Monday, August 18, 2014

The Ebola virus can be destroyed naturally - despite what you've been told

Volume 4, Issue 65 August 18, 2014
The Ebola virus can be destroyed naturally
- despite what you've been told
In the August 9th Nutrient Insider, I showed you a couple of ways to fight off deadly viral infections like Ebola. One of those treatments is doctor-administered oxidative therapies. Well, one oxidative therapy in particular uses a nutrient to produce these amazing results. And it's an easy and inexpensive treatment the people of Africa need today.
That oxidative treatment is high-dose intravenous vitamin C. This may not sound like an oxygen treatment. But high-dose intravenous vitamin C works on the cellular level much like other oxidation therapies (including IV hydrogen peroxide and ozone).
In fact, high-dose vitamin C is so powerful, researchers have not found one virus that can survive the treatment. The reason vitamin C is so effective is that its structure allows it to move freely throughout the body. This allows it to attack viruses that other, perhaps more-powerful antivirals can't kill because they can't reach the viruses.
So will high-dose IV vitamin C work against Ebola? There's every reason to believe it will. Remember, there hasn't been one single virus that vitamin C hasn't inactivated or killed. Vitamin C kills viruses by activating something called "Fenton's reaction." This is a complex chemical reaction that scientists use in various applications to destroy organic compounds. Think of hydrogen peroxide's bubble action when you pour it on a cut. With vitamin C, the Fenton's reaction creates the most reactive oxidizing agents science has ever identified. As a result, they're able to radically upregulate oxidative stress, which destroys the virus.

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What's exciting about vitamin C is that it works on all viruses and all of their various mutations. So if Ebola becomes airborne, the treatment is the same.
It's also important to remember that Ebola is doing most of its damage in countries with very deficient nutrition. It's possible Ebola can survive only in a nutrient-deficient environment, much like scurvy. So keeping your immune system strong will go a long way toward keeping the virus at bay. Taking a high-quality multivitamin like Healthy Resolve will give you vitamin C and many other nutrients that can fight the virus.
But should Ebola break out in the U.S., and should you contract it (two highly unlikely events), make sure you have a doctor who can administer high-dose IV vitamin C. It could save your life.
Your Insider for Better Health,
Steve Kroening

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