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This Enormous VICTORY over ISIS, is Causing Sheer PANIC for Turkey and Saudi Arabia!

This Enormous VICTORY over ISIS, is Causing Sheer PANIC for Turkey and Saudi Arabia!

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Aleppo 9
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The Vise Is Tightening
As things on the banking scene continue to spiral downward, with Deutsche bank on suicide watch…there’s another deadly situation, that’s threatening now to burn out of control. It’s getting quite serious, because major powers are actually beginning to commit military assets to Syria.
What’s worse, is that some major powers have even begun military strikes into this country, against the expressed wishes of the presiding government. For those who’re wondering, “why, why after all this time are neighboring countries finally threatening to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong?Ah, that’s an easy one, one look at this map, and you’ll see why.
Aleppo 6

Right there, in the top left corner, is what’s causing serious conniption fits in the halls of Ankara, Turkey, as Erdogan is furious at the thought of losing A’zaz.  Azaz is roughly 20 miles north of Aleppo, and remains one of the last major holdouts of the area, for terrorist forces backed by Turkey/US/UK/Saudis/Israel.
As you can see, Azaz is being surrounded by Kurdish forces, currently(specifically the YPG), and if the Kurdish people are able to occupy that last outpost, held by terrorist groups, backed by Turkey….then two things will occur:
1) The Kurdish people will be able to consolidate huge territorial gains made during the war, and have a complete network stretching across northern Syria, and
2) The last remaining supply lines to Turkish/Saudi-backed terrorists in Aleppo will be completely cut!
This is seriously tightening the screws on the holdout villages and cities, who are responsible for terrorizing Syria. Erdogan is now in a mess of his own making. His pet terrorists are not only in danger of being utterly destroyed here, but any moment he could effectively lose control of huge portions of southern Turkish territory to Kurdish forces!
The situation is also growing VERY dire for the poor, shellacked forces of ISIS/Nusra/Al-Fath/Daesh in Syria. Their dreams of a caliphate are dying, as thousands of laser-guided, pinpointed bombs are making mincemeat of US/UK-sponsored organizations all over the ancient countryside.
BREAKING, this news just came in: the last remaining supply lines to Aleppo have now been CUT OFF!
SD Bullion

Look at this glorious map!
Aleppo 8

Yes, you see that right, folks: Assad and Putin have beaten back Daesh/Nusra/Jaysh Al-Fath/ISIS on nearly all Western fronts, and have now almost totally encircled Aleppo! The last, major supply lines have been eliminated!
Aleppo is one of the 3 major cities of Syria, and the country’s biggest.  Assad, who was in danger of finally losing the war(until Russia came in), has now totally turned the tide, and is choking off all vital supplies coming into the city.
As I’ve said for months, Aleppo is the key to this war.  If Assad’s forces can succeed in retaking Aleppo, this war is effectively over.  ISIS may control much of eastern Syria, but there are no large cities in eastern Syria on the scale of Damascus, Homs, or Aleppo.  These three cities form the core population, and are now nearly all safely in Assad’s control.
What brought the Syrian government to this stunning turnaround though, has been 4 months of insanely intense campaigning to retake every village, every airport, every highway, and every mountain range of importance across western Syria.  With logistical ground support of Hezbollah, and superb bombing missions by the Russian Air Force, the Syrian army(which has now swelled to half a MILLION strong), is rolling like a juggernaut across the landscape. If you don’t believe me, just feast your eyes at the shortlist of places they’ve liberated from ISIS control:
Baashoora Village
Rasm Al-‘Alam
Kiffeen Village
Al-Waadi Al-Azraq
Zhahrat Al-Baydar Al-Mahrooq
Al-Kattaaf Properties
Tallat Ziyaarat Al-Baydha
Mannagh Airbase
Teebat Al-Ism
Dhahrat Al-Qar’ah
Dhahrat Al-Qindeela
Aara Village
Billah Village
Shillif Village
Taadif….among others.
And just think brothers, these are just the places they’ve liberated in the last 2 weeks alone! There can be no doubt that the tag team of Assad and Putin has been devastating and completely effective.
The Syrian Army, backed by the Russian Air Force, and Hezbollah, is going from victory to victory. Many thousands of terrorists have been turned into fertilizer since Christmas.  Their struggle to liberate Syria from the clutches of Western proxy armies has been utterly successful.  A bit too successful for the Turkish President, who now finds himself with a deliciously, difficult problem!
Erdogan’s Dilemma
Aleppo 1
President Erdogan’s dreams of running the alternative gas pipeline that he, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia hoped to run through Syria and Europe, to weaken Russia….are all but dying.  There are no good options left for this charlatan.
The entire western front is collapsing, on both the northern and southern ends.  This is also why Saudi Arabia has now threatened to invade Syria…you know…to “fight ISIS”. *wink wink* Their hopes of having a large slice of the LNG pie through the pipeline wars, is going up in a mushroom cloud.
SD Bullion

“But Watchman, Erdogan has already betrayed Russia, and shot down a Russian jet with its own fighters…can’t they just send in jets?”
Ahh, my brothers, they can no longer do that, because of what Putin did just after that treacherous act.  The problem for Erdogan, is that these have now been liberally sprinkled all over Syria!
Aleppo 10
The Russian S400 “Growler”, the most advanced anti-aircraft missile system in existence, and which(in the largest category) has a range of over 250 miles!  Putin could shoot down Turkish jets as far away as Cyprus or Iraq, without blinking an eye, if he had to! 
Putin has now placed these puppies at roughly a dozen spots across the country.  If Erdogan tries to fly his jets into Syria to bomb the Syrian army, or the YPG Kurdish forces….they’ll most certainly be shot out of the sky, with effortless ease.
However, hilariously, if Erdogan tries to send his tanks and infantry venturing into Syrian lands, to stave off Kurdish or Syrian armed forces…those armored units will be instantly pulverized by Russian and Syrian jets, since they’re totally void of any air support of their own!
Ditto for Saudi Arabia, whose forces are already tied down in a quagmire war in Yemen, and getting their butts handed to them by ragtag forces, who don’t like to be bombed or occupied by foreigners! Saudi Arabia is screeching about the need to intervene, but they’re already tied down in other areas, and don’t have the manpower or capabilities to fight Russia and Assad in Syria.
However, I caution us all to be wary about this, because Erdogan is a cornered rat, and cornered rats are very, very dangerous creatures. It is possible this man could launch such a suicidal attack into Syria, just to force Syria and Russia to destroy them….in the hopes that NATO might be drawn into a much larger conflict in Syria.
It’s possible.
Erdogan and NATO, should be very cautious and wise about this. Putin holds all the cards in Syria, and now is the favored ally to fight ISIS in Iraq as well. He has all the hardware in place to make an air war impossible, and the allied forces in Syria have an enormous fighting force to stunt invasions in Syria’s sovereign territory.
For now, all eyes are on Azaz and Aleppo.  If Aleppo falls, perhaps as little as in the next 2 weeks, Assad is sitting pretty, and Putin’s big gambit, to back him, has paid off in spades.
The only question left is: what will Erdogan do? Will he try something even more criminal, and foolish? Or will he cut his already sizeable losses, and run?
In just 4 short months, Russian help has not only turned the tide of the war on ISIS, but has all but threatened to end the largest battle of the war: the fight for Aleppo. The Syrian people, who’ve been raped, shot, tortured, and who’ve lost hundreds of thousands of lives, and countless, ancient cultural treasures to these vile henchmen, are on the cusp of an amazing victory.
I’m cheering for these people, as they fight the Jewish-backed, bankster forces of globalism. I’m also very thankful for Putin, a man, who has single-handedly stopped these sinister forces on at least 3 fronts(Syria, Ukraine, and the Caucasus). Without his courage and will to intervene, and his seemingly 6th sense for just the right moment to strike….many more terrible things would’ve happened in all those regions, and more.
Let’s hope and pray that the worst actions of terrorist, rogue states will be kept in check, and that the worst case scenario, of a larger regional war(involving NATO) does not materialize.  If it doesn’t, Aleppo could be freed within several weeks.
Then….then Russian and Syrian jets will begin to pound Raqqa, the HQ of ISIS in Syria….and revenge will be sweet indeed.
God bless those who are giving their lives to liberate their homeland, and the very brave folks who came to their aid, in Syria.  I wish them the very best of success!
Aleppo 11
P.S.-I highly recommend It’s a fantastic site, with near daily news from the front lines in Syria.  Much of my research and information came from that fine site. Bookmark them!
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