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Family Survival News - 4/16/13

April 16 2013:- Boston and "The Real Terrorists." Civil War - Battle Lines Drawn. Disinfo - What
You Should Know. And Building 7. Earth Changes - Earthquakes and Serious Storms. Editorial - Two
Disasters (Fukushima and BP). War With North Korea? Uncle Richard - We Were Born Resilient.

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Boston Bereaved
But Who Are The Real Terrorists?

Suddenly, with no warning, America has experienced the horrific tragedy of a "fish bowl
bombing" on its own soil. (A "fish bowl" is what FEMA and DHS drills call a big crowd).
Three dead, more in intensive care holding on to life by a thread, and 140 injured by two bomb
explosions near the finish of the Boston marathon - and, oddly a report of a fire in a nearby building
housing the offices of a firm that investigates financial corruption.
It's tempting to write a headline like "Terrorist Bombing Comes To The Streets Of The USA."
But no known terrorist group has claimed responsibility for this unprecedented attack.
First reports said additional unexploded bombs were also found, but before long the official narrative
was that there were only two explosions and no other devices were located. Oddly enough, and it's
rather eerie, there were also reports that Homeland Security was conducting a drill in association with
the Boston marathon. That's eerie, because "drills" and "exercises" were also occurring at the time of
the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers, and when bombs went off in a London bus.
When such events occur, the Mainstream Media immediately speculates about who the perpetrators
might be. In this case, they are pointing fingers at someone from Saudi Arabia as a "person of interest"
even though there is no evidence that this person was involved in any way at all. But it serves the
media to repeat such innuendo in almost every report, even though officials and politicians appear to
stand back, express shock and horror, say we must gather all the evidence possible, and hunt down and
bring the guilty party or parties to justice.
That is the formula that is followed in all such cases, and they always serve to distract us from other
issues or events. Classic example - the destruction of the Twin Towers and the media focus on just
those two buildings, with no questions asked about how a third building - Building 7 - could have
collapsed into its own footprint (pictures here) hours later, having never been struck by a plane.
Coincidentally, there were a lot of files in that building related to corruption in high places.
Coincidentally, it's almost impossible to find an image on Google Search showing Building 7 (or
the Twin Towers) going down in exactly the same manner as a controlled demolition.
But what has any of that to do with the Boston bombing? And who are the real terrorists?
Terror has certainly come to Boston, and has no doubt affected everyone who has watched or heard
those explosions and the subsequent mayhem.
But was this act really the work of bona fide and real terrorists - by which we mean those groups, such
as Al Qaida, or the Taliban, that we have been told for more than a decade are intent on destroying
America? If that were the case, why have they not claimed responsibility?
We can certainly expect the official story to evolve and be refined as time goes by, as it does in all such
catastrophes. Yet there will always be those who question the official narrative, whatever it might be,
and among them is a subscriber who emailed us with this comment in relation to the Boston bombing:-
"Of course the real terrorists have been at it behind the scenes for 100 years now - 2013 is the
100th anniversary of when the financial terrorists took over the USA."
He is referring to the creation of the Federal Reserve and its century-long hold on the reigns of power.
He is also alluding to the banking families behind the scenes who have used any means possible to
further their New World Order agenda. Their modus operandi has been to keep people emotionally
engaged and preoccupied with the fear of enemies, real or imagined, while cold-bloodedly sending
people to their deaths in manufactured wars and revolutions and false-flag events. Or manipulating the
financial sector by way of bubbles, depressions, inflation and deflation, all the while working toward a
one-world currency, a one-world religion, a one-world order by way of creating problems then offering
solutions that gullible emotional people believe will bring peace and tranquility. (Gun control is but one
of their agendas).
All that said, what may we conclude - or perhaps speculate on - as a consequence of the Boston
bombing? We certainly want this act resolved and the perpetrators found and punished...BUT....
Perhaps we'll now see new regulations governing the purchase of black powder, which is used
extensively by those who load their own ammunition - and which can be used in the manufacture of
explosive devices. That would be a natural follow-on from the gun-control agenda would it not?
We may also note that on the day of this tragedy, the price of gold plummeted - which had the
mainstream media, in this case The Christian Science Monitor - telling us that gold's biggest tumble in
30 years happened because of "a slowdown in inflation, combined with speculation the Federal Reserve
is considering winding down its stimulus program." The CSM would have us believe that "inflation
has remained under control, even as the economy has improved. In fact, the value of the dollar has
risen recently relative to other major currencies. That makes gold a less attractive investment."
They even say that "stocks are rising," "the Dow is up 11 per cent this year," " the Fed is contemplating
ratcheting back its economic stimulus," and "If the economy continues to improve, the Fed may even
raise interest rates to keep the economy from overheating, pushing up the cost of goods too much."
In Ham radio parlance, their whole approach smacks of "Bravo Sierra." The Dow Jones, Standard and
Poors and the Nasdaq all opened lower on Monday, then everything tumbled further, with a slight
recovery come Tuesday's opening.
We have to wonder, will the 24/7 attention that the media will now give to the Boston bombing divert
us from seeing what's coming in the way of a financial collapse that will further the goals of the "real
terrorists" ? And why is it that the FBI was unable to discover this plot in advance, considering their
track record of sting operations in which they provided would-be bombers with training and materials,
then arrested them at the last minute? Was this a sting operation that went badly wrong?
Or another crime committed by the "real terrorists?"
Civil War
Battle Lines Being Drawn
Using the mother of a child murdered at Sandy Hook to stand in for him and his usual weekly radio
address, President Obama showed once again that he is all in favor of disarming Americans - the lawabiding
ones rather than the criminal ones who can get guns any time they want, regardless of what
laws are on the books.
So polarized has the gun-control debate become, that the prospect of civil war is being openly
discussed, as in this excerpt from an article by "The Health Ranger," Mike Adams.
(NaturalNews) "A civil war looks likely to break out in America, and it will pit gun rights advocates
(people who love liberty) against gun control zealots (people who hate freedom and love tyranny). The
battle lines are being drawn right now as gun manufacturers are leaving anti-Constitution states like
Connecticut and Colorado and relocating to pro-Constitution states like Texas and Arizona.
"Why does this matter? Because in effect, the anti-Constitution states are disarming themselves by
expatriating weapons manufacturers. Thus, they are eliminating their own weapons infrastructure and
leaving themselves relatively defenseless should a civil war occur.
"States like Texas and Wyoming, where gun manufacturers are increasingly moving and setting up
shop, are simultaneously building up a massive arms infrastructure that may ultimately spell the
difference between victory and defeat in a civil war."
The article goes on to list pro-gun and anti-gun states, suggesting that people who prefer freedom over
tyranny should move to the pro-gun states. Adams also suggests the "anti-Constitution" politicians and
those who vote for gun control - which is to vote against the Second Amendment and the right to bear
arms - are actually treasonous people who should be arrested and incarcerated as "enemy combatants."
Our preference would be to stay out of this whole
debate because the last thing we want is to see this
issue boil over into rampant violence and civil war.
But the possibility cannot be ignored, else we could
find ourselves blindsided by some pre-emptive action
such as the sudden imposition of martial law under the
pretext of a "national emergency," or even the lockdown
of a city where gun rights advocates just might
get involved in demonstrations that become riotous
behavior triggered by embedded provocateurs.
If, and we say if, civil war does break out, it would
immediately disrupt the just-in-time food delivery
systems on which our supermarkets rely to feed their cities. What then? Before long, lock-down
happens, and those who have let all this go by as if it would never happen will find themselves quickly
running out of food, which means if you have prepared and still live in a city, you'll be surrounded by
desperate people. And history has shown that desperate people rapidly resort to desperate
Man on ground wears same boots as cops. Provocateur?
CoIntelPro - What You Should Know
It's about paid trolls, spies, disinfo web sites and your internet and personal safety.
Video Here.
And here is an example of an obvious disinfo site, in this case related to the 911 Twin Towers tragedy.
It calls itself AE911Truth.Info - whereas the real Truth movement is
Compare the two, and it becomes clear that there are indeed paid disinformation operatives who write
somewhat convincingly, though often disparagingly, about controversial subjects and those who
question the official line.
Building 7 From North
3 Photos of Building 7 During its Collapse
These three photographs show Building 7 from the north on September 11 during the collapse. They
show that, even though the building sank about 15 stories between the first and last photographs,
neither of the tower's visible sides deviated noticeably to one side or the other. (Source).
The official version is that Building 7 was weakened by fire, and there were indeed a number of
small fires in the building, but in these photographs it is very clear that no such fire brought the
building down. Subsequently, traumatized Americans have accepted and participated in wars in
Afghanistan and Iraq, in which hundreds of thousands have died, creating a global climate in
which vice-president Biden now feels free to call for a "New World Order."
Earth Changes
Deadly earthquake rocks Iran and Pakistan, is felt 1,500 miles away
A powerful earthquake rocked Iran and Pakistan on Tuesday, collapsing houses and business and
claiming lives, according to U.S. and foreign authorities.
The quake, rated at magnitude 7.8 by the U.S. Geological Survey and 7.5 by the European-
Mediterranean Seismological Agency, was centered about 50 miles east of the city of Khash, Iran, but
shook tall buildings as far away as New Delhi, nearly 1,500 miles away.
Oklahoma City was struck by two earthquakes within three hours this morning (April 16). They
measured 4.3 and 4.2 - relatively light quakes which caused no serious damage, despite shaking
buildings - and people - from Lawton, through Norman and as far as Tulsa.
On November 6 2011 Oklahoma, which is affected by the New Madrid Fault, was hit by a M5.6 and 11
aftershocks. Note that magnitude is a measure of energy release, each higher number releasing 30 times
more energy than the one before. The Iran 'quake today is therefore tens of thousands of times "bigger"
in terms of energy release than those in Oklahoma.
TOKYO — A strong earthquake shook Japan on Saturday near the southwestern city of Kobe, leaving
23 people injured, seven of them seriously — mostly elderly tripping while trying to flee, police said.
No one was killed.
BUSHEHR, Iran Many in southern Iran are dealing
with the aftermath of a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that
struck last Tuesday.
At least 37 people were killed, according to state
The quake struck 100 kilometers from Bushehr, site
of Iran's only operating nuclear power plant. Officials
there say the plant was not damaged.
Iran's state-run news agency says the quake
completely destroyed three cities and damaged
several more.
Ants Lead the Way on Earthquake Prediction
Ants with the world's worst taste in real estate seem to sense earthquakes before they strike, according
to research presented today (April 11) at the European Geosciences Union annual meeting in Vienna.
Active faults, fractures where the Earth ...
Magnitude-6.1 quake jolts Batanes; no casualties
Philippine Star
MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) - A magnitude-6.1 earthquake struck Batanes this morning, around
4:20 a.m. local time, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology
(PHIVOLCS). No one was reported hurt or killed.
Cities, villages destroyed by M6.3 in Iran
Current late winter storms across much of the US
bode ill for the future in terms of flooding and
planting crops.
Colorado, Wyoming and far western Nebraska are still
being hammered by snow storms - and they're
expected to continue through most of this week,
causing major travel disruptions and dangerous
driving conditions.
"If you must travel, be sure to have a winter weather
survival kit with you in your vehicle.
"This kit should include a flashlight, blankets, hand
warmers, food and water, flares and a snow shovel.
"This will be a long-duration storm with snow of varying intensity that will not come to an end until
Wednesday night and Thursday."
Uncle Richard says "If you do become stranded in a stalled vehicle, and if you must run the
engine and heater to keep warm, be absolutely CERTAIN that you keep the exhaust pipe clear of
snow. People have died by not doing this because killer gas builds up inside the vehicle."
Thunder And Tornadoes
What could be one of the worst outbreaks of
thunderstorms and tornadoes is expected to hit cities
including Dallas, Wichita Falls, and Abilene in Texas,
Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Norman in Oklahoma,
Wichita, Chanute, and Lawrence in Kansas, and
Kansas City, Joplin, and Springfield, Mo., through
this week.
Tornadoes spawned by rotating thunderstorms are
expected to be the biggest threat, along with the
possibility of extremely large hail, perhaps up to the
size of baseballs.
"Hail of this size can kill people and animals and cause extreme property damage."
"Thunderstorms will be ongoing Thursday morning from eastern Oklahoma through central Texas
before spreading into the lower Mississippi River Valley Thursday afternoon and evening."
Torrential downpours are expected and the Mississippi River at St Louis could rise above flood stage as
these storms and their aftermath continue into next week. (Source -
This erratic weather is bound to have a devastating effect on crops and yields, so you should be
prepared for food shortages and major price increases this year. Stock Up on foods NOW - And
get serious about having a 72hr kit (we have them here) in your vehicle at all times.
Editorial - Two Disasters.
Fukushima And BP
Between the Fukushima-Daichi
nuclear power planet (sic) disaster in
Japan, and the BP oil spill in the Gulf
of Mexico, it has to be said that
anyone who is eating seafood these
days, is taking a very serious risk.
In both cases, corporate owners and
respective governments have done
everything they can to keep us in the
dark about both the immediate and
long term effects on human health.
Therefore, it's up to us to do for ourselves what they will not - educate ourselves and take sensible
precautions; to do what we can to avoid health problems that could be sneaking up on those who have
been lulled into a false sense of security through lack of good and honest information.
There can be absolutely no doubt that Fukushima clean-up efforts are failing almost as fast as they are
being implemented. While the rest of the world may worry about nuclear threats from North Korea, the
truth is that radioactive particles are currently destroying life in the Pacific ocean, and the affected area
- and the dying sea life - can only get larger in distance and numbers as time goes by.
Already, 80 per cent of the available storage for contaminated cooling water has been used up, and now
cracks and leakage are being discovered, which is allowing even more radioactive material to escape
into the ground and thereby into the ocean.
AP provides additional details:
A makeshift system of pipes, tanks and power cables meant to carry cooling water into the
melted reactors and spent fuel pools inside shattered buildings remains highly vulnerable,
Nuclear Regulation Authority chairman Shunichi Tanaka acknowledged Wednesday.
***The problems have raised doubts about whether the plant can stay intact through a
decommissioning process that could take 40 years, prompting officials to compile riskreduction
measures and revise decommissioning plans.
***Just over the past three weeks, there have been at least eight accidents or problems at
the plant, the nuclear watchdog said.
***Experts suspect the radioactive water has been leaking since early in the crisis, citing
high contamination in fish caught in waters just off the plant.
***“The nuclear crisis is far from over,” the nationwide Mainichi newspaper said in a
recent editorial. “There is a limit to what the patchwork operation can do on a jury-rigged
Radiation air drift from Fukushima in March 2011. But now the ocean is becoming
increasingly contaminated as well.
Oil Spill Aftermath
For most people the BP
debacle in the Gulf of
Mexico, has become a case of
"out of sight out of mind."
BUT - as the Tampa Bay
Times reports, "Three years
after the worst environmental
disaster in US history, new
research from the University
of South Florida (USF) finds
that the oil that spewed into
the Gulf of Mexico during the
Deepwater Horizon disaster
killed off millions of amoebalike
creatures that form the
basis of the gulf's aquatic food
chain. "
How did that happen?
BP used 1.8 million gallons of
a dispersant called Corexit
(which it definitely did not) to turn the well oil into globules and hide at least 200 million gallons of
gushing black oil under the surface of the ocean.
And we've since learned that Corexit increased the toxicity of the oil by 52 times!
Do you really think BP didn't know this would happen?
The marine food chain has been totally compromised. Genetic mutations have been found in many
species and this will only get worse, with much of the Gulf becoming no more than another ocean dead
For three years now, dolphin deaths in the Gulf of Mexico have been well above average, and if you
know anything about dolphins and whales, you might feel that they give their lives to try and tell us
how badly we are polluting their part of the world - the oceans that cover two thirds of the planet, but
which we use as a dumping ground for everything from nuclear waste to plastics to pesticides to oil and
Believe the hype about tourism picking up around the Gulf if you wish - for those who relied on the
gulf fisheries for generations, the future has become very bleak. Meanwhile, BP is in court arguing that
many of the spill-related compensation claims are frivolous - which means it will try forever to avoid
responsibility for the worst man-made disaster in US history.
Like the leaking nuclear waste from the Fukushima-Dai-ichi power plant in Japan, it's a disaster
that won't go away. If anything, in both cases the after-effects will only get worse.
However, in the case of oil, we know that there are microbes that actually eat the stuff. But what if
those microbes mutate, what if they somehow alter the chemistry of the oil wherever it is around the
planet? What if oil suddenly becomes unusable because it cannot be refined?
.....Just wonderin'.
Wrecked shell of the Transocean oil rig, the Deepwater Horizon, as it burns and sinks into the
ocean April 22,2010 photo by Arnold Itkin
War With North Korea?
This video presents an interesting, if satirical, perspective. As Maher says, "I do worry about the US
military-industrial complex using any excuse to ramp up the war machine again." And he notes that war
has preoccupied America for 216 out of the past 237 years.
Bill Maher Vs. The War Happy US and Kim Jong Un (04.12.13)
Kim Jong Un Sets Out To Invade America
Uncle Richard
Survival Tips - Lost In The Wilderness?
What's the most important step in any trail trek? Telling someone where you're going and when you'll
be back. And always pack matches and a garbage bag. Most hikers are found within eight hours of
being reported missing,
1. Inside a clearing, spell out "SOS" with branches or rocks, or hang something colorful, like a sports
bra, hat, or bandana, from a tree.
2. Build a fire in a spot that won't set nearby trees ablaze. Use your matches and any paper you may
have, and add anything green; leaves produce a thick white smoke that attracts attention.
3. Take shelter under overhanging rocks or in caves or tree wells. There are more hypothermia cases in
summer than winter because people don't prepare for plunging nighttime temperatures.
4. Keep warm by making a three-inch hole in the bottom of your garbage bag and pulling it over your
head (it will stretch but stay small enough to keep cool air out).
5. If you have to spend the night in the mountains, move to halfway up the peak. You'll be above the
cold air that settles in the valley and below the ridge line, where the wind is considerably worse.
Personal Thoughts
We were born resilient
We are all shocked and outraged by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. It's sad to think that any one of
us reading this email could have decided to be at the finish line cheering for someone this year and
could have lost our lives or been badly injured.
There's a lesson in this and every tragedy. Life is fragile and must never be taken for granted. We've
seen lives ended while enjoying a movie. We've seen lives ended while receiving an education. Now
we've seen lives ended while enjoying a race. With that in mind we must live life to the fullest extent of
our being.
What do you really want to be in life? What do you really want to do? What goals are you afraid to set
because you fear failing? What bold chances aren't you taking?
The only failure is to fear failure and not make a move!
Live life without limits. Go beyond your expectations of yourself and be willing to fail miserably.
Life is too fragile to sit idle. Quantum Leap to a more wonderful future!
Best wishes - May you Succeed Remarkably. - Uncle Richard.
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