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Russians and Americans Join for an Historic Schiller Institute Memorial To Victims of the Tu-154 Disaster, at the Teardrop Memorial in Bayonne, New Jersey

Russians and Americans Join for an Historic
Schiller Institute Memorial To Victims of the Tu-154
Disaster, at the Teardrop Memorial in Bayonne, New Jersey

A truly beautiful and world historic event took place Saturday, Jan. 7, 
at the Tear-Drop Memorial in Bayonne, New Jersey, bringing Russians and
Americans together to honor the memory of the 92 victims of the Tu-154
crash on Christmas Day, and especially the death of 64 members of the
Alexandrov Ensemble, the world famous "Red Army Chorus," which was
on its way to Syria to bring beauty and culture to the soldiers and civilians
of that troubled land.

The Schiller Institute Chorus had performed the Russian National Anthem, 
in Russian, at the Russian Consulate in Manhattan last week in memory of
those killled in the Tu-154 crash, an event which received nearly a half
million views on youtube, along with thousands of grateful comments. The
Schiller Institute then organized this similar, broader event at the Tear-Drop
Memorial, which had been  donated to America by the Russian government
to honor those who  died on 9/11. (On the Teardrop Memorial, see ).

Speaking at the event were:
     * the First Deputy Permanent Representative at the Russian Federation 
Mission to the UN; 
     * the head of the Ceremonial Unit of the New York Police Department; 
     * the head of the Training Unit at the Bayonne Fire Department;
     * the head of the 9-11 Families United for Justice Against Terror;
     * and a representative of the Schiller Institute.
    Also in attendence were color guards from the American Legion,
the NY Police Department, and the Bayonne Fire Department. 

The moving event took place in a winter storm. The speakers addressed the
necessity of the people and governments of Russia and America to unite
in honor of the deceased from both sides, while demonstrating that the
common, human emotion that unites us to mourn those who have been taken
from us, can and must also unite us in creating a better future for Mankind.

I encourage everyone to take 24 minutes to watch this extraordinary event,

The event took place on the same day that President-elect Trump rejected the
lies  of President Obama's intelligence team, who had tried to convince Trump
that Russia, and Putin himself, had subverted the US presidential election.
Trump issued a statement saying:

"Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not
a bad thing. Only `stupid' people, or fools, would think that it
is bad! We have enough problems around the world without yet
another one. When I am President, Russia will respect us far more
than they do now, and both countries will, perhaps, work together
to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues
of the WORLD."

The video of the event, 24 minutes long, is at:

The transcript of the event follows:

Russians and Americans Join for Wreath-Laying at Tear-Drop
Memorial To Remember Those Who Died in Tu-154 Plane Crash

LIEUTENANT TONY GIORGIO (Director of the NYPD Ceremonial
Unit): Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the
Bayonne, New Jersey 9/11 Memorial, a gift from the Russian people
after the tragic attacks at the World Trade Center in memory of
both the February 1993 and Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
And we're here this morning to pay homage and tribute to
those Russian members that were killed on Christmas Day.
Everyone please remain standing for the presentation of our
colors, for the New York City Police Department Color Guard, the
Bayonne Fire Department Honor Guard, and the American Legion
Honor Guard; and the singing of both the Russian Federation
National Anthem and the United States National Anthem, which will
be performed by the Schiller Institute Chorus, directed by Diane

And now, our Anthems. ... [after the National Anthems,
presenting of the colors, and invocation, Lieutenant Giorgio
introduced the First Deputy Permanent Representative of the
Russian Federation to the United Nations, Mr. Petr Iliichev].

MR. PETR ILIICHEV: Friends and colleagues, we gather today
to honor the victims of the devastating crash of the Tupolev-154
that happened two weeks ago. We come together to commemorate 92
passengers including members of world famous Alexandrov Academic
Ensemble of Song and Dance; the prominent charity worker and
humanitarian worker Dr. Liza Glinka; teams of Russian TV channels
[Channel One?], Zvezda, NTV; as well as the crew of the plane.
Our thoughts and prayers are going to the families of the
victims. The singers, the dancers, doctors, journalists, pilots
and stewards, lived their lives for a purpose, especially the
performers who used to cheer up huge audiences, but today we stay
silent in their memory.

Today is the Orthodox Christmas Day, and on Christmas Day in
every nation, we share life, love, we exchange support; we praise
each other, we treat each other as being one family. And it's
very symbolic that today we gather to grieve at the Tear-Drop of
grief that is very dear to the American people for their loss of

On behalf of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation
to the United Nations, I would like to express my heartfelt
gratitude to all of you present here, to all of those who
organized this event. It's helpful when you're grieving, and you
are not alone, your friends are around to offer you their
compassion, their heartwarming solidarity. We value very much
your sympathy and your solidarity.

It's said that when words fail, music speaks. Arts and
culture are meant to bring peace to people. So once again, I'm
very grateful for Schiller Institute Chorus for what they have
done, and all of you who are present here. Thank you.

LT. GIORGIO: Thank you so much, Mr. Illichev. And now, I'd
like to introduce the Chairwoman of the 9-11 Families United for
Justice against Terror, Mrs. Terry Strada.

MRS. TERRY STRADA: Hello and thank you for having me.
Fifteen years ago I lost my husband Tom, in the September
11th terrorist attack against our nation. Today, on behalf of
everyone standing here, and the American people, I would like to
offer my sincere and heartfelt condolences, for the sudden,
tragic and senseless death of your beloved Alexandrov Ensemble,
your loved ones, and your fellow citizens.

Rich in history and pride, the Alexandrov Ensemble bolstered
the spirits of the deprived soldiers defending the Warsaw Pact
and under President Vladimir Putin, continued that tradition of
patriot purpose. Their performances would provide a moral
balance in difficult times, and on December 25th, they were
travelling to Syria to lift the spirits of the Russian army
during their time away from home.

Everyone here knows your pain, how deep your sorrow goes,
and the feeling that you may drown in your tears. Grief like
this is both physical and heartbreaking and the road to healing
is long and difficult. Allow yourself to mourn, to cry and to be
sad. Remember those you loved, and lost. Remember the beautiful
music they made, and how it felt in your hearts when you heard
their songs and the sound of their beautiful instruments: They
were a gift from God and they are gone, too soon.

I am standing here today to tell you to tell you and to show
you, you will heal, you will never forget, but you will heal, and
one day the pain you are feeling, this horrible pain, will
subside. You will miss them, and they will always be with you in

Tragedies like this can bring a nation today. Today, it is
bringing two nations together, and I hope you find comfort in
knowing we feel your pain and mourn your loss, too. Russia
wanted us, the American people, to have a memorial for the fallen
heroes and the citizens lost and killed on 9/11, with a
tear-drop, representing that the world cried with us. Thank you
for your kindness and support. Today we offer you the same.
Thank you.

LT. GIORGIO: Thank you Mrs. Strada. And now, I continue
with the Training Unit of the Bayonne Fire Department, Capt. Don

CAPT. DON HAIBER (Training Unit of the Bayonne Fire
Department): On behalf of the Bayonne Fire Department, the City
of Bayonne, the State of New Jersey, and the United States of
America, we wish to convey our deepest condolences to the people
of Russia and the families that have been affected by this
terrible tragedy. The loss of the members of the Alexandrov
Ensemble, a gem of Russian culture, also known as the Red Army
Chorus, will be felt worldwide.

Being hear at the Tear-Drop Memorial is fitting, since the
creator of this monument was the Russian sculptor Zurab
Tsereteli. In the darkness after 9/11, this monument helped to
bring hope and light to the many people who visited here. It is
now our turn to repay that kindness back to Russia. This small
token of our sympathy, hopefully, will bring a touch of hope and
light back to the Russian people.

On a personal level, I'm honored to be here today, as I was
actually at the Ground Zero, working with my brother firemen for
a few days. And may the peace and hope that I feel when I am
here be conveyed back to your country. It is at times like this
that we are neither Americans nor Russians, but we are human
beings who feel loss and genuinely wish peace and happiness to
one another.

Our love and prayers are with you, and peace to all. Thank

LT. GIORGIO: Thank you, Captain Haiber. As the Captain
mentioned, one of the reasons that we are here is not only is it
the 9/11 memorial, but also we are commemorating those lost on
Christmas Day, in that terrible plane crash. As a representative
of the New York City Police Department, we, too, performed with
the Russian choir at the 10th anniversary of 9/11 that was being
held in Quebec City, and it was a wonderful performance that
night. But as Mr. Iliichev said, sometimes the words fail, but
the music never fails. And even though we spoke two different
languages, we spoke the universal language of music which always
gives us hope, comfort, and peace, and that's all we want in this
world are those three things.

I now introduce the director of the choir, Mrs. Diane Sare.

DIANE SARE: First of all, let me assure everyone, we are
not a group of Russian immigrants, as was said on YouTube.
On behalf of the Schiller Institute of Mrs. Helga
Zepp-LaRouche, I would like to offer our deepest condolences to
Russia and the people of Russia on the great losses you have
recently suffered. First, your beloved Ambassador [to Ankara]
Karlov was gunned down at an art museum. Then, only a few days
later, on Christmas Day was the terrible plane crash, which took
the lives of 92 people: Among them was a dedicated crew, a group
of very talented young journalists, Dr. Elizeveta Glinka, whom
you mentioned who was bringing food and medical aid to children
in Syria, and 64 members of the Alexandrov Ensemble and the
wonderful soloist, Grigory Osipov who sang {God Bless America} to
the New York Police Department on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.
The loss of the chorus was particularly great, because as
everyone who sings in a chorus knows, the combination of our
voices is greater than each of us individually, or each of us
added up as parts. Each and every one of us is going to die.
But we hope that mankind will be immortal. If we can each think
of ourselves as unique voices in a great chorus which stands
across generations and across continents, then the universe will
resound with the beauty of mankind.

LT. GIORGIO: Thank you so much. And now, we're going to
ask to have the wreath presented, also with the list of
passengers on that tragic flight, as the chorus performs a
Christmas carol. [Schiller Institute Chorus sings {Adeste

Thank you so much. As we conclude today's memorial and
commemorative ceremony, again we want to thank the Schiller
Institute Choir, we want to thank the City of Bayonne, New Jersey
Fire Department for all they gave us here in hosting this event,
and we ask those of you with the white roses to please, as you
can, step forward to the Tear-Drop Memorial and place it for all
those that we have lost and for the hope we have in the world as
we continue in their honor.

Thank you so much.

DIANE SARE: And, I wish to thank Lt. Tony Giorgio and the
New York City Police Department Ceremonial Unit for all you have

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