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GENERAL REFERENCE: Ingri Cassel, Director Vaccination Liberation cites and authorities of legal/information on VAXXED and other crucial data

“When we give government the power
to make medical decisions for us,
we, in essence, accept that
the state owns our bodies.”
former U.S. Representative Ron Paul, MD

Ingri Cassel,
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho

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Hi Arden,

just talked to Teri Arranga who has been in the movement as long as I have. She
and I are on the same page here. Over the years, there have been MANY class action lawsuits and nothing has changed -
just gotten worse. This is because the American Bar Association keeps the
system in place. My radio partner has written quite a bit about this on her

watch this Vimeo on the front page of this website 

parents are giving medical power of attorney to schools through a form slipped
in during the admissions process. This is quite serious to me. The form I have
seen actually gives power of attorney to anyone in the school
district making vaccine exemptions a moot point.

50 years people have gone before Congress to expose the corruption with pubic
health, now the CDC, and hold them accountable. And for the same amount of
time, people have tried to sue the manufacturers of vaccines. And this is where
we are at today –

an ignorant and enslaved populace.

is what I wrote a few years ago about the gravity of the predicament we are in:
from the Foreword to The Vaccine Religion: Mass
Mind & the Struggle for Human Freedom
by Walene James, founder
of Vaccination Liberation.

the inception of the national Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), over $3 billion has been paid to families claiming their
child is suffering from a debilitating disability or died as a direct result of
a vaccine. The United States
Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision on February 22, 2011 (Bruesewitz v. Wyeth) proved what many of us knew would happen
once the federal government took medical liability away from vaccine
manufacturers. Although the VICP was to compensate families who suffered a
vaccine reaction through no fault on the part of the
, if there was proven negligence in the design of the
vaccine or subsequent batches of vaccine produced were contaminated due to
manufacturer negligence, families were told they could
sue manufacturers civilly
. This was all reversed when SCOTUS ruled in favor of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, essentially
giving a green light to vaccine manufacturers to produce vaccines intended to
or sterilize recipients with

no legal recourse for victims.

the vaccine paradigm and the germ theory of disease being the foundation of
modern medicine, it is extremely difficult for many to grasp the concept that
medical doctors are merely glorified 'legal' drug
who know very little about how the body actually works and what
creates optimal wellness. However, if we paid doctors our insurance premiums
each month our families experienced optimal health and stopped payment as soon
as a family member experienced an illness, our current system would be turned
upside down. Under the current regime, the National Institutes of Health
conducts research and development for vaccine manufacturers; Health and Human
Services, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention purchase, license, and promote vaccines; and through VICP and
the recent SCOTUS ruling, drug companies are released
from all liability for the deadly injections they manufacture

The caveat is that the marketplace for all the drugs needed to treat
the ailments caused by the vaccines is guaranteed.

only other business on the planet more profitable and corrupt is the
international banking cartel.

this revelation is shocking enough, what Walene James so eloquently exposes is
the mass mindedness resulting from programmed people blindly believing that
injecting disease and known poisons into the body actually creates health. With
dozens of new vaccines in the pipeline, including vaccines for diabetes and
prostate cancer, The Vaccine Religion is essential
reading for those aspiring to reverse the current medical tyranny while
embracing a more harmonious view of the natural world.

“After you read

Vaccine Religion:
Mind and the Struggle for

The Vaccine
Religion: Mass Mind & The Struggle for Human Freedom

Feb 12, 2012

According to Walene James, The Vaccine Religion is a 21st century
Mass Mind Virus marketed by a multi-billion dollar hospital, drug, and
insurance racket and reinforced by the World Health Organization, the United
States Government and mainstream media. James argues that no one has ever
proven the efficacy of any vaccine, nor has anyone proven that vaccinating a
population against a specific disease led to the decline or total elimination
of that disease. A “must read” for thinking individuals who truly care about
the health and welfare of their children and loved ones.

 you will want to buy a copy for all your
friends. This book is that important.”


Think of Gardasil
and Cerverix -- vaccines intended to maim, sterilize and kill. Our page on this
shot is here

So the bottomline is NO -- Autism One has made it clear that
they will not use their forum to solicit participants
into a class action lawsuit or any other kind of court action. We don't have a
lawful legal system in place. No courts are operating under the Constitution
but under maritime law.

In the Spirit of

Ingri Cassel,
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho
(208) 255-2307

* Canada: Vaccine Choice Canada

* Florida:

Injury Coalition/ Casi's Quest -


* Indiana:
you, Jim O'Kelly for 8 billboards in Indiana.
Gratest Lie Ever Told is that
Save Lives & Prevent Disease. Prove It or Repeal the Law!
for by the Anti vaccination League of america & Friends
O'Kelly 219-508-5597

* Ohio:
Response Plan | Vaccine Mandates are Just Corporate Statutes | Forms
other lawful means to avoid vaccination

* Oklahoma:

* New

* North Carolina:
People Advocating Vaccine Education

* Wyoming:

the message through the nations schools:

More informative Vaccine Aware Sites (hundreds!)

Vaccinations mandatory?
your state laws, get forms, etc., here.

any waiver forms before you sign. Find out why signing the AAP
waiver form is a self incriminating act.
1. DoNotSign_Waiver_Info_page and 2. Signing_Under_Duress

A Notice of Non-Consent see above.(Your_Choice Section.)

vaccines rigorously tested before marketing?
   No. Vaccines are usually tested only in
healthy populations but are given to all once on the market. Controls in
vaccine trials are usually other vaccines not placebos. No independent
verifications is made of the manufacturers claims. See:

Vaccinations the only way to immunize?
  The only true immunization is natural.
Natural immunity depends upon health not disease. Antibodies are not a measure
of immunity. See:

 for articles on Health - The Only Immunity and
immunizing without vaccines.

unvaccinated children at risk?
  Basically, we answered that above.
Unvaccinated does not mean non-immunized. See

into "In Defense of Humanity" on
nights, 8-10 PM Eastern Time

Your Mind....
the Vaccine Paradigm”

“When we give government the power
to make medical decisions for us, we, in
essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.”
~former U.S. Representative Ron Paul, MD

begin your journey on learning about vaccines, the biomedical paradigm and why
the only truly informed choice
vaccines is complete avoidance and refusal, we offer you the following weblink
to well-footnoted articles and resources.

PM (38 minutes ago)

to me
Arden, you can always call me. 208-255-2307. Most people that have a clue are
pursuing avenues intended to take down the defacto government.
Von Reitz has been doggedly pursuing this angle - See her articles posted
there are many others and AL Whitney has put together a booklet for people in
order to help them maneuver in the current legal reality without getting
poisoned or stuck with needles. The book is called Lawfully Yours! and is a
free-download. I sell the hardcopy version off of our website.

I figured you had experience with the level of corruption in our courts so I
was a bit puzzled about you pursuing this angle since it has been tried over
and over again. Teaching people to simply say NO through the use of a
Vaccination Notice is what we are trying to do through our websites, local
support group meetings and radio show.

will be out most of the day today. The new business I am doing currently is
quite busy. The film I mentioned is The Truth About Cancer.    Worth owning a set for sure. Although I
haven't seen it, countless friends have told me it is fantastic.

website where we are teaching people about Essiac Tea is here  and

Warmest of Regards,

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