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My recent video, The Next Black Swans, has received such an amazing response from readers, I’ve just recorded a 5-minute follow-up video — this time focusing on Europe.
The key point: Despite all of our troubles at home, the instability overseas is far more extreme. And more than anything else, this is what’s helping to drive a continuing flow of flight capital to U.S. shores.
In today’s video, I name:
  • Six large eurozone countries that are threatened with political and economic turmoil …
  • Several more that have recently been — and could again be – at the heart of major financial disasters.
  • Three key consequences for investors.
To watch my 5-minute video now, click here.
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Good luck and God bless!
P.S. If you missed my prior video, “The Next Black Swans,” which has sparked so much controversy and discussion, you can still watch it here. And if you’re interested in reader feedback for that video along with my responses, go to this column.