Saturday, May 20, 2017

Haunted by Debt ... Bet on Trendlines ... The China Trigger

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Haunted by Debt ... Bet on Trendlines ... The China Trigger
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Here’s a summary of stories from this past trading week, with a link to the full articles online.
$9.4 Trillion in Budget Deficits
And That’s BEFORE any tax cuts!
If the day comes when the U.S. can’t pay its debts, all heck will break loose, says Martin Weiss, Ph.D. Expect our economy to shatter as bond prices collapse, interest rates surge, and federal jobs vanish. And Dr. Weiss warns, that day may be closer than you think.
Bet on Trendlines Not Headlines
No matter how scary the headlines may be, investors keep calm and carry on. Jon Markman observes: Even the most sensational news stories won’t have any effect on a genuine trend.
China has launched a war against its debt, which will probably trigger a U.S. stock crash.
Why China Will Trigger Our Next Stock Market Selloff
The stock market rally is running on fumes. And almost anything could send it into a sputtering freefall. But Mike Burnick says the biggest threat comes from China as it cracks down on excessive credit and debts. He explains it all here.
Banks Finally Join the Cloud Revolution
A new 24/7 personal cyber-assistant hints of what’s to come from banks as they gravitate to cloud computing. The AI chatbot – called Erica – even helps manage your finances by analyzing your personal spending and saving habits. Jon Markman introduces you to Erica here.
What Are the Odds of a Trump Impeachment?
Our controversial president is at it again – we all know it.  It’s all over the news. But Bill Hall’s job is to push his personal biases aside and analyze the impact of this new political information. What he’s discovered is truly astonishing.
Did you know economic tidal waves act just like tsunamis?
According to the National Geographic, the enormous energy of a tsunami can lift giant boulders, flip vehicles and demolish houses. But from a financial standpoint, the “K-Wave” will be even worse: Millions could lose their homes. Millions more could see their life-savings wiped out in an instant. Businesses, large and small, could close their doors. Even the bare necessities of life — food, water, clothing — might become scarce. That’s why it’s so important that you get your free copy of

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