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The Day the Feds Seized My Food

Dear Mark,

In the eyes of the government, I'm probably considered a criminal. All because I had the audacity to seek out wholesome, nutrient-dense, naturally prepared food. It all started six years ago, when one of my children got sick, and conventional medicine had nothing to offer him. Nothing. Despite taking him to some of the best hospitals and doctors in the region, nobody had any answers. And meanwhile, I watched my 9-year old suffer in pain day after day after day. It went on for over a year. Some days he could barely get out of bed.

Out of desperation, I threw out every processed food in the house, every food with unpronounceable ingredients, and we started buying real, whole, unprocessed foods. A friend introduced me to a co-op that brought food into the state from an Amish farm about 100 miles away. And as we changed our family's diet, over the course of about three months, our son was restored to good health.

Farmer Dan was a huge blessing to our family. We loved his eggs, his meat, his raw milk, cheese... but we especially loved his yogurt and his sauerkraut. That sauerkraut. I still dream about it! My mouth is watering just thinking about it..... It was a totally different food than the stuff you can buy in the store.

Raw Milk

Then, in 2011, disaster struck. In the dark of night, federal agents raided Farmer Dan's farm and began legal proceedings to shut him down. Farmer Dan held out for awhile, but the government's muscle was too much for him. He finally conceded defeat and threw in the towel. No more raw milk. No more homemade cheese. No more yogurt, no more sauerkraut.

It was over. The day the Feds raided Farmer Dan's farm, they effectively took food right out of my family's mouth.

After we lost access to those healing home-crafted, fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt, I searched high and low for other sources. It's been like playing a reverse version of whack-a-mole ever since. It seems that as soon as I find a source for these delicious fermented foods, one bureaucratic agency or another tells the purveyors that they have to comply with so many burdensome regulations that one of two things happens. The regulations either make it far too expensive for a small producer to stay in business, or the food is pasteurized to kill all the living enzymes and good bacteria. In other words... no artisanal fermented foods, at least not a supply we can rely on.


It's maddening, to say the least.

You have to wonder... just what are the food police afraid of? Because it sure isn't about "food safety." After all, fermented foods have been around since the dawn of agriculture. Archeological evidence of fermented beverages is found all over the globe -- in the Caucasus mountains 8000 years ago, in Babylon and Persia 7000 years ago, in Egypt 5000 years ago, and in pre-Colombian Mexico 4000 years ago. The Egyptians have been eating sourdough bread for 2500 years, and fermented milk was a staple in Babylon 5000 years ago.

Many cultures today still eat raw, fermented foods on a daily basis... and the people who do are much healthier than the average American who does not. [MM: There’s your real answer!!! Big Pharma through bribery owns the FDA. Healthy people don’t need doctors, hospitals, unnecessary surgeries or poisonous MEDs, so by keeping us purposely ill they, over a lifetime, make trillions of dollars by keeping us sick and other words they “make a killing”!!!] The Japanese don't let a day pass without eating miso, fermented soy sauce, and pickles. In Africa, fermented grain porridges are part of the daily fare. Soured, fermented milk is a staple in Indian meals. For Koreans, it's homemade kimchi. Even the French have their crème fraiche and wine.

And yet, the powers-that-be don't want us to have access to them. About two or three years ago, federal, state, and local governments began a coordinated effort to stamp out production of artisanal foods like the ones we enjoyed. Our supplier, Farmer Dan, was one of the casualties, as are many local producers who are just trying to offer healthy, wholesome food on a small scale.

In July of 2010, and again in August of 2011, a private food co-op in California was raided by federal agents, including fully armed SWAT teams. Three individuals were arrested, and thousands of dollars worth of healthy foods were confiscated. The case is still ongoing today.

RP Freedom

For 30 years, Morningland Dairy in Missouri produced artisanal cheeses. In those three decades, there was never a single reported illness caused by the cheese. But in August of 2010, federal and state authorities accused the dairy of selling contaminated cheese. The FDA claimed the cheese was "an acute, life-threatening hazard to health." The cheese inventory was confiscated, and ordered destroyed. The dairy has ceased production, but is still fighting in court.

In October of 2011, as guests arrived for a Farm to Fork Dinner hosted by Quail Hollow Farm, a CSA in Nevada, state health inspectors arrived... and ordered the destruction of the freshly and professionally prepared food. Hosts and guests were threatened with police action if they did not comply.

Scenes like this are becoming all too common across the nation. Consumers who are desperate to take back control of their health by eating only the highest quality food are finding obstacles thrown in their path by the food police.

How to Outsmart the Food Police

Incidents like the ones described above are precisely the reason I decided it was time to learn how to make fermented foods myself. And just in time, Solutions From Science provided exactly the right resource. In keeping with their many other resources for the self-reliant citizen, they have just released a step-by-step guide called Fermentation Factor.

If you want to discover the time-tested secrets to making your own artisanal fermented foods -- legally and privately in your own home -- click here now for details.


Eileen, Team Member
Solutions From Science

P.S. Even though the government for some reason hates this stuff when it's sold on the open market, it's still perfectly legal to make it yourself... at least, at this writing. If SWAT teams can raid a private food co-op for making healthy food available to its members... or force farmers to pour bleach on food from their own farm... they probably have the wherewithal to censor Fermentation Factor, too. So in case they decide to do just that, get your copy now. Click here to order.

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