Saturday, August 13, 2016

ISIS Falls

Dear Fellow American,
I’m writing you today because I suddenly find myself at the center of an ugly ISIS controversy.
This controversy is dangerous, volatile, and unexpected.
The fuse is lit.
And like a stick of dynamite, the situation could explode at any moment.
Which is why you need to hear the story right away.
Because this controversy doesn’t concern me…
It concerns you. And the right of the American people to hear the truth about ISIS.
My name is Staff Sergeant Porter Daniels. I retired from the military in 2007… but I’m back today because I believe I’ve discovered a shocking secret America can use to destroy ISIS. Please read on.
See: my name is Staff Sergeant Porter Daniels.
I’m a former Weapons Specialist in the U.S. Air Force.
I hoped to get this urgent message to you sooner.
But some very powerful people tried to silence me.
At first, they succeeded.
For a time I was “bound,” “gagged,” and forced to stay quiet.
A helpless bystander to a terrible crime… as the warning I spent months preparing for you was ripped from my hands and swallowed into the blood-soaked gears of the political machine.
See: the people we’re dealing with are big-time members of the mass media.
They control millions of dollars.
Their web of influence creeps from one coast to the other and spans everything from the stock markets to politics and national defense.
Every day, they buy their way into your mind.
To attempt to control what you see… hear… and believe.
I have no way of knowing the true motives behind why they wanted me silenced.
But I can tell you this: the message they tried to prevent me from showing you today could fundamentally change what you believe about America’s War on Terror.
And maybe that threatens them in some deep, dark way.
It doesn’t matter. Because I finally found a safe way to deliver my message to you today, and there’s nothing the media moguls can do about it.
That’s good news for you.
Because it means you will now finally hear the shocking discovery I made about ISIS and how we could finally end the fight against these cowards…
You see: some months ago I was shown one of those terrible ISIS propaganda videos.
I’d do anything to show you that video right now.
But I can’t. My hands are tied.

Wistia video thumbnail

So let me sum up everything you need to know like this…
Seeing this video sent me down path of discovery I never expected.
It led me to the controversial CIA-insider at the center of the explosive events you're going to hear about today.
Together, we believe that this video accidentally reveals the key to securing America’s future. To your future.
Because according to this well-connected insider, The Pentagon may have secret plans to launch a full-scale invasion against ISIS within the next few weeks…
And he’s now telling U.S. citizens what they can do here on the homefront to both protect America’s victory and fortify their futures…
Before the attack happens.
And today, I’m going to tell you the entire story behind this video… before the media can silence us.
Including the unconventional anti-terror tactics this influential insider is urgently recommending to the American people.
These weird, anti-terror tactics could not only help us destroy ISIS once and for all.
They could also make you rich in the process.
(I believe that’s related to why the media’s puppet masters want to keep this video buried.)
Yes, this man's methods are highly usual.
Perhaps even crazy.
But we're fighting against an even crazier enemy and it's time to finally put an end to this long, terrible war.
Fortunately, for you, getting payback isn't going to be dangerous.
It will actually be very easy: you can join the fight... right now... from the safety of your own home, using your computer.
So if you'd like to soon be dancing on ISIS' grave...
Waving a fistful of triumphant cash in your hand...
Please set aside the next several minutes to hear my story.
I’ll introduce this mysterious CIA-insider...
And tell you why the startling research he’s going to share with you is so crucial to your well-being that ISIS singled him out in a horrific propaganda video…
Is ISIS trying to find this man? And are these media puppet masters trying to keep him from revealing a damning secret?
It’s impossible to say for sure but we know he’s taking no chances.
He has now taken critical steps to protect himself and his family.
(Preparing to “disappear off the grid” at a moment’s notice.)
Which is why I’m delivering this message today, and why he authorized its urgent release: he wants this information available to the American people immediately in case he is forced to go underground in the coming days.
If you’re feeling a little uncomfortable right now, you’re not alone.
When I ventured down this path for the first time, the fear hit me square in the chest.
Made me remember what it’s like to stare death in the eyes. Because once you’ve been through it…

You never forget the first time
someone tries to put a bullet in your head

It knots your insides. Grips you from within.
And it never gets easier.
This guy might look scary but according to a powerful CIA-insider, his days are numbered. And you won’t believe how The Pentagon intends to take him out.
No matter how many times you find yourself in someone else’s crosshairs.
I learned what it feels like to be forced through this grinder first-hand.
We were near the Syrian border when it happened...
A flood of terror that made me want to do nothing more than slam my eyes shut and pray.
But then…
For me and my brothers, that was also the first time we saw our American-made miracle appear in the distance. Rushing to save us all.
A few vets of old wars told me they were saved by angels on the battlefield.
The first time I saw this miracle in real life all I could think was:

“This is our guardian angel.”

According to this well-connected CIA insider,
within weeks it could lead the American assault
that destroys ISIS once and for all

Today, these angels are the perfect technology.
Every time we push the button, 7 terrorists on avg. die. Which is why clicking it is ISIS’ worst nightmare… a soldier’s dream come true… and an opportunity for any American.
They’ve saved countless American lives.
And according to my research, every time an angel strikes, an average of 7 terrorists wind up dead.
But I first deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom in July 2003.
At the time, these mysterious angels had just entered the fight.
Top brass working deep inside The Pentagon were still figuring out the best ways to deploy such a modern, secret marvel on the battlefield.
Frankly, wartime journals show us these angels were a dream of ground soldiers going back as far as Napoleon’s armies in the 1790s.
And President Lincoln invited one of the nation’s leading professors to the White House in July 1861 to determine if they could prevent the Civil War from further decimating our country.
Even further back, an ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician named Archytas envisioned non-military uses for these miracle workers as far back as 400 BC!
Even so, when we rallied together to finally bring them to reality as part of America’s War on Terror…
We were slow to see how much of an advantage this breakthrough gave us.
That changed fast.
Once we saw that they were one of the most precise weapons ever developed…
That they could reduce casualties by keeping guys on the ground safe from harm (or out of combat entirely)…
That they did it all faster, cheaper, and easier than “conventional” alternatives…
We began pouring funding into them.
Today, there are estimated 14,000% more angels guarding America than there were just 10 years ago.
And that was before The Pentagon recently demanded the government authorize an additional $3 billion for more.
To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to all that.
All I know is countless American troops are alive today because of these angels.
I think Mark Bowden, the bestselling war author who wrote Black Hawk Down and The Finish: The Killing of Osama Bin Laden, summed up the way vets like me feel about it:

“Altered the
Battlefield Forever”

The battlefield’s not the whole story, though.
Not even close.
Because these angels recently started working miracles all over the world:
  • Helping save lives at the hospital where I work.
  • Performing rapid damage assessments after the tsunami devastated Japan.
  • Rescuing drowning swimmers in stormy seas off the coast of Brazil.
  • Protecting rhinos, elephants, and other endangered animals from poachers in Africa.
  • Preventing catastrophic forest fires in California.
  • Stopping a crop disease before it could wipe out the avocado industry in Florida.
  • Reducing traffic and improving infrastructure in your town.
  • And something even more surprising you’ll discover in a minute…

It won’t be long before this American-made angel is performing miracles all over the world. Saving endangered animals. Rescuing drowning swimmers. Putting out raging forest fires. And more. But first, they have one last mission to take care of “over there.”

The point is this: these angels will soon be mankind’s miracle worker in more ways than you could ever imagine.
It’s the kind of ingenuity Americans have displayed generation after generation to make the world a safer place, and to keep our nation great.
And a new era of prosperity is about to arrive here in America because of them.
Within the next decade, it’s estimated they’ll add $82 billion and 103,000 new jobs to the American economy.
It’s thrilling to think about.
But first…
They have some unfinished business to get out of the way.
An important mission.
The mission they were born to accomplish.
That’s because…

According to the CIA-insider I’ve been telling you about, The Pentagon is secretly planning a massive assault to destroy ISIS this summer

According to this powerful insider, The Pentagon will soon launch an anti-ISIS campaign that will be the biggest amphibious battle since The Korean War.
A modern-day Normandy to stop the spread of extremism once and for all.
A full-on assault where my angel will be the dagger we send straight into the dark heart of ISIS.
Before I share the details of his account: a warning.
This man authorized the release of this message, but on the following condition:
If, for any reason at all, he comes to believe the research revealed on this page threatens national security, he will pull he plug and take it down immediately.
So please, read this message right now. Do not put it aside.
Also, please allow me a proper introduction.
These days I fight by pushing buttons from my laptop in Tennessee. Recently, I uncovered an easy and unconventional way you can push a button to help too.
As I mentioned, my name is Staff Sergeant Porter Daniels.
From September 2000 to September 2007, I served my country as a Weapons Specialist.
I’m here today because these ISIS lunatics scare me.
They hit Paris… Brussels…
If we don’t do something soon, it’s only a matter of time before its Washington… New York… your town.
I want them gone, and gone for good.
Because I know we won’t be safe as long as they’re around.
And because I know the information I’ll be sharing can help us make sure it happens.
See: I still want a piece of the action. The fact that these cowards are still kicking fills me with a righteous anger.
Problem is, I’m out now.
Left the desert behind and came home to start a new life.
I’ve turned the page.
Can’t go back.
Yet that doesn’t mean I’m don’t want to help destroy these scumbags.
Which is why I’m here today.
Because if you’re reading this, my guess is you're just as fed up as I am.
Just as worried and mad.
And just as hungry to do something about it.
If that’s you…

I found a way to get my revenge against ISIS today… now you can use it to get yours too

I’m telling you this story today to help more of these American-made angels get their wings.
To help ensure more troops are saved the way I was.
To help the sun rise over a world where there is no ISIS.
The great news for you is this: getting your payback isn’t hard or dangerous…
But yes! It is important.
Just as important: it’s good for you and your family too.
If you stop to think about it, isn’t this the American Dream?
Get payback.
Take a big step towards lasting financial independence for yourself.
Give your family a life of prosperity and hope.
All in one simple step.
See: the great thing about being American is we have a free society.
That means you will never have to choose between doing something for yourself and doing something for your country.
Because here in America, those two things are one and the same.
That’s what these fanatics won’t ever understand.
It’s their #1 weakness.
And it’s why we’ll win.
Because the bottom line is this:

If you do something ISIS hates while
making your life better at the same time,
the American dream wins…

We win.

This was the button we pushed to kill Hitler and turn America into the richest and most powerful country there’s ever been. Now, there’s a new button. When you push it, ISIS dies and
America wins. And you? You’ll win in an amazing way too.
This is what you can do to help wipe ISIS off the face of the Earth forever.
To save innocent lives.
To keep our troops out of harm’s way.
And to make your life richer and better too.
Here’s how we’re going to do it:
All it used to take for me to call in my guardian angel – to save me and my brothers – was the simple push of a button.
Today, the push of a button is also all it takes – for you back here in the States – to put more angels in the skies and do your part against ISIS too.
Which is why I’m going to tell you about a new and different investment opportunity today.
A kind of investment you won’t hear about anywhere else.
It was recently uncovered by the CIA-insider who appeared in the controversial video you aren't being allowed to see.
He’s finally going public with his findings and every last ISIS coward would probably be crumbling away in fear if they knew you were hearing about it right now.
As for the media’s involvement, I only know they went to great lengths to prevent you from seeing the video as well. And that they wouldn’t do that without a reason…
Regardless of the chaos, this man’s investment analysis could be a win-win-win for you and for America.
Because if you make an investment in this man’s unique recommendation:
  • ISIS dies. WIN.
  • American troops live and the U.S. begins a new era of prosperity. WIN.
  • You and your family have the chance to get rich as new angels change the world in unimaginable ways. WIN.
Listen: I understand. Maybe this feels a little weird to you.
Before very recently it felt weird to me too.
It means you value human life. That you care about our men and women in uniform.
As a vet, I thank you for that. From the bottom of my heart.
But you’ve read this far as well…
Which means you’re also willing to face facts.
Even if it’s not easy.
As a vet, I thank you for that too.
The bottom line is this: if there hadn’t been Americans investing in the company that created the technology we’re talking about today, I might be in a casket right now.
So here’s how I think you can look at it…

Does the U.S. infantryman getting shot at in the desert somewhere care if you make a few bucks helping wipe out the guys trying to kill him?

Doesn’t look like much does it? But inside a *non-descript SCIF building just like this one
is where investors could soon find the biggest investment opportunity of 2016.
* Photo, "nondescript building" by bradleygree is licensed under CC by 2.0
I can tell you with 100% conviction: NO.
He supports you.
Loves you.
You keep him alive.
The richer you get… the happier he is.
Which is good news for you.
Because you could get very rich in the next few months with the information you discover today.
See: the government is rarely where these breakthroughs are invented.
The government provides the funding.
But America’s innovative companies provide the genius… and then reap the financial rewards.
That’s why we’ve stayed on top for so long.
We’re all in it together.
Driven by the common goal of getting ahead on our own merits.
The best news is this: these companies can be spectacular investments because of what happens after the time of turmoil. Which is where we’ll be after the U.S. military finally destroys ISIS.
Here’s how it happens:
During war, many technologies are developed behind a veil of secrecy.
Classified projects.
Locked down in what’s known as a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility).
The details are restricted by the Department of Defense.
For watchful investors, that level of security is a blessing in disguise.
It means little is publicly known about the companies involved.
This can include the financial details of the project.
See: government contract information is available to the public. But few people know how to access it.
And due to the sensitive nature of many contracts, the information that is allowed to see the light of day is often confusing, difficult to understand, and incomplete.
There’s more.…
The Securities and Exchange Commission has ZERO authority to make these companies include classified information in their public disclosures!
Which means many investors might not realize just how much money these companies are raking in.
Even though they may have just won a multi-billion dollar contract!
So Wall Street often completely ignores these companies.
They don’t understand them well enough.
And don’t want to dedicate the resources towards what’s likely a locked box.
But after the war, the technology begins being used for new, non-classified purposes and all sorts of new information begins to pour forward.
That’s when a turning point occurs.
The little-known facts are finally revealed and understood in the mainstream… and the “new” phenomenon becomes impossible to ignore as a big-time investment.
Which is when a flood of Wall Street’s traders drive its price through the roof.
If you can stake your claim before this price surge, you’ll take that rising tide all the way to the top.
It’s happened time after time.

It’s the exact way our nation gave American forces
the advantage they needed to destroy
the Nazis in World War II

Fortunes were made investing in the companies we needed to win the Second World War.
Because of those companies…
  • Hitler wound up with a bullet in his head.
  • American boys got to come home.
  • The Greatest Generation thrived.
  • We entered era of unprecedented prosperity.
  • And the U.S. took its rightful place as the safest, richest, most powerful and respected nation the world had ever known.
But the exciting part for investors came after the war.
Here’s one wild example:
As the war raged on in Europe and the Pacific, a man named Percy Samuels waged a battle of his own.
In a basement lab in California, he toiled.
Hard at work developing a secret technology our leaders believed could help turn the tide of the war.
It was so important, in fact, only the development of the atomic bomb was classified as more important by top brass.
The objective: with one click of a button, our troops would immediately know where German and Japanese forces were hiding.
Eventually, Samuels achieved his objective.
Today, you probably know the secret technology he helped invent as RADAR.
But here’s what you probably didn’t know:
Spencer wasn’t working for the government. He was working for the military technology company called Raytheon.
There’s more: after the war, this technology was refined in incredible ways…

What started as critical WWII technology
turned into one of the most incredible
inventions of the 20th century:


Just a few military breakthroughs that generated billions and became commercial sensations. For early investors, the next one may fly higher and faster than them all!

Raytheon produced the first commercial microwave in 1954.
Within a year, the company had earned its debut appearance on the Fortune 500 list, rocketing all the way up to #178.
It remains there today. Churning out billions each year.
The same thing happened with the jet engine.
Nylon clothing.
Sports utility vehicles.
All were developed for the military.
Today, they’re essential parts of our lives, fueling billion-dollar industries.
Recent breakthroughs followed the same pattern.
For example: The GPS you use on your phone or in your car was originally created for the military too.
The Air Force and Navy joined forces to first create the system to help military forces get all-weather location data.
Unfortunately, in its early days GPS remained off-limits to anyone outside the military.
Then, it earned widespread recognition in a time of international crisis for the critical role it played in helping America defeat Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War.
As you might expect, the result was feverish excitement around the endless non-military possibilities.
Finally, on March 29, 1996…
President Bill Clinton lifted restrictions on GPS and opened the technology to civil and commercial markets – where, as you are certainly aware – it exploded.
This is a chart of a company named Rockwell International’s stock price during this period.

Why did Rockwell’s stock go up so much during this time?
Because it’s the company that developed the satellite technology that makes GPS work!
Imagine if you were one of the early investors and had snapped up $10,000 of Rockwell stock at this time.
Within months of President Clinton making his monumental announcement, your initial $10,000 could have been worth as much as $135,594!
Incredible! And all signs point to my angels being the next. They’re following an almost identical pattern to GPS!
See: as you already discovered, prior to the War on Terror, the technology powering these angels was still a bit of a wild-eyed fantasy.
In fact, it was at this time that an American colonel named James Calvert was in Hungary as part of a U.N. peacekeeping mission.

Colonel Calvert Made The Most Unusual Discovery:
A Group of Eccentric Engineers From the West Coast Had Turned an Old Snowmobile Into an Angel!

Their haphazard piece of junk gave us a rough glimpse of what these angels might someday be capable of.
But remember: this was before 9/11. We were at peace. We didn’t need a miracle. So the angel remained a dream.
The planes hit.
In a heartbeat, everything we thought we knew and understood about the world came crashing down.
Like that, boots were on the ground.
Brave young American men were shedding blood in far off corners of the world.
Soon it became clear: these scumbags weren’t gonna just roll over.

That's when the CIA-man from the ISIS video officially began fighting for America’s future too

From The Pentagon and the Treasury to the US Special Operations Command, one man has access to the most powerful and secretive places in America. It’s time for you to meet him.
In the halls of power around Washington and Wall Street he’s what is referred to as a “Financial Warfare Operative.”
His weapon?
Nearly 40 years working on the front-lines of a war very few Americans will ever even know exists: the highly complicated fight being waged on the battlefield of global finance and geopolitics.
Which is why…
  • He’s on speed dial as a top-secret advisor to the CIA, The Pentagon, the Director of National Security, the U.S. Special Operations Command, The Treasury Department, and The Federal Reserve.
  • The most powerful economic powerhouses on Wall Street… such as Citibank, Greenwich Capital (one of the world’s most influential bond dealers), and Long-Term Capital Management… have all relied on his advice on matters of global finance.
  • The SECDEF Office of Net Assessment, the Center for Sanctions and Illicit Finance, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and other highly-secretive American anti-terrorist organizations come to him when they have a mission-critical task.
Before that, however, he was an insider on Wall Street.
He specialized in international financial operations with a track record dating back to 1982 - when Citibank sent him to Karachi, Pakistan to discover how the recent Iranian Revolution would impact international Islamic banking.
But when the planes struck on 9/11, he was still working on Wall Street, where he’d been a power player in international finance ever since his success in Pakistan.
Now all of a sudden, the country needed a new breed of warrior, and he was more than willing to answer the call.

The call came from an unknown number that was traced back to the CIA’s headquarters

See… as combat in Afghanistan intensified in those early days after 9/11, our government made swift and decisive moves to give us the advantage against the Taliban.
A massive effort was made to bring in civilian specialists who had the knowledge and expertise we needed to wage war in the modern era.
Suddenly, from high-tech labs in Silicon Valley to Fortune 500 companies and Wall Street’s biggest banks, the smartest minds in the country were being brought in to fight for America.
One of their highest priority missions: finally make my angel a reality.
Progress was slow at first.
But by 2003, these angels were becoming more effective in our fight against terrorists. Saving American lives and killing bad guys.
And every year, our angels got better and better. Proved themselves on the battlefield time and time again.
Just how fast did the technology advance?
One assessment indicates that from 2005 to 2013, their combat effectiveness rose by an astonishing 74%...
…WHILE their ability to protect the lives of innocent civilians rose by 76%.
In the span of just a few years, they went from a wild-eyed fantasy to one of the most sophisticated technologies ever developed by man.
By the time I left in 2007, it was clear they would someday be our #1 hope for safely winning the war against extremism while protecting innocent lives the world over.
That day is today.
So you can see why the way I chose to do my part on the homefront is to make sure the angel that was on my shoulder is there to save the next guy who finds himself in a tough spot on the ground as well.
And if I can help others learn a new way to make some money AND gain some peace-of-mind in the process, why not?

I’d be lying if I told you it’s been all rainbows
and sunshine for me since I got out

When I got out, I came home and started a new life.
Took my G.I. Bill.
Went back to school.
Earned a degree in Biology from Boise State University.
Today, I work at a hospital in Tennessee.
I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend I’m in love with.
Even bought my first home recently.
Things are good.
But the world’s a complicated place.
I’ve often struggled to make sense of the chaos.
Maybe this sounds crazy but when I was in deployed, lives hung in the balance…
But at least it was straightforward: Kill the bad guys. Keep my men alive. Get home in one piece.
I understood that. Felt like I had some control over it.
But not so on the other side.
Global economies.
International turmoil.
It’s never-ending.
One channel’s telling me we’re finished: Government’s broken. Stock market’s about to get gutted. Dollar’s worthless.
Better prepare for “The End of America.”
The other’s saying we’ve got new jobs. Unprecedented economic growth. Stronger than ever!
It was hard.

It was like being bounced around inside
an international game of pinball
where my future was on the line

First time I saw these animals…
Lined up in their black masks, waving their damn knives and AK-47s in the air…
One thing was clear: America’s War on Terror wasn’t over.
I was furious.
The things these barbarians were doing…
They filled me with disgust.
I’m sure you felt it too.
And boy, did I want payback.
But I’m a civilian now.
As I sat there staring at the TV, I felt my girlfriend tense up sitting next to me. And she looked up at me… scared.
I knew there was no way I was leaving home again.
I wish I could say it was as easy as that.
That I hung the Stars & Stripes outside my front door, said a prayer for our future, and went back to my daily life.
You and I both know that’d be a damn lie.
It’s never that simple. Not for folks like you and me.
Because sitting comfortably on the couch while other guys are out there sacrificing everything...
I was awash in guilt.
Desperate for a way to do something...
Especially as the headlines intensified, more innocent people died, and it became clear we were in for a fight.
I dealt with it for weeks.

What else could I do?

Other than just watch and hope.
Why has ISIS singled out this man? Will they want him dead because of the shocking secrets he's sharing with you today?
Then one day very recently, fate stepped in.
After that, everything changed.
I was working on my computer when I was presented with an urgent message about geopolitics and the American stock markets.
The shocking thing was this: for the life of me, I swore I’d seen the man issuing this message before.
But I couldn’t put my finger on it.
You know how these things go…
Later that night, it hit me. I knew where I’d seen him:

ISIS singled this guy out!

The exact date isn’t known.
But on or around August 30, 2015… ISIS released a 55-minute propaganda video titled “The Rise of the Khalifah and the Return of the Gold Dinar.”
It’s the same video I already showed you.
In it, the Financial Warfare Operative I’ve been telling you about was singled out because of information he’s shared with the American public.
Will they want his head on a stick?
They’re certainly refusing to ignore his critical message any longer.
And at this very moment he’s one of the masterminds behind the future of American safety and defense. The strategies we’ll use to keep ourselves safe not just against ISIS… but for years to come.
The stunning part about it is this: this guy’s not a soldier the way you or I might normally think.
He’s a new breed of warrior and uses a new kind of weapon to keep our enemies at bay...
But make no mistake: his work is now one of the most critical parts of keeping this country safe.
Which is why he’s been tasked with such important missions as:
  • Co-managing a team deep inside the CIA, consisting of top hedge fund managers, intelligence programmers and technologists, and Nobel Prize winners to develop a highly-sophisticated forecasting system code-named “Project Prophesy” to predict everything from terrorist attacks to stock market movements.
  • Meeting with the U.S. Special Operations Command based deep inside a heavily-guarded, highly-secure facility in Fort McDill, FL to strategize how our nation’s financial warfare experts can help special ops teams like the Navy SEALs and Delta Force destroy ISIS.
  • Working with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and more of our nation’s largest and most powerful defense companies to conduct simulations to determine the most effective way for the American defense industry to support the government in times of crisis.
His name is Jim Rickards.
He’s been a warrior ever since he was contacted by the CIA that day.
He’s fighting, just like I did.
He just wields different weapons than I ever used.
After I learned about his fight, I don’t feel so helpless anymore.
Because I know what I’m doing is helping.
Helping the country.
Helping my family.
Helping me.
See: this man helped me discover that everything we’ve been talking about today is part of being a proud American. We band together to achieve a common purpose and to rise as one.
That’s why this is a critical time for you. For America.
Because according to Jim…

Our American-made angels are about to
strangle the life out of ISIS for good

That’s because the U.S. Military is perhaps just days away from launching the attack that will finally destroy ISIS once and for all.
It’s no secret the CIA, The Pentagon, and other top advisors have been advocating a full assault on ISIS for some time now.
And that President Obama has delayed. Carefully weighing his options.
Now… in the wake of recent attacks… it seems our top military commanders have finally convinced President Obama that the time for a massive anti-ISIS campaign can be delayed no longer.
A recent document published by the Israeli intelligence group known as DEBKA backs up the rumors.

As the DEBKA intelligence reveals, here’s why The Pentagon must act soon.
Successful missions have recently put ISIS on the run.
America now has a small window of opportunity to launch a massive assault before ISIS fights back by capturing various oil fields throughout the region.
Jim Rickards recently confirmed he believes in the legitimacy of this intelligence ... and that a barrage of deadly force from my angels will be the tip of the spear in the pending assault.

Plus, there’s a second possible reason right now is the time Obama has chose to destroy ISIS at last:
Everybody knows Obama is a ruthless politician. So he may view this as an opportunity to give Democrats a final big push headed into one of the most important elections in decades.
To quote the Israelis behind the document:

The bottom line: the signs are there.
This year, ISIS dies.
After that, a new era begins for us all.

Call me crazy but I like to think that means
2016 will be our version of what 1945
was for the Greatest Generation

A time of hope.
A return to greatness.
Where uncertainty, chaos, violence, and concern are replaced by peace, happiness, stability, and prosperity.
The America we remember.
The way it was always supposed to be.
And I think you and I can both agree after nearly fifteen years of toil, turbulence, and turmoil… we’ve earned it.
Plus, there’s even more good news.

Because that also means 2016 is going to be a year of breakthrough innovation for America

The military calls them Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. A lot of other people are now calling them drones. I call them “angels” because they saved my life, and because of the countless miracles they’re going to soon perform in their newest missions. See more below.
See: in 2016 our angels will get a new mission too.
And smart folks who get in on the ground floor soon are going to ride these new investment opportunities all the way to the top.
Remember, after war, many military technologies are brought out from the shadows and commercialized. And the stocks of the companies that developed them go on monster runs.
Which is why I want to tell you about one brilliant company Jim is recommending to his readers… that’s already carved out its position as the one company to invest in before this incredible new era begins.
A company’s that’s been on the front lines of military technology for more than three decades with contracts with the U.S. Navy, the Air Force, Army, Marines, and Coast Guard.
And who recently made a monumental announcement that it plans to put its flagship technology into the millions of angels that will be used in the commercial world soon.
That’s right.
Millions of non-military angels are about to be given wings (and pending government policy could give this company a HUGE head start – an exciting turn-of-events I’ll tell you about in a minute).
If that sounds crazy, you’re not alone.
I’ll be honest, even though I’d seen them countless times while I was deployed, I never even considered the possibilities beyond the battlefield.
But that changed in an instant…

One day I arrived to work at the hospital
and there it was once again:

My American-made angel!

I wasn’t in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.
I was here.
In America.
And for the first time, so was my angel.
Performing yet another miracle.
I had just pulled into the parking lot of the hospital where I work.
And there it was!
I couldn’t believe my eyes!
And all I could do for a few seconds was stare up and stutter to myself, “Was… that… a…”
Turns out we’re now using them at the hospital to help us save the lives of the people in our town.
I guess the people of Tennessee are getting a sneak preview of what these angels will be up to after ISIS crumbles this summer.
How they’ll impact everything from critical public safety missions like aiding in disaster relief and search and rescue…
To economic missions like reducing shipping costs, improving agriculture, and strengthening infrastructure…
To incredible achievements like getting the previously impossible-to-capture shot for your favorite Hollywood movie and the conservation of humpback whales!
It’s amazing if you take a second to think about it.
But me?
I just went to work as usual.
Like everyone else, I didn’t realize the significance.
Fortunately, Jim Rickards did.
Because what I was actually staring up at that fateful day is the latest example of an American military technology that’s destined to create fortunes once it explodes in the commercial world.
Just like microwaves… GPS… the Internet… and many other military technologies that have made millionaires out of investors in recent times.
To be exact: a recent study reports

Nearly $82 billion is on the line here (in addition to the billions that will be spent keeping the peace
on the defense side)

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about my angels A LOT lately.
Especially when…
  • Almost a MILLION of them flew off the shelves during the holidays last year.
  • They were called “the future” of technology by visionary investor Marc Andreessen – the guy who made billions with early investments in Twitter, Jawbone, Skype, and more… and who then put his money where his mouth is with a $10.7 million investment in one privately-held company working with these angels.
  • All five sharks on the hit TV show “Shark Tank” joined forces to invest $1.5 million as a team so they could all get a piece of a tiny little startup that’s also getting in on the groundfloor of this windfall opportunity. As far as I can tell, that’s the third largest investment in the show’s history, and only the second time ALL FIVE sharks have invested in the same deal!
  • Cutting-edge companies finally unveiled the plans they have for transforming the economy with these little angels…
Facebook invested $20 million…
Google is rumored to have thrown in another investment at $60+ million…
And companies from Walmart and FedEx to GoPro and Intel scrambling to get ahead of the revolution that’s coming on the wings of these angels.
Yet, even with all this excitement, for a guy with little investing background like me, the most thrilling example of how these angels will spend their days after ISIS falls happened during the filming of a recent episode of 60 Minutes.
Leading up to the show, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos promised Charlie Rose he was in for a shock.
But no one could have guessed what was next…

That’s when the eccentric mega-billionaire
told the baffled CBS reporter:

"If you can guess what it is, then I will give you half my fortune and send you to Vegas with it."

Everyone from the Fortune 500 to Silicon Valley’s brightest companies are investing ahead of this new era.
You can too, if you act today.
It was then that Bezos unveiled his secret R&D project: a fleet of Amazon angels.
It’s a fact. My angels are going to be everywhere pretty soon.
Which is why I’m sure you already know that the official military name for them is “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” or UAVs.
Yet like everybody else, you’ve probably just been saying “drones” when you talk about them in your day-to-day life recently.
I can see why that name stuck.
But it doesn’t tell the whole story.
And in a minute I’ll tell you why.
You’ll be happy I did too.
Because it’s how you’ll know the difference between putting your money into a breakthrough technology that’s destined to be one of the best investments you ever made… or sinking it into a company that’s going to fall out of the sky.
So if you’ve been hearing about UAVs everywhere over the last few months and felt like it was something you should start paying attention to…
You hit it right on the nose.
Even better: this tumbling snowball is about become an avalanche of profits for investors.

Which means you choose a great day to
start paying attention

It gets more exciting still.
Maybe you’ve heard a bit about the government’s pending UAV regulation.
This is where having hyper-connected guy like Jim Rickards feeding you the latest intel really pays off.
Because for reasons you’re about to discover, he’s convinced it won’t be long before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finally establishes a clear set of policies for UAV use in America.
For most UAV companies, that’s a nightmare. Maybe even a death sentence.
But for the cutting-edge company Jim is recommending, it’ll be like hitting a Vegas jackpot because…

This company develops the type of technology the FAA may soon require for all commercial UAVs … and it already has a fortress of 253 patents protecting its hard-earned intellectual property!

Yet it’s true.
This company has 253 patents protecting its intellectual property.
Here’s why that’s so important:
The policies being considered by the FAA right now pertain to a technology called “BVLOS” and Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.
In simple terms, this law doesn’t address BVLOS technologies at the current moment.
But the bill is also several years old. As we know, the landscape has changed dramatically in that time thanks to the powerful influence of companies like Amazon and Google.
The FAA is now under extreme pressure to immediately issue a new policy around BVLOS capabilities.
In fact, in a recent testimony on Capitol Hill…

The FAA’s Deputy Administrator went on record stating his goal is to release the new UAV policy “before August 29, 2016

When that happens, the sophisticated sensing and imaging technologies patented by this company may be a required part of all commercial drones!
Like I said, for most drone companies, this is a nightmare.
They don’t have that kind of technology and their sales will probably go straight into the dumps as a result.
That’s incredible news for you though, if you act beforehand.
Because in an instant, the military tech company Jim wants you to learn more about today will be at the top of the value chain.
The top dog because they already have this technology.
They’ve been developing it for the military for years now… and they have hundreds of patents protecting them from being ripped off!
They also just released a cutting-edge product aimed right at the fire departments, hospitals, farmers, and other industries who will be the biggest users of “Smart Drones.”
Last: Congress HAS to act to support the FAA in any way possible. They have no choice but to handle such a pressing issue with the election looming. And if all of this happens…

That means this company will be in the perfect position no matter who wins the elections

Are you beginning to see why this is such a big deal?
This company doesn’t produce UAVs.
What they produce is even better… a piece of equipment that could be required to go into nearly EVERY SINGLE UAV.
That means no matter which manufacturer is selling the most drones, this company will be raking in the profits.
We all know what happens to a company’s stock price when they’re a critical player in an exploding industry – a sales BONANZA!
And boy is this an exploding industry!
Like I mentioned, the expert researchers at AUVSI believe we’re looking at a total $82 billion market.
That’s not even the most exciting part…

Commercial sales are projected to
skyrocket by 57% this year !

There’s an $82 billion industry just sitting there… coiled up… ready to burst… just like a loaded spring.
That means a virtually endless stream of profits will be snatched up by the smartest, leading-edge companies (and the smart investors who back them early on).
Best of all: experts predict it’s going to happen at an astonishing rate.
To be exact, the Consumer Technology Association expects sales of consumer UAVs to go up by 57% by the end of this year!
The takeway: the remainder of this market is going to get snatched up in the blink of an eye.
And investors who staked their positions in this company today could see their portfolios balloon so fast it may feel like winning the lottery.
Which is probably why Silicon Valley’s brightest companies are investing millions into this revolution as well.
I already told you about Amazon’s big entrance into the market.
And about how Google and Facebook each invested tens of millions in their own drone programs to make sure they don’t miss out.
But it’s not just the “Next-Gen” tech companies that are hopping on board.
Some of the oldest, most conservative blue-chip companies in America are scrambling for a foothold right now too.
Which is how you know this is not just a passing fad, but something that’s going to integrate itself into every part of our lives.
The list of companies laying the groundwork for their own UAV plans spans nearly every industry you can think of…
  • Intel.
  • Walmart.
  • Cisco.
  • UPS.
  • General Electric.
  • FedEx.
There are plenty more.
But I’ll be honest. I’m a born skeptic.
Because even after I discovered just how monumental this technology could be…
And how more companies than I could ever imagine are putting this at the forefront of their businesses…
I couldn’t help but compare the little drones I was seeing in the news to the high-tech, multi-million-dollar UAVs I saw so many times during my time in the Air Force and think:

“Aren’t these things just
glorified remote-controlled toys?”

Some are.
And some are not.
Which is why I mentioned that when you hear someone just broadly saying “drones,” you know they’re missing the bigger picture.
Phones used to be dumb too. Now smartphones put the world at your fingertips. If you think what you’re phone can do is incredible, just wait to see what happens if the FAA authorizes “Smart Drones.”
The investments they recommend are probably going to get torpedoed as a consequence.
Yet investors who learn to tell the difference stand to rake in the cash.
Lucky you: it’s easy to learn how!
See: UAVs that carry the sophisticated sensors that may soon be mandated by the FAA are what we refer to “Smart Drones.”
And those annoying little dumb drones like the one your neighbor probably has will fade from importance. Just another passing fad.
This is why the release of new policy on Section 333 could be one of the most important moments of your investing life.
If you invest before the new policy gets released, you could finally feel what it’s like to be on the ground floor when a fast-moving company with a government-mandated competitive advantage bursts into an exploding market.
It’s almost too good to be true.
After I heard all this, I finally understood what Jim was talking about.
When you stop to think about it, this makes perfect sense.

Drones are about to get “smart.”
Just like phones!

And this company’s technology is poised to be the center of it all.
Just like Apple’s iPhone was.
And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what happened to Apple’s stock price after that!
You can also use this information to educate the paranoid people that will inevitably go on tirades about how drones make the world hate us… how they’ll bring down airplanes… cause privacy issues… and whatever else they’re crying about.
Here’s the truth: sure, early generation dumb drones do all that.
But dumb drones are done.
There’s no way smart investors like us would even pay attention to them any longer. We’re about to enter the age of the “Smart Drone.”
I already mentioned Marc Andreessen, the legendary venture capitalist who understands consumer technology as well as anyone on Earth.
Here’s what he said about the next generation of UAVs:
“They can see everything around them. Avoid anything that moves… So the risk of interfering with a plane is going to go to zero.”
Listen: there’s a Chicken Little in every crowd.
A lot of people probably thought the same thing when Henry Ford replaced horses with those scary things called “CARS.”
They can live in fear while the rest of us position ourselves get rich off the next Ford.
Now… can anyone promise this company is a surefire shot to the moon? As soon as August?
Of course not, no one can guarantee a sure thing in the investment world…
(Or in life for that matter… except death and taxes!)
And if they do, they’re a fool or a liar. Or both.
But look: when I was in the military I learned to gather all the intelligence available to me.
I learned the immense value of great intelligence…
The catastrophic effects of poor intelligence…
And most of all, the devastation and heartbreak that come when good intelligence that arrives too late.
So here’s what I know: no one provides better, more timely financial intelligence than Jim Rickards and if the dominos fall the way he’s predicting, the profit potential here will be the stuff of legend.
Especially since the details you’re receiving today are arriving just ahead of the action (like all good intel should).
So let’s wrap this up quickly.
Because the one-two dominos we’ve discussed are set to happen soon.
Possibly in as little as weeks.
Alone, either of them would likely send this stock’s price on a storybook run.
But together, this could be something truly special.
A company set to enjoy SIMULTANEOUS AND GROWING demand on both the government and commercial sides…
While being handed a federally-mandated regulatory advantage over its competitors!
Listen: Wall St. has ignored this company so far.
Its defense work is too secretive.
Too “hush-hush.”
That’s why Jim believes the company is such a great bargain for investors right now.
But once ISIS falls and the details of this company’s technology become more widely known…
And once new FAA policy on Section 333 is released and requires all drones to carry sophisticated sensors like the ones pioneered by this company…
The future will be impossible to ignore.
Every hungry shark on Wall Street will know this company’s name and ticker symbol. And will begin gobbling up shares in the blink of an eye.
You don’t want to risk being on the sidelines when that happens.
It’s going to be a frenzy.
After all, the sky is literally the limit for investing in this “Smart Drone” company.

Here’s how to get all the details
before this company’s stock goes
straight into the stratosphere

You already know that Jim has dedicated his life to protecting America’s security and keeping our economy on top.
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Remember: commercial UAV sales are projected to swell by 57% this year.
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And that’s in addition to The Pentagon’s recent request for an additional $3 billion for the military’s “Smart Drones” program.
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A comfortable smile glued to your face because you’re already in… enjoying life just a little bit more with each new bandwagon investor who hops on board and drives your investment up!
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Peeking into every hidden corner of the market to find the gold.
But listen:

There’s ONE warning
you DO need to hear

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Beware! Most of these companies are doomed.
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There’s also a well-publicized, privately-held drone company that’s currently the subject of IPO chatter.
Uneducated investors are already chomping at the bit.
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Deceptive management.
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Still… even in the face of such overwhelming evidence… more than 9 in 10 Americans who read this message will be sabotaged by fear.
They’ll surrender themselves to the shackles of uncertainty, and do nothing.
Of course, I understand how they feel.
But if I learned anything about fear while I was deployed, here it is:
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Staff Sergeant Porter Daniels
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May, 2016

P.S. – President Obama’s campaign to destroy ISIS is upon us.
Reports from our allies in Israel reveal it could be the biggest battle since The Korean War. And “Smart Drones” powered by one company’s breakthrough technology could be the tip of the spear in this massive air assault.
Wall Street won’t be able to ignore this hidden gem after that.
If that wasn’t exciting enough, policy is moving through the FAA right now that could REQUIRE non-military UAVs to carry this company’s patented “Smart Drone” technology! And according to an FAA official, that policy could be released within weeks!
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