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Secrets From the Biggest Snowden Reveal

September 10-16, 2017

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Secrets From the Biggest Snowden Reveal

On Wednesday, The Intercept published the most documents ever released at once from the cache provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 294 articles from an internal NSA news site, SIDtoday, many of them classified. After combing through the documents, staffers Margot Williams, Micah Lee, and Talya Cooper wrote an overview of their findings, which included revelations on how U.S. spies misused a covert network for personal business and the many ways the U.S. tried to bug Iraq after removing Saddam Hussein. Longtime contributor Nick Turse separately used the NSA documents to investigate how the spy agency helped a draconian regime in Ethiopia exponentially expand its surveillance network, while investigative reporter Ryan Gallagher revealed how the NSA secretly operated drones from a base in the English countryside.
Ahead of this flood of information on electronic spying by the U.S. government, The Intercept’s Sam Biddle reminded readers of the unparalleled surveillance powers of a private American corporation, Facebook. Academics told him that Facebook’s behavior in handling cloaked advertising from the Russian government was “stunning” and raised “crucial questions” about “most of the public’s personal data.” Biddle called for CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify before Congress.
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