Monday, September 10, 2012

Iran: We’ll Strike U.S. If Israel Attacks

Iran: We’ll Strike U.S. If Israel Attacks

September 9, 2012

An Iranian military official said Iran will retaliate against American interests as well as Israelis if Israel launches an attack on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities.

Ali Fadavi, a naval commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was quoted by the Fars news agency as saying on Wednesday: “The Zionist regime separated from America has no meaning, and we must not recognize Israel as separate from America.


“On this basis, today only the Americans have taken a threatening stance toward the Islamic Republic. If the Americans commit the smallest folly they will not leave the region safely.”

His threat came after an Israeli news report claimed President Obama was negotiating with Iran to keep the United States out of a future Israel-Iran war. The White House denied the report.

Iran has missiles that could reach U.S. targets in the region, as well as Israel.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah also said Iran will attack American targets in the Middle East if Israel launches a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The radical Shiite leader, whose group is often viewed as an Iranian proxy in Lebanon, warned that if Israel attacks, Iranian officials have told him that “the retaliation will be huge.”

“Iran will not forgive a strike against its nuclear facilities,” Nasrallah said in an interview with the Beirut-based channel Al-Mayadeen. “The Zionist entity will not be the only target. American bases in the region will be targets, too.”

Iran has launched an attack against Israel on another front, asserting that Israel “spreads homosexuality” across the globe to pursue its goal of world domination, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Mashregh News, a state-controlled Iranian paper, claimed that the United States and Britain are using money from Jews to spread homosexuality, and described Tel Aviv as the gay paradise on Earth. [MM: Also recognized as the world’s capitol for the “sex-slave trade” where women and children are routinely bought, sold and tortured. Israel is also the leader in the murder-for-organ-harvesting business. This is alright though because Mitt Romney claims that he’s their biggest supporter and will continue to do anything they ask if he’s elected president!]

Dr. Wahied Wahdat-Hagh, an expert on minority groups in Iran, told the Post that the Iranian paper’s article “legitimizes the execution of gays in Iran. They made a text not only to ridicule the West but to provide a reason why Iran executes gays.”—END

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