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1984 to 2016, Bluffing with an Empty Hand, Against a Royal Flush

1984 to 2016, Bluffing with an Empty Hand, Against a Royal Flush
Many like to refer to George Orwell’s publication of the classic totalitarian nightmare depicted in “1984” as the benchmark of the “pure negative” for freedom lovers.  Maybe this needs to be rethought a bit.  I submit to you “2016” is becoming, the soon to be birthed, and likely to be the much bigger brother of “1984.”  “2016” the “1984” remake on steroids.  A little more on this later.
It occurs to yours truly, that we are witnessing the final playing hands at the gambling tables, of the world’s power brokers.  It is business gambling only, as true business negotiations were abandoned, long long ago, and replaced with rigging the system, rigged with violence by one of these business sovereigns.  The fancy wooden tables where negotiations took place have long since been retired to storage facilities, and it is now a game of long distance, “raises, bluffs, & calls” between the final two players left at the gaming tables.
The former champion, the western banksters, are sitting with a very very small stack of real assets on the table, and the pathetic cards in hand leave bluffing as the only remaining option. They also have a huge stack of paper garbage, but most of it isn’t available to them, more on that later.  Their primary opposition, the BRICS & Associates, now recognize the bluffing for what it is, a stage show for the former champion’s sleepy onlookers, the sheeple.  This last, and final player left at this table (primarily Russia & China) are the BRICS & Associates, who have a stack of real money on the table, and are holding a “royal flush.”  Again these stacks laying on the table have an extremely unique “ownership trail,” one that the players know all too well.  Again, more later.
The winner is easy for the unbiased knowledgeable spectators to predict, as the flush holder is now enjoying the final antics of the opposition.  Folks this is what is actually happening right now, and in easy to see in bright big screen color.
I submit that a raise had already been made last summer by the BRICS & Assoc., and it now requires a move from the westerner’s bluff & bluster.   Bluster that upon WG reflection, appeared to really pick up pace when China was denied entry into the IMF last summer.  The very beginnings of the final buffoonish antics of the player at the table with ownership of a dead hand, the player that is about to lay their less than stellar cards on the table.  A forced move after a brilliant raise made by the BRICS, pulled from the westerners own phony stack…….!  More later……let’s use the recent news 'head lines" as a spring board to the subject matter.
The News Review:
In the comedy section, and this literally made the top of the news list over the last 2 weeks, check these putzes out:
Here we have a no talent moron, asking the founder of Facebook, for major financial help on "Twitter" of all places.  What an idiot.  Of course this is a farce to begin with, because no one is sure of the talents of Mark Z. anyway.  A Rockefeller grandson, who probably couldn't have unwrapped a stick of bubble gum even with an attached instruction manual, is under the control of the USSA power brokers, and hardly in the loan business.  And, as pointed out by WG in a prior installment, most of these "media /internet/techno" hotshots wouldn't be diddly shit without the monetary feed available from the government welfare trough.  Note the picture in the link below, with the mighty Zero (posted in a prior installment)...........
Does anyone envision a budding fascist state in the picture from the above link?  Why of course not, these guys earned all their contracts with legit “closed bids" chasing after an honest, hard fought for, sales contract.  Yeah right!  Moving on....
If you want a sign that the bankster’s tool shed is “running on empty,” check out the following link…..
The influence of the movements in the stock market don’t hold sway over public opinion, the way it used to.  It appears the market control rooms run by the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) are bluffing with an empty hand these days!  That's what happens when the retail investor is tapped out.
And, in “act 2” of the market’s bluff, depicting an economic strength that is seemingly losing sway over the masses, note this ZeroHedge link, which further illustrates a market in fantasy land……
As theorized by Team RM before, wait until the EFT’s (high frequency trade(rs)) decide they have had enough of the phony baloney ride up.  It truly matters not whether the EFT’s take revenge on the unsuspecting masses to the downside, because if they don’t, the Dodd Frank exit restrictions will.  Personally I think, as stated before we could be seeing the preparatory stages of a tag team effort between the “plunge acceleration team” & the Dodd Frank save the day team.  A team to save the masses in the face of declining equity prices.  A new acceleration team to replace the plunge protection team in an effort to takeover the covert spotlight once the cards are laid on the table.
In light of the prior link, note this headline…..
A race to "apparent" safety is currently well on it’s way, straight to the debt markets for the big traders, and soon to make it's way to the masses via the coming “we will protect you with Dodd Frank” gambit.  Again, don’t be surprised if you see, a Dodd Frankish group of federal officials riding to the rescue, to stem the personal equity losses of the masses, with low quality US debt (though advertised otherwise). Finding ways to route your paper monies to the phony safety of the debt markets.  Taking from you, and putting it into their own pockets.  Pockets, that I suspect will be under eventual lock & key, right about the time you really need the funds!
The equity markets are possibly going to get castrated, but don't expect it to look planned by outside forces.  Forces that are actually run from within the ranks of the PPPTB.  Most will feel it looks like a natural market event, but nothing will be further from the truth.  Even the reporting of it will appear natural, but if the retail investor has been out of the mix of late, then what else could it be, except orchestrated?  Am I 100% certain of this possibility?  No, but damned close to 100%.  Again the “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” was not implemented, because they had nothing better to do.  The foundation, and framework for effective implementation are ongoing at this very moment.  Don't expect the courtesy of a pre-announced kick off date.
The solution is simple, do like the smart money, and head to the GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) outlet nearest you, or most useful to you.
And, to follow up on theories espoused by the Team @ RM, and recently by “The Guerrilla,” check out this link regarding the usage of “cash”……
Envision this reality nightmare; restrictions on you for using your own personal cash, then entangled with NIRP (negative interest rate policy), and finally enforced with Dodd Frank bail-ins in the pipeline.  Maybe the Team really should produce a documentary, called “1984 on Steroids”….!  Or just plain ole’ “2016,” though I doubt it would catch on immediately in the western theater markets.
I can just see it now, a new movie titled “2016!” This year alone, may soon supplant the totalitarian views of “1984,” as being child’s play.  The fantasy, becomes reality on steroids!
’2016’… a “Team Roguemoney Production,” don’t laugh it could happen.  
And, as a consequence of everything mentioned in the last couple links, note this “reality bites” headline…..
A headline that as predicted here on the pages of “” is redefining our negative economic boundaries!  Even worse this link does not depict a “one off” event, it is happening elsewhere, and the msm is avoiding making a big “to-do” over the subject, and the number of lives that are being affected.  Witness the giant tobacco company, RJ Reynolds” making pension cutbacks several years ago.  I suspect, but can’t prove, that there are similar “pension beatdown” stories among other “major” employers scattered over US soil.  But, imagine this, they are magically not making the headlines.  Who would’ve guessed!!!!?
If the company in the next link could have made some wall street like “overhead” cutbacks, like laying off their primary employment base, maybe they would have better earnings projections.  Might that have worked?   Who knows, but with sales numbers like these being forecast, could you blame them for going to bankster style business techniques?  Well if honest business practices are considered, “Yes you could!”
Please note, though it may not be working now, I believe farming will be the “comeback kid,” due to necessity & survival demands.  And as such, I have included a special “hard asset tip,” courtesy of Mrs. WG, who is in charge of keeping “Team WG” up to date on their food needs.  More further below……..
For a continuation of “Why the hell now?” Note the following from BoA, Bank of America…….
This line from BoA alone is worthy of, "Where the hell have you been lately, and why do you care now?"
“In our opinion, however, we think the biggest issue in the market is the buildup of corporate leverage without a place for it to go. “
This is from one of the market’s prognosticating experts, or supposed experts, Bank of America. Consider this, they had to have already known that “over extended debt” was a big problem, or did they miss that little news nugget due to a vacation in 2008 or something?  For Wolf Gray the “why now” issue, is a big, “we best get out in front of this problem, just in case there is a light on the other side for the banking industry!”  Then they can magically say with a straight face, “I told yawl about this back in 2016!”  Laying the “cya” (cover your arse) groundwork to look omnipresent to anything & everything financial.  They are all a bunch of “hacks!”  At least they appear to be don't they?
And, how does the above final news link for this week tie into the title headline?  Well what do most hacks do at the gaming tables, if laying down their cards is not an option? “Bluff with an empty hand, that’s what!”
Bluffing with an Empty Hand, Against a Royal Flush:
As mentioned earlier, the game for all the world’s economic marbles hasn’t had a meeting in the negotiation conference rooms for a long time.  It is instead, playing out via non-negotiated, surprise business moves that have now left only two major sovereign business combatants.  Russia & China representing the BRICS & Associates on one side of the long distance gaming table, and the western banksters on the other side.
When competitive businesses go head to head, overt honest moves normally result in “visible” counter moves, with a “back and forth” agenda until a winner is declared.  If that fails, then it is on to the more covert, and more vicious “sucker punches!” Punches, that when countered from a position of strength, require moves by the opponent in the form of chicken shit scare tactics.  And, when that inevitably fails, which tends to always be the case if the other opponent’s own a superior position of strength, then the weaker phony opposition resorts to telegraphed bluffs, and loud blusters, a child could “call out”.  We are there, and I now think (sometimes I am bit slow to the thought party) we have been for some time.  Upon reflection it appears the transition from real business to phony covert sucker punches, became complete when China was denied entry into the IMF.
That event seemed to mark the days where the buying of something legitimately that a competitor wanted, or selling something to an opponent’s client base legitimately, and then seeing what the opposition does as a counter measure, have now stopped!  We are into the final stages of defeat for one side, the bluff & bluster phony western bankster side, where the stage is now the scene of only “bluffs, lies, chest thumping, and bullshit,” as the game comes to an end.
A Wolf Gray prime example in a couple paragraphs, with “you acting in the role of the PPPTB.”
At this point the moves are made to see the emotional counter moves only, in an attempt to understand the expression on the opponent’s faces.  Gauging how little time they have left by emotional “tells,” while the final transactional framework for a new & improved system is being laid out. No different than card players at the final championship table, with the final moves at hand.  Again, at the final table, are the BRICS & Associate vs. the western PPPTB Banksters.  The BRICS are sitting at the table, in a true position of strength, with a big stack on the table (manufacturing, natural resources, & gold & much more hidden under the table), and a royal flush in hand.  Meanwhile the PPPTB has nearly nothing of substance on the table, credit notes formerly backed with effective intimidation, but that is no more.  Their house credit limit having been exceeded, and their current & final hand being completely useless.
How useless, check this out.  Wolf Grayism is warranted here…As mentioned in the past, when you become a one trick economic pony, and hard times hit you by surprise, you are stuck with riding this one trick pony until it gives out.  Whether anyone wants to buy the wares of your pony or not, you are forced to keep riding, as it is your only option.  Recent comparisons that come to mind, are the money flow problems in Saudi Arabia.  In order to feed the money junkie monkey off the Saudi Kingdom's back, they are forced to keep pumping their primary, “one trick pony” product, oil.  From this point forward their blow up will most likely be quicker than many msm pundits expect.  It is just business, business that is well past the moment of predictable linear movement to the up or downside (of course this is to the downside).
And speaking of “just business”, we all know of another one trick pony, that farmed out all it’s resource, and manufacturing product portfolio, leaving it with the “one trick” label.  In the alternative media, we know them as the USSA.  Their “one trick pony”, product is????  That’s right you guessed it, “paper financial trickery.” PONZI SCHEMES!  And, it is now trying to bluff it’s way through the last hand of the gambling tables.
So just like their petrodollar brethren in Saudi Arabia, the USSA kingdom is about to start riding their only product with the last ditch hopes of greasing the financial wheels, and the crumbling debt structures, with the “one trick” paper printing presses.  Without a manufacturing base, and a reasonable possibility of exporting anything, including any natural resources in notable volume, we will do what we have done best for the last couple decades, saddle up our “one trick pony”.  What’s that I hear, it is the centuries of lineage of Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg, starting to saddle up.  Who is he?  The man originally credited with the invention of the printing press in the west.
So let’s set the stage, with you as the PPPTB, which means you are sitting at the card table with a stack that has no substance, and is devaluing before your eyes, as well as the opposition’s eyes.  You now hold a hand that hasn’t a prayer of winning, which leaves you with less than convincing bluffs as a final tool.  Your last buffoonish bluff was; the carrot of an acceptance into the IMF for the opposition a BRICS powerhouse, only to later deny them entry at the last minute in front of the entire crowd of onlookers.  A soon to be failed attempt, to put China in their place.
This was an event I theorized in an installment last fall, as the seeming trigger point of the current ramp up in failure event frequency for the PPPTB, and the rest of the western world now totally awash in paper debt.  Now with your bluff of IMF denial being complete, it is now the BRICS turn, which is a quick reach across the table to grab over 250 billion dollars of your own stack to counter with a powerful raise sent back, “in your face.”  That’s right a stack on your side of the table, but the chain of custody is actually to the BRICS side of the table.  Your stack is phony, and since real business negotiating has long since disappeared, the BRICS have brilliantly decided to gauge your panic, with a debt raise from your stack originating from your side of the table.
Your response is filled with panic, embarrassment, and now anger leading you to use the only tools you have left bluffs, blustering, & threats.  Your strongest forms of intimidation when taken abroad, are immediately rebuked by a powerful associate of the Chinese, in the form of a BRICS member, Russia.  Now you can add to that, the additional humiliation via the realization that your opponent is willing to reach across the playing table, slap your face, and use a huge portion of what used to be your own stack. Phony debt stack that is.  Now formerly funds from your side of the table, that are only available as a tools to wager when used by the rightful owners, the BRICS & Assoc.  Leaving you with one option, you can only feint strengths for your fans the sheeple, until the final cards are laid on the table. 
So your opponent isn’t even putting their true total, in available hard assets, on the table to “raise” & defeat you (only putting a minor portion of their claimed gold reserves). Instead they are wisely hiding the bulk of their own real hard asset stacks, and actually betting using stacks from your side of the table, which just happen to be their monies.  Stacks that are debt, not usable in any form for your mighty bluffs.  
Now your only option is to delay the finale, the “show what you are holding” moment.  You are forced to quietly acquiesce to the opposition’s superior position of strength, so you don’t expose your weaknesses to your fans, the sheeple. Want real proof of this, then check this out. You reverse course immediately, and a few short months later allow China’s entry to the IMF, and then feint strength to your puppet masses with a ridiculous rate hike to stem the ludicrous “incredible western economic engines.” It would appear the “Lay Your Cards on the Table,” moment is about to happen.
The wise takeaway conclusion, would seem to be, do like the BRICS & Associates, play with real hard assets, but don’t expose your true holdings.  WG recommendation, set this up, before these big players lay their cards on the table, because I suspect once that is done, you will concurrently see western pension confiscations, cash usage restrictions, and debt failures that are laid in your laps.  All ironically at about the same time, or just after the moment, that the US sheeple consumer is tapped out.  Wolf Gray
Conclusions: The fancy polished wooden conference room tables used for negotiations have been sent to storage.  The final moves of long distance poker is being played out, and the stacks on the western side of the table are almost depleted regardless of their over bloated appearance.  Meanwhile the BRICS opponents have strategically, boldly, and rightfully laid claim to what is sitting on the western edge of the table, as needed.  Western bluffs, calls, & phony raises are seen for what they really are in the world outside the US shores, PHONY!
Don’t be surprised when the “show me what you are holding” moment arrives.  Based on the rapid fire events starting with the IMF's initial denial to Chinese entry last summer, that moment can’t be very far away.
Hard Asset Tip:
The greatest new business for the transition ahead, and the rebuild after, will very likely be in the farming business arena.  Bullets, and gun promotions will end pretty rapidly after the hunker down phase, as people will demand getting on to a rebuild.  So they can eat!
This ain’t the early 1900’s where over 50% of the population was against the paper system, and could grow enough food to feed their families, if so required.  Today, less than 1% (my own speculated percentage, no basis in fact) of the USSA population could grow their own food.  They could probably find water, and then recall that routing it through a decreasing size of rocky aggregates would give them clean water for drinking, but growing their own food would not be part of a similar quick mental recall, or practiced skill set.
With a 2 day supply of food in the stores, and knowing that growing food successfully isn’t guaranteed, it means farming will eventually be the demand “skill & knowledge” product of the very near term future.  Picture the 1900’s with a fiat paper collapse.  What food wasn’t gardened, or grown by big farms, could be hunted without fear of wiping out the animal food supply chain, since there was a supply of food product from the soil to be bartered for.  Fast forward to an era of people with “no gardening skills,” and I would estimate the food supply from animals will be annihilated in less than a month.  Then what?  The food will have to come from somewhere, and even if you had the gardening skills, the harvest “to your mouth” would still be well on down the road!  Hunting will become a dangerous “full contact, possibly to the death sport,” and that will not apply to the animals only!
And, for those that think I am poo-pooing the ownership of GSBC’s vs. being a farmer, then think again.  As I describe to Mrs. WG regularly, people will be in dire need for food, and there will not be enough to go around, so the desire to transition to some form of civilized commerce as soon as possible will be a high priority. A very different scenario than existed in the early 1900’s. You can’t “twitch” your nose, and magically make food appear in the nick of time.   So those that have food resources & the relevant associated skill sets, plus those that have real money (gold & silver bards & coins) will be the winners on the other side of the “King Dollar Collapse/Demise.”  After all if I am a farmer, do I want paper or real money in exchange for my goods & services?  By necessity, people will have to get to food, and a honest form of commerce as soon as possible.
I suggest insuring yourself thoroughly, and having some of both!  Farming skills & ideas, and GSBC’s!  With that in mind……
Note the following link from Mrs. WG, regarding the growing of potatoes, with the maximum usage of your available land space.  Pretty slick…….
Wolf Gray, and his business cohorts have been in constant conversation about what will be the newest business craze in the wake of the King Dollar’s demise?  I ain’t sure of all of the opportunities out there, but farming enterprises that provide a healthy, clean, non-GMO product will most likely be a shoe-in, profit winner.
“I Told Ya So’s,” Need to be Shelved:
With the advent of a new year, and an approaching undeniable economic problem that the sheeple will soon recognize, the “I told Ya So’s” are coming out of the alternative media woodwork.  If you haven’t yet, I recommend getting them out of your system now, because after the fiat collapse fact, it will be nearly impossible to safely, and in good clear conscience deliver the “big ego” message.  Instead replace “I told Ya So’s with Mad Dog Meanness!”  Not meanness to others, but meanness to our own egos.  Get rid of the “I told Ya So” egos, for appearing to be so smart, or the “I told Ya So” egos, that show off your accumulated hard asset positions. These various”I told ya so’s” will eventually leave the messenger disrespected, and they may get you killed after the fiat demise.
Get that stuff out of your system now, before it is too late!”  Get tough with yourself, the isolation you are experiencing now due to your unpopular viewpoints, is about to get temporarily much worse.   But, if you insist on “I told ya so-ing,” like the alternative media is doing right now, then again if these types of messengers apply to you, I suggest you get it out of your systems quickly while it is still semi-safe to do so.  Personally I would stick with venting via the like minded, via sources like the pages of “”.
The pain of carrying the knowledge of what is coming, and also what will soon be happening, will leave each of us walking down a lonely lonely mental road.  At least it will, and already has for the Wolf Gray.  If you don’t recognize it yet, the decisions you make now, and even those while still in the presence of others, is down to you & you alone. Crisis or not, life has always been a lonely road in a crowded room, for real independent thinkers.
It is a road that only one other person consistently walks with the Wolf (I talk to him regularly).  I am not going to get religious here, as RMer’s know my leanings in that venue, but…..I have a buddy I talk to every darn day, and he walks with me every darn day, it is the only way I can personally make it through the chaos.  I have said this many many times before, but the recent alternative media “I told ya so” mantra, tells me it is time to mention it again.  Get rid of your demons, and get mad dog mean with your ego. .  Whatever it takes for you personally to push through the chaos, do it, and then get mad dog frickin’ mean with yourself, as excuses will not “CUT-IT!”  Do-overs will not be available.
I am thinking of my traveling friend when I listen to this next song, but think of whoever you want as long as it gets you mad dog mean with your ego, listen if you so chose….
A lifetime for a day
Would be an even trade
No price I wouldn't pay
For your heart love
I know how it feels to breath
With you beside me
I think about it always…..Sugarland
On a positive note, it is my view that being properly prepared, and mentally tough, will with the passage of time, lead to (posted this song once before in my 80 or so RM articles) “Standing on Top of the World”.  When the time comes, we can all start “crowing” as we see fit!  I for one can’t wait.
Wolf Gray
Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team RM, Mrs. WG, ZeroHedge, Sugarland, & Van Halen

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