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Michele Bachmann Predicts Return of Jesus Due to Obama

Michele Bachmann Predicts Return of Jesus Due to Obama
By John Blosser
Wednesday, 15 Apr 2015 12:04 PM


Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., believes that President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, and his opposition to Israel, is going to bring on the biblical End Times, plunging the U.S., and the world, into Armageddon.

On the radio show, "Understanding the End Times" with Jan Markell, Bachmann insisted that Obama's actions will bring economic and natural disaster on the U.S.

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Bachmann said that Obama's "anti-Israel" and "pro the goals of Islamic jihad" policies will have dire consequences for the U.S.
"Our president is as ignorant of Islamic scripture as he is of Islamic history, or he is trying to intentionally lie to the American people," Bachmann told Markell.

"He constantly talks about perverting Islam, but we have literally centuries and centuries of theory and practice of the Koran and the Hadith, which are traditions, the works of Islamic jurisprudence, that say one complete, consistent truth and that's that they want to have a nuclear weapon."

Obama, she charged, "embraces the ideas of an economic Marxist," who believes in a "full-on redistribution of wealth," and "a one-world-government point of view," and has "in effect declared war on Israel from the United States."

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"If the United States turns its back on Israel, as our president is doing today, in my opinion, we cannot continue to indulge in the fantasy that the United States will be free from receiving the negative blowback, or curses, in biblical parlance, that could come our way and they could be severe."
Bachmann, a tea party supporter and fundamentalist Christian, served in the House from 2007-2015, and was a candidate for the GOP nomination for president in 2012.

"If we actually turn our back on Israel," Bachmann said, the U.S. can expect to "reap a whirlwind."

Bachmann blasted Obama's assertion that Iran's leader had declared a "fatwa," or religious order, against Iran developing a nuclear weapon, noting, "There is no fatwa out there. This is a lie, in my opinion, that the president is perpetrating. But that's what we've seen — a doctrine of deception. From the time Barack Obama has come in, I have witnessed firsthand a doctrine of deception."

In March, Obama said, "Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei had issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons," Fox News reported.

The Jerusalem Post took note of Bachmann's words of support for Israel, quoting her as saying: "We recognize that we have been singularly blessed in the United States because of the way the United States has blessed Israel over and over from 1948 until recent times."

Bachmann added: "We need to be so on fire right now about the things of Christ and the things of God. That needs to occupy our time and our thoughts virtually from morning to night because we have very little time, in my opinion, left before the second return of Christ. That's good news!
"The world is embracing degeneracy, but what that also tells us as we look at what the world is doing that they're going according to God's time clock.

"Pastors, preach it from the pulpit!"

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