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Swarms Of DARPA Drones Will Rule the Skies of The Future

Swarms Of DARPA Drones Will Rule the Skies of The Future

Will advanced military technology replace humans soldiers?
Swarms Of DARPA Drones Will Rule the Skies of The Future
The groundwork is being laid for a SkyNet type drone system to attack the enemy. The question is, who will be the enemy?
The nascent days of aerial warfare saw tethered hot air balloons launched for trench warfare reconnaissance. Soon airplanes took up the task, and the first air-to-air skirmishes were between handgun wielding lookouts blasting away from fragile canvas covered aircraft. The pace of fighting aircraft development exploded into a literal arms race and nearly a century later, we’re standing on the precipice of a science fiction reality where the lines between human and machine are being blurred, and might soon be erased completely.
Arguably the American effort has maintained air-superiority almost from the beginning. Now we find ourselves in the era of the fifth generation fighter which very well may be the last time a human physically flies into combat. The prevailing thought is that the next generation will be dominated by remotely controlled aircraft that are part of Artificial Intelligence “swarms” that will prowl the battlefield looking for targets to engage.
DARPA, the governments military research arm, is developing a project called the System of Systems Integration Technology and Experimentation, also known as ( SoSite).
This open-source, modular-system framework is being developed to control the battlefields of the future.
The basic idea as seen in this video is that swarms of drones will be programmed and guided to a target by artificial intelligence ostensibly overseen by human controllers.
Cost and flexibility are the two advantages DARPA touts in it’s description.
“Open-systems architectures create common standards and tools for developing interchangeable modules and platforms that can be quickly upgraded and swapped out as needed. This concept enables distribution of key functions, such as electronic warfare; sensors; weapons; battle management; positioning, navigation and timing; and data/communication links, across a variety of manned and unmanned platforms.”
What they don’t reference is the elephant in the room. There is a well defined line in philosophy and common sense where you don’t allow an autonomous entity to possess the ability to kill. It is in fact the very first rule in Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. This precept was introduced in his seminal work I Robot and has been a major theme in science fiction and futurist thought for decades.
But now, we find ourselves facing the very real possibility of flying robots run amok. The debate about AI is raging in technology and philosophical cultures. Groups like the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots have been actively exploring these possibilities and vociferously fighting to maintain the ideals that would prevent autonomous beings from being embed with the power to kill.
The other chilling possibility is that autocratic regimes would turn these systems against their own people. Despot mass murderers throughout history would have salivated at the thought of having legions of mechanical robots to unleash upon those who would resist their tyranny. History has shown time and time again that those who possess dictatorial power will mercilessly put down insurrections at any cost. We only need to look as far as the Obama administration’s extra judicial killings using unmanned vehicles to see that that line has already being crossed.
Are we that far away from a globalist one world government that uses technology grids and squadrons of flying death robots to conquer and subdue humanity? The thought is horrific, yet here we are, gazing into the abyss of that reality.

7 Risk Factors for Autism

It is wise to look at the compounding factors that have been strongly associated with increased autism risk
7 Risk Factors for Autism
Many people are aware that the number of cases of autism has been rising over the last few decades, but everyone is still fairly in the dark when it comes to knowing what puts unborn children at increased risk of developing the disorder. In order to better avoid this debilitating neurodevelopment disorder, it is wise to look at the compounding factors that have been strongly associated with increased autism risk.
Risk Factors for Autism
With a staggering statistic of 10 – 15% of all babies being born with some kind of neurodevelopment disorder, it’s no wonder we’re seeing autism as a looming epidemic. [1]The following 7 risk factors include both avoidable and sometimes unavoidable issues; but, the first step to protecting your unborn children is to be informed.
1. Mycotoxins
“Mycotoxins” isn’t a term many of us are familiar with yet, but there have been numerous studies on just what these substances are and how they can affect both animals and humans. The latest study which tested American breakfast cereals links mycotoxins found in the food to autism and also puts males at a higher risk for the disorder. [2] [3] So, what is this potential risk factor? Mycotoxins are mold by products found mostly in grains, coffee, wine, and pork. Even though many studies have been conducted over the years, the ballot is still out on the long term effects of mycotoxins. That doesn’t mean that mycotoxins aren’t a problem, just that they’re something you need to look out for.
2. C-Sections
A new study has stated that babies born via cesarean section rather than more traditional methods have a 23% increased chance of developing autism-related neurodevelopment disorders. [4] This statistic is especially important because of the fact almost one in three babies is born using this method in the United States. The reason why the study has sparked so much controversy is because many people believe that the increased risk can be attributed to babies born by C-Section are being delivered before their due date. On a similar note, medically-induced labor can also increase risk factors for autism spectrum disorders. [5] Even a few weeks can deeply affect a baby’s development, so it is vitally important for every new mother to consider every birthing option before committing to a C-Section.
3. Maternal Antibodies
An unfortunate risk factor for unborn children developing neurodevelopment disorders is something our own bodies create: maternal antibodies. These autoantibodies bind themselves to proteins that affect cognition and other neurological-related aspects of fetal development. As early as 2008, studies linked these autoantibodies to autism, and other studies have consistently found these types of antibodies in children with autism. [6] Scientists say that the next step is to figure out how to separate these antibodies and prevent them from affecting developmental proteins.
4. Placenta Abnormalities
A new study showed that placentas with abnormal structures were prevalent in children who had neurodevelopment issues like autism. Though most agree that it is too early to say that the presence of these structures is a direct cause of autism, many hope that it will become a routine procedure to check for any placental abnormalities at birth in order to help predict whether or not any child will have neurodevelopment disorders. Early intervention could be a crucial step in aiding a child with an autism spectrum disorder. The study also suggests that the placental abnormalities have genetic roots as to the cause. [7]
5. Smoking
Everyone knows the plethora of health issues and diseases that smoking tobacco products can lead to, such as respiratory issues, cancer, and more, but did you know that smoking while pregnant can also lead to autism in children? Women who choose to smoke while pregnant have an increased chance of birthing a child with Asperger’s (an autism spectrum disorder). [8] Though there is no direct link between smoking and autism, there is strong evidence for the link between smoking and Asperger’s, which is just another reason not to smoke while pregnant.
6. Air Pollution
Even though we know that air pollution can affect asthma and even the size of organs over time, new evidence suggests that certain particles can also lead to increased risks for autism. [9] Specialists do remain hopeful about this development, however. By reducing air pollution indoors and doing our part to help reduce outdoor air pollution as well, we may contribute to an overall healthier society.
7. Endocrine Disruptors
Endocrine disruptors are something I talk a lot about because they’re so prevalent and so harmful. Now, new research has found that males are four times more likely than females to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, which leads many specialists to believe that these disorders are hormone related. [10] This is where endocrine disruptors come into play. Endocrine disruptors can affect chemicals that are vital to the thyroid and other aspects of development.
One Final Thought
In order to protect the ones you love from developing autism, there may be positive steps you can take. Whether it’s avoiding endocrine disruptors or maintaining a cleaner environment in your home’s air quality, do what you can.
What are your thoughts about certain factors that affect autism development? Do you have a story to share? Please tell us in the comments!
-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
This article first appeared at GlobalHealingCenter.com.

#BlackLivesMatter ‘Protesters’ Attack Innocent Diners, Sports Fans, Smash Up Restaurants, Loot In Baltimore

Idiotic display labeled 'justice' for Freddie Gray
#BlackLivesMatter 'Protesters' Attack Innocent Diners, Sports Fans, Smash Up Restaurants, Loot In Baltimore
Baltimore descended into chaos Saturday night as hundreds of people engaged in wanton violence and looting, prompting a police crackdown and ruining any chance of real or meaningful protest against police brutality in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray.
Rioters smashed up local businesses and parked cars, and attacked patrons:
Rioters intentionally targeted the Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards, where innocent American families were caught up in the trouble.
Other agitators encouraged a police crackdown by throwing rocks and attacking police vehicles.

While the gathering had started off peacefully, so called ‘protesters’ from the Ferguson riots had traveled to Baltimore blatantly to instigate chaos:
Some even encouraged looting:

Meanwhile, the President was laughing and joking about being a lame duck and having a “f*ck it” attitude at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, just 40 miles away:
In Ferguson and elsewhere, so called ‘protesters’, intent on narrowing the extremely broad problem of police brutality into an issue solely of race, have bizarrely targeted restaurants and diners, stirring up conflict and often bullying innocent people, including women and children.
The actions of these people will only encourage rational Americans to turn away in disgust, will provide the media with ample material to demonize all protest, and will exponentially WORSEN the problem of police authoritarianism.
Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

Shock Video: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Nail Rebel Fighter to Cross, Burn Him Alive

US-backed militants carry out brutal execution
Shock Video: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Nail Rebel Fighter to Cross, Burn Him Alive
Shocking video shows Ukrainian neo-nazi militia fighters carrying out an ISIS-style execution during which they nail a separatist rebel to a cross and then burn him alive.
The authenticity of the footage is yet to be confirmed, although it seems chillingly real on first viewing.
The brutal murder was reportedly carried out by members of the Azov Battalion, which was converted into a regiment last year, making it a de facto part of the Ukrainian Army. The paramilitary group forms “the backbone of the forces fighting against the local self-defense militia advocating independence from Ukraine.”
Ukrainian nationalist volunteers have repeatedly been accused of carrying out “ISIS-style war crimes” during the conflict, including beheadings.
The clip shows a hooded man kneeling in a field as five Ukrainian militants stand around him while one reads a statement. The militants then grab the victim, who is gagged, and place him down on a wooden cross.
The man’s arms are taped to the cross and his hands are then nailed to the structure as he groans and writhes in agony.
The victim is then lifted up on the cross, which is planted in the ground before the militants light a fire at the bottom. The video cuts off at the point that the fire reaches the man’s feet and he begins to scream.
The execution, which was reportedly carried out near the village of Shirokino, came with a message from Azov fighters to pro-Russian rebels; “All the separatists, traitors of Ukraine and militia fighters will be treated the same”.
Pro-separatist hackers Cyberberkut, to whom the video was sent, responded by vowing that no Ukrainian Army or militia fighters would be taken alive in future.
Azov militants identify as neo-nazis and routinely adorn their helmets and uniforms with Nazi SS logos and swastikas, as seen in the image below taken from German television.
“Azov fighters do more than wave a Swastika-like flag,” writes Robert Parry, “they favor the Wolfsangel flag of Hitler’s SS divisions, much as some of Ukraine’s neo-Nazis still honor Hitler’s Ukrainian SS auxiliary, the Galician SS. A Ukrainian hero hailed during the Maidan protests was Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera whose paramilitary forces helped exterminate Jews and Poles.”
Following last year’s coup d’√©tat, Kiev also handed key positions within the newly formed government to members of the neo-nazi Svoboda Party, despite the fact that one if its top members, Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn, founded a think tank named the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Centre as an homage to the Nazi propaganda minister.
Despite their implication in war crimes and fascist ideology, on Monday, U.S. troops from the 173rd Airborne Brigade arrived at the Yavoriv training ground in Lviv to work with Ukrainian national guard battalions.
As the Telegraph reported last year, Kiev has thrown openly fascist battalions like Azov onto the front line in their battle against pro-Russian separatist rebels.
Despite their clear neo-nazi sympathies, Senator John McCain and others have repeatedly called on the Obama administration to arm pro-Kiev militants. Last month Congress passed a resolution urging Obama to send “lethal defensive weapon systems” to Ukraine.
Arming and funding bloodthirsty militants who carry out ISIS-style executions would be a repeat of Washington’s disastrous policy of doing the very same thing in Libya and Syria, a strategy that directly led to the growth of ISIS throughout the region. However, a Pew poll conducted in February found that a majority of Americans support doing precisely that.
The one hour video below exhaustively documents how neo-nazi militants were involved in both the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government as well as fighting on the front lines alongside post-coup Kiev forces.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

4 Actual Words Leftists Tried to Ban

Not even language is safe from the leftist agenda
4 Actual Words Leftists Tried to Ban
The radical leftist onslaught against freedom and reality becomes more bizarre and shocking with each passing day.
As the world is plunged further into a seemingly endless pit of tyranny, leftists somehow find the time to henpeck everyday people over the most mundane of activities.
In fact, completely harmless words are now deemed a threat to the leftist utopia and must be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.
Here are four actual words leftists tried to ban!
Ever pack lunch in a brown paper bag? If so, you’re probably a racist or a bigot – at least that’s what the left wants you to think.
In 2013, a memo was sent out to city employees in Seattle, Washington that banned the words “brown bag” due to its “offensive nature.” Offensive how you ask? Well, according to Elliott Bronstein of the Office for Civil Rights, brown bags were once used over 100 years ago to test if a Black American’s skin was too dark.
“The term ‘brown bag’ doesn’t bother everybody, but… there is a history behind the use of it,” Bronstein said.
Proving that some sanity was left in the city, Seattle residents called Bronstein’s crusade a complete waste of time.
Ever been blacklisted or used the term? Obviously you’re racist – and police in the UK agree.
According to the Daily Mail, police chiefs banned the word in 2012 over fears that radical authoritarian leftists would call them racist for using it.
Instead, Scotland Yard employees were told to use colors such as ‘red’ and ‘green’ so as to not offend the trendies. Of course, in due time, all colors will be racist.
“I am sure we can appreciate the sensitivity around the use of such terminology today so please ensure it is no longer used,” Security Services Chief Brian Douglas said at the time.
“Stop using the word bossy, now!” say ironic women not understanding irony.
In early 2013, Michelle Obama championed a campaign to ban the word “bossy,” arguing that the word was used to defame women.
Of course the effort was an utter failure, and leftists were temporarily forced to head back to the drawing board to plan their next attack on rational thought.
Back to Seattle already? Well, brown bags weren’t the only things found offensive. Friendly city employees also found the word “citizen” to be in bad taste since some people aren’t citizens.
Attempting not to scare away their illegal immigrant voting base, Seattle successfully banished the word from all government paperwork.
“Luckily, we’ve got options,” Bronstein said. “For ‘citizens,’ how about ‘residents?'”


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