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Monstrous NATO Depleted Uranium Bombings Decimating Serbia

Monstrous NATO Depleted Uranium Bombings Decimating Serbia

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The growing cancer rates in Serbia are part of the untold legacy of the Yugoslav wars.
The use of depleted uranium munitions by NATO in Kosovo and adjoining areas facilitated a dramatic jump in cancer incidence in central parts of Serbia.
A pertinent report released in 2014 also revealed a notable increase in the number of patients with malignant tumors, according to Slobodan Cekaric, the head of the Serbian Society Against Cancer, told Sputnik.
Lymph node cancer incidences between 1999 and 2012 also rose 80 percent, with terminal cases showing an eleven percent rise.
Other cancer-induced diseases are also on the rise both among men and women. Cancer is one of the main causes of death around the globe, claiming eight million human lives annually.
However, malignant diseases in Serbia have grown at a higher rate than in Western Europe, increasing year to year, Serbian doctors said.
Professor Cekaric feared 2015 could bring about a new wave of cancer victims.
According to expert estimates, in 2013 and 2014 alone, cancer incidences in Kosovo, now free from the “Serbian diktat”, rose a hefty 57 percent.
“If this trend is maintained, Serbia will have 5,500 registered cancer patients per million residents compared to just 2,000 per million elsewhere in the world,” Slobodan Cekaric said.
An estimated 15,000 tons of depleted uranium were dropped on Serbia during NATO’s 1999 bombing campaign. Two months after the bombings, Greek experts registered a nearly 30 percent jump  in radioactivity levels, much more than what is necessary to cause cancer and genetic permutations resulting in the birth of physically and mentally retarded children.
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  1. Serbia is trashed now, cancer is not the only issue, puppet government under “serbian forward party” (srpska napredna stranka) have hired as councilor Tony Blair, man that was one of loudest initiator of bombing campaign in 1999, another spitting on victims of occupation like Milica Rakic
    beside economy trashed with bombing nearly two decades ago, serbs received privatization trough liquidation and have worst prices on lowest of standards. police state is increasing, corruption is all time high, political puppets never took any responsibility for decades of assisting imperials in trashing own country
    sad story, once proud freedom loving culture that exists for millennias is reduced to concentration camp banana republic
    combined with forced vaccination programs, introducing of GMOs and prostitution with EU and USA made this stone that hitler and austrohungarians felt on in both world wars a sad place with broken people
    help from outside never came, nor help from above. Some still stand in atlas type of strength and spite all are not giving to wishes to ask more raping from rapists even medias program that way.
  2. …..The CFR’s hand picked Rhode scholar, string puppet & ‘gangsta’ Bill Clinton was all over this ‘slo-mo’ demo/genocide…which leads to the question: ‘What body of of un-elected ‘Snakes in Suits’ made the decisions to compound the evil atrocities of war itself?’…by including the implementation of depleted uranium deployed in Croatia /Serbia or Iraq et al?…as their legacy is shown in recent photo’s of seriously grotesque, genetically mutilated babies… heart breaking & beyond the pale results of insane acts of depraved indifference.
    …I would like to see a world body forensic team of accountants & criminal detectives …follow this all the way to it’s source of origin & arrest the ‘rat bag’ vermin that mandated it in the first place…as first & foremost a crime against humanity as a whole….this is a gift from satan that keeps on giving for centuries…as totally & unfuknbeeeleeevably unconscionable.

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