Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Obama is Threatening Thermonuclear War

Obama has now threatened an immediate invasion of Syria, while Congress is out of session, and is encouraging Netanyahu to invade Iran, despite clear warnings from Russia that these actions could lead to global thermonuclear war. The following leaflet is being mass distributed today in the United States, and particularly to the cowardly U.S. Congress, to demand immediate action to remove Obama from office. Mike Billington

Obama is Threatening Thermonuclear War

August 21st, 2012 • 11:33 PM

This statement is available as a mass distribution leaflet [1]

Lyndon LaRouche and LaRouche PAC warned in early August, that Obama would take the opportunity of Congress leaving for summer vacation, to move toward launching an illegal war against Syria. You thought that was "over the top."

Now Obama is doing exactly what LaRouche warned, defying the Joint Chiefs of Staff in their opposition to a war in defense of al-Qaeda in Syria, and ignoring Congress's Constitutional responsibility to decide on the waging of war.

On Aug. 20, Obama made his first direct threat of military invasion of Syria, taking a page from the script Tony Blair wrote for the war against Saddam Hussein. You remember the false claims of Saddam's threat of biological and chemical weapons? Now we have the same coming from Obama on Syria. He is planning to go around Congress, and the United Nations.

Russia and China, who were meeting at a Security conference in Moscow Aug. 21, responded immediately. They issued a statement reiterating their criteria for all foreign policy steps "strictly observing the norms of international law and the principles contained in the United Nations Charter." That means respecting national sovereignty, without exception. Recall that last May 17, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev gave a speech in which he insisted on the UN principle of national sovereignty, saying its violation "can easily lead to full-scale regional wars, even—I am not trying to scare anyone here—with the use of nuclear weapons."

At the same time, Obama has been exposed in the Israeli press as the prime mover behind Prime Minister Netanyahu's moves toward launching war against Iran—another violation of national sovereignty that would lead directly to confrontation with the Russians. In an interview with Leon Hadar, published in The National Interest of today, the editor of the Israeli paperHa'aretz, the leading Israeli press outlet campaigning against an Israeli bombing campaign against Iran, contradicts the traditional line that President Barack Obama opposes such a strike, and points to his leading role.

Hadar writes: "'The conventional wisdom is that President Obama is opposed to an Israeli attack,' Benn told me when we met in his office in Tel Aviv on Sunday. 'But Obama has refrained from vetoing an Israeli action or threatening such a move with sanctions if Israel acts,' Benn noted. 'I believe that this is another example of Obama leading from behind, counting on Israel to do in Iran what the Brits and the French did in Libya,' he concluded."

As Benn implies, Obama's statement that he was "leading from behind" was pure subterfuge—as he was the director of the war, and the barbaric murder of the prisoner Qaddafi. Once again, frustrated by his inability to move against Syria already, Obama is headed toward war.

What is being played out is what Lyndon LaRouche has asserted since spring 2009: Obama is an Emperor Nero personality. He is moving toward thermonuclear war, which may be the extinction of civilization itself. LaRouche put it this way Aug. 20:

"We have to remember, that we're on the verge of thermonuclear war, and as long as Obama remains a Presidential candidate, or nominee, the likelihood of thermonuclear war is great.

"Because Russia and China are not going to capitulate to the Obama regime, which means that Obama, if he's in charge, and if people are as cowardly among the citizens as I've found recently, then we will go to thermonuclear war, and that will be the extinction of humanity. It will also be the demonstration of a humanity that is not worthy of anything short of extinction, because they haven't earned it. People who are patriots, have an obligation to make sure that Obama does not become President, and that's he's not nominated to become President, either. Only under those conditions do we have any assured hope of survival for mankind. And that's a fact!"

What are you waiting for?

You, as a citizen, at any price, even your election, or your party, must act toward the removal of Obama from office, before he gets us all killed. Congress must reconvene, pass HCR 107,[2] and defuse this bomb.

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