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Breaking: US Bank and US Dollar Collapse Imminent, Here’s How One Tech Company Stands to Profit From These Coming Disasters

Breaking: US Bank and US Dollar Collapse Imminent, Here’s How One Tech Company Stands to Profit From These Coming Disasters

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My name is Kriss Bergethon and I’m an investor, researcher, and founder of The Franklin Society, an alternative investment research company based in Colorado.
Today I want to introduce you to someone that not only has their finger on the pulse of the international markets but has discovered a tech company that controls a little known technology which is poised to disrupt the largest industry on the planet, the global banking and finance industry.
This global banking industry is a $646 billion market. 
Payments made by mobile phones are expected to $1 trillion in a few years.
Global financial transactions exceed $10 quadrillion. That’s a 1 with thirteen zeros behind it.
And this tech company should shake the very foundation of those industries and disrupt them forever.
The opportunity is staggering.
Perhaps more importantly they have created a technology that will allow people to use any currency, any asset, anywhere to transact.
This is especially important for those that believe that the world’s reserve currencies, including the US dollar, are doomed.
This technology will allow you to make purchases with a stable currency, gold, silver, and virtually any tradable asset you can think of.
This will change currency markets, and the Central Banks that manipulate them, forever.
This isn’t a game changer.
It’s creating an entirely new game, new rules, new players, and threatens to obliterate the games that Wall Street and the big banks have rigged in their favor for decades.
Chris MacIntosh is an incredibly smart and successful investor. Chris joins me today from New Zealand. Chris is an early-stage investor in this disruptive company, and is here to talk to us about this once-in-a-millennia opportunity that is upon us.
And more importantly, he’s going to talk to us about how investors can get in on the ground floor of this company and others like it.
Now on the line, Chris MacIntosh with his blog and Seraph Venture Capital.
Thanks for joining me Chris

Chris MacIntosh: It’s my pleasure, Kriss.  Thanks for having me.
Everything you said before is true. 
The bankers and financial markets are about to experience disruption, massive disruption, most won’t even see it coming but rest assured this disruption is coming and it’s coming quickly.
The global banking industry hasn’t really changed in the last 150 years. It’s really the same system that the old Robber Barons created in the late 1800’s.
But that system is on the brink of utter collapse, and it’s thanks to new technology that will make us all look back on the way we transact today as absurd.
We laugh at the thought of using a phone booth to make a phone call, well we’ll have the same chuckle when we look back at the way we bank and transact today.
The bankers however will not be laughing.

Kriss: I can’t wait to hear more. Before we get to that, give our listeners a brief background on you and your venture capital firm. 
Chris: My background is a career in investment banking, with positions at JP Morgan, Invesco Asset Management, and Lehman brothers that allowed me to see the banking and corporate investment industry from the inside.
The pull of entrepreneurship was however too strong and I left the corporate world to successfully trade my own capital, and focus exclusively on investing my own capital.
I formed a real estate investment company in the early 2000’s taking advantage of the incoming bull market, which afforded some spectacular returns, and liquidated all the assets in late ‘06 after growing my seed capital 6000%.
After the financial crisis I recognized that there were tremendous opportunities to be had investing in the private equity markets, and the trends favoring capital flows into this sector were gathering momentum.
Most of the great fortunes of this world were created by starting and investing in early stage, disruptive companies.
So I began to do just that on a personal basis in ‘08 and then in 2012 I co-founded Seraph, a member supported venture capital firm.
Overall we’ve had returns of 221% since inception, deployed over $30m into early stage deals. 
We seek opportunities globally in disruptive technology with an emphasis in identifying megatrends.
Which is exactly what we’ve found with this technology company we’re talking about today.

Kriss: You mentioned that the entire banking system is on the verge of collapse, tell me what you meant by that.
Chris: Ok, think about how our current system works. Banks act as intermediaries for every transaction that ever occurs in the world. 
People think banks enable commerce. They did in the beginning. But now they slow it down.
There are tremendous fees involved.
I’ll give you an example. 
In order for me to open a particular corporate account with a very large well-known bank in Singapore I was required to open a personal account as well. 
So I did.
In order to open the account it was required to deposit a minimum amount of funds, which was just a $1,000. Fast forward a couple of years and I recently got a notification that they were going to close down my account unless I deposited more money.
I’d not taken any notice of the account since I never needed it in the first instance and had only opened it in order to do some other things with the bank.
My account had entered a “fall below” balance and was subsequently charged a monthly fee and lo and behold my $1,000 was no longer. 
So I had lost $1000.
This sort of thing takes place in more subtle ways though and every single day.
In fact when you take a hard look at the fees we’re paying in order to allow the banks to speculate with our money we’re being raped.
You essentially pay them to use your own money. This is insane. 
Then you add in the fact that they pledge YOUR assets, for risky bets on real estate and credit swaps, which brought down the world economy in 2008 and 2009, and you can see that this system is completely broken.
The banks are essentially a cartel. They set prices together and control all of our money. 
And charge us outrageous fees to use our money.
They control nearly every transaction these days, often through credit card transactions.
Even if you aren’t paying the credit card processing fees, the merchant where you bought your goods is.
And those fees are passed on and are outrageous. 
Sometimes higher than 5%.
This is a massive chunk of profit margin for merchants, who more and more they are passing those fees onto you and I. 
And they set the rules of the game too.
When they don’t like what’s happening in their industry they simply get their executives appointed to government positions to protect their business models. 
The revolving door between the big banks and Government is well documented.
This is why they get massive bailouts and no one ever goes to jail in the banking industry.
We saw this in the aftermath of the financial crisis, where the people who were ultimately responsible for destroying the world economy weren’t jailed, or even tried.
They were appointed to government office. 
But just as night follows day, disruption is barreling down on them like an avalanche.
Entrepreneurs and consumers have recognized that there must be a better way to purchase goods and handle their money.
That’s what this company I’m going to tell you about today is doing.
They’re allowing for a complete reinvention of the financial system as we know it today.

Kriss: This issue is especially important as global debt seems to be destroying the value of so many currencies.
Chris: Well it’s interesting because there are factors at work which are propelling the use of and implementation of this company’s technology.
Take for example what we’ve seen in Europe with the Greek crisis.
Mark my words, they EU’s actions will spell the death knell for the Euro. 
The Euro will NOT exist in 10 years time, in fact it may well go away a lot sooner.
China is devaluing their own currency almost daily.
Japan is not far behind.
And the out of control printing presses of the Federal Reserve has left US investors very nervous about the long term prospects of the dollar.
So you have the banking industry, which is corrupt and broken.
Then you have an impending currency crisis. 
These are very scary, and potentially catastrophic.
But from every crisis comes opportunity, and that’s why we’re so excited about this tech company.
And we’ll show your listeners how to take advantage of this opportunity too.

Kriss: Ok, tell me more about what this company has created and how it will benefit our listeners. 
Chris: Ok think about the days before the internet. 
When we wanted to purchase goods or communicate with someone we had to rely in intermediaries.
If you wanted to, say, research woolly mammoths you had to go the library or a book store, search for the smartest people in the subject, then buy or borrow their book.
Now, you can skip all that.
You can go directly to the expert in any field and find all his or her work online.
And it’s usually free or of very little cost. 
We’re no longer dependent on a centralized system or intermediary for information.
Amazon did this with books first, and now for nearly all commerce.
We used to depend on a handful of retailers for our goods. 
If they didn’t have what we wanted and at the price we wanted, well we were out of luck.
Now we kind find virtually anything we want in the world and have it shipped to our door in a matter of moments.
The whole process is decentralized because more and more often you are going directly to the producer of those goods instead of it being handled by wholesalers, distributors, and then finally retailers.
The intermediary is a piece of software and software, unlike human beings, scales wonderfully.
Ebay did the same thing with essentially garage sales and collectibles.
Craigslist did this with classified advertising.
They took the power away from a handful of powerful corporations and put it back into the hands of the people.
They decentralized and democratized the process and it was technology that allowed for this to take place.
More recently we could use the example of Uber as a decentralization of transportation.
It started off as ‘black car’ service but is quickly disrupting the entire transportation industry.
People are literally selling their cars because it is cheaper and easier to use Uber.
Instead of going through the hassle of buying or renting a car, or standing on the sidewalk hoping a cab happens by, now you’re going directly to a guy with a reliable car.
It’s decentralized and the intermediary is no longer a person.
We’re seeing this all over the markets, and it’s happening quickly. 
AirBnb is doing this with lodging.
Youtube is doing this with entertainment.
That’s what this company, let’s call them Company X for now, is doing with money. 
And don’t forget, the early stage investors in companies like Amazon, Ebay, and Uber saw massive profits.
Mind-blowing profits. 
5000% in some cases.
Those profits were made because of the incredible scalability of the companies. 
It costs virtually nothing to add a new user to these platforms.
Early stage investors in Company X could see similar gains that Uber’s or Amazon’s investors saw.
This company has the same kind of scalability as those companies, but at a much much larger market.
The global banking market alone is worth $646 billion.
By comparison the US taxi market, which Uber has completely disrupted, is only worth $12 billion.
Company X’s opportunity dwarfs Uber’s by many many times. 
Kriss: So you’re saying that Company X is decentralizing money? How will money actually work if this is true?
Chris: Basically they have built and are refining a software platform that will allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to complete nearly any transaction for a fraction of a cent and from a smart phone app or their computer.
The company is leveraging blockchain technology, which is the genius behind Bitcoin.
Bitcoin as a currency may or may not survive.
I don’t know and I don’t have an opinion on that.
But the underlying technology of it is pure genius and will change money forever.
Basically the platform that Company X has created eliminates the need for banks because it links users directly to each other for transactions and provides services which the banks currently provide us. 
Namely notary and custodial services.

Kriss: Can you give me an example of how a transaction will work with Company X?
Chris: Sure.
You want to send any trade instrument such as currency, stock, bonds, real estate, you can do so anytime, anywhere for a complete fraction of the cost we pay now.
So most listeners will understand how it’s possible to send money from your credit card to pay for something on the other side of the world.
This technology allows you to send and receive money from your mobile phone or computer without relying on a financial intermediary to be involved.
From a users perspective it will feel just like punching in your credit card details to buy that new toaster on Amazon.
But what happens is that the process is lightening fast, the actual transfer of money from you to the recipient happens in seconds unlike the current system which actually takes days to settle in the interbank market.
This transaction takes place with perfect precision and accuracy meaning every transaction is completely secure AND private.
The transaction is completely secure because the network verifies the assets in question.
Now we need a bank , or a credit card company to do that.
This technology eliminates the need for a bank altogether. 
And you cannot create fake assets with this. 
It is impossible with this technology. 
As soon as any fake asset is created it requires notaries to accept it and the system immediately detects the previous existence of the assets together with its historical transaction history.
It is literally impossible to fake an asset.
Quite unlike our current financial system where assets are regularly pledged many times over without the original owner of the asset being aware. 
(This was what happened with Bear Stearns. ) 
Plus you can use nearly any asset as a payment. 
You could use gold, silver, or a stable currency that is not subject to the corruption of the Federal Reserve.  
This is how users could create an alternative to the US dollar, or any other currency.
Since so many of them are doomed because of their national debt, Company X will provide a real, practical solution to the currency crisis that could happen any day…
…by providing a platform on which people can create, choose and freely exchange what they find most valuable.
In such an environment do you think it’s possible, just possible that people choose alternative mediums of exchange?
I think it’s inevitable. People will always need to transact even if their monetary system collapses.
We saw this in Argentina many years ago.
We’re seeing this everyday in place like Greece and Africa.
The banking and currency systems are so corrupted that millions of consumers are turning to alternative currencies. 
[greek alt currency shot]
This technology is catching on like wildfire.
Plus Company X’s patented software allows people to:
  • Buy and sell goods without a bank account. This is critical because 2.5 Billion people, including 67 million Americans, are unbanked
  • Make micropayments. The majority of the transactions in the world are worth less than $5, which means a credit card transaction simply doesn’t make sense
  • Allows merchants to sell their goods without a credit card processing account – which can often be difficult to get and are subject to massive fraud (remember there can be no fraud with blockchain)
  • Securely and privately store digital assets
  • Instantly send and receive money from anywhere to anywhere
  • Execute legal contracts with any party anywhere in the world
  • Create automated recurring transactions and storage of transaction histories
  • All the while operating on multiple currencies and hard assets.
  • And it can all be done from a mobile device. This is important because there are now 7.2 BILLION mobile devices in the world, and that number grows every day
This is truly a revolution happening.

Kriss: Ok, that’s pretty amazing. But how will we store assets and money to trade on Company X’s system without banks?
Chris: Yyou can store your assets either with specific providers of custody services or “under your mattress” as it were except it’s a digital mattress, owned, controlled by you.
Remember we use banks not for safe storage, not any longer at least, but for ease of transaction, for liquidity.
It’s useful and necessary in todays world to use banks for us to pay one another, to pay for gas in the tank, for airline tickets and any host of everyday costs.
The liquidity is provided on this platform and the safe storage becomes actually safe.
You don’t have to trust a bank to store your assets.
This puts the power back in the hands of those who’s money it actually is.

Kriss: How is this better than Bitcoin, isn’t this the same thing?
Chris: Yes and no, this is far better. Bitcoin has a lot of issues.
Not least of which is that the currency itself has no intrinsic value.
It’s really not much different from the fiat currencies we use today.
Plus, as we’ve seen in the past, it’s susceptible to hacks and theft. This system is much more secure.
People will create virtual wallets on their mobile devices that are theft-proof.
Plus Bitcoin transactions take 10 minutes, this new system takes milliseconds.

Kriss: Wow, so this really will disrupt the way we use money forever. But how will Company X actually make money?
Chris: Company X will charge a transaction fee on every transaction made on it’s platform, but it is a tiny fraction of what we currently pay. 
They’ll charge 0.1% on every single transaction on the system. 
When you compare this to 5% transaction fees, or 5% foreign exchange splits for overseas wires, you can see how disruptive this technology really is.
Right now banks charge those fees because:
  1. They can – they have a virtual monopoly on the entire process
  2. They spend a lot of time and effort to verify that the funds, or that the credit, actually exists
Company X eliminates this verification process because the network, the system, knows how much money is on hand automatically.
The blockchain inherently knows what assets exist.
They have been verified long before a transaction takes place.
That’s also why it takes .1 seconds to process transactions, instead of minutes or even hours like it takes now 
And that doesn’t even speak to the settling process for international trade and credit card transactions which can take days.

Kriss: Wow, so this is really a technology built for consumers.
Chris: Actually no. That’s only half the opportunity.
Banks have seen that this technology can ruin their business, so the smart ones are adopting it instead of fighting it.
The blockchain removes the need for so many clearing houses, settlement companies, notaries and verification services that drive a lot of those fees we spoke about. 
So this is an enterprise solution too, and banks and financial services companies are clamoring for this technology.
Company X is in negotiations with dozens of these companies to license their platform. 
Take a look at this:

And this infographic showing how banks are investing in blockchain technology:

This shows how quickly banks are piling into blockchain technology.
They’ve seen the writing on the wall.
They know they are doomed if they don’t get on board.
This is also why it’s likely our Company X will be a take over target.

Kriss: Yeah it seems like it’s just a matter of time before they just get bought. What kind of revenue does the company have, and what are they projecting?
Chris: Right now the company has rolled out this technology to an entire country, with massive success.
And they have 12 more countries already signed up which they are bringing on line in 2016, adding over 300 million people to the platform.
Plus they are in negotiations with one of the world’s largest banks and one of the world’s largest gold exchanges. 
They have plans to create what is essentially a gold-backed digital currency with this exchange.
This goes back to that scalability we talked about.
When you disrupt a massive market, massive customers start knocking on your door.
By mid 2016, just 6 months from now, Company X could have over 300 million people using their platform based just on existing contracts. 
In 2014 they had less than a million. 
This growth would imply pretax profits of $900 million by 2019 at the current trajectory.
Remember, this company only needs to capture a tiny, microscopic part of this industry to be insanely profitable.
But, honestly, we feel it could disrupt the entire industry.
We anticipate the growth to be exponential over the next 5 years.
Kriss: Oh my. This is massive. Massive is not even a big enough word. Ok, I’m excited, how do I get in on this, how do my listeners get in on this. How do we invest in Company X?
 Chris: Yes.
This investing isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain kind of investor, with a certain kind of appetite for risk. 
We can’t guarantee that everyone will get a chance to invest.
But if you want to reserve your place at the table the time is now. 
Of course we have to say speak to your financial advisor before investing and that past results are no indication of future results.

Kriss: Of course there is some risk, but I think there’s potential for huge reward too.
The average investor never had an opportunity to invest in Uber or Amazon in the early days. 
And once companies like this go public, all the real profits have already been made.
A few months after Facebook’s founding in early 2004, Peter Thiel invested $500,000 for 10% of the company, valuing it at $5 million, which he described as “a very reasonable valuation”.
Thiel recently sold most of his stake for over $1 billion – multiplying his initial investment more than 2,000 times.
Company X has a revenue and profit potential that is orders of magnitude greater than Facebook’s.
Facebook is a social network monetized via social ads.
Company X is a financial platform for the world’s financial system – the biggest market of all.

Kriss: Well and Facebook was really creating something that had never been done before, a free social network.
Company X is disrupting an existing industry, and the largest industry on the planet.
Chris: That’s exactly right.
Plus, you and I never got the chance to invest in Facebook, Amazon, Uber, or Airbnb did we?
Now, we’re offering a few select listeners a chance to invest in this company.

Kriss: That sounds great, how do we get started?
Chris: Since this is not your normal investing opportunity, I am going to do something a little different.
I’ve gathered a set of reports that will help people understand not only this company, but the industry, and the global markets as we see them now. 
Plus I’m going to offer an insider view of the public trades we make that make us a lot of money. 
I’ve gathered all this into what we’re calling The Global Investors Package.
Now more than ever we live in a global economy.
The defaults in Greece, the Chinese currency devaluation, and everything else going on in the world affects everyone and their investments.
No matter where they are.
We use these global events to guide our investments.
And we’d like to show your listeners how we profit from that.

So to begin with, we’ll include a complete Report on Company X.

You’ll learn all about the management team and how they created their revolutionary platform.
We’ll explain the technology and how they’re already changing the finance and banking industry. 
Plus you’ll learn the true name of Company X and it’s initial clients. 
This 20 page report will give you an insider’s view of the company.
This is the kind of report that billionaire investors and hedge fund managers can’t wait to get their hands on.

Plus we’ll give them the Crypto Industry Intelligence Report as well. 

This goes deeper into the entire architecture of crypto currency and digital finance. 
This technology is revolutionizing finance. And you’ll get in inside look at it all.
Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and others have started from the very fringes of society, but companies are building revolutionary technologies that are rapidly moving into the mainstream.
Understanding this entire sector is incredibly valuable and important because this is the future of finance. 

Then we’ll give away a report on Frontier Markets and where to invest for real growth as the developed world’s debts crash their economies.

As I mentioned before we invest all over the globe, from Chile to Mongolia.
And we’ve identified some markets that could be immune to the currency and debt crises that are bound to happen.
The Frontier Markets Intelligence Report is 22 pages which will show where the real growth is likely occur in the next 50 years.

Plus we’ll include 10 Critical Principles of Private Investment that have guided me through dozens and dozens of deals. 

This covers what to look for in private investments. The deal structure, and how to avoid the mistakes that I made when I was starting in this business of private investment.
This is critical intel as more and more capital flows into private investment.
New crowdfunding rules are going to alter how we invest forever, and your listeners need to know the ins and outs of private investment or they’re likely to just lose their shirts.
I’ll show them how to protect and grow their money in private markets.
Plus I think it’s equally as important to understand asset structures.

I’ll include The Guide to New Zealand Trust Structure

Investing is one thing. 
What is equally important are the asset structures that are secure and can save investors on taxes.  
One of best structures in the world is a New Zealand Trust
It’s a very simple type of structure to set up and maintain. 
And it’s one that can be utilized for asset protection and tax minimization by U.S. investors and in fact investors all over the world. 
You don’t have to be a New Zealand citizen to set this up.
New Zealand isn’t just some tiny little island in the sun. 
We’re talking about a wealthy, first-world country with one of the best legal regimes in the world.
So, we’ll include that report, with complete instructions and contacts to set up a trust.

Then I’ll Include the Global Debt Report.

Our in-house team put together here.
Plus many people know about Greece, Japan , China and US debt, and how that debt is eventually going to crush the markets. 
We’ve put together a 30-page report on global debt which covers the ramifications of this tidal wave of global debt and what investors need to do to protect themselves.
We’ll include that report free as well.

Plus I’ll include a one-year subscription to the Hunting Unicorns Alert newsletter.

We realize that there’s a need to provide people quality professional information, showing people great investments and what to avoid. 
So, together with the reports mentioned, we have an investment alert service, called Hunting Unicorns.
You know the waters are going to be pretty rough over the next decade or so. 
And investors need to be informed of opportunities both locally and globally, and we make trades in the public markets as well.
In fact our public stock portfolio is up 68% year over year.
And our foreign exchange and currency trades are up 149% for the year.
You’ll get all those trades in the Hunting Unicorns alert service.
There’s a big difference between marketers masquerading as investors and professional investors managing money. 
My team and I communicate our ideas on strategies and opportunities that we are investing in ourselves.
So many people have bought into newsletters that tout a monthly ‘hot stock’.
Or they keep pimping gold newletter, which has frankly been dead wrong for the last 2 years.
We’ll tell you exactly what we’re investing in, as money managers, not marketers.
We make our money investing, not from selling millions of subscriptions.
We want a small, tight knit community of smart investors that want real news and advice, not theory from people who have never actually managed money themselves.
And Hunting Unicorns will help people understand the big trends and make money in the short term even in the public markets.

Kriss: Ok, that all sounds good. Will that include a way to invest in Company X?

Chris: Yes, with your reports you will get an exclusive investing access key to Company X.

The next investing round will open in early 2016, and it will fill up very quickly because this company’s prospects are incredible.
So your listeners shouldn’t wait. They need to get this information while they can.

Kriss: Ok so let’s recap

My listeners can have the 6 reports, the Hunting Unicorns newsletter for one year, and the Company X investing access key. Right?

Chris: Yes, plus I often have conversations with many venture capitalists, currency traders, billionaires, other people in my rolodex.
I started recording some of these conversations and created a private podcast. 
And we’re going to include the private podcasts for free in this opportunity.

Kriss: Wow what an incredible opportunity. The opportunity to invest in the early stages of a ‘rocket ship’ type company.
Plus frees reports and a newsletter will guide people through your moves in the public markets too.
Ok I’m excited, so now the moment of truth: what are you going to charge, Chris?
Chris: Well membership to our Seraph VC group is $36k per year. And that doesn’t include investing in the companies we select.

Kriss: $36,000 per year BEFORE the investment?! Wow.
Chris: There is admittedly more to it than that but don’t worry, I won’t charge anything close to that.

Kriss: Ok. You about gave me a hear attack there.
Chris: No, we realize that $36,000 for this particular package would mean that we would only attract the ultra-rich.
In talking with the Company X founders, we realized that’s not in line with their values.
Everything Company X is doing is driven by the founder’s desire to put money back in the hands of the people.
To make transacting without banks and their insane fees and rules much easier.
So going the normal Venture Capital route makes no sense.
And making access very expensive makes no sense.
But we do need to recoup some of the costs that we incur for the reports and monthly newsletters.
So for a limited time, we’re only going to charge $79.

Kriss: $79 per month?
Chris: No, just one time payment of $79.

Get Instant Access to the Entire
Global Investor Package –

This covers the 6 reports, the private podcast, one-year subscription to Hunting Unicorns and the exclusive investing access key.

Kriss: Wow, I’m shocked!
Chris: The caveat here is that people need to move quickly.
As I said the investment round opens early 2016 and people could miss out if they wait too long.

Kriss: This is incredible.
So the Global Investors Package includes the Company X report, the Crypto industry report, 4 more professional reports, a private podcast, Hunting Unicorns subscription for one year, and access to the next investment round for Company X.
Chris: That’s right. Plus I’m happy to guarantee it for a full year.
If anyone is not happy with the reports, Company X, anything. I’ll be happy to refund their money for a full year.
Even if Company X flops or fails to meet our projections, your listeners are going to make their subscription fees back and much more on the Hunting Unicorns trades and the intel from those reports.

Kriss: So you’ve removed any risk for their $79 too, that’s great.
Tell you what, I’ll throw in a bonus for our listeners today, because I just want to make this a no brainer for people.
I’ll include a free one year subscription to The Franklin Society too.
In our newsletter we cover crowdfunding investing, peer to peer lending, real estate crowdfund investing, and dozens of other alternative investing techniques.
I’ll throw that in for free.

Get Instant Access to the Entire
Global Investor Package –

Chris: That’s great Chris, I think this should be a no brainer for any savvy investor that knows there is money to be made outside of the boring old stocks and bonds.
Kriss: So, let’s recap here because we’ve covered a lot of ground. So, for a $79 one time payment, you are going to get the global investor package, and that includes:

Six reports: Company X Report, Intelligent Cryptocurrency Investor Report, Emerging Markets Report, Global Debt Report, 10 Critical Private Investing Principles, and the New Zealand Trust Guide 

One year subscription to the Hunting Unicorns Newsletter, which covers publicly traded stocks and options. 

The Capitalist Exploits Private Podcast with Chris McIntosh and successful investors from around the world.

PLUS access to the next investment round of Company X, the company that threatens to disrupt the entire global financial system.

AND one year subscription to The Franklin Society Alternative Investing Club.

Chris, this is an incredible package, thank you so much for you time, I know you’re extremely busy.
I’ll include a link below this interview for folks interested in this incredible package.
Chris: My pleasure…

Kriss: So the time is now folks, opportunities like this are very rare and as Chris said if you want a chance to invest in Company X you need to reserve your seat at the table. Click on the link on this page to get started.

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