number is
climbing. Ebola latches onto cells and inserts itself into
those cells. If the virus gets into the cell, that’s where the
trouble really begins. At that point, the virus “begins to
mass-produce copies of itself,” says the Los Angeles Times
(8/5/2014). Our conventional medicine has nothing that
works against viruses. As you may know, antivirals don’t
work like antibiotics. They don’t destroy the pathogen
they’re targeting. All they can do is inhibit their development.
To date, we don’t have any drugs that can stop
Ebola from mass-producing once it’s in the cell. There is
a highly controversial experimental drug that might help.
However, the drug has to stop the virus before it latches
onto the cell. Once the virus enters the cell, the drug can’t
stop it from reproducing. What’s more, we don’t know if
the drug is safe. It could cause more problems than it helps.
There also aren’t any vaccinations for Ebola. Even if
there were, there’s no guarantee that they would work.
Many medical experts touted the flu vaccine as a way to
stop another pandemic like we saw in 1918. However, numerous
studies suggest these vaccines don’t work – and
if they do, they have to contain the right strain of influenza
(there are hundreds). If they don’t, they’re useless.
And the failure of polio vaccines is now causing great
All of this goes to show that conventional medicine
really has very little to offer to prevent another massive
pandemic. So far, the best tools conventional medicine has
to fight these diseases are old-fashioned hand washing, sterilization
of medical equipment, and isolation. These are not
readily available throughout Africa’s villages, so the pestilence
spreads easily. However, there are treatments that
will work against most pestilences. You won’t find these
in your local hospital, but you can find them. Unfortunately,
conventional medicine considers these treatments a
threat to its power, prestige, and income, and has initiated
massive assaults on anyone who uses them. They
could save your life, but your doctor might end up in
jail for using them.
These aren’t hocus-pocus types of treatments. Some of
these treatments have been around for nearly a century.
Some even longer. They’re also proven to work. You just
have to know where to get them and how to use them.
Whenever we’ve seen large outbreaks of disease in Africa,
there has been a call to isolate the patients and the disease
and keep it contained. This year, the CDC set a new
September 2014 — P.3
precedent by bringing two of the patients who were American
citizens back to the US. The reason, they said, was
for treatment. This is a bit ironic, as both patients were
over the worst of the disease and were well on the way to
recovery. Dr. Bob Arnot, an infectious disease specialist,
recently told FOX News’s Judge Jeanine Shapiro, “There
is no medical reason to bring them here, especially when
you see how well Dr. Bradley was.”
There may not be a good medical reason to bring
them here. But there may be another reason – a reason
that is going to raise a lot more questions. Back in 2010,
the US Patent Office awarded the CDC with a patent
for the Ebola virus. Yes, you read that right! According
to the patent (No. CA2741523A1), the particular strain
that has this patent is known as “EboBun.” The patent
says: “The invention provides the isolated human Ebola
(hEbola) viruses denoted as Bundibugyo (EboBun) deposited
with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(“CDC”; Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America) on
November 26, 2007 and accorded an accession number
200706291. The present invention is based upon the isolation
and identification of a new human Ebola virus species,
EboBun. EboBun was isolated from the patients suffering
from hemorrhagic fever in a recent outbreak in
This prompts some obvious questions: Why does the
CDC have a patent on this disease? Why does the patent
call it an “invention”? Did the transport of the US
citizens with Ebola back to America have anything to do
with this patent? We know that the form of Ebola found in
Uganda is different from the patented strain. This has
been confirmed. Did the CDC really invent either of these
strains? If so, why? If they didn’t invent them, why does
one of them carry a patent? Will the second strain from
West Africa soon have a patent on it too? Did the CDC
bring these patients to the US to file a patent?
As you can see, the plot thickens significantly with
the existence of this patent. We know the answers to
some of the above questions. But there are some we don’t
have answers for yet. Mike Adams from Natural-, who broke this news on August 3, 2014, puts
it this way: “From the patent description on the EboBun
virus, we know that the US government: (1) Extracts
Ebola viruses from patients. (2) Claims to have
“invented” that virus. (3) Filed for monopoly patent
protection on the virus.
“To understand why this is happening, you have to
first understand what a patent really is and why it exists.
A patent is a government-enforced monopoly that is exclusively
granted to persons or organizations. It allows
that person or organization to exclusively profit from the
‘invention’ or deny others the ability to exploit the invention
for their own profit.
“It brings up the obvious question here: Why would
the US government claim to have ‘invented’ Ebola and
then claim an exclusive monopoly over its ownership?”
We can begin to understand the CDC’s intentions
when we look further into the “SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION”
section of the patent. The summary is quite
technical, but critical sections are reproduced in Adams’
report. He states that this “document clearly claims that
the US government is claiming ‘ownership’ over all
Ebola viruses that share as little as 70% similarity with
the Ebola it ‘invented.’”
In other words, the CDC probably has already
claimed ownership of the West African strain of Ebola,
and that could be the reason they brought these two patients
to Atlanta. The patients were in Emory Hospital,
which is across the street from the CDC. And we know
that the CDC actively extracts viruses from patients.
As if that weren’t enough, the CDC’s patent also
says that the US government has a monopoly on propagating
the Ebola virus in host cells. Why would the
CDC want to propagate this virus? Well, the patent could
explain that as well. It also says that the CDC has a monopoly
on the treatment of the disease through vaccines.
In other words, you can’t treat this disease with
any other means than what the CDC allows. You can’t
touch its property – even if your life depends on it. You
can’t kill it. You can’t keep it from propagating. Here’s
the specific language of the patent:
“In another aspect, the invention provides a method
for propagating the hEbola virus in host cells comprising
infecting the host cells with the inventive isolated hEbola
virus described above, culturing the host cells to allow the
virus to multiply, and harvesting the resulting virions.
“In another aspect, the invention provides vaccine
preparations, comprising the inventive hEbola virus, including
recombinant and chimeric forms of the virus, nucleic
acid molecules comprised by the virus, or protein
subunits of the virus. The invention also provides a vaccine
formulation comprising a therapeutically or prophySeptember
2014 — P.4
lactically effective amount of the inventive hEbola virus described
above, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.”
While the patent doesn’t explicitly say you can’t alter
(i.e., kill) the virus with other treatments, that is a logical
inference if you combine the purpose of a patent, the
nature of a government agency that would actually
patent a disease, and the trend in government toward
total control. This summary also outlines the extent to
which the US government will go to protect favored industries.
We have seen it go to extensive lengths to protect
the US Dairy Association by attacking raw milk farms and
stores, and its attempts to outlaw nutritional supplements
in order to protect the pharmaceutical industry. So it’s not
out of the question that it will protect the Ebola virus and
its treatment in like manner.
If history is any indicator of how the Ebola scare will
come together in a massive panic, we have a lot to be concerned
about. In 1976, a similar situation occurred with
the Swine flu. Dr. Frank Shallenberger, editor of Real
Cures (September 17, 2009), described it: “I remember
the swine flu ‘epidemic’ of 1976. I had been practicing
medicine for three years then. According to some of the
infectious disease experts of the time, the swine virus was
so dangerous that they were able to convince the United
States Congress to pay for vaccines for every citizen to
prevent the ‘deadly’ disease. About 25% of all Americans
bought the idea. The results? Twenty-five people
died because of the vaccine. One person died because of
the virus. The winner? Big Pharma. How would you like
it if the US government paid for every person in the
country to have one of your products?”
As you can see, the medical establishment has a
history of creating hysteria just to sell a product. That
product is often a vaccine. Given the patent the CDC has
on Ebola, the transfer of these two patients to the US, and
the massive campaign to assure us that the virus won’t
escape their labs, it all spells trouble. When the government
gives us assurances over and over again, they become
talking points. And talking points are notorious for
being a collaborative effort to sway the public in the
wrong direction.
Mike Adams shows us where this is going: “With
this, we start to see the structure of the elaborate medical
theater coming together: A global pandemic panic, a
government patent, the importation of Ebola into a major
US city, an experimental vaccine, the rise of a littleknown
pharmaceutical company and a public outcry for
the FDA to fast-track the vaccine.
“If Act II stays on course, this medical theater might
someday involve a ‘laboratory accident’ in a US lab, the
‘escape’ of Ebola into the population, and a mandatory
nationwide Ebola vaccination campaign that enriches
Tekmira and its investors while positioning the CDC with
its virus patents as the ‘savior of the American people.’
The formula is always the same: create alarm, bring a
vaccine to market, then scare governments into buying
billions of dollars’ worth of vaccines they don’t need.”
At present, the CDC says it has the Ebola virus contained
in the US and that it is not contracted through airborne
transmission. However, many news reports say the
virus is transmuted through the air. So all it takes for the
above scenario to take place is to announce that they were
wrong or that the virus has mutated and it is now airborne.
It’s not a far-fetched idea.
In case you still have naïve thoughts that the US government
isn’t engineering viruses and other pathogens, the
Guardian (November 12, 2013) recently published the
“Ron Fouchier’s microbiology labs are on the 17th
floor of a building on the sprawling building site that is
currently the Erasmus University medical centre based in
Rotterdam. His work encompasses a wide variety of viruses,
everything from influenza to HIV, carried out by PhD
students and postdocs. They work on some deadly pathogens,
but the safety protocols are well-trained into everyone
who walks the halls and the atmosphere is convivial
and unworried.
“One lab, however, is not among this network of
rooms. Fouchier will not say where it is and, in fact, will
not even hint at its general direction from his office. Last
year, in that biosafety level 3 facility, he carried out his
experiments to mutate the virulent H5N1 flu virus from
its wild form, which is dangerous when it infects people
but cannot transmit between people, into a modified form
that can potentially transmit from one person to another.
“The air inside the level 3 lab is at a lower pressure
than the air outside, to stop anything escaping through the
doors. The air itself goes through virus filters and all experiments
are carried out in small, sealed boxes where the
airflow is carefully controlled. The scientists operating
September 2014 — P.5
inside always work in pairs and have to wear masks, thick
rubber gloves, and are all vaccinated against H5N1. Only
six people have access to the steel lockers where the mutated
flu virus is stored.
“The work was not without controversy. The US authorities
prevented Fouchier and a separate team of scientists
led by Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of
Wisconsin-Madison from publishing their work for
many months, fearful that the information might be used
by those who want to make biological weapons.”
Though the CDC says publicly that it’s highly unlikely
the Ebola virus will spread to the US, it is saying otherwise
in Congressional meetings. Dr. Tom Frieden,
from the Centers for Disease Control, said in testimony
before Congress that the spreading of Ebola to the
US is “inevitable.” He said it’s likely to come from
someone with Ebola who gets on a plane and flies here
from Africa. With a 21-day incubation period (the
time from infection to symptoms), he knows we can’t
contain the virus. In other words, the Ebola virus
could easily spread to the US. We’ve already seen how
fast it can spread in Africa. Our medical system is highly
stressed under Obamacare. So it’s unlikely our system
could handle Ebola – at least not in the same manner it
handles other diseases. It will take radical steps to keep
the disease from spreading.
According to Dr. Arthur Robinson, a biochemist with
Oregon-based Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, those
radical steps can include strict quarantines. “I don’t
want to contribute to scaring everybody but at the same
time, you’re dealing with total quarantine,” Robinson
said. “You might have to quarantine entire small cities.
Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but it could.” According
to WND (August 7, 2014), “The CDC has 20 known
quarantine stations throughout the US but it is not known
if those would be adequate to contain a full outbreak.”
Robinson also doubts the US will be adequately prepared
for an Ebola outbreak. “I’ve spoken to people
who are experts on African diseases and they are not
very sanguine about CDC’s ability to deal with things
like this. Their experience in dealing with bacterial warfare
is almost zero, but that’s almost what you have here.
“We know almost nothing, this is a world we’ve
barely scratched the surface in,” Robinson said. “We are
probably not prepared. We have nothing that stops a virus
other than quarantine and hoping it dies out.” Of course,
if it becomes airborne, there won’t be any stopping it –
even with quarantine.
As deadly as an airborne Ebola or H5N1 would be,
there’s one disease that you need to fear even more. Every
year it kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people worldwide.
What’s worse, there’s no reliable cure in conventional
medicine. Even vaccines provide protection for only
a few months, if at all. This isn’t SARs or some exotic
bug. It’s the regular, garden-variety, seasonal flu. It’s one
of the most deadly viruses we encounter. Since we see it
every year – and most of us survive – we don’t think
much about it.
Influenza is one of the biggest killers the world has
ever seen. It takes many different forms. Some forms, like
H5N1, aren’t likely to cause any problems yet. Other
forms, like the flu that hits every year, seem harmless. But
if you’re young, weak, or old, the flu is deadly – even if
you’ve had the vaccine. The vaccines aren’t all the government
tells us they are. from Canada
(August 1, 2014) says there are “two fundamental problems
with mandatory flu shots (for health professionals).
First, influenza itself accounts for only 10-15% of the respiratory
illnesses that occur during flu season. Other
‘influenza-like illnesses’ make up the remainder – and the
flu vaccine provides no protection against them. Second,
the flu shot provides only limited protection against influenza.
At best and on average, it works about 60% of the
time. Healthy adults have a better chance of being protected
if they take the shot. Seniors have less chance. The
vaccine’s efficacy also wanes over time – which means
that even those who get the shot are more vulnerable at
the end of the flu season.”
Katherine Harmon wrote in Scientific American
(September 19, 2011) that the risks are severe. “One of
the most disconcerting things about influenza pandemics,
as opposed to the seasonal flu, is their tendency to sicken
– and often kill – the young and seemingly healthy. Underlying
risk factors, such as heart disease and neurological
conditions, have been linked to higher fatality rates.
But as Maria Van Kerkhove, of the Imperial College London’s
School of Public Health, found in a survey of global
data following the H1N1 pandemic, no chronic conditions
were reported among some 40 percent of people
who were hospitalized for the flu and then died.” In other
words, we may all be at risk.
Frank Shallenberger, MD adds: “Besides the usual
dangers and side effects of vaccines, there is one special
concern regarding a vaccine for swine flu. It’s Guillain-
Barre Syndrome (GBS). GBS is normally an extremely
September 2014 — P.6
rare condition that attacks the lining of the nerves and
paralyzes them. The paralysis can result in death if it
involves the nerves that control breathing. And even in
the best intensive care units in the country, the death
rate is 2-3%. But dying is not the only problem with
GBS. Those who get it are typically paralyzed. While the
paralysis is usually temporary, it still renders its victims
bedridden for anywhere between eight weeks to a full
year. And, unfortunately, not all recover. The syndrome
leaves about 5-10% with permanent paralysis. So what
does all this have to do with the swine flu vaccine?
“Well, the 1976 version of the vaccine caused some
500 cases of it. Keep in mind that GBS is rare. It occurs
in about one out of every 100,000 people. Let’s do the
math. Add up all the numbers of people who had that vaccine
and the cases of GBS it caused, and the results are
scary. The vaccine causes your risk of getting GBS to
increase by an astounding eight times. But don’t worry.
Your government officials were right on the case. In 1976,
after it became clear that the vaccine was causing GBS, it
took the government only 10 weeks to withdraw it.
“Is the current vaccine any safer than the one distributed
33 years ago? Not according to the Health Protection
Agency of the British government, the official
body that oversees public health issues in England. On
July 29, 2009, it sent out letters to about 600 neurologists
warning them about the new vaccine. These letters
stressed the possibility that it could once again cause an
increase in GBS. In other words, the Health Protection
Agency has no clear idea whether there is a danger of
GBS from the new vaccine or not.”
So you can’t depend on vaccines to fight influenza
or, for that matter, any of these illnesses. They just
aren’t reliable enough. And they can cause serious side
effects. So what can you do? Conventional medicine has
little to offer. Drugs like Tamiflu can help shorten the
length of the flu in some cases. But that’s about the best
conventional medicine can do. Alternate medicine, on
the other hand, has several things you can use to fight
these bugs. Fighting viruses is hard to do. However, these
treatments work. They’ve had years of use. They can
work against the garden-variety flu, and they can even
work against SARs, Ebola, and many other pandemic illnesses.
You can do two of these treatments at home. The
other requires a doctor to administer it. But it’s still very
The spread of Ebola to the USA is “inevitable,”
said the head of the US Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention on August 8. Tom Frieden made the
statement in a House Subcommittee hearing. Ken Isaacs,
vice president of program and government relations at the
Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse warned “the world
is woefully ill-equipped to handle the spread of Ebola,”
reports Yahoo News. “It is clear that the disease is uncontained
and it is out of control in West Africa,” he told
the hearing.
“The international response to the disease has been a
failure. If you read the Ministry of Health status reports
coming out every day from Liberia, I don’t mean to be
dramatic, but it has an atmosphere of ‘Apocalypse Now’
in it,” said Isaacs. The spread of Ebola to the US will
likely happen due to international air travel, CDC
head Frieden warned. Today’s Ebola outbreak is the
largest ever recorded in history. Is the CDC perhaps
preparing America for an announcement that Ebola is now
being found in US patients? “The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention has issued its highest alert activation
over the Ebola outbreak,” reports CBS News.
1. America Is Totally Unprepared For An Ebola
Outbreak – If there is even a single case of Ebola appearing
on the streets of America, the masses will outright
panic. Michael Snyder from The Economic Collapse Blog
also makes a powerful point, saying:
“Yes, we may be able to provide ‘state of the art care’
for a handful of people, but if thousands (or millions) of
Americans get the virus you can forget about it. Our
health industry is already stretched incredibly thin, and
we simply do not have the resources to handle a tsunami
of high-risk Ebola patients. And of course conventional
medicine does not have a cure for Ebola anyway.”
2. An Ebola Outbreak Will Immediately Turn to
Panic – In truth, almost nobody in America is prepared
for an Ebola outbreak – not the people, not the hospitals,
not the grocery stores and certainly not the government.
Even a small, local Ebola outbreak would result in a mandatory
lockdown of people in their own homes. The government’s
phrase for this is “shelter in place,” and it was
invoked at gunpoint during the Boston Marathon bombings.
The problem with all this is that the very minute the
public gets word of Ebola spreading in America, people
will launch into panic buying of everything you can imagine:
gasoline and fuel, water, storable foods, chemical
sanitizers, ammunition, firearms, and so on. Think
“zombie apocalypse” and you’ll get the idea. Case in
point: The announcement that the water supply in Toledo,
Ohio was poisoned due to chemical agricultural runoff
caused an immediate and total wipeout of water supplies
from store shelves.
September 2014 — P.7
Hawaii just experienced the same thing, reports Intellihub.
“Due to the recent weather warnings, local stores
have been mostly cleared out of bottled water and other
essential supplies, such as batteries, in anticipation of the
coming storms.” “Residents of Hawaii are cleaning out
stores of supplies in anticipation of power outages and
major flooding,” says USA Today.
Even worse, some residents are finding they are completely
on their own, with other residents utterly unwilling
to help them. As Mike Tsukamoto says on this in USA
Today: “There was a woman there [at the Costco store]
who had a crutch, and she was asking people if they could
help her, and no one would help and she was pretty upset.
She told me that nobody cares to help anyone in times like
this, and all they care about is getting stuff for themselves
and clearing out.”
3. Storms Pass Quickly – But Pandemics Keep
Spreading – Hurricanes quickly pass, but an Ebola outbreak
might keep spreading and lingering for a very
long time. What will the average unprepared American do
after three days of lockdown? Five days? A month? Most
people could not survive more than a week or two without
needing emergency supplies from the grocery store. It’s
not difficult to imagine 911 call centers being flooded
with desperate cries for food after just 3-5 days of lockdown.
An Ebola outbreak lockdown would also grind the
local economy to a halt. No one showing up for work
means no economic activity. It also makes you wonder
who’s supposed to run the power plants, water treatment
facilities, emergency services, and law enforcement. Anyone
who thinks underpaid cops are going to run around
the streets trying to keep the peace when there’s an Ebola
outbreak on the loose is living in a fantasy dreamland.
Ebola has the potential to cause widespread economic
destruction beyond its medical casualties. That’s why it
has been selected and preserved by numerous governments
as a bioweapon. Some people are convinced that
the current pandemic in West Africa is a “trial run”
for a larger release somewhere else, but that is mere
conjecture at this point.
As Michael Snyder recently wrote: If a pandemic
were to erupt, the very limited number of hospital labs
and isolation units that we currently have would be
rapidly overwhelmed. So let us hope that we do not see a
full-blown Ebola pandemic in this country. Because if we
do, we could potentially see millions of people die.
On August 6, we learned that the global Ebola
death toll had increased to 932 [it is significantly higher
now]. The cases of Ebola are now spreading at an
exponential rate. If you project how many cases we
could be looking at in just a few months if Ebola keeps
spreading at the same pace, it becomes quite frightening.
Ebola has now spread to more countries. A man in Saudi
Arabia who was being tested for Ebola has now died.
And a Liberian man has died of the Ebola virus in Morocco.
The CDC has told Time Magazine that it has received
“several dozen calls” regarding “people who are
ill after traveling in Africa.”
If you get Ebola, there is a very good chance that
you are going to die. The mortality rate during this
current outbreak is over 50 percent. It is a killer that is
both silent and brutally efficient. But what makes Ebola so
dangerous is that you can be carrying it around for up to
three weeks before you ever know that you have it. In
fact, one doctor that has been working on the front lines
fighting this disease says that Ebola victims can “look
quite fit and healthy and can be walking around until
shortly before their deaths.” So the person sitting next to
you at work, in the airline seat, in the theater, or that you
walk past in the supermarket could have the virus.
There is a lot of misinformation about Ebola out there
right now. There are a lot of people (including Obama)
claiming that it “does not spread easily,” and that you
basically have to exchange bodily fluids with someone in
order to get it. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be
the truth. Indeed, it is incredibly contagious! As Mike Adams
of Natural News has pointed out, the Public Health
Agency of Canada says that Ebola “can survive in liquid
or dried material for several days.”
Even worse, Ebola is a strong survivor outside a
host. Here’s what the Public Health Agency of Canada
says: “SURVIVAL OUTSIDE HOST: The virus can survive
in liquid or dried material for a number of days. Infectivity
is found to be stable at room temperature or at 4º
C for several days, and indefinitely stable at -70º C. Infectivity
can be preserved by lyophilisation.”
This clearly states that Ebola viruses can survive
for several days on common objects such as doorknobs
or household surfaces. If an infected Ebola victim runs
around touching such common objects after cleaning
blood or mucous from his nose, another innocent victim
can easily infect himself by touching the same objects and
then eating some food that places the virus in his mouth.
Commercial airliners can become highly effective breeding
grounds or incubators for the virus. Ebola-infected
persons touch all the same surfaces in an airline toilet that
non-infected persons touch.
Special information supplement from Life & Health Newsletter…
MRSA Death Rate Now at a Staggering 20%;
Colloidal Silver Still Being Ignored by Doctors
Yes, the deadly, flesh-eating super-pathogen known as MRSA now kills one in every five people it infects. And of
those who survive, many are crippled for life. But medical authorities still won’t tell you that safe, natural colloidal
silver kills this deadly super-pathogen on contact! Here’s the straight scoop you won’t find anywhere else on how
to use colloidal silver to protect yourself and your family from the growing scourge of antibiotic-resistant MRSA…
Dear Reader of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor,
Why is it so critically important to know that safe, natural colloidal silver cures MRSA? As I’ve documented in
this newsletter over and over again, clinical studies show conclusively that up to 50% of the U.S. meat supply is
now contaminated with the MRSA pathogen. And infections caused by the flesh-eating MRSA super-pathogen
(i.e., drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), are now responsible for a staggering 94,000 life-threatening infections
and 18,650 deaths each year in the U.S. alone.
That’s a 20% death rate, meaning if you get infected by MRSA, your chances of dying are one in five – even
with the best medical attention possible. You’ve got better odds with Russian Roulette.
What’s more, according to the MRSAid Blog, of those who manage to survive a MRSA infection, many end up
facing incredibly difficult recovery periods that often involve staggering amounts of ongoing medications and
multiple surgeries. Indeed, as one woman recently wrote me of her horrific experience with MRSA:
“I went into the hospital with MRSA and was there for 13 weeks. Seven of those were in the Intensive Care Unit.
The MRSA went systemic and ate part of my spine. I had six surgeries in five weeks… Because of this I now have
my spine put together with nuts, bolts, screws, rods and a cage around my spine. I wear a back brace… This is a
miserable existence… Just want people to know that MRSA is easy to get and remember you never get rid of it.”
That story is heartbreaking. But all the more so because there’s no reason the poor woman should have had to
endure such a devastating and crippling ordeal that will now affect her for the rest of her life. She had never
been told about the clinical studies demonstrating colloidal silver to be effective against the MRSA pathogen.
That’s why, in just a moment, I’m going to show you what the medical authorities don’t want you to know about
colloidal silver and MRSA.
4 Major Clinical Studies Prove Colloidal Silver Decimates MRSA!
Numerous clinical studies prove colloidal silver handily destroys the MRSA pathogen. So before I explain how you can
keep an unlimited supply of colloidal silver on hand for just pennies, and let you hear from a number of real-life colloidal
silver users who have healed their own deadly MRSA infections, let me summarize just four of these important clinical
studies for you. After all, with MRSA now infecting half the nation’s meat supply, it’s become critical for families like
yours and mine to understand how truly effective colloidal silver is against this insidious pathogen, as well as how to use
colloidal silver to stop MRSA infections dead in their tracks:
Case #1: Brigham Young Clinical Study Proves Colloidal Silver Kills MRSA – In this study, conducted at Brigham
Young University, and published in the journal Current Science, it was found that a number of the antibiotic drugs which
formerly killed drug-resistant pathogens such as MRSA could actually be restored to full efficacy against the deadly
pathogens, but only if a liquid solution of colloidal silver was used in conjunction with the drug! Since these antibiotic
drugs had previously lost their effectiveness against the super-pathogens, this study clearly demonstrates that the silver
was the deciding factor in the deaths of the deadly drug-resistant pathogens!
Collectors Associates
Gold vs Paper . . . The Verdict Is In!
Over the centuries, gold has brought strength and stability
to the nation holding it. It has acted as the ultimate store of
value, giving its owner the right to dictate many of the conditions
of trade and commerce. Little wonder that so many
wars have ultimately been fought over it. It is more than
just a play on words when the “Golden Rule” is defined as,
“He who has the gold makes the rules!”
Gold is the most liquid financial asset in the world. It knows
no borders, is recognized throughout the world, and can
easily be transported or hidden. For this reason, owning
gold represents financial privacy and independence.
Why is there such a difference of opinion among investment
advisors concerning gold? On the surface, it
appears to be a stagnant investment bearing no interest,
producing no goods and services and yet is quite capital
intensive. It seems to have considerable price movement,
both on the upside as well as the downside, which would
lead one to believe that owning gold could be risky.
On the other hand, the price performance of gold has at
times been nothing short of remarkable. From a mere
$35 an ounce before its legalization in 1975, to its high
at over $1900, gold rose over 5000%! Those in the gold
camp fervently tout its past price performance as an obvious
reason to invest in its future price appreciation. “The
sky is the limit”, they claim. After all,
there is no fever like gold fever.
But who is right? How can there
be such a clear difference of opinion?
The controversy concerning
gold can be pretty easily isolated.
Gold was never intended to be an
investment – not in the traditional
sense of the word anyway. Gold’s
proper function is not that of an investment, but rather
as money. There is a significant difference between
the two.
Investing involves putting capital at risk with the
express purpose of receiving a return. The return must
be great enough to more than compensate for the risk
taken. Therefore, lower risk investments have historically
yielded lower returns. The opposite, of course, is
true as well. Riskier investments should offer greater
potential returns.
Gold’s function is different than that of an investment.
It is a store of value. As such, its properties make it the
perfect money. Gold is in limited
supply, valuable, easily transportable,
divisible, malleable,
cannot be artificially duplicated,
and requires many man hours
to be found and mined. Further,
gold has a 6000 year history of
serving as money and jewelry.
Men have valued it over the millennia
for its beauty and rarity.
Is Gold A Good Investment?
September 2014 — P.8
And an Ebola study conducted back in 2012 showed
that Ebola could be transmitted between pigs and monkeys
that did not have physical contact with one another.
When news broke that the Ebola virus had resurfaced
in Uganda, (that’s East Africa, not West Africa) investigators
in Canada were making headlines of their own with
research indicating the deadly virus may spread between
species, through the air. The team, comprised of
researchers from the National Centre for Foreign Animal
Disease, the University of Manitoba, and the Public
Health Agency of Canada, observed transmission of Ebola
from pigs to monkeys.
They first inoculated a number of piglets with the
Zaire strain of the Ebola virus. Ebola-Zaire is the deadliest
strain, with mortality rates up to 90 percent. The
piglets were then placed in a room with four cynomolgus
macaques, a species of monkey commonly used in laboratories.
The animals were separated by wire cages to prevent
direct contact between the species. Within a few
days, the inoculated piglets showed clinical signs of infection
indicative of Ebola infection. In pigs, Ebola generally
causes respiratory illness and increased temperature. Nine
days after infection, all piglets appeared to have recovered
from the disease.
Within eight days of exposure, two of the four monkeys
showed signs of Ebola infection. Four days later, the
remaining two monkeys were sick too. It is possible that
the first two monkeys infected the other two, but transmission
between non-human primates has never before
been observed in a lab setting.
If Ebola truly is “not something that is easily
transmitted,” then how in the world have more than
100 health workers been infected so far? Were they not
being careful? And if you think that our “advanced technology”
is going to keep health workers from getting Ebola
in this country, you might want to think again. How can
US health authorities claim there is zero risk from Ebola
patients being treated in US hospitals when those same
hospitals can’t control superbug infections? “Many hospitals
are poorly prepared to contain any pathogen. That’s
why at least 75,000 people a year die from hospital infections.
If hospitals can’t stop common infections like
MRSA, C. diff and VRE, they can’t handle Ebola.”
Yes, the United States has a far superior health system
when compared to nations such as Liberia and Sierra Leone.
But it does have limitations. Recently, a worker in a
hospital laboratory made these sobering observations:
#1 “Even in the United States, out of all the various
hospitals I have worked at, there is no hope of containing
anything like this. One of the largest hospitals I worked at
only had two reverse flow isolation rooms. Only two – let
that sink in for a minute.”
#2 “Patients only show up to the hospital when they
go symptomatic. So by the time they get there, they’ve
already infected their entire family, their work group,
and anyone they got within a few feet of on the way to
the hospital. When they get there the ER nurses would
treat it either like flu or sepsis. But the whole time the
patient is infecting all of them. And all of them, in turn,
begin to infect everyone else in the exact same way. If
this is as virulent as the WHO thinks it might be, by the
time people realize what is going on, there will be more
sick people than there would be beds available at every
hospital in the US combined.” [Reread this quote a few
times – very sobering!]
#3 “So don’t expect miracles from front-line hospital
staff. We don’t have the tools, and we certainly do not
have the manpower. Ask anyone in the medical field how
much overtime they could work if they felt like it, don’t
even get me started on how thinly stretched people in the
industry are. Though I suppose if this does turn into something,
that will become apparent very, very fast.
There is no way in the world that our medical professionals
are going to be able to handle a full-blown Ebola
pandemic. Therefore, if one does break out, you are
going to need to be prepared to stay at home as much
as possible. That means that you will need enough food
and supplies to last for at least a couple of months, and it
could potentially be a lot longer than that. [ED. NOTE:
And if the International Ebola Health Crisis (so-labeled
recently by WHO) really is going global, you will want
to avoid airports and airlines – where infected persons
will be traveling – often not even knowing that they
are infected. This writer was recently in Heathrow and
Gatwick airports in London – where he saw hundred of
travelers from Africa. Were any of them infected? A sobering
Just think about it. If Ebola is spreading, you certainly
would not want to go to places such as airports
or grocery stores that large numbers of people circulate
through every day. But if you do not have any food,
eventually you would be forced to leave your home. And
that decision could end up costing you dearly. Hopefully
this crisis will blow over and we won’t have to worry
about any of this. But if Ebola does start sweeping
across America, the key will be to isolate yourself and
your family as much as you can.
With each passing day, this Ebola outbreak is getting
even worse, and if it continues to grow at an exponential
rate it won’t be too long before the entire world
September 2014 — P.9
is facing an absolutely horrific health crisis. [End of
Michael Snyder quote].
So what do you do to prepare for the Ebola spread
into America that the CDC now calls “inevitable?” First,
you should substantially increase your personal preparedness
in terms of supplies of food, water, emergency
medicine, sanitizing liquids (like plain bleach), batteries
for flashlights, and so on. An Ebola outbreak may come to
your neighborhood without warning, and the government
may announce a mandatory quarantine without notice.
(Think Boston lockdown!) You could suddenly find
yourself stuck in your own home with no access to a
grocery store for weeks.
Second, it’s probably a wise idea to stock up on natural
antivirals that might be beneficial against Ebola. Although
I must caution you that there are no clinical trials
of anything treating Ebola – not medications, not herbs,
not anything – there are many natural substances with
well-documented antiviral effects that have near-zero risk
of any downside. Those include vitamin C powders, antiviral
herbs like elderberry, traditional Chinese medicine
formulas, and immune-boosting minerals like zinc and
selenium, and colloidal silver.
Third, avoiding immune-suppressing substances is
a key strategy for strengthening your immune response
to most viral infections. This means now is probably
a good time to stop smoking, stop using chemical
fragrance laundry detergents, stop using cheap personal
care products, stop taking medications that suppress immunity,
and stop eating foods that contain immunesuppressing
chemicals, additives, and preservatives. Sugar
is also an immune suppressant.
The stronger your immune system, the better your
chance of survival if an Ebola outbreak happens near
you. This is wisdom the CDC will never publicly encourage.
The entire medical system is wholly opposed to the
idea of people strengthening their own immune systems
and therefore not needing “miracle” drugs or vaccines.
So if you want to be safe from Ebola, it’s entirely up
to you. No government official or public health department
is going to tell you the truth you need to hear: If you
want to survive a serious outbreak, you’d better have
weeks worth of water in your home, and months worth of
food. You’d also better have some cash, sanitizers, flashlights,
radios and the whole gamut of survival preparedness
items – including cash – since the banks could be
Regardless of whether Ebola was laboratory produced
(for bio-warfare purposes or to enrich big Pharma) or is
simply coming from nature, the threat all over the world is
large and growing. If it truly becomes a pandemic in
America or wherever our readers live, certain precautions
will have to be taken. Isolation of one’s self or family
from large crowds (i.e., in schools, theaters, shopping
centers, grocery stores, on airplanes or in airports, on
subways, etc.) – could become essential. In case of a real
Ebola pandemic, panic, and maybe even a governmentimposed
quarantine or lockdown in a city, town, or area,
survival items such as food, water, protective masks or
clothing, and basic medical supplies would be very important
– and possibly even lifesaving.
But in addition to such actions, and perhaps even
more lifesaving, the building of a very strong immune
system and detoxing one’s body is critical. A strong
immune system may be our best defense against an Ebola
pandemic that has no cure (i.e., an ounce of prevention
may be worth a ton of cure – especially when there
may be no cure).
As mentioned earlier, the flu epidemic of 1918 was
killing millions of people around the world. India was particularly
hard hit. So a British physician named Lawrence
Oliver was desperate to find a way to save the lives of his
Dr. Oliver knew that oxygen was especially effective
at killing the viruses. But he couldn’t just infuse
oxygen into the patient. It didn’t work. So he came up
with the idea to infuse dilute hydrogen peroxide intravenously.
He started by giving it to his dying victims. He
figured he had nothing to lose with them. Amazingly, the
treatment cut the death rate by 50%. Remember, this was
among those who were going to die. So his results were
fantastic. No other treatment had ever had so much success.
In 1929, the Lancet published his work.
Today, we’re all familiar with hydrogen peroxide.
Most of us have some in our medicine cabinet to clean
superficial wounds. There’s a reason it works for cleaning.
It keeps infection from setting in. Hydrogen peroxide
does the same thing with your blood. It kills infection.
Actually, when your doctor gives hydrogen peroxide
by IV, he uses a far more diluted solution than you have at
home. And when it hits your blood, the peroxide turns
into oxygen. Viruses don’t like oxygen. They thrive in a
low-oxygen environment. The peroxide converted to
oxygen actually kills the viruses floating in your blood.
In many cases, people suffering from the flu will start to
feel better within a few hours. It can work that fast.
September 2014 — P.10
In 1989 and 1990, the Type-A Shanghai influenza hit
Oklahoma hard. Dr. Charles Farr, considered the father of
modern hydrogen peroxide therapy, did a study on 40 patients.
He saw all of these patients in the first 24 hours of
illness. He divided the patients into two groups. One was
a control and one group received IV hydrogen peroxide.
According to Robert J. Rowen, MD (Second Opinion, November
2004), “The control group experienced a 50%
recovery after 4.1 days, a 75% recovery after 7.8 days,
and a 90% recovery after about 11 days. An average of
two working days per patient was lost for a total of 41.5
days of employee absenteeism. Compare this to the H2O2
group, which lost only a total of five days. They had a
50% improvement in 1.9 days, a 75% improvement in 3.2
days, and a 90% recovery after just 5.5 days. There was
no toxicity found in the treated group.” The hydrogen
peroxide group recovered twice as fast as the control
group and was able to return to work much faster.
Unfortunately, IV hydrogen peroxide must be administered
by a physician. Don’t try to do this at home (the
kind of H2O2 you buy at the store has preservatives and
additives, and is not appropriate for IV use). And don’t try
to swallow hydrogen peroxide. It can cause severe stomach
problems. The good news is there are many doctors
around the country who can administer the IV. You can
find these doctors at
Back in the 1970s, Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD conducted
some groundbreaking research at Syracuse Medical
University. He discovered that people who tend to get
frequent severe colds, flus, and other infections tend to
have the lowest levels of silver in their bodies. The reason?
Dr. Becker found that silver is a vital component
of the immune system. When your body runs low on
silver, it compromises your immune system, and you
are more susceptible to becoming sick.
It might surprise you that silver, the very metal we
encourage you to buy in coins, also can protect your
health. But it can. Most of us wouldn’t consider swallowing
liquid silver or inhaling it. But it can work miracles.
Since Dr. Becker’s groundbreaking work, researchers
have conducted thousands of studies on colloidal silver’s
ability to fight bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections.
But one thing that keeps coming up in the studies is
that the size of the silver particles you use makes a huge
difference. The smaller the particles, the more effective
the silver is in fighting pathogens. Silver’s devastating
effect on disease is discussed much more extensively in
the enclosed insert, which also tells you how to generate
nano-sized particles of silver in your own home.
Another treatment for the flu is one you have probably
never heard about. It’s called EpiCor. According to
Frank Shallenberger, MD, “EpiCor is an all-natural yeastbased
product manufactured through a patented multistage
fermentation and drying process…. Only one company
in the world makes it, Embria Health Sciences, in
Ankeny, IA. The basic idea for this product came from the
cattle industry where it has been used for over 50 years as
an immune system stimulant. Recently, the same production
principles have been applied to make a product suitable
for human immune systems. And when you use it to
fight the flu, it really works!
“Although EpiCor doesn’t have rigorous studies
behind it, I can tell you that it is the best cold and flu
preventer that I have ever used. A few years ago, I started
giving it to many of my patients who were used to coming
down with one to two colds or flus a year. I had them
all regularly take one 500 mg capsule a day. Then, when
they came in for their annual examinations, I asked them
how well it was working. Here’s the good news. None of
them had even one cold or flu after taking it for at least
three months. I would recommend a starting dose of one
capsule twice a day for three months, and then once a
day.” You can find EpiCor on the Internet.
[ED. NOTE: Concerned readers should also acquire
large quantities of Vitamin C capsules (1000 mg) and
begin using same now. This writer takes at least 10 such
capsules per day as an immune booster.]
As stated earlier, the federal government isn’t going
to take kindly to people treating Ebola and any other patented
virus with anything but vaccines from the large
pharmaceutical companies they are in bed with, and eventually
approved drug treatments (i.e., nothing but
pharmaceutical company products). Indeed, there is
presently a government/big pharma move to outlaw all
health supplements in America – much as has been done
under Codex in the European Union. So you need to know
how you’re going to treat your illnesses now. As chronicled
extensively in MIA, the federal government is rapidly
moving toward complete control over every aspect of our
lives – including our health. Whether Ebola turns out to be
a manageable problem or some other highly infectious
disease materializes, a pandemic is very likely something
we’ll deal with in the not-too-distant future.
When it does, Obamacare will greatly limit your
ability to fight the disease. In next month’s issue, we’ll
September 2014 — P.11
show you how the federal government has already
started coming down on alternate medicine. The military
style round-up of alternate medical practitioners
is in motion. Your choices will become limited in the not
too distant future, unless you can afford to go to alternate
medical clinics abroad where there is still medical freedom.
So make sure you build your immune system,
and have access to these remedies – and others we’ll be
discussing in future issues.
[ED. NOTE: An excellent film starring Dustin Hoffman
– Outbreak (released about 15 years ago) – portrays
what a pandemic could look like and how a government
quarantine (or lockdown – think martial law) of a town or
city could be accomplished. Readers should rent or buy
this film and watch it. Also, about 20 years ago, a book
was published – The Hot Zone, by Richard Preston,
which portrayed very well the horrors of an Ebola outbreak.
The book was very instructive!]
The Ebola crisis and potential global pandemic is
not the only crisis the world is facing in the fall of 2014.
Indeed, there are more large global political, financial,
geostrategic crises happening at one time today than
this writer has ever seen in 38 years of writing MIA.
We have a crisis at the southern US border as Obama
encourages millions of illegals to come pouring into the
US from Central America, Mexico, and around the
world. There is war raging between Israel and Hamas
in Gaza with global media propaganda almost universally
blaming Israel for the bloodshed. ISIS, the radical
fundamentalist Muslim group in Iraq and Syria, is
continuing its violent onslaught – slaughtering tens of
thousands of Christians, Kurds, Muslims, and hapless
victims of other faiths, and threatening to topple the
weak Iraqi government that was established and armed
by America.
The Ukrainian/Russian conflict is escalating into a
war that could ultimately involve all of Europe and the
US, and which could morph into a nuclear war. Race riots
are beginning to emerge in America, with the Ferguson,
Missouri riots just the first of many that may potentially
erupt in coming months as Obama and the extreme
political left he represents fan the flames of racial hatred
across the US. If racial confrontations should proliferate
across the country, this could be the trigger for martial
law and a state of national emergency that the political
establishment has been preparing for.
And meanwhile, the US and global financial situation
becomes more shaky by the day with more countries
in Europe, Latin America, and Africa on the verge of
national bankruptcy, the seizing of bank deposits and pension
assets, and the imposition of financial controls. The
world is moving away from the US dollar and the US
dominated World Bank and IMF, developing alternate
structures, and toward a non-dollar dominated global
financial system – that will be using currencies other
than the dollar for international trade. A dollar crisis is
coming as the world unloads its depreciating US dollars,
and this is being fought (unsuccessfully) by the Wall
Street/Fed/Treasury combine that sees itself losing control.
There are growing indications that the US political/
financial establishment could resort to war to stop
the financial decline and loss of global power they find
themselves in.
This a well planned situation wherein millions of
illegals (including children and terrorists) are being allowed
across the US border – with huge potential for economic
and social destabilization of the country – and of
course, eventually millions of Democrat votes. This is not
simply a spontaneous invasion of America by hundred
of thousands of children and other poor Central
Americans. This invasion was created by someone (or
some group) who wants to destabilize and destroy the
US (Obama and his leftist friends come to mind). The
financial burden for already overwhelmed towns, cities,
and states and the bankrupt US government may well be
the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions has said that there will
ultimately be 5-8 million new illegals in America via
this current influx. One wonders how many of them may
be terrorists (think al Qaeda and ISIS)? This invasion of
illegals could be stopped overnight by the US government.
The obvious conclusion: they do not want to stop
it! As an interesting side note, there is presently a scramble
to find a place to house and feed these children and
other illegals. But we have hundreds of empty FEMA
Federal Detention Centers around the country. Why are
these not being used to shelter these illegals? Probably
because they want to keep them secret, and because they
are being saved to house (the word “imprison” comes
to mind) – in a future State of National Emergency –
conservatives, dissidents, and those of us who are pro-
Constitutional opponents of the emerging American
September 2014 — P.12
The present war began when Hamas began firing
thousands of rockets from Gaza into Israel. Israel did
what any country would do to protect itself – it launched a
counterattack into Gaza to stop the Hamas missiles. In its
offensive against Hamas, the IDF (Israeli Defense Force)
found dozens of infiltration tunnels into Israel from Gaza
– some of them dug to Israel elementary schools – where
Hamas planned to kidnap hundreds of Israeli children and
hold them as hostages.
As the war has dragged on, most of the world media
has branded Israel as the evil aggressor – a position
that pro-Hamas President Obama and his Secretary
of State John Kerry have agreed with. It is true
that Palestinian civilians have been killed, but Hamas terrorists
are hiding with their weapons in hospitals, schools,
churches, and using civilians (i.e., women and children) as
human shields. In many ways, the brutal Hamas tactics
are very similar to those of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
(They will ruthlessly kill any moderate Palestinians who
do not support them.)
As an aside, if ISIS is successful in its conquest of
Iraq, it can be expected to turn its sights on Jordon
and join forces with Hamas and Hezbollah in a growing
war against Israel. Meanwhile, the Western press,
the US government, the UN, and much of the world continues
to vilify the “evil bloodthirsty Israelis” as the persecutors
and mass killers of Palestinian civilians – even as
Hama rockets continue to fall into neighborhoods in
Israel. They are completely ignoring the fact that Hamas
started this war by firing thousands of rockets into Israel.
The old adage that “the first victim in war is truth” certainly
applies here.
As this article was being written, this writer met with
a friend in London who had just returned a few days earlier
from Israel. He had been forced three times into bomb
shelters as the Hamas rockets fell in nearby civilian neighborhoods.
He believed that Israel’s Iron Dome missile
defenses were stopping about 80% of the rockets, but that
about 20% were still getting through.
ISIS has captured numerous Iraqi military bases
and massive quantities of sophisticated US weapons
with which we equipped the Iraqi military over the
past ten years. These include hundreds of ground-to-air
missiles that can ultimately be used to shoot down civilian
airliners all over the world. ISIS briefly captured the largest
dam in Iraq, which temporarily put it in a position to
cut off all water supplies to Baghdad. Though the Kurds
recaptured the dam, this strategic site is still vulnerable.
ISIS is executing Muslims, Christians, Kurds, and peoples
of other faiths by the tens of thousands – often beheading
or cutting in half anyone (including young
children) who will not convert to their radical brand of
Islam. They are mutilating the genitals of thousands of
Muslim and Christian girls and women.
Part of their strategy is massive intimidation and
ruthless annihilation of anyone who stands in their
way – a tactic very effectively used by Mohammed
when he used a similar reign of terror to rapidly conquer
huge areas of the Middle East and Southern Europe
1300 years ago. ISIS (also called the Islamic State)
is spreading terror throughout the whole region – as Iraqi
troops throw down their weapons and run in fear from
ISIS fighters who are outnumbered by the Iraqi army
more than 10 to one. There seems to be a strong satanic
dynamic energizing ISIS – something not heretofore
seen, even in al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups.
ISIS is now threatening to overthrow the very
weak and ineffective Iraqi government installed by
America after our ill-advised 2003 invasion of Iraq. If
successful, Syria and Jordon are likely to fall next, and
even Saudi Arabia (where help for ISIS has come from)
may be in danger. While it’s true that America under
Obama helped to arm and train ISIS in the hope that
it would join forces with al Qaeda and other Islamic
fundamentalist rebels in overthrowing the Assad regime
in Syria, there is growing concern that the Iraqi
government may fall to ISIS. The UK and US have recently
launched aerial bombing of ISIS (which may be too
little, too late – especially since their forces simply hide
among innocent civilians as Hamas is doing in Gaza) and
the British SAS is being flown in to help rescue 30,000
fleeing Iraqi Christians and other minorities who are
trapped in Northern Iraq.
It should be remembered that this crisis was precipitated
when the US government under Obama helped to
overthrow the pro-Russian government in the Ukraine and
install a pro-US, anti-Russian regime in Kiev. America is
the driving force behind moving NATO forces and missiles
near the Russian border, and behind the sanctions
against Russia – with Europe reluctantly going along with
the US until the shooting down of the MH17 airliner. Instantly
and widely blamed on Putin and the Ukrainian rebels
in the Western press and by the US and other governments,
the sanctions and rhetoric against Russia have
escalated dramatically over the past month or so.
September 2014 — P.13
This writer wonders who was really behind the
shooting down of that airliner. Certainly the Ukrainian
government and the US had the most to gain, and Putin
and the rebels had the most to lose. We will probably never
know the truth, but the tragedy has definitely exacerbated
an already unstable and volatile situation, and (as the
assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was the spark that
ignited World War I) could be moving the world one step
closer to war. This writer wonders what Russia’s abandoning
the US dollar (like Saddam Hussein and
Muammar Khadafy were trying to do before we overthrew
them and had them killed) may have to do with
America’s current belligerent policies toward Russia.
In any case, it should be remembered that Russia has
a much larger arsenal of nuclear weapons than America,
and America is actually launching its anti-Russian initiatives
while ignoring that fact. If America picks a fight
with Russia, it could end very badly for the US.
The political left in America (via the Obama regime
and the controlled liberal media) are working overtime to
stir up hatred and division between the black and white
races. The police shootings of two black teenagers
(Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida in 2012, and more
recently Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri) have been
exploited by the leftist media and Obama to precipitate
hatred between the races. Massive race riots in major
American cities, as millions of unemployed young blacks
roam the streets and the political left keeps stirring the
racial pot, are a growing potential. All it takes is a spark
(like the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968)
to trigger nationwide rioting. If even a rumor of an attack
on Obama were to start circulating (not to mention,
God-forbid, an actual attack) there would be instant riots
erupting all across America. Overnight, martial law and
a state of national emergency would be declared.
With a very shaky $1.5 quadrillion derivatives pyramid;
countries all over Europe, Africa and Latin America
on the verge of bankruptcy (think Italy, Portugal, France,
Greece, Argentina, etc.); socialist financial controls
(including exchange and capital controls) being implemented
all over the world; a growing exodus from the US
dollar and the concurrent printing of trillions of dollars by
the Fed to offset that dollar dumping; the confiscation of
financial assets (i.e., bank accounts, pension funds, even
cash) by desperate governments looking for funds anywhere
they can find, tax, or steal them – are all pointing
toward an epic financial meltdown on the near horizon.
At any time in the not-too-distant future, a random
event (now popularly known as a Black Swan) could trigger
a global financial panic, just as a random event triggered
World War 1 and could trigger World War III. As
stated above, this writer has never seen in 38 years of
writing MIA such a convergence of potentially destructive
events (coming together in one giant Perfect Storm) at one
time. The next few months up through 2015 and into 2016
seem to this writer to be an extremely dangerous period
for financial and political freedom, stability, and even for
health – if the Ebola scenario discussed above continues
to metastasize.
It seems to this writer to be a period calling for
extreme caution, financial preparations such as a large
percentage of one’s assets in precious metals – some of
which should be stored abroad, emergency cash on
hand, a second passport for every member of the family
– and personal/family survival preparedness. All of
this becomes critical if America suddenly plunges into
martial law and a state of national emergency or if a financial
panic and collapse ensues. At that point, even travel
restrictions are likely to be imposed.
 It is estimated that NAFTA has cost the US well over a
million jobs.
 In the year before NAFTA, the US had a trade surplus
with Mexico and the trade deficit with Canada was
only 29.6 billion dollars. Last year, the US had a combined
trade deficit with Mexico and Canada of 177
billion dollars.
 One out of every six men in their prime working years
(25 to 54) do not have a job at this time.
 According to Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton University,
40 million more US jobs could be sent offshore
over the next two decades if current trends continue.
 A third of people (36%) in the US have nothing saved
for retirement. In fact, 14% of people ages 65 and older
have no retirement savings; 26% of those 50 to 64;
September 2014 — P.14
33%, 30 to 49; and 69%, 18 to 29, according to the
survey of 1,003 adults.
 US sanctions against Russia could force the international
financial system to reduce its “exposure” to the
dollar, setting the stage for its “eventual demise,” says
former congressman Ron Paul.
 Six years after the financial crisis, profits at US banks
have reached near-record levels. Income at US banks
reached $40.24 billion in the quarter of 2014 that ended
June 30, according to a new study.
 CDC provisions allow for the forcible quarantine of
“well persons,” as well as those who “do not show
symptoms” of the Ebola virus. The set of regulations
also included a new “provisional quarantine” rule that
would have allowed CDC to detain people involuntarily
for up to three days, with no mechanism for appeal.
You don’t have to be sick to be detained. If Ebola hits
during flu season, the delay in testing blood samples
could lead to some Americans being detained against
their will for weeks. This raises concerns that the feds
may be “assuming too much jurisdiction to detain people
 There is a growing awareness that the militarization of
domestic police forces is the effective declaration of
war against the civilian population in the United States.
This is reminiscent of 1932 and the Bonus Army. The
calling out of the military against veterans including
the use of tanks on the streets of the United States
played a major role in the 1932 elections. Photos of the
military on the streets shooting veterans who were
there with their wives and children, unarmed, showed
just how readily police or military can be made to fire
on their own people. They even killed infants using gas
against the bonus army that camped in Washington
demanding what they were promised for fighting in
World War I.
 A document released by the US Army details preparations
for “full scale riots” within the United States, during
which troops may be forced to engage in a “lethal
response” to deal with unruly crowds of demonstrators.
The most shocking aspect of the document is the fact
that it describes the deployment of a “lethal response”
directed against “unarmed civilians,” including “sniper
response” and “small arms direct fire.” Under the heading
“sniper response,” the document states, “Ensure
that target leaders or troublemakers are targeted,” in
addition to a passage that states, “Exploit the psychological
effect of an attack.”
 The Pentagon plans to destroy more than $1 billion
worth of ammunition, although some of those bullets
and missiles could still be used by troops, according to
the Pentagon and congressional sources.
 The Obama administration is preparing the nation’s
schools to accept thousands of new students who illegally
crossed the southwest border and are now awaiting
trials on their possible deportations.
 A second wave of some 30,000 unaccompanied illegal
minors from violence-ravaged Central American nations
is expected to swamp the US-Mexico border in
September and October, a crisis that could be worse
than the one that has already pushed 62,000 children
into the US.
 Concertgoers at last year’s annual Boston Calling music
festivals weren’t just there to watch the show – they
watched themselves as test subjects for the Boston police’s
new facial recognition technology, which reportedly
analyzed every attendee at the May and September
two-day events. Employees at IBM planned the test
of its Smart Surveillance System and Intelligent Video
Analytics to execute “face capture” on “every person”
at the concerts in 2013.
 Google’s Skybox intends to launch a constellation of
24 satellites by 2018, which will survey the globe by
taking pictures of its entirety three times a day. This
too will eventually, undoubtedly, upgrade the picture
quality on its map applications.
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September 2014 — P.15
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was backed by gold. In truth, gold was king. So what happened?
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This writer has long wondered why the vast majority
of American Christians and pastors seem to be completely
unaware of (or indifferent to) the dangers America now
faces to virtually all of our freedoms (including the freedom
of religion), and why the vast majority never lift a
finger of opposition or speak a word of protest against the
evils of our day. Indeed, homosexual marriage (as
championed by our president), abortion, support for
Islam and its practices, and the restrictions on the free
speech and practices of Christians is very strongly condemned
in the Bible.
But the vast majority of Christian pastors are totally
silent on these matters, even as criticism of these evils is
now being labeled as hate crimes, hate speech, or hate
thought. Are they brain dead, are they cowards, or do
they agree with homosexuality, abortion, and the
growing restrictions on our freedoms? The Christian
church and its pastors in Germany were very similar to
what we see in America today. They actually supported
Hitler and the Third Reich until 1942 – not only not
speaking out against that evil regime, but actually condoning
many of its practices.
Recently, Chuck Baldwin wrote the following explanation
of this phenomenon:
George Barna is the foremost researcher of modern
Christianity in the country. He recently spoke about a twoyear
research project studying why modern-day pastors
and churches are so silent regarding political issues. The
result of his research only confirms what I have been trying
to tell people for years. But there was one thing his
research uncovered that did somewhat surprise me. One- covered the story:
“On Thursday, George Barna – research expert and
founder of The Barna Group – shared with American
Family Radio’s ‘Today’s Issues’ about new information
he’s compiling at American Culture and Faith Institute
over the last two years, gauging where theologically conservative
pastors are at politically.
“‘What we’re finding is that when we ask them about
all the key issues of the day, [90 percent of them are] telling
us, Yes, the Bible speaks to every one of these issues.
Then we ask them: Well, are you teaching your people
what the Bible says about those issues? – and the numbers
drop ... to less than 10 percent of pastors who say
they will speak to it.’
“When researchers ask those pastors what else they
are willing to do to get their people active in the political
process, Barna said ‘it’s almost nothing.’ So the thing
that struck me has been that when we talk about the separation
of church and state, it’s that churches have separated
themselves from the activities (and the evils) of the
state – and that’s to the detriment of the state and its people,’
stated the researcher.”
Did you get that? Ninety percent of America’s pastors
say they KNOW that the Bible speaks to all of
these issues, but they are deliberately determined to
NOT teach these Biblical principles. That is an amazing
It would have been one thing if the pastors had said
that these political issues were not relevant to scripture,
and, therefore, they didn’t feel called to address them. But
the pastors are admitting that, yes, they KNOW that
the scriptures DO relate to our current political issues,
but they are deliberately choosing to NOT teach those
scriptural principles. I confess: this statistic caught me
off-guard. So, we can forever dismiss ignorance as justification
for pastors remaining silent.
So, we are not dealing with ignorant pastors; we are
dealing with deliberately disobedient pastors. They are
purposely choosing to remain silent. The report goes on:
“Why the disconnect? According to Barna, the answer is
simple. He suggests asking pastors how someone would
know if their church is ‘successful.’ ‘There are five factors
that the vast majority of pastors turn to [when asked
that question],’ he explained. ‘Attendance, giving, number
of programs, number of staff, and square footage.’”
There you have it: pastors are more concerned
about being “successful” than they are being truthful.
They believe if they tell their congregations the truth, their
churches will not be “successful.” And it is so refreshing
to see Barna directly ask pastors what “success” means to
September 2014 — P.16
The megachurch phenomenon of the last several decades
transformed how pastors think and behave. Pastors
read the “successful church” books and publications; they
attend the “successful church” conferences; they watch
the “successful church” videos, etc. They, then, try to
mimic the tactics and strategies they have been taught.
And if there is one constant theme, it is that pastors
must avoid controversy like the plague. Again, one
must realize that the goal is NOT being faithful to Biblical
principles; the goal is building a “successful” church as
noted above.
It is time for Christians to acknowledge that these
ministers are not pastors; they are CEOs. They are not
Bible teachers; they are performers. They are not shepherds;
they are hirelings. It is also time for Christians to
be honest with themselves: do they want a pastor who desires
to be faithful to the scriptures, or do they want a pastor
who is simply trying to be “successful”?
Where do you find anything in the New Testament
that measures a pastor’s success by the number of people
attending his church? Or by how large his offerings are?
Or by how many programs his church has? Or by how
many staff members he has? Or by how large his facilities
are? In fact, the early New Testament church didn’t even
own property or buildings.
When Paul wrote his own epitaph, it read, “I have
fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have
kept the faith.” (II Timothy 4:7). He didn’t say, “I had a
large congregation, we had big offerings, we had a lot of
programs, I had a large staff, and we had large facilities.”
Please understand this: America’s malaise is directly
due to the deliberate disobedience of America’s
pastors – and the willingness of the Christians in the
pews to tolerate the disobedience of their pastor. Nothing
more! Nothing less!
Oh, and get this: according to the survey conducted by
Barna, guess what the number one reason is why pastors
choose to be “successful” and not “controversial?”
You guessed it: fear of the IRS 501c3 tax-exempt status.
I want to commend George Barna for his research. I
suspect that the vast majority of pastors and churches will
ignore it, but, at least now we know the painful truth of
the matter: by and large, pastors are deliberately choosing
to not teach Biblical truth to their congregations
for the selfish goal of being “successful.” But as we
come to grips with this reality, we must also acknowledge
that pastors are simply (and shamelessly) putting their
fingers to the wind and finding that the people in the pews
are more interested in their churches being “successful”
than faithful to the teaching of Holy Scripture. [End of
Chuck Baldwin quote]
The Bible teaches repeatedly that we are to love what
God loves and hate and oppose the evil that He hates –
and those things are spelled out very clearly in the Bible.
And Edmund Burke said: “All that is necessary for evil to
triumph is that good men do nothing.” And today, in
America, tens of millions of Christians and the great
majority of Christian pastors are not lifting a finger or
speaking a word of protest against the obvious evils
that are proliferating right before all of our eyes. Do
they not understand that homosexual marriage is
Are they terminally stupid; totally dumbed down by
the media, the government, the schools, etc.; are they
simply incapable of recognizing evil, not to mention not
opposing it in any way? Or are they cowards – afraid of
offending members of their congregation or the government
that is about to enslave them? Doesn’t their
knowledge of the Bible give them any discernment regarding
the difference between good and evil?
Whatever the reason, part of the blame for the
moral, cultural, spiritual collapse of America can be
laid at the feet of American Christians and their pastors,
like their counterparts in Germany in the 1930s who
refused to speak out against Hitler and his evil regime.
Does history repeat itself? This writer believes that it
And that is the bottom line!
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