Friday, November 11, 2016

Pence Confirms Trump Presidency Will Be Anti-LGBT and Anti-Women’s Rights

Pence Confirms Trump Presidency Will Be Anti-LGBT and Anti-Women’s Rights

Mike Pence recently told a news station that some of the laws which he considers to be anti-Christian will be repealed as soon as possible.
Credit: Us Weekly
Credit: Us Weekly

Donald Trump might claim that he’s LGBT-friendly – especially after waving a “gay pride” flag at a rally in Colorado, but his actions suggest otherwise. Over the course of his campaign, Donald Trump has taken just about every anti-LGBT position possible. ThinkProgress points out that not only did he promise to appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn marriage equality, he also backslid on protecting trans people from discrimination. Additionally, he announced that he would sign the First Amendment Defense Act, a federal bill that will legalize various forms of anti-LGBT discrimination. The only offering Donald Trump has offered to the diverse and often ridiculed community was the post-Orlando homo-nationalist promise to defeat “radical Islam.”
Knowing this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that soon-to-be Vice President Mike Pence recently confirmed that the Trump campaign will be largely anti-LGBT. During an interview with Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family (a homophobic Christian radio station), Pence promised that some laws which he considers to be anti-Christian will be repealed as soon as possible.
In addition to restating his commitment to abolishing birth control mandates, he announced that the bathroom choice protection for Transgender people is likely to be repealed. In the past, the future Vice President said that he’d like to defund Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe vs Wade, the landmark decision legalizing abortion. It’s for this reason women’s rights activists are suggesting females invest in a form of birth control that will outlast Trump’s presidency, such as an IUD.
The Christian Post, an anti-LGBT publication, reported on the interview after receiving a copy of the audio file in advance. Reportedly, Pence says that before everything else, he’s a Christian, and that legislation allowing for abortions and LGBT rights is against his beliefs. He said,
“I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican … in that order.”

Inquisitor reports that he then elaborated on what a Trump-Pence administration will mean to the American people:
“The Trump-Pence administration will be dedicated to preserving the liberties of our people, including the freedom of religion that’s enshrined in our Bill of Rights.” 
Regarding transgender bathroom policies, Pence says that both he and Donald Trump believe that concerns about which bathrooms transgender students should use should be “resolved” at the local level. He mentioned that children’s “safety” and “privacy” should be priorities in these directions.
“Washington has no business intruding on the operation of our local schools,” he said.
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