Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Zhou Yongkang's illicit wealth .

The amount of illicit wealth, a person can grab ?

Subject:  Zhou Yongkang's illicit wealth .

Corruption is everywhere - even in Australia. Greed will always lead to corruption. It is matter of scale. In countries like China people in power amassed so much wealth, beyond our imagination. Similar to what Marcos did in Philippines. I saw on the news last night, China is asking assistance from USA to track down corrupt Fugitives who have gone to USA and other countries. There are more than 600 corrupt fugitives. Few years ago, a teenage boy (student) from China came to the Gold Coast and bought an apartment for $1million plus. It was in the news people wondered how this young guy had so much money. Most probably it was wealth gained through corruption.
Read below - it is simply amazing. No wonder the new president is clamping down on corruption in China.

He is so incredibly rich that cash notes are like tissue paper in the house.
He also keeps a private Zoo in his house.
Subject: Zhou Yongkang's illicit wealth
    Billions of U.S. Dollars were found around his house like tissue paper.
    Wild animals like a zoo, golden guns like toys. Truly mind-boggling!

富可, 周老虎家直接亮瞎你双眼!

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