Monday, August 6, 2012

Satin Drugs: Levostatin Similar to Cyanide

Subject: Statin Drugs: Levostatin Similar to Cyanide

Satin Drugs: Levostatin Similar to Cyanide
[Ed. Note: The statin drugs were developed following the Framingham Study that LDL from dietary fat is cause of
stroke and heart attacks. This is now proven false. nevertheless, fat free sources are multi billion
market statins being number 1 sales for drugs.
Statins work by decreasing Coenzyme A which allows for the body to burn sugar in oxygen to produce energy
in every cell of body.
Statins produce cellular starvation and asphyxiation in brain, muscles, kidneys and pancrease to stop function. e.g
Diabetes and hypothyroidism.
This is same function in weaker form as Zyklon B cyanide used to provide poison gas.
When the liver is poisoned it cannot produce LDL that clearly blocks arteries
The side effects are ignored and said to be old age.
Thus drug companies make $13 billion dollars intoxicating patients accelerating aging Alzheimers weakness, and general decompensation by slow demograprh starvation and cellular asphyxiation.

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Cheryl Nash said...

Hence the memory loss and rising rates of Alzheimer's.