Monday, January 9, 2017

Rex Tillerson could be America's most dangerous secretary of state

On Wednesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is set to begin confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s secretary of state nominee -- former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson.
There have already been reports of the enormous conflicts of interest this could create, but this morning In These Times broke the news that Tillerson is personally named in a lawsuit that alleges security forces employed by Exxon Mobil engaged in serious human rights abuses in Aceh, Indonesia -- including murder, torture, sexual violence, kidnapping, battery, assault, burning, arbitrary arrest, detention and false imprisonment.
You can read it here:
This exclusive feature by award-winning reporter Antonia Juhasz is the cover story of our February issue, which is at the printer right now.
We wouldn't normally publish a story like this before it reaches subscribers, but with Tillerson's confirmation hearings set to begin in just days, it's important that this story get as much attention as possible, as soon as possible.
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The story also looks at Exxon Mobil’s long record, under Tillerson's leadership, of unsafe working conditions, investor and public fraud, destruction of the environment, support of dictators, and more.
On the eve of his confirmation hearings, this article provides startling new information that should give pause to Congress and the public about what the future of American diplomacy and foreign policy might look like under Rex Tillerson.
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