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Great Depression? ... Un-Reality Show ... Safe Becomes Hot

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Money and Markets
Great Depression? ... Un-Reality Show ... Safe Becomes Hot
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Here’s a summary of the stories from this past trading week with a link to the full articles online.
What Could Be Worse Than the Great Depression?
Big Government has taken extreme steps to avoid another Great Depression. But the treatment may be worse than the disease. Dr. Martin D. Weiss analyzes the dangerous side effects of bungling Beltway economics.
Wall Street Out of Synch With Reality?
The S&P 500 rebounded 13% off its low on Feb. 11, but the trend for corporate earnings keeps going down. How can stock prices go up when companies can’t show stockholders the money? Jon Markman explains the paradox.
Oil and Energy Sale of the Century!
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Time for a Market Road Map …
Larry Edelson uses number-crunching computers and an artificially intelligent neural net model to apply the laws of Newtonian physics to mega-data about economic cycles. That’s the secret behind his incredibly powerful investing forecasts.
Terror Targets: Soft is the New Hard
Terrorists have shifted away from attacking nuclear energy plants, military bases, and centers of power, like Congress and the White House. Instead, they’re focusing on less-protected “soft targets,” like malls, restaurants, airports and train stations. Security expert Jeff Cantor offers advice on how to stay safe.
The Clamor for Safe Yield is Intensifying — How Can You Profit?
If you look at three S&P 500 industry groups, you’ll find they’ve posted gains far greater than the index as a whole — even though they’re usually considered stodgy bets. Mike Larson explains why utilities, telecoms and consumer staples are hot, hot, hot.
The End of Social Security?
Congress and President Obama just took a potential $60,000 in Social Security benefits away from you…
That’s like losing two months’ worth of checks every year for the next 20 years.
But, there is a small sliver of hope…
The law leaves a short window of time open for seniors to claim their money — or lose it forever.
That deadline is coming very soon.
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The Week’s Hot News
Money and Markets columnists Mike Larson, Mike Burnick and Boris Schlossberg take a look at key financial and political events around the globe after the market close. Here are the week’s highlights:
Should You Invest in Europe in This Time of Terror?
Our hearts go out to the victims, their families and the residents of shell-shocked Paris and Brussels. We hope that they and the rest of Europe can cope with these terrorist attacks and the threat of more. But Mike Larson advises that you need a plan if the eurozone can’t recover.
What Do Bonds Know That Stocks Don’t?
S&P 500 futures have staged an amazing 240-point rally, recovering virtually everything they lost in December, January and February. But the yield on 30-year Treasury bonds hasn’t kept pace, wobbling from 3% to 2.5% to 2.75% before trending down again. Mike Larson takes a look at what’s going on.
Yellen, the Dollar and China
Were Yellen’s comments actually a lifeline to the People’s Bank of China?
Fed chief Janet Yellen’s recent pronouncements hit the U.S. dollar hard. But she may have a hidden agenda. Boris Schlossberg explains all the ramifications of her statements on the currency market.
The First Shall Be Last
The first quarter of 2016 has been a wild ride for the financial markets. Mike Burnick recaps the action and puts it all in perspective.
The Money and Markets Team

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