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Russian Intelligence Warns Moscow of US-Led ISIL Threat

Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:26

Russian Intelligence Warns
Moscow of US-Led ISIL Threat

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russia's External
Intelligence Service (SVR) warned Kremlin that the US is using the Islamic State
of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group to create a new front against
Russia in the Central Asia.
"The SVR has warned Kremlin in a report
that the US is seeking to lead the ISIL forces in the Caucasus and the Central
Asia to create a new front against Russia in the Central Asia in future to
implement their plots and policies in the Middle-East," an informed source, who
is close to Kremlin officials and asked to remain unnamed due to the sensitivity
of his information, told FNA on Tuesday.
"Using Saudi Arabia's facilities, which
has shown its capability in transferring terrorists to Syria and Iraq, for
recruiting forces in the Central Asia, the US has coaxed the Wahhabi clerics
affiliated to Riyadh into attracting fighters from different Central Asian
states, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, to
prepare them mentally for being sent to Syria and Iraq. Then, they are trained
in Kyrgyzstan and transferred to Istanbul and then to Syria and Iraq," the
source said.
The report warns Russia of the danger of
a US-led front run by the ISIL fighters in the Central Asia, stressing that the
threat will sooner or later jeopardize the country's security, he
Analysts believe that given the
situation in the Middle-East if the ISIL creates a radical Islamic state in the
region, then that would become a catalyst for what can become a much more
widespread war and chaos involving not only the regional powers but given the
interests of other international powers in the region, including Russia, China,
the United States, some pretty serious conflicts among these great
They say that any success of the ISIL
cult would have “a very important indirect effect” on the US and on the rest of
the countries in the Eurasian region.
In a similar analysis in February, the
Iranian parliament's research center also expressed concern over the spreading
activities of terrorist groups in the Caucasus region, and said the Saudi-backed
Takfiri groups plan to establish an extremist Islamic state in Northern
“The recent sabotage acts in Russia,
specially in North Caucasus, have made the Russian government, specially
President Vladimir Putin, face unprecedented security challenges,” an analysis
by the Iranian parliament’s Research Center, a renowned think-tank,
Due to the Wahhabi and Takfiri groups’
nature and their irreconcilable approach, the analysis said, it can be predicted
that the terrorist acts of these groups will continue and “actually the Takfiris
seek to create a so-called Islamic state in North Caucasus”.
The analysis blamed Saudi Arabia for
supporting insecurities in North Caucasus, and said Riyadh wants to pressure the
Russian government to change its regional policies, specially on
At least 25 were killed in two terrorist
bomb blasts in the Southern Russian city of Volgograd late December. In the
first attack 15 people were killed during a blast at a railway station. Then, a
bomb blast ripped through a trolleybus, killing at least 10 people.
Bill Van Auken in article in the World
Socialist Web Site wrote that "there has been open speculation in the Russian
press that the latest terror attacks are the work of US-backed regimes in the
Middle East in retaliation for Moscow’s diplomatic success in diverting
Washington from a direct military intervention to topple the government of
President Bashar al-Assad in Syria".
“There is no doubt that the Salafist
regimes of the Persian Gulf, primarily Saudi Arabia, have been supporting
Islamic terrorism in Russia,” wrote Kirill Benediktov in Izvestiya.
“Russia is now strong enough to afford
unfriendly measures towards the regimes that have been using the Wahhabi fifth
column in order to destabilize the situation in our country.”
Auken added that as President Putin had
previously warned, the return of 400 Russian terrorists who were fighting in
Syria during the past years, can bring terrorism inside the country.
Auken also said that these events
happening just before the Winter Olympic Games renewed the attention to the
discussion of Putin and former Saudi intelligence chief Bandar Bin Sultan who is
one of the main supporters of rebels in Syria.
According to a transcript of the
discussion leaked to the media, Bandar demanded that the Russian government
terminate all support for the Assad regime in Syria. In return, he offered a
joint energy strategy to prop up oil prices and other inducements.
“I can give you a guarantee to protect
the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year,” said
Bandar. “The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are
controlled by us.”
Putin in response said that Russia would
strike a massive military blow against terrorist training camps, which many
analysts interpreted the remarks as a threat against Saudi Arabia.
Auken finally concluded that the
explosions has raised the question that whether Saudi Arabia is sponsoring the
North Caucasus terrorists independently or in collaboration with the US, who
both want to take revenge from Russia for their defeats in the Syrian
And media sources eventually announced
that a grim memorandum circulating in the Kremlin written by Federal Security
Services (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov to outline the new security measures
throughout Russia, as ordered by President Putin after the deadly Volgograd
terror attacks, has warned that the Russian leader has, in effect, vowed to
“destroy” Saudi Arabia as he is blaming Riyadh for this horrific crime against

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