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US Gen. warns Russia's Putin will attack if NATO not united

Fri May 8, 2015 1:19PM
The commander of the US Army in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges
The commander of the US Army in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges
The US Army’s top commander in Europe warns that failure among NATO allies to make a robust show of their military capabilities would embolden Russian President Vladimir Putin to take aggressive moves against the alliance.
“So far, we’re sticking together. And as long as we do and as long as we show that we are capable, then there isn’t going to be a Russian attack,” Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges said during a conference of alliance land commanders in Germany, according to Stars and Stripes.
The surest way to prevent an attack, Hodges said, was for the United States and its allies to showcase their might and resolve through a strong military “exercise program.”
“But I am sure, that if he (Putin) senses that the United States won’t respond to support Poland, or that the UK will not support Latvia, or that Portugal will not support Estonia, then I think the possibility for a pre-emptive attack of some sort, I think it’s very possible,” Hodges said.
Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (file photo) 
Military leaders and other representatives from NATO and several non-NATO member states took part in the three-day planning conference at the NATO School Oberammergau in southern Germany, which aims to help set the stage for future large-scale training operations around eastern Europe.
Anakonda 16, a major military exercise held every two years, was a major focus at the conference.
Troops from several NATO countries —including around 20,000 US soldiers — will converge on a training ground in Poland for the exercise, which serves as a counterweight to recent Russian war games.
The "Anaconda" exercise is conducted every two years.
“Anakonda is about a strategic message to our allies, that we are here and we will reinforce them, but also to Russia that we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to deter aggression,” Gen. Hodges said.
NATO commanders also discussed the need to increase military assistance to Ukraine, where pro-Russian fighters have been battling government forces in the east.
About 300 US troops from the US 173rd Airborne Brigade arrived in Yavoriv, western Ukraine, last month to train the newly-formed Ukrainian National Guard. The troops will spend six months for the mission.
US soldiers go to barracks before the opening ceremony of the joint Ukraine-US military exercise at the Yavoriv training ground in the region of Lviv on April 20, 2015. (AFP photo) 
Russia has warned that the US involvement could further "destabilize" Ukraine. The conflict has killed more than 7,000 civilians and around 1,600 soldiers.
Ties between Washington and Moscow have reached an all-time low over the crisis in Ukraine, which began after pro-Western forces ousted the country’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, in February 2014.
Love Iran 17 hours ago
Q) Where does USA gets its army ?
A) The unemployed and poor in USA
Q) Why USA has no army parade ?
A) USA army and weapons occupying the world , there is nothing left to show off
Q) What is the future of USA ?
A) USA is dying
Jim in ZOG Amerika » Love Iran 15 hours ago
YES! We even have a name for the first question. The Economic Draft.

In a normal military draft, if you don't report when called, you're arrested and thrown in jail.

In an economic draft, if you can't find a job, you enlist. If you don't enlist, you can't pay rent, can't pay for a car, you lose everything, become homeless, deal drugs to make money, and THEN you're arrested and thrown in jail.
Love Iran 17 hours ago
Iran = Love and prosperity
Love Iran 17 hours ago
NATO = Nuclear Armed Terrorist Organisation
Love Iran 17 hours ago
USA = United Sad Army
Love Iran 17 hours ago
USA has its army next to Russia and Russia is no where near USA , who is a threat to whom ?
bob swede 18 hours ago
Nato beating the war drums - unbelievable - especially today celebrating the remembrance of the end of WW2.
sciaccadana 20 hours ago
Pres. Putin is right for encroaching Nato at his borders claiming every Country has the right to join them. They didn't agree when Pres Castro invited the Russians to his Country only 90 miles away from Florida. Pres Khrushev, as a Ukrainian gave the Ukraine away unilaterally, Pres. Putin took it back unilaterally.
PS We, the US would have laughed ourselves silly had Nato swallowed up the Ukraine & the Russian naval Shipyard in the Black Sea. He shrugged, he laughed last.
grateful yesterday at 10:41
false flag .... zio trademark
russians are more united than ever
Jim in ZOG Amerika yesterday at 07:40
I can't believe this "General" is spewing out such unbelievable garbage. If Russia does anything, it might be to quell ZOG-NATO's agitation of the old Warsaw Pact region.

There's no way that Poland would leave NATO but, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine may go back to Moscow, rather than be abused by Washington.
Reality Check yesterday at 07:00
It is not Putin or any other independent country that the General should worry about because most independent countries have leaders who know war is the last defensive measure, and Putin has demonstrated this, too. The General should be concerned about the US bringing war onto itself, and of course the wrath of God which the US is getting lots of it everyday.
Kornielyev yesterday at 06:44
I heard Russian special forces are training to learn eating American Kidneys ..
Reality Check » Kornielyev yesterday at 07:13
Unreal comments like this can only push the US military over the edge and into paranoia with severe anxiety attacks. Then the US military officers may start eating their corporals' and privates' kidneys to get ahead of the fictitious Russian special forces.
awstraylien yesterday at 06:37
The most hated, evil country in the world, which is in conflict on so many sovereign soils to mention here, is accusing Putin of a potential attack???? My God, your insanity knows no bounds. The best thing for the world would be if some calamity be-set the offices of the U.S Congress & wiped the lot of you out.
Reality Check » awstraylien yesterday at 07:19
The reality is closer to saying the sickest country in the world with the most neurotic and psychotic individuals that are harming themselves and others. This is where WHO should be fixing. May God help every sick one.
Monroe Reimers yesterday at 06:26
Like any criminal the Americans can only judge others by their own gutter level standards. This rubbish coming from a known war monger and cowardly invader is not just blatant hypocrisy but a deliberate disgusting lie.
Reality Check » Monroe Reimers yesterday at 07:23
It does look bad. It looks very bad in the US for being out of touch with reality.
sick & tired of media's deception » Monroe Reimers 16 hours ago
so true
kongque yesterday at 06:07
Putin will attack???? Why? To what end? What drives the American fools to be so compelled to lying?
Reality Check » kongque yesterday at 07:25
I don't know if it's lying or being delusional.
dodo » kongque 22 hours ago
The US is full of paranoia. They constantly put unnecessary fear into people and fantasize about problems that do not exist. Russians are applying a lot of restrictions in the face of the current situation. Russia has no intention of attacking any nations but will respond in a big way if attacked. That's stands to reason.
grateful yesterday at 05:48
wake up world
the devil's advocates are zio slaves and masters who
are raping and plundering every single country on earth
no one can say he is not affected
Reality Check » grateful yesterday at 07:30
Everybody is affected. Hopefully, everybody attempts to engage in constructive and positive conducts with each observation of the US misconduct. Only then we can truly fight misconducts.
Cold Wind yesterday at 05:32
Ben comes across as a raving lunatic. Europe better wake up!
Reality Check » Cold Wind yesterday at 07:33
A more probable goal is for the rest of the world to wake-up first. Europe is the second.
Javed Sultan (Sultan Khan) yesterday at 05:02
Even if US and NATO are united, Russia has the ability to attack and destroy US and Europe and wipe them off the face of earth, but Russia is a peace loving country and they will not start war unless attacked or intimidated
Reality Check » Javed Sultan (Sultan Khan) yesterday at 08:12
Nobody wins by competing in insanity of war. Albeit, the US has started it and Europe has only supported the US insanity.
AHMED yesterday at 05:01
Reality Check » AHMED yesterday at 08:23
Satan enslaves the demons, its followers, and those who go astray from God. In a comparative analogy to the rule of Satan, we can identify rule of force, enslavement, exploitation, threat, intimidation, bullying, deceit, falsehood,... and a whole gamut of destructive acts perpetuated from Satanic misconducts on earth, and unlike EU, avoid joining such misconducts.
Mein Sohn yesterday at 03:59
Ben should collect up his toys and go back to Amerika - not wanted here
Reality Check » Mein Sohn yesterday at 08:27
Unfortunately for the General, he is not wanted by most people anywhere. Not even in America with the most neurotic and psychotic citizens.
goldbladder yesterday at 03:32
More fear-mongering to sell more American weapons and to manipulate European public opinion into supporting aggressive anti-Russian policies, including sanctions that hurt European economy. Will Europeans buy it?
Reality Check » goldbladder yesterday at 08:35
True. This will continue as long as so many people are willing to give up their freedoms in fear of losing their security, which is the recipe of eventually incarcerating themselves and others in concentration camps that provide the usual jail security.
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