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The REAL Reason Donald Trump is Dominating(and it has the Globalists Terrified)

The REAL Reason Donald Trump is Dominating(and it has the Globalists Terrified)

The Trump Train Rolls On!
Brothers, for months I’ve been silent on the ongoing electoral process in the US election for President, but by no means does that mean I’ve not been carefully watching it or have strong feelings about it.  On the contrary, I’ve been very energized by watching what’s been developing, and all the huge implications it has going forward.
Today I’m silent no longer, and am going to weigh in on the extraordinary political movement we’re now witnessing.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Trump campaign is set to steamroll the entire GOP nomination process, and become the Republican nominee going away. This is giving the incomparably corrupt GOP political machine daily nightmares! And this newest headline from Nevada just sent their terror into overdrive:

Trump Wins Nevada Caucuses

AP Photo
Folks, Trump’s message is resonating everywhere! From the northeast, to the heart of Dixie, to the Silver State out West: Trump is the name everyone’s talking about, whether they like him or hate him.
The man is fearless, I mean, he even crashed a stump speech last night which Zionist shill, Glenn Beck was giving for Cruz, in mid sentence!  Look at Glenn’s hilarious face, as the crowd listening to him, suddenly all shifted to the other side of the room!  Glenn was totally alpha’ed!#Priceless
This makes a coveted “Triple Crown” win for Donald, going into Super Tuesday…and Trump is at least leading in 10 of those 14 states, and perhaps(once new polls reflect the new reality), he’s leading in all of them. Yes, perhaps even Texas, it will be close.
The delegate count Trump needs is quickly stacking up, take a look at this chart here:
And that was BEFORE the Nevada caucuses!  Even Matt Drudge on the Drudge Report has already called the nomination for Trump even before Super Tuesday! Unprecedented. The math is all there, and he can handily win this thing, as even his enemies are now admitting.
So what on EARTH has happened?!
Why has this man, Donald Trump, come outta nowhere to dominate the entire race?
Why does his message stir record numbers of voters out to the polls(including cross-over Democrats)?
And, most importantly: why are the establishment pundits, the GOP political machine, and the globalists so terrified of this man?
Well, I intend on showing you just a taste of why today.  I could go over many more points about his platform, but I’ll just concentrate on 3 main planks of it, beginning with this one.
Trump is the only one calling a spade a spade here.  He’s the only one who’s high-lighted the epic manufacturing drain of our jobs to China, to Vietnam, to Mexico etc. For instance, when the Carrier plant recently laid off 1,400 workers at once, and informed them that Mexicans would soon have their jobs….there was anguish, despair….and burning anger!
No other candidate took to the stage and told the American peoples about those workers’ tragic plight…except Donald Trump.
Trump is the only one who talks about the fact that the leaders of the US do NOT “go to bat” for their citizens….at all.  The leadership in DC hasn’t even tried to work out fair trade deals, which protect both our manufacturing, and(just as importantly) our sovereignty.
From NAFTA, to CAFTA, and now to the evil Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty, few others have made these god-awful surrenders of sovereignty even a campaign issue!
But Trump has!
This following headline had the globalists in stitches months ago, and their fits of terror continue to this day!

Exclusive — Donald Trump: Obama’s Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Deal Is ‘Insanity’

You can see, this is at the core of his message: protect American industry, and blue-collar workers, from globalist enemies and their sabotaging “trade deals”,which are NOT in our best interests.  He has made his furious opposition to Obama’s TPP a major talking point in his campaign(that alone is enough reason to back him).  He has said, at nearly every opportunity, that he will help to personally:
Negotiate better trade deals…
Give incentives to American industries to stay here…
Give incentives to corporations to start bringing their $5 trillion mountain of offshore cash BACK to our shores…
He’s even discussed tariffs and penalties for those who refuse to negotiate…
He’s a full-on protectionist, and populist on trade.  That’s a huge reason for his success, which truly separates him from the pack.
“But, Watchman, Trump’s changed some of his positions over time, what were his views on trade in his early years?”
I’m glad you asked that friend!
Here’s an interview I found from decades ago(back when West & East Germany still existed), listen carefully to his views on trade, and also how other nations that we help protect, should “chip in”(be taxed by us) in order to pay for their own protection. Start at roughly 8 minutes in, if you wanna skip straight to it.
It’s all, word for word, the same. He’s always been a populist on trade.
Here’s another core plank issue though, which has truly differentiated him from most of the GOP pack(which has neocons enraged).
Foreign Policy
Donald Trump is the closest guy in the race to what folks like Ron Paul(whom I voted for twice, by the way) would call a “non-interventionist”. He’s been consistent on this issue too for decades, as even Politico notes. Think about it.
He opposed the Libyan War, and warned that it would destabilize all of North Africa. He was right.
He opposed the Iraqi War in its very early stages, and has held that position to this day.  He even had the brass balls to go straight into South Carolina and denounce George W. Bush’s legacy, and the entire Bush dynasty!
Incidentally, that denunciation of Bush’ism in South Carolina was brilliant, because, though it only cost him a few points in a race he still easily won….now Democrats in November will find it impossible to label him “another Bush”.  Impossible.  He will go on to win alot of democrat votes because of that stance.  He “sacrificed a rook, to take the Queen” later on.
He also opposes the regime change in Syria, and has even defended Vladimir Putin’s right to help Assad put all of Washington DC’s pet terrorists 6 feet under!
While all the “neocohens” in the “Gang of 23” at National Review, are condemning Trump for his unwillingness to start WWIII with Russia, Putin and Trump are talking about lifting sanctions, restarting trade, and even sharing vast intelligence on taking down ISIS! So refreshing!
However, it’s his latest position on the Middle East that has neocons everywhere in a fresh panic about “how to stop Trump!” Read em’ and weep, oh ye shills for Israel!

Trump: I’ll be ‘neutral’ on Israel and Palestine

Amazing! Someone who’ll actually say, “let’s not treat one side as the devil’s children, and the other side as the innocent angels on the issue. That’s not conducive to a lasting agreement.”
SD Bullion

Now, I know there are some “purists” out there who say,“Trump’s gonna still go after ISIS, Ron Paul would be ashamed!”
They’re forgetting something very important: even Ron Paul voted to authorize the Afghanistan War to take out the Taliban.  On the whole, the best candidate on this issue, going totally against the globalist grain, is Trump.
As impressive as all that is though, it’s actually this last plank in his platform that really put him where he is, there’s no denying it’s what transformed him from mere political newcomer, into instant front-runner(and has kept him there)….
The Great Wall of Trump
Even before I was born, we’ve had a border problem.  Millions of people have been coming here illegally for decades, without showing any respect for our laws, our sovereignty, or our institutions.
If that wasn’t so, Eisenhower wouldn’t have had to deport over one million people back in the 1950’s.  Several times!
They kept coming back later though, uninvited, and it led to even conservative standard-bearers like Reagan, giving amnesty to millions of folks from Mexico and central America. By the way, that amnesty that both Reagan and Bush instituted, was predicated on the promise that the border would be made secure afterwards.
Obviously, that never happened did it?
We were betrayed by globalists who’d just as rather create a North American Union, with a fused ethnic populace, than maintain any sovereignty for Mexico, the US, or Canada for that matter.
Trump has promised to take care of the immigration problem once and for all: build a formidable border wall to maintain our sovereignty, our cultural distinctiveness, and our demographic/ethnic balance.
He knows that we’ve inherited massive crime, massive debt, and have depressed workers’ wages by always swamping the low-income job pool with countless millions of people.
It is unsustainable, and must end.  His line on the Wall, deportations(if necessary), and border security was so popular, that his status as favorite was assured.  In fact, it was SO popular, that half the other candidates tried to copy and repeat his message about “building the wall”.
The problem of illegal immigration is so massive, that no one knows just how many illegals have come across the border from central America, but it’s at least 12 million, and could be well over 20 million human beings.
There is an enormous difference between legitimate immigration, and invasion. We crossed that line decades ago.
We are being invaded, our homeland, our social safety nets, our jobs markets, and our schools, are being flooded with people who never asked for permission to be here.
This isn’t just an invasion, it’s also a full-on ethnic replacement!  That is key, and it’s what the globalists have had in mind all along.
SD Bullion

“Whoa, Watchman, an ethnic replacement? Isn’t that a bit of a stretch?”
No, it’s not. Click on this video, and know the truth yourself…

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