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Leading scientist denounces Global Warming hoax

Here is a very powerful denunciation of the Global Warming hoax by one of the world's greatest scientists. Please circulate widely, in light of the genocidal policies adopted at the COP 21 conference in Paris based on anti-scientific frauds, orchestrated by the British Monarchy as part of their depopulation drive. (See also:  Executive Intelligence Review special report, "'Global Warming' Scare Is Population Reduction, Not Science," at )
                                        Mike Billington
Zichichi blasts climate change as "cultural pollution"

Antonino Zichichi, head of the World Federation of Scientists and founder of the Ettore Majorana center in Erice, Sicily, blasted climate change hysteria in an interview with the Naples daily "Il Mattino". Zichichi's statements are especially important in view of the fact that the Italian scientist, a prominent catholic, had kept a low profile after the Papal Encyclical  "Laudato Sì". Under Pope Benedict, Zichichi had been a key reference for the debate in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, helping to protect the Church from Malthusian infiltrations. Under the new Pope, however, the dam was broken, and the Malthusian faction has taken over.

Pollution is one thing, Zichichi said, "but the greenhouse effect is something different, and man has little to do with it. I challenge climatologists to demonstrate that in a hundred years the earth will be overheated. Climate change history is an opinion, a mathematical model which claims to demonstrate the undemonstrable."

"We researchers can barely say what will be the weather in fifteen years, forget in a hundred years. In the name of what kind of reason do they claim to describe future scenarios on the earth and therapies to save the earth, if mechanisms of the climatic engine are still unknown? It is soothsaying".

"In order to say what the weather will be in many years, we should be able to describe the evolution of the weather second after second, both in space and in time. But this evolution is fed also by changes produced by evolution itself. It is a system based on three equations which has no analytical solution". Scientists who agree on global warming "have built mathematical models which are suitable to their aims. They use too many free, arbitrary parameters. They manipulate calculations with some assumptions so that results fit to their idea. But scientific method is something different".
"To say that man is responsible for global over-heating is a baseless enormity: pure cultural pollution. Man's action effects climate for not more than ten per cent. Ninety per cent of climate change is ruled by natural phenomena whose future evolutions scientists today, as I said, do not know and cannot know."
Prof. Zichichi, 85, played a key role in the promotion of USA-URSS cooperation on the SDI in the eighties, organizing seminars with American and soviet scientists in his Erice center.

About the Organization

The World Federation of Scientists (WFS) was founded in Erice, Sicily, in 1973, by a group of eminent scientists led by Isidor Isaac Rabi and Antonino Zichichi. Since then, many other scientists have affiliated themselves with the Federation, among them T. D. Lee, Laura Fermi, Eugene Wigner, Paul Dirac and Piotr Kapitza.
The WFS is a free association, which has grown to include more than 10,000 scientists drawn from 110 countries. All members share the same aims and ideals and contribute voluntarily to uphold the Federation's Principles. The Federation promotes international collaboration in science and technology between scientists and researchers from all parts of the world - North, South, East and West. The Federation and its members strive towards an ideal of free exchange of information, where scientific discoveries and advances are no longer restricted to a select few. The aim is to share this knowledge among the people of all nations, so that everyone may experience the benefits of the progress of science.
The creation of the World Federation of Scientists was made possible by the existence, in Erice, of a centre for scientific culture named after the physicist Ettore Majorana, the  Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture. This Centre, which has been dubbed "The University of the Third Millennium", has attracted over 75,000 scientists from all over the world since its founding in 1963. The Ettore Majorana Centre was a precursor of the World Federation of Scientists and its action to mitigate planetary emergencies.
The World Federation of Scientists rapidly identified 15 classes of Planetary Emergencies and began to organise the fight against these threats. One of its main achievements was the drawing up of the Erice Statement, in 1982, by Paul Dirac, Piotr Kapitza and Antonino Zichichi, clearly setting out the ideals of the Federation and putting forward a set of proposals for putting these ideals into practice. Another milestone was the holding of a series of International Seminars on Nuclear War which have had a tremendous impact on reducing the danger of a planet-wide nuclear disaster and have ultimately contributed to the end of the Cold War.
In 1986, through the action of a group of eminent scientists (most of whom were members of the WFS) the International Centre for Scientific Culture ICSC-World Laboratory was founded in Geneva to help achieve the goals outlined in the Erice Statement. To achieve these, specific pilot projects have been implemented to overcome the Planetary Emergencies. The ICSC-World Laboratory works on the principle that one of the better ways of helping Developing Countries is to support the participation of their scientific elite in projects aimed at the solution of their particular problems, working in collaboration with their peers in Developed Countries and contributing to the advancement of science and human knowledge as a whole.

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