Thursday, August 28, 2014

Congressman Posey discusses autism, vaccines and lack of CDC transparency in interview with Dr. Brian Hooker

Congressman Posey discusses autism, vaccines and lack of CDC transparency in interview with Dr. Brian Hooker

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(NaturalNews) One of the last remaining patriots serving in public office is pushing for new legislation that would mandate side-by-side comparisons of autism rates in vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. Speaking during a recent interview with the Focus Autism Foundation's Dr. Brian Hooker, Congressman Bill Posey from Florida spilled all about corruption at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the agency's continued coverup of evidence linking vaccines to autism spectrum disorders (ASD). You can listen to the full interview here.

Rep. Posey's insights come following the revelation that the CDC intentionally covered up data linking the combination measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to significantly higher rates of autism in African American boys under the age of three. A whistleblower with close ties to the CDC came forward recently to confess about this fraud, which Rep. Posey believes is directly associated with the CDC's refusal to conduct honest studies comparing the health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals.

Rep. Posey was present during a 2012 hearing with the CDC's Coleen A. Boyle, who testified before a House committee that CDC data showed no link between vaccines and autism. But this turned out to be a complete lie, and Rep. Posey played a key role in exposing the truth during his questioning at the hearing.

"Dr. Boyle was intentionally evasive," stated Rep. Posey during the interview. "I asked her a very direct question: 'Have you done a study comparing autism rates in vaccinated versus unvaccinated children?' She started telling us about everything she had done in order to avoid answering that question."

"I mean, it's like I asked her what time it was, and she tried to take up all my time describing how a clock works... and after she wasted three minutes, I cut her off and I demanded that she answer the question. And then, only then, did she admit that the federal government has never done that very simple, fundamental, basic study."

You can listen to Rep. Posey's interview here:

Tell your Congressmen to support House Resolution 1757, the Vaccine Safety Study Act

Fed up with the CDC's refusal to even consider data from a retroactive study on vaccine safety -- the CDC routinely uses retroactive study data to support its other agendas -- Rep. Posey is hoping to force the agency to compile this data in the interest of public safety. According to Rep. Posey, Dr. Boyle's excuses as to why such a study has never been done are invalid and represent a betrayal of the American people.

"I'd like to know just how much the vaccinations do play into it, and I think everyone would like to know that," stated Rep. Posey. "And when we know that, then that part is off the table and we can focus on other remedies. But they just don't want to do it."

House Resolution 1757, also known as the Vaccine Safety Study Act, currently only has one co-sponsor besides Rep. Posey: Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney from New York's 12th District. The bill would require increased transparency and honest inquiry into vaccine safety, something that the CDC has completely ignored in trying to please the vaccine industry over defending public health. The CDC has repeatedly lied about how taxpayer money is spent on vaccine research and has established a wide network of media trolls to defame anyone who dares question the agency's true allegiances.

"Their little media network, they twist the truth to disparage, to malign, to vilify, to denigrate anybody who wants any kind of accountability in this crazy house," says Rep. Posey.

Increased diagnosis only covers about 10 percent of cases.

Be sure to listen to Rep. Posey's full interview here:

You can also contact your Congressmen to urge support for HR 1757, the Vaccine Safety Study Act, by visiting: and

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