Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We Stopped Obama’s Unconstitutional War in Syria Now Stop Obama’s Wall Street War on the United States of America

The following ad appears in the October 15th printed edition of the D.C. daily The Hill, which is read in every Congressional office and by thousands of others. It was distributed broadly in Washington and across the country by LaRouche Political Action Committee activists. With the "deal" to settle the shutdown simply postponing the deadlines for government funding and raising the budget ceiling for a few months, the population, and the members of Congress, are now fully aware of Obama's total agreement with the radical Republicans that social security and Medicare must be drastically cut, to service the continuing bail out of Wall Street.    
    For background on LaRouchePAC's escalation in the campaign to stop the Obama/Wall Street campaign for genocide in the United States please see Mr LaRouche's call to "Stop Genocide Against American Citizens! [2]"               Mike Billington

We Stopped Obama’s Unconstitutional War in Syria Now Stop Obama’s Wall Street War on the United States of America


The intention of the current operation to shut down the U.S. Government on the part of Wall Street and President Obama, is to stop Glass-Steagall, and to start a policy of bail-in, and even further draconian cuts to our living standards, all of which will lead to an increase in the death rate of American citizens. This was the content of the meeting which Obama held with leading Wall Street banksters, including Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase; Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs; and Anshu Jain, CEO of Deutsche Bank, at the White House on October 2nd.
Obama, the Democratic leadership, and their Congressional Republican cohorts, on orders from Wall Street, which thinks it owns our government, are going to unleash absolute Hell on the American public. The government shutdown is the biggest dog-and-phony show over. And yet how many otherwise honest Senators and Congressmen have fallen for it, out of fear of the White House, and of those in the leadership of their own parties, who are going along to get along with Wall Street?
It is time for Congress to break with the Wall Street banksters, their stooge in the White House, and their stooges on Capitol Hill.
Recently, Democratic and Republican Congressmen and Senators mobilized to prevent Obama from launching an unconstitutional war in Syria without Congressional authorization.
Now, where are the patriotic Democrats and Republicans who will act to defend the U.S. population’s General Welfare against Wall Street? Where are the Democrats and Republicans who have the courage and commitment described by John F. Kennedy in his Profiles in Courage?
Franklin Roosevelt threw the moneychangers out of the temple by signing Glass-Steagall into law. There are bills in both houses of Congress to reenact Glass-Steagall [3]. Who will be today’s Glass and Steagall, not just when nothing is at stake, but under political combat conditions? Who is really serious about the future of our nation?
It is not enough to lend one’s name as a co-sponsor to a bill to reenact Glass-Steagall. It is necessary to cut through the fog of war, not to be distracted, not to be diverted by the countermoves of the enemy, in this case, Wall Street.
It is the American people who are too big to fail. It is their General Welfare that must be promoted, not that of Wall Street.
Wall Street’s parasitical speculative activity is a cancer on the body politic. It needs to be removed, not fed.
There is no other solution to this crisis. As Roosevelt said, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.” Glass-Steagall must be reenacted now!
The undersigned endorse this statement for publication in a LaRouchePAC newspaper ad in Washington D.C.
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., economist
Aden J. Bair, business agent, Ironworkers Local 516, Portland, Oregon
Shirl Barnhart, chairman, Board of Supervisors, Morgan Township, PA
Roseanne Barr, 2012 presidential candidate, Peace and Freedom Party; president, FMHT
Tim Begalka, senator, South Dakota (SD) legislature
James Benham, president, Indiana Farmers Union
Susan Berel, president, Navarre Patriots, Ft. Walton Beach, FL
George Bioletto, former president, IAM District Lodge 94, Long Beach, CA
Ernest Brunelli, Alderman, Waterbury, CT
Roger Calven, UA Plumbers Local 5, Washington, D.C.
Heather Gass, founder, East Bay Tea Party, CA
Cathy Helgason, M.D., Professor of Neurology, retired, University of Illinois
Steve Hickey, representative, SD legislature
Arthur Hoffman, member, CA Democratic Party State Central Committee
Thomas H. Hoversten, former Republican County chairman, Columbia County, WI.
Karen Hudes, World Bank whistleblower, attorney, Bethesda, MD
Fred Huenefeld, Boeuf River Soil Conservation District Supervisor, Louisiana; chapter president, Sons of the American Revolution
Steve Kates, radio host, A Call to Rights, KNFX, Phoenix, AZ
Michael P. Kearns, New York State Assembly
Dennis Keefer, president, Schuylkill County Building Trades, PA.
Mike Manypenny, delegate, West Virginia legislature
Gary Martin, Ironworkers union, Reading, PA
Guy Martin, city councilman, Conroe, Texas
Elizabeth May, representative, SD legislature
Randall C. Miller, former mayor, Michigan City, IN; (ret.) Lt. Commander of U.S. Navy
Jeff Monroe, senator, SD legislature
Carl E. Moore, retired Civil Rights and Unit-at-Large Chairman, UAW Local 588, Chicago Heights Stamping Plant, IL
Stace Nelson, representative, SD legislature
Betty Olson, representative, SD legislature
Carlo Palladino, alderman, Waterbury, CT.
Philip C. Restino, Chapter 136 co-chair, Veterans for Peace, Central FL
Kenneth E. Smith, M.D. Delegate, CA Republican Party State Convention; Board Member, Fair Tax Nation
Manny Steele, representative, SD legislature
Jack Stockwell, talk show host, KTKK radio, Salt Lake City, UT
Judith Van Dyke, president, United Association of Entrepreneurs, Long Island, NYC, Westchester, NY
Robert H. Van Hee, former City Council President, Redwood Falls, MN
Robert Venables, senator, Delaware state legislature
Jessica White, delegate, United Federation of Teachers, NYC
Joanne Wilder, Coordinator and editor, Central N.Y. Patriots
Pat Witt, president, Witt Ford Auto, Green Bay, WI
William Zeitz, Lincoln County supervisor; Town Chairman, Pine River, WI
Theodore Katsanevas, head of DRACMA, Greek Democratic Movement Five Stars
Elena Fontana, city councilwoman, Montichiari (Brescia)
Fabio Rolfi, regional councilman and vice-mayor of Brescia
Valentina Iorio Tomasetti, city councilwoman, Galliate Lombardo
View a complete list of Glass-Steagall sponsors and institutional support [4].

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