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Roberts: Despite Referendum Vote, Globalists won't let UK leave their club

Subject: Roberts: Despite Referendum Vote, Globalists won't let UK leave their club

SOL: GEE! This sounds like what American Civil War, which was actually a "War of Rebellion". Although the American Constitution specifically states that a Sovereign State has the Constitutional right to secede from the Union of the united states if they feel they are being suppressed, unfairly taxed and forced to pay unequal tariffs . Months after South Carolina seceded from the union of American states, President Lincoln ordered three war ships into the Charleston, SC harbor which was literally an invasion of a Sovereign State no longer part of the United states of America. When South Carolina repelled these unauthorized war ships from their harbor, President Lincoln declared war on the state of South Carolina. In addition, President Lincoln ordered the surrounding states to attack South Carolina, which they obviously refused because the Constitution of the United States does not allow any state to attack another state they too were forced to secede. Lincoln refused to allow the Southern states to dismantle America and break up the United States Lincoln declared war on all the Southern states that seceded. Since President Lincoln refused to accept the Constitutional Right of Secession and therefor forced them to form the Confederate States of America to unite for their one protection protection in a four year war with the northern Union States. 

I can only pray that Brussels will allow the UK to peacefully withdraw from the European Union without bloodshed even though it could be considered the potential destruction of the European Union as well as NATO. Brussels could refuse to allow the UK to secede from the EU, but the globalist are in survival mode and fight them at every step. One analyst said it could take until 2019 to change all the treaties, agreements, on both sides. Brussels will make it extremely difficult even IF they agree. Brussels is the central power and won't give it up easily. they will make the UK pay heavily for years, similar to the American War of the Rebellion. The Southern states which weren't allowed to secede, lost the war, and are still being penalized 151years later. Greece also voted to exit from the EU but Brussels bought the Greek government with threats and promises of austerity relief which never happened, but in fact gotten severely worse.  Even certain zelite in the U.S. say we should make it very difficult for the UK to discourage others from even thinking of leaving the EU.                                                             


Roberts: Despite Referendum Vote, Globalists won't let UK leave their club
Friday, 24 June 2016
Information continues to come in about the Brexit vote. A member of the British Army said that 90% of the lads in his unit voted to leave.

They voted exit because they do not believe they should be involved in Washingtons wars. He said that his unit agreed that the wars are dictated by Washington, via Brussels, and not by the British people.  He also said that the soldiers were “taking their own pen” to the ballot box, because “they only use pencils at the polls and they could be rubbed out and changed.”

Richie Allen in London, a radio presenter in Manchester, England, said that as an Irishman he remembers how the Irish vote against the EU was overturned when the people rejected the Lisbon Treaty and that already in England “they’ve begun talking about the possibility that the EU will come back with a better offer.”  In other words, the exit vote is not being treated as meaningful.  

And as Stephen Lendman reports, the propaganda continued in high gear with David Cameron setting the tone by emphasizing how happy the vote has surely made Putin and ISIS (somehow these two deadly enemies are happy over the same thing!). The self-hating Russian, Garry Kasparov, said Brexit was “the perfect gift for Vladimir Putin,” as Britain’s exit leaves the EU a “weakened institution with less power to confront Putin’s assaults on Europe’s borders.” What assaults, Garry?

Former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul is “shocked, shocked!”  The US and EU lost, Putin wins.

Of course, the vote had nothing to do with Putin or Russia.  But the liars are going to try to make the British feel that they betrayed England and gave Russia power over Europe. Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov replied to the nonsense: We are accustomed to “the Russian factor” as the explanation of all events in the universe.

The British people might think that they are out of the EU, but they are not. They have a long hard fight ahead. Washington and the British political and media establishments that serve Washington are not going to let them leave.  //Paul Craig Roberts

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