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Americans WILL NOT Experience Syrian War In Comfort Of Homes! NSNBC ALERTS

It's not the gassing.  It's about greed.

Americans WILL NOT Experience Syrian War In Comfort Of Homes! NSNBC ALERTS

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 8:08

Americans are unprepared for the strong likelihood of a pending regional war, global economic collapse and World War III, according to an exclusive interview with political analyst and NSNBC’s editor-in-chief, who shed new insights from insiders on the presently pending attack on Syria.
“If any U.S. citizen believes he can experience a Syria war from the ‘comfort’ of his home, they are terribly mistaken,” stated NSNBC’s Dr. Cristof Lehmann in a Skype interview with Deborah Dupr√©. “People need to understand that.”
“And the media are silent,” he said about upcoming chaos at home.
The decision to attack Syria will be made within hours, Israeli media report, noting that it will be carried out – in a limited scope – by a broad alliance of Western, regional, and Arab countries.
Israel’s Channel 10 television station reported, by way of its Washington correspondent, that US President Barack Obama will decide on a military strike against Syria very soon, if not within a few hours.  
“An attack will most likely be launched over the weekend, not least because, as far as I know, it is a public holiday in the USA, where people drink and could not care less,” said Lehmann, in his European base.
That’s how Obama signed the nationally opposed NDAA 2012 — on New Years Eve as Americans partied, making the nation officially under military dictatorship, martial law, a police state. According to Lehmann, the next phase of the Obama regime’s human rights abuses is likely to bring even more suffering.
Born 1958 in West Germany, Lehmann was Advisor for Research in Psycho-traumatology to Yassir Arafat. He is a survivor of the Sabra Shatila Massace in 1982. His holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and was advisor to Joshua Nkomo on the Impact of Torture and Psychological Trauma on Conflict Solution and Reconciliation in Zimbabwe´s Politics in 1986-1990.
Lehmann was also Advisor to Nelson Mandela on Social Politics, Public Mental Health and the Effect of Psychological Trauma on Peace and Reconciliation in 1994-1997.
A practicing clinical psychologist, Lehmann has been actively advocating Palestinians right to statehood and self determination. In 2011 he began writing articles to contribute to breaking what he perceives as “The Embargo on Truth” by founding and running an independent webmedia:
Background of Fossil Fuel Pipeline Battle
Lehmann’s rationale for his concern about Americans at home in the US was provided in a “very, very brief” explanation, beginning with the U.S. being “outcompeted” on a pipeline deal.
“The entire situation began with the world’s largest known gas resources in the Persian Gulf, shared by Qatar and Iran. The Nabucco pipeline, intended by the EU and US to provide an alterntive to Russia’s near monopoly on supplying gas to Europe, was not selected to transport gas from the Qatar/Iran field. The Russian South Stream and North Stream deliver gas to Europe.
“IF” the Iran, Iraq, Syria pipeline would have been completed, then Europe would, for the coming 100 – 120 years receive more than 45% of all its gas from Russian and Iranian sources, according to Lehmann.
“ISRAEL is thinking, ‘Hmmmm, let me see, what impact does that have on European Middle East policy?’ and so do many US Senators etc..
“THEREFORE, in 2007, QATAR sent USD 10 billion (not joking – the equivalent of what it would cost to build the Iran, Iraq, Syria pipeline) to the Turkish foreign minister Davotoglu.
“In 2007, Turkey began organizing the Turkish and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood for a war on Syria with that Qatari Money.
“Then came the arrest of 600 people in Turkey — 300 officers, scholars, opposition leaders, members of parliament — the ERGENKON plot, to assure the loyalty of the Turkish military.
“Last month, the Nabucco pipeline project, that was to have transported gas from the Caspian Sea to Europe, in order to bypass Russia, was cancelled.
“Nabucco-West, that was to have carried gas from Turkey to Austria, through Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, was the only remaining part of the original project. At the end of June, it was announced this project would also be dropped.
“With the Nabucco pipeline failing, Romania and the Republic of Moldova began their own pipeline. Yesterday, they celbrated its inauguration connecting the Romanian city of Iasi to the Moldavian Ungheni.
“Now, we are in a situation where the USA, UK and France are bringing the EU and Russia on a course towards a European war over Energy Security,” Lehmann said.
Regional War, Global Economic Collapse, WWIII
“Behind it are, Israel, USA, UK (and France because it was promised that the USA and UK would help France to keep Germany off its back, because Germany demanded a change in the Africa policy of France.)”
In other words, we are heading for: 1) a regional war, that may well spread into Europe; 2) a global economic collapse, and a permanent backwardation of the gold market and then, 3) WWIII, according to Lehmann.
How confident is he in his analysis on those upcoming three events?
“75%, 65 conservatively,” he responded.
He is “far from the only one who assesses the situation like this,” he also emphasized.
Meanwhile, Americans think they are safe – “Ho-hum, another war.”
“Exactly,” Lehmann responded, adding, “but this one will bite.”
The hardest bite will be “when the gold market goes into permanent backwardation,” according to Lehmann.
China already said it does not want a currency war but is prepared for it.

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