Saturday, February 27, 2016

Venezuela: Options for Regime Change?

Venezuela is no stranger to high drama.
The concern in the financial world this week was that the government in Caracas was poised to default on a $1.5 billion bond payment that came due on Friday. But while that crisis was, in the end, averted, Venezuela is far from out of the woods.
There is still risk of default when another payment looms in the fall – and President Nicolas Maduro has muddied the outlook further with a series of weak economic reforms, also announced this week. Meanwhile, social conditions are continuing the long decline that started under the government of Maduro’s deceased predecessor, Hugo Chavez – and the public is running out of patience with the existing political order. 
There is now open talk of ways to cut Maduro’s presidency short – but there are multiple ways such an outcome could be brought about, with differing implications for the country's future. Stratfor has published a study involving four different scenarios – and their likelihood of occurring.

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