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The Prospect for a U.S. Future:

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
April 2, 2014
As of right now, there is no actually optimistic prospect for the
survival of either the U.S. Democratic, or Republican Parties at
this time; but, if we might presume that President Barack Obama
were to be summarily impeached very soon, there is hope.
My just stated remark is perfectly true, without any possible
exceptions. The general impression, when carefully considered, is
incontestible in fact; but, there are also many essential illustrations
of why this is the case, as the case which must be made carefully
by serious policy-shapers before rushing to quick responses to the
facts reported presented here. On this account, I have constructed
a series of counterposed chapters whose intended, and also neces
sary effect, must be to restate the case, repeatedly, in a kaleidoscop
ic series of viewings of the subject as a whole in varying contexts.
The reason for my (admittedly) qualified optimism here, is
that what the Obama-hating portion of the Democratic Party rep
resents, for us: what must be the actually best potential for winning
the apparent contest for the rescue of our republic, despite that par
ty’s own recent record of frequently terrible mistakes in economic
policy-making and related affairs.
Good, long-suffering leadership
avoids unnecessarily prolonged dissension within the ranks, but,
that is to say: only sometimes, as might be, hopefully the case, now.
The simple fact to be considered under the condition of any
continuation of the presently dominant section of the Republican
Party leadership, is, that the United States itself, could not contin
ue to exist much longer, if it remained under a continuation of its
currently present trends in both leading parties. The chief differ
ence is, that the case for the Republican leadership, like Obama’s
own prospects, is the absolute worst.
The time to make the urgently needed decision for U.S. sur
vival, is, about no later than right now; but only, this time, for
The irony is, that the early impeachment of President Barack Obama,
would upgrade the Republican Party to become, quickly, the most hated
one. It is Obama’s own perverse opposition to reenactment of Glass-Stea
gall which is the Republican Party’s ultimate desire, while traditional Demo
crats’ growing hatred of Obama is, presently, the Republican Party’s presently
strongest source of its own appea1 for its own support from what had been,
recently, Democratic voters, otherwise.
a Democratic Party which (hopefully) had soon ousted President
Barack Obama from its back. For actually thinking citizens who
care for our republic as a whole, that is the only fact to be consid
ered. To succeed, we must just plain rid ourselves of what is the
presently, inherently alien cult of the Wall Street tradition, and
also, implicitly, both presently Democratic Party’s and Republican
Party’s varieties of the continuation of ultimately national-suicid
al,“Bail-out–Bail-in,” monetarist scheme, from, top to bottom.
If that cleansing action were once done. then, on the
precondition that Obama is dumped by the Democratic
Party, very, very, soon: the consequently howling defeat of
the pitiably misguided, present Republican Party policies,
would actually give our actual republic, as a whole, an ex
cellent prospect for not only survival, but a serious progress
for our nation: although that benefit would have then come,
admittedly, long after an all-too long slide into that seeming
ly endless despair which has reigned over our United States’
citizenry since the currently, now four successive elections
of the worst Presidencies elected for four, two Republicans
terms as President, and, then, two, horrid, successive terms
of nominal Democratic Party Presidents, of each of them, in
Hamilton’s Genius
The key to understanding the causes for the respective
rises and declines of the U.S. economy, is to be considered
from the time of the founding of the Massachusetts Colony,
to the present date.
The Republican Party currently asserts, that it is waiting until the next
Presidential election campaigning, to unleash its allegedly mighty triumph
over the Democratic Party. Unfortunately for the Republicans, their own po
litical existence, under their current “Bail-in” policies, will have been exter
minated long before that election were to have occurred. “Bail-In” means a
presently immediate threat of a total blow-out o the present, trans-Atlantic
financial system. Hence, the immediacy of the present threat of an immediate
threat of a general, planetary, thermonuclear war already being orchestrated
by the Obama administration under British imperial guidance.
April 5, 2014 | @LaRouchePAC

This outlook must be captured as a concept in the prev
alent failure of most Presidents and certified scholars allike:
their systemic ignorance of the crucial role of Secretary Al
exander Hamilton’s creation of our crucial stipulations on
which the survival of the initial U.S. Republic had depended
from the start. There could be no actually competent insight
into the successess and failures of our national economy,
without noting the decisive influence of the frequent fail
ure to understand the elementary principles, of Hamilton,
without which every generation of the U.S. Presidency has
failed, as we have failed miserably since the assassinations
of President John F. Kennedy, and his brother Robert. This
vision of an historic legacy will reappear over the course of
this following representation throughout all actually mod
ern history, since Filippo Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa,
and Johannes Kepler, and, later, from Carl F. Gauss, Bern
hard Riemann, and then Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and
V.I. Vernadsky, throughout the history of mankind’s science
and Classical arts, from then, to the present date.
The Relevant History
The actual foundations of our United States of Amer
ica, are sometimes glibly traced, but, only thoughtlessly, to
the famous voyages of Christopher Columbus.
The roots of
the United States of America, came much earlier, in the so-
called “Golden Renaissance.” It had been that Renaissance,
led by, early, Filippo Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and,
then, the great discovery of the principle of the Solar System,
by Johannes Kepler, which had brought about the creation
of the foundations of our United States.
It was, actually, the consequent shift of European col
onists into, the Americas, most notably, that the Massachu
setts Bay Colony and the Eighteenth-century, revolutionary
developments of what would converge to become the Unit
ed States of America: the American revolution which had
forced the systemic creation of physical-economic progress
echoed among even those remaining in Europe.
Christopher Columbus’s trans-Atlantic achievements had been an indis
pensable precondition for not only establishment of the Americas (the United
States most emphatically); however, the rest of the subsequent achievements
have been those, chiefly,
developed within the Americas.
Our U.S.A, estab
lished by those who established the political systems with the Americas, such
as the Massachusetts Bay settlements, from which I, in part, had descended:
the greatest factor of progress so far. However, Columbus had been inspired
by the influence of Filippo Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa: who actually
did inspire the trans-Atlantic American settlements, as in the case of the Mas
sachusetts Bay colony.
It was the science-driven passion of that Great Renaissance featuring
the leadership of both Filippo Brunlleschi and his greater successor, Cardinal
Nicholas of Cusa, who created the impetus which had, subsequently, ex
plicitly prompted the inspiration for the escape from a hopelessly corrupted
Europe, an escape. which had been promoted by the mission of Christopher
Columbus. As the case of the founding of the Saugus Iron Works typifies the
facts of the culture of that Massachusetts colony of the Winthrops and Ma
thers, which had founded such notable institutions, then, as Harvard college
and the Saugus Iron works, all expressions of relatively advanced economic
technologies, per capita, far beyond the skills of the Dutch-controlled cre
The core truth is, that the actual foundation of our re
public was actually laid down under, principally, the Mas
sachusetts Bay Colony, done under the 17th-Century lead
erships of the Winthrops and Mathers: although the design
of our, later, United States of America (USA), was achieved
as an echo of the Massachusetts colony, then under the lead
ership of Benjamin Franklin,
as has been done under the
Federal Constitution established by, most notably, the com
mand of President George Washington and President Wash
ington’s first Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, the extraordi
nary genius of economy, Alexander Hamilton.
Recently, our United States has indulged itself in
great, potentially dooming follies, most recently, under ac
tual “Unitary” Presidents (nominal Republican) Bush-Dick
Cheney and the British Queen’s
own (only nominally Dem
ocratic) choice of another pack of treasonous scoundrels,
Barack Obama et al. That recent record has been to blame
for the disastrous outcome on the loss of popularity by the
defeated respectively, alternating, Republican, or Democrat
ic national political party, each in turn in the role of the tem
porary “utsider.”
The U.S. Republican Party’s allegedly current, but ut
terly foolish prospect for winning a next Presidential elec
tion after the completion of President Obama’s term, is being
estimated, currently, in terms of the already overwhelming
popular rage against the actually mounting evils actually
committed against the people of the United States, by the
increasingly hated World War III-maker, President Obama,
just as two similar terms under Vice-President Cheney,
had brought Democratic nominee Obama into office with
drug-pushing Queen Elizabeth behind it all.
Nothing ould be sillier than the prospect of present
turnabout, back to the pathetically silly dream of a Republi
can success to be delivered, as if miraculously, at the close of
Obama’s already self-doomed term in office (or, more proba
bly, global, thermonuclear warfare). The Republican Party’s
ill-fated delusion, has been one which depends, actually, on
the the typical citizen’s clearly understandable, but not real
ly excusable, and mounting, popular rage, a rage rooted in
the voters’ rising hatred against the leadership of President
Barack Obama: something like trying to end a headache, by
removing one’s own head.
ation of the British empire. Benjamin Franklin’s creation of the coal–and-iron
industries of England, is typical of the legacy of Massachusetts Bay, which
was never out-classed, but only “Dutched.” Wall Street today, is the child
of the original “Dutch Treat” of swindles centered in the settlement on, and
nearby Manhattan. The history of modern science, from its birth in the Re
naissance of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and the founder of a competent monetary
astronomy, their heir, Johannes Kepler, and later founders such as Gottfried
Leibniz, were the founders of all competent strains of development of modern
science to the present date.
See H. Graham Lowry,
How The Nation Was Won,
Vol I 630–1754,
Executive Intelligence Review
1988. Graham had been among the very most
accomplished historian for the account of the birth and roots of American
Revolution, as far as he had been permitted in presenting the full account.
Unfortunately, some scoundrels had intervened, behind my back, to prevent
Graham’s second volume from being produced: not a mere chronicle, but
uniquely insightful living history throughout.
The current Empress Elizabeth, was named, notably for the original
Queen Elizabeth I of William Shakespeare’s time.

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