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China Superbug Could Help Usher in Pale Horse and His Rider

China Superbug Could Help Usher in Pale Horse and His Rider 
December 04, 2015  
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When the pale horse and his rider of Revelation 6 releases his plagues and death upon the earth, it may just have a label that says “Made in China,” which has now produced bacteria capable of shrugging off the drug class considered “the antibiotics of last resort.”

The BBC is reporting that colistin, an antibiotic class of drugs known as polymyxins may have been overused in farm animals in China, causing the news organization to warn of what it calls an “antibiotic apocalypse” which it says could plunge medicine back into the dark ages.

Recently, Chines scientists identified a new mutation called the MCR-1 gene. This mutation prevents colostin from killing bacteria. Even more alarming, a report in Lancelot Infectious Diseases showed resistance to colostin in 20 percent of the animals tested.

Unlike Bird Flu, another infectious disease produced in China, this current resistance has now begun to spread between other common bacterial strains including E. Coli.

While antibiotics have long been a boon to mankind, the problem has been that many regular people do not have a proper understanding of how antibiotics work, including what they were designed to do. As a result, like the Prophet Hosea warned, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Failure to heed this biblical warning is the primary reason of the rise of so-called “superbugs” today.

Anti-biotics are designed to work on bacteria, not viruses. Therefore, taking it for a flu or cold will have no effect. When they are taken for bacterial infections all the antibiotics prescribed by your physician must be taken. Many times people stop taking them a day or so after they begin to feel better. As a result, the bacteria may not die, but will instead go on to recover, becoming more resistant than before. As it reproduces, this resistance is replicated on in subsequent generations of bacteria.

There have been many warnings over the years of these new strains of bacteria threatening a resurgence of diseases we once thought eradicated.

In 2013, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) told his writer that drug resistant strains of tuberculosis and other diseased needed to be part of the ongoing immigration debate.

“It is something I am aware of and it is definitely a factor to consider in the immigration debate,” Burgess told me.

Besides California and Florida, the states with the greatest number of multi-drug resistant TB are Texas and New York. All of these states have large numbers of illegal aliens within their borders. Florida was ranked as having the third largest illegal alien population by the Department of Homeland Security. Many of the illegals in Florida come from the Caribbean and other countries in the Southern hemisphere. Some of these countries have widespread problems with tuberculosis.

Burgess said he would take steps to make sure the issue of illegal aliens introducing drug-resistant strains of these diseases is addressed as the house considers any immigration bills. 
“This is something I am going to push for us to look at in the Oversight Committee on Energy and Commerce,” Burgess explained. “The issue came up a couple of years ago in late 2010. We had some hearings a couple of years ago but it is time to ask some questions again.”

It is interesting to note that the Bible seems to give multiple warnings that may be directed towards China. In addition to their connection to the pale horse, Revelation 16 records how the Euphrates River will be dried up to make room for the “Kings of the East” to invade Israel. 
China is one of the few nations in the world that could meet the requirements of a 200 Million man army as described in this chapter.

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