Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Times Apology is not a Real Apology

The Times will remain the defunct Gray Lady

The Times Apology is not a Real Apology

The New York Times feigning humility admitted that it was “possible it underestimated Donald Trump’s support” and Sulzberger promised it would “strive to reflect all political perspectives.”
This is The Times pretending that it made a minor error rather than a continuous misjudgment that lasted over a repetitive year.
Sulzberger’s underestimation was indicative of a superior attitude and denigration of Donald Trump.  It was prejudice against the less-than-college-educated class, pure and simple.

It was as insincere and self-promoting as Hillary’s apology for the four dead at Benghazi. Or her lies to the parents that their son’s deaths were caused by a video.  Or it was her pretense that she didn’t send classified information on her server.
Or Sulzberger’s apology only went skin deep.  It was a sore not a recognition of failure. The Times will remain the defunct Gray Lady.
It is a failed paper that is stuck in its prejudiced views while it points its accusations of bigotry at everyone else.
The Times had become too big for its own britches. It arrogantly believed in itself until it fell on the face of its own false assumptions.

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