Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Does Trumpcare break a key promise?

 Does Trumpcare break a key promise?

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When Donald Trump was campaigning for president, he promised that people suffering from heroin and opioid addiction would get the treatment they need. "We're going to take all of these kids—and people, not just kids—that are totally addicted and they can't break it. We're going to work with them, we're going to spend the money, we're gonna get that habit broken," Trump told voters in Ohio during a campaign stop. A few months later, when Election Day was over, many of the states impacted most deeply by the opioid crisis — such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia — voted for Donald Trump.

That's why it's unsettling to learn that the health care bill (known as Trumpcare) that House Republicans passed this week cuts access to substance abuse treatment programs under Medicaid and could even block mental health coverage from many insurance plans. According to a study reported by Mother Jones, Obamacare has already had an effect reducing the uninsured rate of patients seeking help for drug abuse or mental health. We don't know exactly how Trumpcare's Medicaid cuts will play out, but the fact that the bill cuts an estimated $839 billion from Medicaid over 10 years is worrying given the ongoing addiction crisis.

If you want to learn more about how you could be impacted by Trumpcare, ATTN: published a few articles this week, including one examining the effect on people who get their insurance through their employer. And if you want to contact your representatives about this issue, ATTN: published a guide of how to get the best results here.

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